Sunday, May 30, 2010


Hubris - arrogance, excessive self-conceit
Usage - The sheer hubris of buggering about with such a popular, long-lasting story is astounding.
Link - HUB+RIS(RAISE)--A person RAISEd in a HUB(city centre),will be arrogant and conceited towards villagers and others...
Link2 - Hub + ria(raees means very rich in english)...ek raees baap ka beta will behave very arrogant in the hub because of his money...
Hue - color, aspect
Usage - The sharp colors of Spring eventually give way to the softer hues of summer greens. 
Link - sounds like is a color..
Hull - husk, dry outer covering of a seed, frame or body of a ship
Usage -  The vessel is strongly built of steel with an ice-strengthened hull, perfect for the polar seas. 
Link - sounds like bull...which is very strong outside but is soft at heart....
Humdrum - dull, monotonous
Usage - It was thought in politics to be a sign of failure not to be given a less humdrum job. 
Link - one movie named HUMDUM (a bollywoodmovie) was released which was dull & boring..
Link2 - all drum players said.." hum drum baja baja kar bore ho gye...we want some change...ab hum ladkiyan bajaenge... :P"

Hurl - throw forcefully, shout out violently
Usage - May you find the response to an insult hurled at you in a dispute. 
Link - hurl - girl ; when your girl (girlfriend) is angry since you didn't gift her pearl necklace , she throws the gift or hurls at you...

Hurtle - crash, rush, move with great speed 
Usage - I stood outside in the pine trees of the ancient churchyard, the cars hurtling past below on the busy road. 
Link - a car like Fortuner moving with GREAT SPEED or hurtling along and in the process hurting many people on the way.
Link2 - hurtle..rhymes with turtle.. turtle is slow..n hurtle is fast rushes...both are opposite...
Link3 - Ninja- TURTLE where very fast and agile.. They had a gr8 skill of fighting! Kung Fu Fight!! that goes on to fast!! haiiiiyaaaa..

Hyperbole - exaggeration, overstatement 
Usage - This isn't mere hyperbole, this isn't myth, this is a fact. 
Link - hyper(beyond the limit)+bole(means speak) someone who gives the statement beyond his limit..overstating basically...

Hysteria - excessive or uncontrollable excitement
Usage - They caused mild hysteria by running through the crowds at the front of the stage. 
Link -  Hysterical sounds like.."this Tree" which has all the ghosts staying on when all the ghosts become your friend you get very excitedand feels on th ttop of the world...

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Friday, May 28, 2010


Holocaust - destruction by fire
Usage - They survived a veritable holocaust of German artillery fire from 3 sides of the Wood.
Link - holocaust - conc. on (caust) - we read it as caustic ... caustic is something that causes burning sensation , acidic ... holocaustic is extreme of caustic that is fully destroyed by burning .....

Holster - leather pistol case
Usage - He kept his pistol in a holster.
Link - holster rhymes with gangster.. a gangster wud ve a holster with him to keep his pistol..
Link2 - A HOSTLER can have only holster in room as pistol is not allowed...

Homage - honor, tribute, great respect 
Usage - One had to pay homage to the king. 
Link - Homage = Home + Age; In our culture, we respect the aged persons of our home...

Homely - unattractive, not good looking, having a feeling of home
Link - most of the homely girls are very unattractive(behen ji types) a days guys want hot and sexy  gals....

Homeostasis - tendency of a system or organism to maintain relative stability or internal equilibrium
Usage - The question is: What physiological systems help to maintain heart rate homeostasis? 
Link - split it as homeo+status...i.e if you take homeo medicine then your status will be stable or the body system will maintain relative stability...
Link2 - sounds like homo+status...if you turn your status to a will be relieved from all girly shit..(u can send ur gf 2 me in dat case.. :P)

Homily - sermon, tedious moralizing lecture, serious warning 
Usage -  He also said that he preached short, well prepared homilies.
Link -  homily = home becomes silly....when you get a warning from your parents you take it as an unwanted homily (sermon)...
Link2 - home+silly....when we do SILLY things at HOME ,our parents get annoyed and we get SERIOUS WARNING of being beaten by belt...

Hone -  sharpen
Usage - Camps offer a chance to hone skills in horse riding, or football, or event to study for exams. 
Link - Hone sounds like horn or cone, and both horn and cone are sharp..

Hoodwink -  deceive, delude
Usage - He hoodwinked his professors into thinking that he knew the subject well 
Link - the thief winked under the hood of his jacket to deceive the cops...

Hortatory - encouraging, marked by exhortation
Usage - Although he does not use hortatory language at this point, a concern for the audience is transparent.
Link - when you are working in your office and your boss sends a hot girl in your room to do it with her...but only at one have to finish the work will be encouraged..
Link2 - While ploughing farms with bulls, farmers say "HUR HUR ;HORT HORT" to encourage bulls to move ahead. This is HORTATORY....

Hothead - person who does things too quickly without thinking
Link - head means person(per head)... when we touch hot stuffs like hot iron..we take our hand immediately off it without thinking...hence hothead refers to person who does things without thinking..

Hover - hang about, stay in the air in one place
Usage - The shy student hovered in the corner 
Link - HOVER----HangOVER in air.....

Hubbub - confused uproar, loud noise 
Usage - Set down a winding farm track the cottage is a tranquil hideaway from the hubbub of modern day life. 
Link - when people come to a HUB(center of activity or interest or commerce or transportation), they tend to get confused due to the loud noise present there...

