Saturday, July 31, 2010


Reverberate - echo repeatedly; resound
Usage - Sound is reverberated well in this auditorium
Link - sounds like re+vibrate(echo)...i.e. again and again

Reverie - day dreaming
Usage - A sharp pinch on her hand shook her out of her reverie
Link - sounds like river..if you think of sitting with a girl and doing it on a river bank you are daydreaming. 

Revile - attack with abusive language
Usage -  The Nazi propaganda reviled the Jews
Link - sounds like evil evil person always use to revile everyone...

Revoke - cancel, retract
Usage - He revoked the ban on smoking
Link - sounds like re+poke...When someone tries to POKE you again and again you withdraw your hand...

Revulsion - sudden strong feeling of disgust
Usage - The idea of eating meat of a cat, dog or rat arouse revulsion.
Link - sounds like repulsion...when you see you enemy, a sudden feeling of revulsion arises...and repulsion occurs...

Rhapsodize - speak or write in an exaggeratedly enthusiastic manner
Usage -  He rhapsodized about his new project for an hour
Link - when a lecture asks to explain about a rape scene he can explain or write in exaggeration and with enthusiasm...
Link2 - relate it to RAP song.. like rhapsodize while talking about him....

Rhetoric - art of using language effectively and persuasively to influence people
Link - sounds like right oral skills...If you have the right oral skills, you can communicate well. 

Ribald - marked by vulgar lewd humor
Usage - The aristocrat enjoyed the bawdy songs. 
Link - sounds like bald guy in rodies...raghu...who generally uses ribal,profane,wanton language to redicule the roadies..

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Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Resplendent - bright and colorful in an impressive way, brilliant, splendid in appearance, dazzling
Usage - She wore resplendent attire and makeup for the fashion show
Link - Splendor was looking resplendent after plaining dents..

Restitution - compensation for loss, damage, or injury; reparation
Usage - He has to pay restitution for killing his wife.
Link - we can think of "rest". we take rest when we feel tired.i.e when energy is "rest" is a "compensation" for an energy loss...

Restive - restlessly impatient
Usage - The government has done nothing to ease restrictions so manufacturers are growing restive
Link - I became restive after a lot of rest...
Link2 - sounds like festive...Kids become really restive on festivals like diwali,holi etc..

Resurgent - the return and growth of an activity that has stopped
Usage - His need for a meal resurged
Link - resurgent of interest in surgery of a surgeon...because the surgeon was about to perform an operation on a young and beautiful girl...
Link2 - sounds like "re+suraj"... suraj or sun is a sign of rise .. so re suraj means "rise again" jst like sun... move to n fro..frm east to west..

Resuscitate - revive, bring back to life or consciousness, to make somebody start breathing again
Usage -  The doctors resuscitated the comatose man
Link - sounds like re+saans(breath in english)...when the girl drowned i resuscitated her(and gave her saans) through mouth respiration....she was really hot.... :P

Retaliate - repay in kind(usually for bad treatment)
Usage - The Israeli army retaliated for the Hamas bombing
Link -  after re talying(match) the money which she has to give me...i told her that it didnt matched so i asked her to repay in kind with a penalty of 10 kisses...

Reticent - inclined to silence, uncommunicative, reserved
Usage - Ram is very reticent kind of a person
Link - sounds like decent...decent guys like me do not babble and try to remain reticent.....
Link2 - slightly weird...50Cents talk too much while reticent talks too less...
Link3 - Rat was reticent about new scent through which all female rats were attracted and got excited..

Retinue - followers, attendants, group of people to provide help and support
Usage - He always comes with his retinue
Link - sounds like routine what you FOLLOW (daily) is routine(oops retinue) i.e follow-->routine following-->retinue..
Link2 -  A rat with his retinue went to New Delhi to buy that scent mentioned in above link3...

Retort - quick sharp reply, rejoinder
Usage - It brought a sharp retort from the teacher
Link - sounds like re (reply) + to + rt (right) right reply to someone's questions 
Link2 - Tortoise retorted to hare..."aaja again saale"..
Retract - withdraw, draw back
Usage - He retracted his earlier statements about his religion
Link - sounds like RE TAKE IT, meaning to take back 
Link2 - I retracted my statement.."eunuch(chakke in hindi) are very attractive"...
Link3 - Re(BACK)+tract(TRACKING) whenever our mobile is stolen we TRACK it in order to TAKE BACK from thieves...

Retribution - severe punishment for wrongdoing
Usage - This nation is too great to look for mere retribution
Link - sounds like rat+rahi friend leaked the question paper...jab wo question paper rat rahi thi tab uske papa ne use pakad lia fir her father gave her retribution.....i also did some contribution on this retribution by doing it with her...
Link2 - RATRI(night)+ABUSE--he abused me at night and got beating from me in the morning, he got RETRIBUTION....

Retrograde - go backwards, recede 
Usage - The glacier retrogrades
Link - his retrograde step reduced his grade in his examinations....
Link2 - retrograde is opposite of upgrade...

Revelry - celebration, boisterous merrymaking
Usage - They always used to have a revelry in every month
Link - Sounds like "jewelry". You buy jewelry when you are in revelry...
Link2 - revelry when rival was defeated...
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Sunday, July 25, 2010


Repress - hold back
Usage - The protestors were violently repressed by the police
Link -  if you press someone's boobs by mistake...then if you press again....she will block you...

Reprieve - postponement or cancellation of a punishment
Usage - His prisonment of 14 years was reprieved.
Link - sounds like re+pri(pre)+eve...on the eve of Independence day the prime minister reprieved the prisoners...
Link2 - also sounds like relieve which means the same....

