Thursday, April 1, 2010


Austere - simple and plain, of a stern or strict bearing or demeanor
Usage - The monk devoted himself to an austere life in the forest.
Link1 -  AUS-australia TERE-tear(sorrow). like the recent beatings of indians in australia. so one should deny oneself from going there.
Link2 - remember austin? I mean STONE COLD steve austin. he was harsh , severe and stern..
Link3 - Austere = A(hindi, means NO) + Ustere = A + USTARA(Hindi, Knife) = No+Ustrara => Aaj ke jamane me one without Ustara, it means he is SEVERLY SIMPLE..

Avarice - extreme desire for wealth
Usage - What is strange is that he doesn't even bother to hide his avarice. 
Link - a+varice..varice...sounds like hindi word waris(heir)..and now imagine a greedy member of a family who kills the patriarch for his that he can become the family's waris. 

Aver - to state firmly and strongly that something is true
Usage - I aver before all present here that my commitment to the cause is unflinching.
Link - She avered that he is not her fifth var(groom).
Link2 - She gave assent to his var to do it with her any style.

Averse - reluctant; disinclined; not liking or opposed;
Usage - The landlady was averse to allowing dogs in the house.
Link - averse~reverse. meaning opposite i.e. going in opposite direction when you reluctant to do something.
Link2 - averse- remember with adverse> opposite situation.

Aversion - firm dislike
Usage - Her aversion from the dais once he made his appearance was quite evident. 
Link -  made of word averse + ion....averse as in the above who is disinclined towards something...............and such a person always has a firm dislike for things.
Link2 - A strong aversion on this animadversion.

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