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Thursday, May 27, 2010


Haughtiness - pride, arrogance
Usage - Shreya goshal lacks the arrogance and haughtiness of so many musical artists.
Link1 - 
read as HOTTIE...a HOT girl will be arrogant and proudy...

Haven -  place of safety, refuge.Usage - A real haven at the end of a busy working day.
Link1 -  
it sounds like 'heaven'...a place which is always safe..

Hazy – slightly obscure, vague.Usage -  I have only a hazy memory of what he was like.
Link1 - 
Just woke up in the foggy morning half asleep and lazy.everything will be visible unclear to will take few seconds to see clearly after washing your eyes...

Headlong – hasty, rash, headfirst, with the head leadingUsage - Do not leap headlong into decisions.
Link – hasty like gashti(prostitute in english)..she is always in a rush to go to other clients after doing it....
Likn2 -  people with long hairs on their heads and other parts cover themselves very fast after taking shower so that no one sees them.....

Heckler – person who verbally harasses others.Usage - The heckler kept interrupting the speaker with rude remarks.
Link1 -  sounds like f*ck....
generally a abusive person shouts at most of the people "WHAT THE F*CK?" a person who is abusive uses this statement, hence a HECKLER!....
Link2 - rhymes with the meaning goes as one who verbally assaults others(not the exact one though...

Hedonist – one who believes pleasure is the sole aim in life, someone who is motivated by desires for sensual pleasures.Usage -  The world’s best known bachelor and unabashed hedonist.
Link1 -  Hedonist – Head + on + (brea) st; A hedonist is a person who is motivated by the desires for sensual pleasures, and dreams about banging his head on her br#$#...
Link2 - Moms really advice their daughters.."hey don't go near them....he is a hedonist.."

Heed - pay close attention to
Usage -
Heed the advice of the old men
Link - heed sounds like seed - If you sow a seed and do not (heed) pay close attention to it by watering and giving manure ... it will not grow and flower in future.
Heinous – grossly wicked, abominable, evil and atrocious 
Usage – The young woman's heart revolted against so heinous a charge, and when she saw that she could attempt to do nothing to save her protector, she wept bitterly.
Link1 –
heinous -> hey + anus(ass), you call someone that if you hate him or if he's atrocious.

Herald - messenger, sign of something to come, a person who announces important news
Usage - The chieftain had a herald who announced his arrival with a trumpet
Link -  it can be split into hear + all...a messenger gives a message to everyone...

Heresy – any opinion or doctrines at variance with the official or orthodox position, a belief that rejects the orthodox tenets of a religion.Usage - The heresy of one age becomes the orthodoxy of the next.
Link1 -
divide this word into her (her)+esy(sounds like essay)... most of the essays written by her are against popular beliefs....Taslima Nasrin, a Bangladeshi writer is one such person who has recently created a heresy because of her book..

Hermetic – completely sealed, especially against the entry of air, airtight.Usage – Try breaking the hermetic seal of the jar!!
Link1 – Hermetic -> T(hermatic) -> Thermal.  In a thermal power plant, the process of generating thermal power takes place in completely sealed and air tight chambers, so that high pressure gases do not leak out n cause accidents. ? thoda zyada ho gaya na!?...
Link2 - Wat if hema malini suddenly appears in our colony? she will be surrounded by her fans restricting her movement...
Link3 - Sala HAM-burger chura raha tha! HEM him! :D ...

Hew -
cut to pieces with ax or sword, chop
Usage - He hewed down the tree.
Link1 - sounds like
CHEW...when you chew, you try to chop the thing with your teeth.

Heyday - time of greatest success or power, prime
Usage - The dahlias and chrysanthemums were in their heyday.
Link - hey!!!!+day...when you pass a time of great suceess in a say...hey!!!!!! what a day it was..I will always remember it. 
Link2 - yaaaayyyy!!!! (sounding very happy at the time of success ))...

Hiatus - gap, pause, gap or interruption in space or time, break 
Link -  split it as HI+AT+US.....if a beautiful girl says 'Hi' on the way, we will definitely stop for a while...we pause our walk and start talking to her...

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Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Hackles -  hairs on back and neck; a feeling of anger and animosity. 
Usage -  It made my hackles rise when he got the job.
Link1 - hackles sounds like Jackals...they have hair on their back and neck and are also aggressive animals.

Hackneyed - commonplace, repeated too often
Usage - the article she came up with had no matter to it- just hackneyed stuff. 
Link -  New hacks discovered by a hacker become common very soon...

Haggard - appearing worn or exhausted, wild or distraught in appearance. 
Usage - He was pale and  appeared a bit  haggard.
Link1 - (Haggard sounds similar to HAGRID –> Rubius hagrid). For all the potter fans, hagrid looks wild and mad. So hagrid always looks haggard...
Link2 - Hago(hindi word for) shit or go to toilet for throwing stool. A haggard suffers from disentry (always go to toilet) so gaunt, worn out and thin. May God save him!...

Haggle - to bargain as over the price of something, to argue in an attempt to come to terms.
Usage -  She preferred to be over charged than to haggle.
Link1 – Haggle sounds like ‘bangle’ and girls, who are very fond of designer bangles, would not haggle over their prices.
Link2 - me : how much for the book?..shopkeaper(sk) : 200 : rate kam hag ley(do shit) yaha pe...itne me koi ni de skta yeh buk...

