Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Gauche - awkward, clumsy(insocial behaviour)
Usage - It became too gauche to leave the room when the conversation became intimate.
Link - ghochu...she called him ghochu when he tried to do it on first date..
Link2 - Mr. Ghosh..Where is your hosh???why are you talking i na gauche manner.

Gaudy - flashy, showy
Link - sounds like gody when god appears we can see flash lights at back of his head so it is flashy
Link2 - gaudy sounds like Audi the new audi S8..He bought a audi to behave gaudy..

Gaunt - lean and very thin usually because of illness
Usage - a nightmare population of gaunt men and skeletal boys.
Link - G[rand] AUNT, or imagine as G[reat grand] AUNT... is generally lean and weak due to old age.
Link2 - sounds like haunt.. haunted bye voldemort memories harry face was gaunt

Gavel - hammer like tool used by judge
Link - sound like travel when u travel u carry a wooden hammer for safety against thieves.
Link2 - Rhymes with gravel (small stone) : To cut gravel, you need a hammer.

Gawk - stare foolishly, ogle
Usage - If a road accident happens in your country, do the people stop driving and gawk or ignore the sight?
Link - gawk can be taken as go (ga) + work (wk); Imagine your boss saying : "go and do your work, instead of gawking at office girls."
Link2 - I gawked at a hawk when she came and removed a girl's top and bra through her claws so instantly that everyone remained numb and gawked at her.

Genesis - beginning, origin
Usage - The first chapter of the Bible is Genesis, hence the beginning.
Link - Our whole body evolves from gene...hence genesis is beginning.

Genial - friendly and cheerful
Usage - There was an atmosphere of geniality at our house before our step mother came in.
Link - My girlfriend has a genie who always make her happy by fulfilling all her desires and pleasures.

Genteel - quite and polite, often in an exaggerated way
Usage - His genteel behaviour irritated me.
Link - this word is very close to GENTLE..AND A GENTLEMAN IS ONE who is WELL BRED, elegant and GIVES A REFINED APPEARANCE .

Gentility - high social class
Usage - His gentility impressed her and the got married
Link - GENT(S) from BIRTH TIL(L) death are GENTLE... :P

Gentry - people of good family or high ranking
Usage - His manners suggest that he is a member of the gentry.
Link - gen(means people)+ntry (entry)... so in many pubs and bar..people of high class or social position have entry...

Genuflect - bend the knees as in worship
Usage - If you genuflect to something you give too much respect and attention
Link - If you had a conflict with your jaanu.. i.e 'Jaanu + conflict' > genuflect.. at the end of the day you will be down on your knees : That's a general perception!

Geriatrics - medical treatment and care of old people
Link - Latin g─ôras means “old age”....jab tum log gir jate ho to you go to good and experienced doctor who are mostly old people...

Germane - pertinent, relevant
Usage - He asks questions that are germane and central to the issue.
Link - germane...very close to word ..germany..so if you want TO learn GERMAN LANGUAGE....I GUESS A GERMAN teacher would be APPROPRIATE and not a french teacher.

Germinal - pertaining to a germ, in the first stage of growth
Usage - Germs were in the germinal stage
Link - Germs in the hand were at germinal stage which I wiped out at the nal(tap).
Link2 - Germ means sprout; e.g. germination of seeds. So germinal = create something; germ = germs fought by LifeBoy; So germinal can also be disease-like

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if u complete the entire dictionary in 2-3 months... u will be of utmost help to those taking MBA tests this year. Thank you, thank you thank you so much. :). may god bless you.