Tuesday, September 29, 2009

- capricious,castigate

Capricious - impulsive,unpredictable

Castigate - criticize,punish

Monday, September 28, 2009

- cadaverous,cajole

Cadaverous - like a corpse,play

Cajole - persuade gently

Sunday, September 27, 2009

- adulation,aghast

  Adulation - Excessive admiration


Aghast - overcome with shock and dismay

Saturday, September 26, 2009

- 2nd page

From Saturnine to Scupper

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Thursday, September 24, 2009

- 1st page of visual links

From sabbatical to sartorial

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Hope u enjoy.....i will post more pages tomorrow...i have all the material of MJ...just save the image and learn the words...

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Barron' ebook & mobile gre builder(jar file)

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Bathmophobia - fear from stairs

Burgeon -  flourish, produce new growth

Monday, September 21, 2009

7th list

  • Adulation - excessive admiration
          Link - Katrina Kaif received adulation for making a adult(porn) movie.

  • Callow - still young and inexperienced
           Link - All virgins are callow like a cow.

  • Callous - not caring about other people feelings
          Link - "Call me tommorrow", doctor said callously.

  • Columny - false statement
          Link - columny printed in newspaper column

  • Camaraderie - feeling of friendship and trust
          Link - when I had camaraderie with her, I used to share her camera and kamara(room)


Appease - Pacify


Baffled - being puzzled or frustrated due to something difficult




Alacrity - Eager readiness

Amiable - Someone friendly and pleasant

6th list

  • Indigence - poor
         Link - (Indica+zen) People who are poor have smaal cars like zen and indica.

  • Purport - intend or to show present something false
          Link - Ram said he purported IIT with 1st position.                                                   

  • Pertinacity - determined to achieve aim       
       Link - Teenagers show pertinacy for sex            

  • Stricture - severe criticism
          Link - Stricture from strict teacher 

  •  Cajole - persuaded by praise or false pride
            Link - Kajol promised to kiss me. She cajoled me.

5th list

  • Spry  - very active and nimble
          Link - Parai's (someone else's) wife always look spry

  • Stagger - walk with unsteady steps
          Link - After drinking he staggered.

  • Cabal - small group of people secretly united to promote their own interests
          Link - Cabal of bald people planning to pull other's baal(hair)

  • Cadence - intonation
          Link - dance on cadence of this voice

  • Propinquity - state of being near in space or time
          Link - People prefer Kashmere gate because of its propinquity to metro

Please post your comments. Next time I will come up with words with drawings as their links.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

4th list

  • Sheathe - protective covering
          Link - plastic sheet is a sheathe.

  • Shoddy - work done is bad and not enough
          Link - shoddy services in a shaadi(marriage)

  • Shrew - bad tempered woman
           Link - Shrew shuru ho gyi ladna.

  • Sporadic - happening at non regular intervals
          Link - not poora fever but sporadic

  • Spruce - neat & clean in appearance
          Link - Sonia gandhi spruced the room for Brad Prit

Please post some comments and if you find these words helpful please do click on ads too.

3rd list

More words......

  • Opulent - rich
           Link - (opel+lancer) rich people have luxury cars like lancer etc..

  • Sabbatical - a long break
           Link - sab baatein baad mein (hindi transform to talk later)

  • Sentinal - soldier whose job is to guard
           Link - Alll the family members of soldiers become senti when he goes for a war.

  • Sever - to cut in two pieces
           Link - sewer pipes were severed 

  • Sham - pretend
          Link - Shaam(evening) ko going to tuition was a sham

Saturday, September 19, 2009

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2nd list

Hey m back again with some more words.....

          Scamper - to go quickly
          Link - After scam he scampered

          Savant - a learned person
          Link - a savant always do seva
          Sear  - burn very quickly
          Link - Hot iron seared my ear.

          Seedy - dirty or bad life
          Link - seedy life of chameli(prosti**te) 

          Seminal - very important & strong influence

          Link - seminal learning during seminar.          

 If you have some more words keep it posting...In my next post I will tell you about a very interesting thing..how to get words on your mobile for free daily....till then keep learning links...


Friday, September 18, 2009

1st list

I have found some more words with their links so that they can be learned without arduous efforts...

  • Extirpate - to remove unwanted waste 
           Link - Mr. Sharma is working hard to reduce his extra pate('pate' is a hindi word to tummy)

  •  Saturnine -  unfriendly and serious
            Link - People living at saturn people are saturnine

  •  Palatable - tasty
            Link - pehli table pe jo khana ata hai woh tasty hota hai (when a new restraunt is opened,  food served at first table is tasty)

  •   Scrupple - hesitate
             Link - Gabbar didn't scruppled to cut Thakur's hands.

  •   Parcimony - miser,skinflint
             Link - Kanjoos Seth always keep money in their purse (they don't spend it).

I hope it helped you to learn these difficult words easily....I m trying to find more words,in meanwhile if you found some more please post them as comments...

Thursday, September 17, 2009

English words retention problem??????

Start learning the words either in a visual way or link the word and the meaning with some situation. Let me explain it with an example:-

Do you know the meaning of the word "Sombre" ?
If yes, then great or else i can help you in remembering the word with its meaning..

"Sombre" means "dull or dark"

You must be thinking that you may forget its meaning after some days...
I will solve your problem then...
I provide you the link to remember it easily so that you do not forget it easily..

Link:- Sombre means like the colour of sambhar( an indian dish which is dull and dark)

So, now i think that you will not forget the word easily...
I will post a new word with its link everyday....keep visiting daily..you can also post your words with links as a comment to make it more fun...