Halcyon -  calm, peaceful, marked by peace and prosperity; a fabled bird.
Usage - It was all a far cry from those halcyon days in early 90’s.
Link - HAL(solution)+CYON(kyon or why)...WHY we cannot find SOLUTION to kashmir issue in a CALM/PEACEFUL way..
Link2 – Halcyon sounds like Cyclone..and both mean the opposite.
Link3 - sounds like halka...when you come out from a toilet after feel calm and relieved..

Hallowed -  sanctified, highly venerated.
Usage -  Our hallowed war heroes.
Link1-  Hallowed—Hallow—halo—hello(namasthe), when you meet your elders, you say namasthe out of respect...
Link2 -  "Halo"wed....Put a "halo" over something - Halo belongs to angels!...
Link3 - Hallowed place is consecrated, because god himself has said "hello" to the people of that place...

Hap -  chance, luck, an accidental happening.
Usage -  Raj recorded all the little haps and mishaps of his life.
Link - hap - short for happy....if you have luck/chance you are bound to be happy.
Link2 -  Hap – happening; all the happening things(like meet a beautiful girl and getting a chance to kiss her ) in life  happen by chance or luck.

Haphazard – at random, careless, slipshod, without planning.
Usage – She was trying to connect her life’s seemingly haphazard events.
Link1 – hap(hazar)d....So if you don’t plan out your tasks properly, or if u plan ur studies haphazardly, then u will have hazar (thousand) problems. Hence, it is always good to plan things carefully n have ZERO problems. 
Link2 - HAP + HAZARD where HAZARD means epidemic spread due to great carelessness...

Harangue - long, passionate and vehement speech 
Link - HARANRGUE can be split as har + ang + u + when YOU are ANGry with HAR(her), she is subjected to a long or intensive verbal attack...
Link2 -  split it to HAR + LANGUE . HAR = harrass and LANG = language .. hence harangue is harassing language..

Harbinger - forerunner (which foreshadows what is to come)
Usage - Scientists are worried about the melting icecaps, a harbinger to a catastrophic climatic crisis. 
Link - when i was watching adult movie with my girlfriend...i foreshadowed where her finger will be going after the movie ends..i was correct...she switched off the computer after the movie ended and put her finger in her underpants...

Hardy - sturdy, robust, invulnerable to fear or intimidation
Usage - The hardy reporters braved the threat of gunfire for the sake of their news reports.
Link - for all wrestling fans...Remember Jeff Hardy and Matt Hardy..They seem 2 b robust,audacious guys..
Link2 - when a person performs a very hard task...he becomes hardy..
Link3 - HARDY boys..the famous novel... the boys were famous for their sturdiness...

Harrowing - agonizing, distressing, traumatic, extremely painful
Link - harrow - sounds like sorrow and sorrow leads to agony, so........
Link2 - a narrow minded husband could be very agonizing for u...
Link3 - h + arrow - if you are h(it) with an 'arrow' it would be harrowing...

Harry - harass, annoy, torment
Usage - He is known to harry his staff when he is overworked
Link - In the movie Harry Potter, Harry is tormented and harassed time and again by villains....

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Yen - strong desire or inclination, a yearning or craving, longing, urge
Usage - Raj had a yen to try cycling.
Link1 - Yen sounds like Zen( Car); Zen is a famous model released by maruti , and when it was released every one had the yen to drive it...
Link2 - Yen is also a currency of Japan...imagine when u r in Japan....and u start having a strong desire to do it with a prostitute....then you will have to pay yen(currency)...and if u r poor u will have yen to earn yen there...

Yeoman - man owning small estate, middle class farmer
Usage - It is the yeoman of the country who determines the nation’s policy.
Link1 -  Yeoman sounds like young man, a young man who is obviously inexperienced will be given petty roles or responsibilities in any business.

Yoke -  join together, unite, join, slavery
Usage - People are suffering under the yoke of capitalism
Link1 - yoke sounds similar to yak,  yak is an animal which used carry load(burden, used for slavery).
Link2 - replace y with j joke, you know a joke and a laugh brings, joins people together.

Yokel - a rustic, bumpkin, an unsophisticated country man, unintelligent person
Usage - A local yokel.
Link1 -  sounds like joker...generally when a person from village comes to the city, he becomes a joker because he does not know the city lifestyle.
Link2 - sound like LOCAL..a local person who visits foreign countries is a rustic..

Yore - time long past.
Usage – the days of yore.
Link1 - Yore sounds like bore, when you get bored , you think of the past(happy times).
Link2 - yore : yaar...yaar ke saath time kaise nikal jata hai pata hi nahi chalta... 

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Monday, May 24, 2010


Wistful – vaguely longing, sadly thoughtful
Usage – There was a wistful look in his eyes when he spoke of his childhood.
Link1 – sounds like wish+full....when GOD will sy that you have wished a no wish will be fulfilled...u will become sad and start thinking what will happen to you now...i.e. sadly thoughtful...

Wither – shrivel, decay, to loose freshness.
Usage – Raj’ leg muscles had withered from lack of use.
Link1 – sounds like....with + her...after spending the entire night with her, the boy was not looking fresh the next day morning...

Wizened - shriveled, withered, lean and wrinkled by shrinkage as from age or illness
Usage – A little wizened old fellow with no teeth
Link1 - Wizened sounds like WISE, with age you become WISE and also lean and wrinkled because of age.
Link2 - at old age your body and private part gets withered because of doing it so many times....

Wont - an established custom, habit.
Usage – The poor man is wont to complain that this is a cold world.
Link1 – A habit is something you WON’T leave.

Wrangle - to quarrel noisily or angrily.
Usage – The political parties always wrangle over some or the other issue.
Link1 – sounds like wrong + angle, when your friend starts thinking in a wrong angle about what ever you say, then he will Wrangle(quarrel) with you.
Link2 -  remember Wrangler jeans.. Imagine there is a sale in wrangler showroom and two girls are FIGHTING to decide who picked the jeans first...there will be a catfight..which will be awesome..

Wrath - anger, fury, forceful, often vindictive anger
Link1 – Wrath sounds like Vrat(in hindi, it means fasting). In hindi movies, when hero’s father is killed by villain, hero’s mother says with anger(wrath), that till hero kills the villain , she will not eat(vrat).
Link2 - w+rath-- due to an argumentative conversation on last night or RAAT( rath) are still in anger with your husband...

Wreak – to inflict, cause to happen or to occur as a consequence
Usage – Violent storms wreak havoc on coast.
Link1 –  wreak sounds like if you break somebody will definately be inflicted some punishment...

Wrench – 1. a sudden sharp, forcible twist or turn.
                2. a sudden surge of compassion, sorrow or anguish.
Usage –  I wrenched my knee
Link1 – Read wrench as RANCHO(3 idiots)...when virus presents him his pen as a mark of excellence, Rancho felt wrenched ( sudden happiness).
Link2 – Wrench is a tool to screw or unscrew the nuts and bolts.(sudden sharp twisting)

Wrest - to take or force away by violent pulling, to cease forcibly, to obtain laborious effort.
Usage - Wrested power from the monarchy.
Link1 – sounds like wrestling you have to fight and defeat him to wrest the Championship Belt from the opponent.

Writhe - twist in coils, contort in pain 
Usage - The prisoner writhed in discomfort
Link -  If someone asks you to write the content while doing will be contort in pain... :P

Wry - Dryly humorous, crooked or abnormal.
Usage - At first he made a wry face, but, one after another, the skins and the cores disappeared.
Link - sounds like cry...when a person start laughing suddenly when hi is will be humorous...

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Saturday, May 22, 2010


Waylay - ambush, lie in wait.
Usage - They decided to waylay the victim as he passed through the dark alley going home.
Link1 -  When the soldiers went to attack the Pakistanis, the Pakistani were already hiding in their way and were laying in the bushes so that they could not be seen...
Link2 - way+lay... imagine a situation where an army LAYs its plan of attacking the militants on their WAY to their destination..

Wean - give up a cherished activity, cause to gradually leave
Usage - He weaned himself from cigarettes.
Link1 - Wean-- Weak; When you are weak, you stop masturbating(cherished activity) and take some rest..
Link2 - if a boy is allowed to drink the mil from his friend's mom directly..he will be excited...but after sometime when he misused the opportunity then he was weaned from it....

Welt - raised mark from a beating or whipping
Usage - The teacher often welted the students by beating them with a thick stick.
Link -  sounds like BELT...having been beaten by a belt, he had marks all over his body..
Welter - turmoil, bewildered jumble, a confused multitude of things.
Usage - The ship wrecked survivors weltered in the sea for hours.
Link1 - sounds like are at gunpoint and thieves ask you to submit your BMW and kiss your wife or take melted iron in your will be in great turmoil what to do...

Wheedle - coax, cajole, deceive by flattery
Usage - Raj knew he could wheedle anything he wants from his mom.
Link1 - wheedle..wheed(SOUNDS LIKE NEED)...when we NEED something very urgently we try to obtain it in whatever way possible, be it by flattery or deception...

Whelp - young wolf, dog, tiger, etc.; birth. 
Link1- Whelp sounds like help...say a little pup needs HELP from its mother because it is still very young.

Whet - to sharpen, hone, strengthen, to make more keen, stimulate.
Usage -  The smell of chicken biryani whetten my appetite.
Link - sounds like wet...when I saw the girl getting wet in the rain, she stimulated(excited) me.

Whiff - puff or gust(of air or scent); hint, short lasting smell
Usage - The whiff of the scent used by her present boy friend reminded her of her ex-boy friend.
Link - whiff sounds like SNIFF....I could sniff (smell) the fragrance of the flowers in a whiff of air..
Link2 - sounds like uff..Raj used to take a whiff of cigarette in his balcony and usne apne ghar mein kisiko is baat ki uff(hint) tak nahi hone di...

Whim - sudden capricious idea, fancy
Usage - Many empires have fallen due to the whim actions that the kings or emperors take, without thinking, succumbing to caprice.
Link - The aunty had a sudden idea of washing the plates with Vim bar rather than Rin..which worked..
Whine - complain, make a high sad sound 
Usage - My car engine makes a whining noise
Link - whine--sounds like WINE, and after drinking WINE ..people often feel emotional and express their feeling by making a HIGH SAD SOUND

Whinny - sound made by a horse i.e. neigh
Usage - I knew he wanted to make his queer noises for me- to bark like a dog or whinny like a horse.
Link1 - Whinny (the neighing of a horse) and Ninny (a foolish person)...he was a such ninny because he was frightened of even the horse's whinny.

Whit- a tiny or a scarcely detachable amount.
Usage- Sreesanth was not a whit scared of Hayden during the match.
Link1 - Whit sounds like bit, bit is a small or scarce quantity...also bit is the smallest unit for storage in a computer memory..

Whittle- to cut into small bits, to fashion or shape in a particular way, to reduce gradually
Usage - Whittle down the debt by making small payments.
Link1 - hittle reminds us of Hitler who cut things into smaller(esp human beings) ...also just focus on "hit" part of this which is used to break something...

Whorl - a round shape formed by a series of concentric circles
Usage - The plant has dense whorls of red purple flowers
Link - sounds like whore...a whore has a round pussy....because of so much of doing it..
Link2 - Whorl sounds like curl--- as in curly hair.

Wiggle - move from side to side with irregular twisting motions
Usage - Don't wiggle your finger while the nurse is putting on the bandage 
Link -  A wig seller is moving around the market in a snake like fashion shouting "WIG LE" (take a wig in hindi)..

Willowy - flexible, pliant, slender 
Link - a person whose WILL power is very low...HENCE FLEXIBLE...AND PLIANT.

Wilt - loose freshness, droop
Usage - My opponent was wilting
Link - Wilt and tilt sound the same and they both mean, to droop...u tilt only when u loose energy or freshness...

Wily - artful, cunning.Usage - He is too wily for the police to catch him.
Link1 - Wily sounds like billy(cat)..DON ko junglee bilian (cats) bahut pasand thi(because they were very clever).
Link2 - sounds like willy which means someone who wants to fulfill his will by any means. He has to be clever to do so.

Wince - move back suddenly, shrink back, flinch
Usage - He winced as the dentist touched his broken tooth.
Link - sounds like pinch...when I got pinched I winced...
Link2 - Wince sounds mince(which means cut into pieces); When someone cuts your finger into pieces, you wince.
Link3 - Wince sounds like wins; When your opponent wins, you wince.

Winsome - charming, often in a childlike or naive way, agreeable, gracious
Usage - She gave me her most winsome smile.
Link1 - winsome: you can win some one only if you are charming and attractive..
Link2 - I've always been able to WIN SOME girls over with my winsome charm...

Wispy- a small bunch or bundle, as of straw,hair, or grass; thin and weak, lacking clarity
Usage - Grey wispy hair straggled down her shoulder.

Link - when I whisper in her ear, I can feel the WISPS of hair tickling my face.
Link2 - sounds like whisper which cannot be seen when girls wear it...

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Friday, May 21, 2010


Wade - walk through a substance such as water, that impedes movement
Usage - Can we wade across the river to the other side?
Link - sounds like invade...u invade only in a restricted area which impedes or movement....

Waffle-speak equivocally about an issue, pause or hold back in uncertaintyUsage- When the convict was interrogated about the murder, the convict waffled and tried to mislead the court.
Link 1- Waffle sounds like wafers; wafers look the same from either side.
Link 2- Waffle also sounds like baffle; by waffling (speaking equivocally on an issue) you confuse the other person.
Link3 -  waf+fle..waf(wife)+ffle(eiffel ur plan of visit eiffle tower with ur wife is uncertain, as u hv lot of work to at ur not decided as wat to do...and holding ur uncertainity....

Waft- moved gently by wind or waves.Usage- A breeze wafted through the door.
Link1- waft sounds like raft. Raft is used for travelling on water...It sails through the waves.

Wag - shake repeatedly from side to side, a witty amusing person who makes jokesUsage - The happy dog wagged his tail
Link1 - sounds like gag....remember the famous show...just for laugh is a comedy show where persons are tricked humorously..

Waif -  homeless child or animal.Usage- Inspite of being the richest people, Bill and Melinda Gates are known for their work towards the waifs.
Link1 - Waif?wife; if you fight with your wife, she will throw you out of the house and you will become a waif...
Link2 - Waif sounds like Kaif; After IPL 2 , Mohd. Kaif was removed from the Rajahsthan royals , he become homeless (or waif), and he was put off from the list of auction.

Waive - give up temporarily, yield.Usage - As Lalit Modi is suspended as the IPL chairman, he had to waive his rights in the IPL decision making issues.
Link - Waive is somewhat similar to slave, wherein waive means to lose the right to something, while a slave is a person who has lost his right to freedom...
Link2 - Waive sounds like wave; when you wave your hand (i.e. when you say bye) to your friend who is going out of station you are sayin bye TEMPORARILY.
Link3 - Waive?waiver(aid);As Raj didn’t get waiver(aid) from his university, he gave up (waive)his plans of MS temporarily

Wallow - roll in, indulge in , become helpless.Usage- The hippopotamus loves to wallow in the mud.
Link1 - Wallow –buffALLO; buffalo loves to wallow in mud..
.Link2 - look for wall in word wallow and imagine a wall surrounding you which is not allowing you to go anywhere, which makes u helpless...

Wan -  having a pale or sickly color, pallid, dull.Link 1- wan sounds like pan; if you put your hands on a hot pan, your skin will become pale...
Link2 - wan rhymes with maruthi van... she liked to travel in a scorpio but she is traveling in a she became pale(sharam ke maare)...

Wane - decrease in size or strength, draw gradually to an end.Usage - With time my interest in the project waned.
Link1 - Wane sounds like pain; when you are in pain, you tend to become weak and lose strength.
Link2 - wane sounds like gain; both are meaning.

Wangle - achieve by cleverness or trick, wiggle out, fake.Usage - She tried to wangle an invitation to the party.
Link1 - Wangle sounds like bangle; By buying new bangles to the girl, he wangled love towards her and spent the night with her by banging her... :P.
Link2 - wan(VAN)+gle(gal)--if you want a GIRL TO SIT IN YOUR VAN--you HAVE to PLAY SOME TRIcKS WITH HER , like you have to persuade her to come with you by making fabricated stories and fake offeres ....

Wanton - willfully malicious, unrestrained, gratuitously cruelUsage-  The animals were killed wantonly for sport.
Link 1- Wanton sounds like Wanted; In the movie Wanted, Salman Khan wantedly acted like a criminal to get hold of the criminals.
Link2 - WANTON..WANTED....Osama has been DECLARED THE MOST WANTED person on the earth because of his cruelty...

Warble - sing, babbleUsage - Every morning the birds warbled outside her window.
Link - Warble can be broken into WAR+Ble(bell), now picture the scene before war, soldiers play drums and BELL and SING patriotic songs....
Link2 - warble sounds like babble.

Warren - tunnels in which rabbits live; crowded conditions in which people live.Usage- The auditorium was a warren, packed with people to see their favorite star.
Link1 - Warren sounds like barren; and both mean the opposite, no one lives in a barren land and warren means a crowded place.
Link2 - Warren --Warren Buffet...the world's richest person... wherever Warren Buffet goes, lots of people come in to meet him.

Wastrel - waster, profligate, a person who wastes..esp., a spendthriftUsage - Inspite of good performances, Raj was denounced as a wastrel and left out of the team. 
Link1 - Wastrel- sounds like waste; when you are wasting something it is called wastrel...

Wax - increase gradually, grow
Usage - Sales were waxing after prices were lowered
Link - when gals wax their again grow back gradually...
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Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Niggle - spending too much time on small issues
Usage - Now that i live so far from home, i really miss niggling with my siblings all day long.
Link 1- Ni(new)+ girl; i.e...virgins who is about to do niggle talks too much after doing it....

Nihilist- one who considers traditional beliefs to be meaningless.
Usage - Hitler revealed himself to be a nihilist, and vowed to annihilate all of Western Europe.
Link 1- Nihi(nahi + hai) + list; nahi hai meri list mein; this is what a modern guy says to the traditional beliefs because he does not believe in the traditional beliefs.

Nimble - agile,quick in movement
Usage - The thief managed to escape capture due to his nimble wits.
Link - nimble..sounds like nimbu(lemon)..when a lemon falls on the floor it rolls quickly..sure this helps you in understanding the meaning in being NIMBLE...
Link2 - for harry potter fans...Think about the broom of Harry Potter "Nimbus2000" and Nimbus2001" which are very nimble...

Nip- stop something’s growth or development, bite
Usage- The children were plotting mischief, their mother got hold of them and nipped their plan.
Link 1- (Nip)think as nip comes from nipple which is small knob of breast and sharp...its the end part of the breasts....
Link 2- nip sounds like nib ; nip means bite or pinch, when someone  sits on a nib it pinches u (nip).

Nirvana - An idealized state or place free of pain, worries, etc
Usage- Hawaii looks like nirvana compared to the rest of the country.
Link 1- Think of the Nirvana movie where the players transcend to the game world where there is complete bliss and there is no death to any of them.
Link2 - there is a famous band called nirvana....when you listen to their songs you get completely lost...

Nocturnal - belonging to or active during night.
Usage - Staying awake yesterday night, I could hear the nocturnal sounds all around me.
Link1 - sounds like turn+anal...the guy at the bar its my turn to do anal with that girl over there...

Noisome - foul smelling, offensive (esp of smells), arousing disgust, harmful or dangerous.
Usage - Within that noisome den from which I had emerged, I had thought with a narrow intensity only of our immediate security.
Link1 - (Noisome – >nausea –> to vomit). So anything that is noisome causes nausea..
Link2 - when you fart in a silence(without noise) its noisome which spreads out foul smell in a room....

Nominal – existing in name only, insignificantly small; trifling (nominal sum).
Usage - 1. He is only the nominal head of the firm.
              2. He had to pay only a nominal fine.
Link1 – sounds like minimal….so which is minimal in comparison with what is expected.
Link2 – In Hindi we say, ‘ Naam(Nom)  mein kya rakha hai’ which means what’s there in name, its only a name :).

Nonchalant - casually unconcerned or indifferent; uninvolved.
Usage - "I can't help it either," she said, in a voice which she tried to make nonchalant.
Link1 – while driving, when we notice a traffic hawaldar approaching us( chalan katne ke liye), we pretend to be nonchalant and ‘patli galli se nikal jate hain’ :).
Link2 - nonchalance rhymes like No + Challenge , When there is no challenge, people tend not to care and there will be a casual lack of concern...

Nondescript - undistinctive, ordinary
Usage- The private detective was short , nondescreptive fellow who could not be noticed incrowd.
Link1 - Non(e) + descript; means there are no characteristics worth description ,i.e. very ordinary.

Nonplus - put at a loss, a state of perplexity, confusion or bewilderment.
Usage - I was nonplused, and then, for the first time, there crept over me an intuition of the truth.
Link - non-plus=subtract..and any subtraction is a loss...not knowing the cause of loss we become confused and perplexed...
Link2 – No(n) + plus (to add -> contribute) – so when u r in a state of confusion u find it difficult to ‘say’ or ‘do’ or ‘contribute’ anything.

Notoriety - disrepute, ill fame; the state of being known for some unfavorable  act.
Usage- Public figures would settle for no reputation than settle for notoriety.
Link 1- Notoriety sounds like notorious... Notorious people are always known for their mischievious or unfavorable acts.(notoriety)

Nubile- girls or women who are eligible to marry.
Usage- The nubile daughter has a lot of admirers.
Link 1- can sound like NABALIK (below 18 years age) so unmarried...
Link2 - nubile sounds like nubra = can be related to woman who are young and attractive who wear nu(new)+bra....

Nugatory - worthless, of little or no importance, of no real value.
Usage – The team's heartbreaking loss in the first game of the championship series was rendered nugatory after they came back to win the next.
Link1 – almost sounds like New+Gay+Tree...which is of no value because gays wont have a nice family tree....coz they cant have children...(NO OFFENSE whatsoever).. (Should be original)
Link2 - No+guarantee, i.e a product which has no guarantee, is worthless...

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Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Nadir - lowest point
Usage - Sales rose in October and now are 8 per cent higher than in February, where they touched the nadir.
Link - na+gir meaning from where one cannot fall that is the lowest point...
Link2 - sounds like mandir; when u reach the nadir (lowest point) of your life, you go to MANDIR to pray...

Narcissist- conceited person; a person who is in love with himself.
Usage-  Raj is a narcissist and he thought only about himself.
Link 1- contains NARI(in hindi it means a LADY)..and ladies are fond of themselves and like self praise ...hence narcissist....NO OFFENCE to fellow women..
Nascent- newly coming into existence.
Usage- The artist’s nascent style soon brought gallery owners to his doorstep.
Link 1- Na(new) + scent of AXE has comes into existence through the chocolate ad where the girls eat the chocolate guy...

Natation - swimming, floating.
Usage- The swimming champion was invited to inaugurate the Natation club.
Link 1- Natation(sounds like nation)... The national sport of which nation is Swimming( Natation)???—none that I know of... :P
Link2 - This is really stupid... nata in hindi means short in height...we know swimming increases height..hence natation is the solution to the height problem....

Natty - neatly or smartly dressed
Usage- Rahul is proud of himself of being a natty dresser.
Link 1- natty sounds like neatly; and it means neatly dressed..

Nebulous- hazy, lacking definition or definite content, cloudy, vague.
Usage - Although the photography of the film was spectacular , the plot was rather nebulous.
Link -  "nee+bulla+us (nacked)which is shown with a cloudy patch in the movies so u can remember like this" -cloudy, is censored most of the times...
Link2 - Nebula is a mass of dust or gas or both, which is cloudy.
Link3 - nebulous comes from nibu(lemon). Nimbu water is hazy so v can correlate..

Necromancy - black magic; dealing with dead bodies
Usage - Most of us have tried to perform feats of necromancy to call the spirits of the dead .
Link 1 - NECRO ~ negro (black) + Mancy ~ MAGIC; black magic.....the negros do some kind of black magic that all the blondes agree to do with them....
Link 2 - Nec +Romanc(e)y—Romance is kind of black magic and all the youngsters fall in this trap.

Nefarious- very wicked.
Usage- The police got hold of the thief and asked him to stop indulging into nefarious activities.
Link - this sounds like ne(nephew)+farious(furious) your nephew is very furious or cruel or violent..
Link2 - ne(NO) + fairy + US: No good character like a fairy among us but an exact opposite i.e. a wicked person...
Link3- ne + farious(sounds like furious) ; a wicked person is furious.

Nemesis-someone seeking revenge, foe, enemy
Usage - Sherlock Holmes met his nemesis in the form of Professor Moriarty.
Link 1- not+my+sis...In movies when the villain does something to the hero’s sister, hero vows to take revenge against the villain.

Neophyte- a beginner, new member of a religious group
Usage - The piano neophyte was asked by the instructor to practice for an hour every day.
Link - neo+phyte ~ new + WWE, a new member or beginner always has to fight to establish his own identity...
Link2 - Neo (means new) + phyte, a new member, beginner
Link3 -  split the word into "neo = the matrix hero" and "phyte = fight". Thus neo fights in matrix movie as a beginner or new commer to save the revolution...

Nepotism - favoritism (to a relative)
Usage - The criteria to become a politician in our country based on nepotism rather than abitlity.
Link1- ne + poti + sm ~ poti (grand-daughter) .. every grand father shows favoritism for his grand daughter..
Link2 - One of cases against Lalit Modi is nepotism (favoritism to a relative).His relatives had stake in two teams Rajasthan royals and king’s XI Punjab.

Nether - lower,  located below or beneath something else
Usage - She specialized in designing nether garments.
Link - "NetherLand" is a country which is quite below and also called a Holland meaning hollow land. Hence can be remembered as "Nether"+"land"...
Link2 - na idhar na udhar neeche idhar i.e. nether...

Nettle- annoy, vex.
Usage - Do not let her nettle you with her sarcastic remarks.
Link - "net + tle, when internet is slow like turtle.... annoyed!"...
Link2 - Nettle(means irritate); so when some one nettles us, we feel like hittin them with a metal :P

Nexus - connection
Usage - Retailers had formed an illegal nexus to sell food grains at a high price. 
Link - there is connection in between we and next to us....u say like this to your frinds when a hot girl is sitting besides you in a movie hall....
Link2 - remember naxalites. They have groups and connections with each other.

Nicety - precision, accuracy
Usage - It was performed with justness, nicety and beauty.
Link - break nicety as 'nice'& 'ty' as 'tea' so its 'nice tea' that means it has perfect taste and is distinct from the others...

Niggard - miser, stingy
Usage - The waiter scoffed at the niggardly tip given to him by the rich man. 
Link - ni(nahi) gar(ghar or home) jiske pass ghar nahi hai woh toh kanjoosi karega hi....
Link2 - nigar khan dont spend money on clothes jst spend on bikini...hehehehe 

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Monday, May 17, 2010


Zany - comic, crazy
Usage - He is a very zany kind of a person.
Link - zany sounds like Johnny...Johnny Lever, a comedian with a zany sense of humour...
Link2 -  sounds like fanny....guys go crazy when they see a girl's fanny....check out the meaning of fanny if u dnt know it...just google it...

Zenith - highest point, point directly overhead in the sky
Usage - Zenith, is the opposite of beneath which means something below.
Link - sounds like jannat...which is at the highest point...
Link2 - there is also a famous computer parts company named ZENITH....which claims to be the top sellers of computer parts...

Zephyr - gentle breeze; west wind
Usage - There are always wonderful zephyr breeze blowing off the sea near our farm house. 
Link - Zephyr = Ze + Phyr ~ sounds like the-fire; A slight wind could help in spreading fire by blowing it in a certain direction...
Link2 - Zephyr is like respire...Zephyr means air and respire means to breathe, therefore you breathe in the air..hence relating the words to each other...
Link3 - Jeep + Hire= u will hire a jeep for having some gentle breeze...

Zest - a tart spicy quality, with full of energy, spirited enjoyment
Usage - The spicy chicken casserole had a sharp zest.
Link - sounds like best....You can do your best, only if you show interest in something and do it with energy and enthusiasm....
Link2 - sounds like vest.....when girls see a guy's vest..they go crazy.....
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Saturday, May 15, 2010


Vitreous- relating to or resembling or derived from glass
Link 1- Vitreous sounds like victorious...after victory you get a prize(trophy) made of of glass...
Link 2 – vish + rous (rass—juice);poison ka juice hamesha ek glass mein milta hain. Vitriolic - causing sharp pain to the mind, sarcastic
Usage - The vitriolic effect of Hydrochloric acid enhanced the speed of the reaction.
Link - for all science students...divide it like vitriolic..vitriol+ic...AND VITRIOL..IS ANOTHER NAME OF SULPHURIC ACID.. and we all know that acid is caustic, sharp and bitter...and when it falls on the skin it burns it, causing SHARP pain...

Vituperative - abusive, scolding
Usage - His vituperative remarks about silly lady novelists made them sad.
Link - vitu (bite you) + perative (operator) => when you feel so pissed off on a unkind operator, you would say harshy abusive remarks like "I'll bite you operator" :-)....

Vixen-female fox, malicious women with a fierce temper
Usage- The vixen had four pups in the den.
Link 1- The VIXEN ran off with the CHICKEN from the nearby farm.

Vociferous - noisy
Usage - Her vociferous cries grabbed everyone's attention.
Link - sounds like voice+ ferous(which is an ore of iron) when iron peices collide with each other ... they make noise !! "" ferous --> iron --> collide to make noise "" ...
Link2 - VOICE + FURIOUS = noisy

Vogue- latest fashion; popular taste at a given time
Usage- Bollywood fashion is in vogue.
Link 1- Vogue sounds like Provogue(a brand); Since Saif Ali khan has become the brand ambassador of provogue, it has become vogue.
Volition- act of making a choice, a conscious choice
Usage- Students should be left to their own volition, so that they can choose the path they want.
Link 1- Volition= voluntary action
Link 2- Volition and violation sound similar but they are opposite in meaning.Violation means going against rules(your choice), volition is your own choice.
Link3 -  Volition: Voting- Politician..

Voluble - fluent, talkative
Usage - She is an extremely voluble young woman who engages in soliloquies not conversations 
Link - Remember "volume" in TV controls. It's related to sound. This voluble is also related to speaking...
Link2 - Rita is very talkative girl, so to make her quiet Ram(drinking milk) kissed her with tongue and all the milk got soluble in her mouth.....very creepy 1....

Voluptuous - of or giving sensual pleasure, indulging in sensual pleasures
Usage - Hollywood seems full of voluptuous blondes..
Link - sounds like vo+ lup(lips) + tuous (choos) Hollywood all actresses are voluptuous, because vo actors ke lips choosti hai in movies...

Voracious - eating large quantities of food, insatiable hunger
Usage - He is very voracious kind of a person
Link -  Voracious (BORA RICE FOR US) Imagine you are seeking a BORA BHARKAR RICE for yourself.. what does it signifies? Simply you be such a food craver !!... 
Vortex - a spiral motion of fluid within a limited area, especially a whirling mass of water or air that sucks everything near it toward its center; whirlpool, maelstrom
Usage- Many people were swept away in the vortex of Katrina.
Link 1 - sounds like vertex around which whirlpool occurs....i.e. center of rotation of whirlpool...

Vouch - give a personal guarantee
Usage - I vouch for the quality of my products
Link - link it like..... casting couch mein Directors guarantees(vouch) the heroine of giving role in the film... 

Vouchsafe - grant condescendingly; guarantee
Usage - Ex. vouchsafe your fair return on your investment
Link - VouchSafe: A voucher is valuable, and where do we keep valuables - in a safe- a safe is a guaranteed security, therefore vouchsafe....

Voyeur - person who derives sexual gratification from observing the sexual acts of others
Link - sounds like viewer....viewer who enjoys seeing the sex acts or sex organs of others....i don't think it needs further explanation....we all watch porn.... :P

Vulpine - like a fox, crafty
Link - VULP sounds like WOLF...
Link2 - PINE is sharp, thus it makes the syn :clever, crafty, cunning, foxy, ingenious, shrewdness, skillful, sly, tricky, wily....

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