Reprisal - a violent and aggressive act towards somebody because of something bad that they have done to you..
Usage - Need new ways to get people to give evidence without fearing reprisals.
Link - sounds like appraisal...if your Boss doesn't give you good appraisal even on working hard then you can retaliate by not performing work and kicking his ass.....

Reprobate - morally disapproved person
Usage - We reprobate the racism in South Africa
Link - reprobate: rep(repeatedly)+rob+ate.. a person who again and again robs other peoples food and eats it up has no moral values....

Reprove - censure, rebuke
Usage - They reproved him of his remarks
Link - sounds like re+prove....Teacher is scolding student again and again to prove the theorem correct....

Repudiate - reject, deny
Usage - The woman repudiated the divorce settlement
Link - I repudiated the DATE proposal of a reputed girl....later on i regretted it...
Link2 - re(reject)+ pudi.(pudding) + ate....well anyone who reject to eat a cake pudding is surely a fool...

Repugnance - disgust
Usage - The idea of eating meat of a cat, dog or rat arouse repugnance
Link - sounds like re+pagdi...when me and and a strange person wearing a pagdi were  travelling on my bike....suddenly his pagdi got stuck in the tyre....and we hurt ourselves badly...then i had repugnance against him...
Link2 - sounds like pungent which is undesirable...

Requiem - people gathered for a dead person
Usage - Requiem for a queen who died in a car accident
Link - requiem = re (recite) + quie (quiet) + m (man); means recite for a quiet/dead man....

Requite - repay (esp in form of love or kindness), revenge
Usage - He requited Shall I thus requite the Lord for the innumerable mercies bestowed upon me?
Link - re+QUITE one would be quiet only after taking his REVENGE....
Link2 - The father said to the child, " be quiet, i will requite your chocolate"

Respite - time for rest
Usage - There should be a proper respite between your schedule.
Link - sounds like sprite(soft drink)...when i have to take a respite after working a lot i drink a sprite...

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Thursday, July 22, 2010


Remit - to forgive someone
Usage - The pain finally remitted
Link - sounds like r+emit....the teacher forgave you even you emit some things in the paper and gave you highest marks...

Remonstrate - protest, objection
Usage - The mother remonstrated the child for entering a stranger's car
Link - sounds like demonstrate monster...when you claim to demonstrate a real monster everyone will protest you.....

Remunerative - rewarding, profitable
Usage - Her father has a remunerative business.
Link - sounds like re+money+iterative..make sense yourself....

Rend - split, tear apart
Usage - The curtain rended from top to bottom
Link - Rend means to end something very violently ...

Renegade - deserter, traitor
Usage - The parishioners excommunicated the renegade from their parish. 
Link - sounds like grenade. A person who throws a grenade in his own country is a Traitor....

Renege - break a promise, deny
Usage - She reneged her promise 
Link - seems lke rehne de.. so rehne de promise mat kar because in the end you will renege it or something...

Repartee - quick clever reply
Usage - Dorothy Parker, writer and legendary member of the Algonquin Round Table, was often noted for her repartee
Link - sounds like rePARTEE, rhymes with party, so think of the party men, i.e. the politicians who are known for giving a CLEVER REPLY when interviewed....

Repast -  a meal, feast
Usage - They were most grateful to enjoy a sumptuous repast
Link - Repast or say re+fast...before refasting the next day muslims have a repast...
Link2 - sounds like re+pasta .....after having a delicious pasta you ordered it again...

Repercussion - rebound, reaction
Usage - His declaration had unforeseen repercussions 
Link - concentrate on CUSSION(I mean cushions) ... cushions itne soft hote hai ..bouncy bouncy (rebound property)...similarly reperCUSSION --> rebound...

Repertoire - list of works of music, drama, etc.
Usage - It has a large repertory of dialects and characters
Link - sounds like REPET (Repeat) + TOIRE (sounds like CHOIR = songs) => so repeat-choir = repeat songs = collection of songs....also repertoire of rap musician...

Repine - to complain
Usage - He always used to repine about her.
Link - Imagine on Christmas, your friend brings pine tree instead of Christmas tree, so you will repine...
Link2 - sounds like re+wine....after drinking a lot of wine you complain unnecessarily..

Replete - fully filled
Usage - It is replete with misery
Link - sounds like complete...something which is complete is fully filled.....
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Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Referendum - direct vote by all the people
Usage - The new rules were approved by referendum
Link - sounds like refer + dum(strength)....we "refer" politicians on our own "dum". So we directly vote them....

Refractory - unmanageable, disobedient and stubborn
Usage - He is a very refractory child
Link - refract(...we learnt that light refracts.i.e it bends away..)so a REFRACTORY person tries to BEND AWAY from rules by being DISOBEDIENT & STUBBORN...

Refurbish - very bright, renovate
Usage - We refurbished the guest wing
Link - by changing one character from "b" to :n" we get REFURNISH. i.e. refurnishing something - renovate or make bright by furnishing again...

Refute - to prove that something is wrong
Usage - The argument was refuted by two points
Link - refute rhymes with refuse, when you DISAPPROVE OF something, or if something is false or refute it or disapprove..

Regale - entertain or amuse somebody with stories or jokes etc.
Usage - She regaled her house guests with good food every night.
Link -  Regal is a famous movie theater in Delhi & the U.S which shows bf films...,so Regal+ e(entertainment)
Link2 - re+gale(remember chris gayle )if he comes to bat again he always provides entertainment to audience...

Rejoinder - a reply esp a quick and critical one to a question
Usage - It brought a sharp rejoinder from the teacher
Link - "rejoin the mental hospital" was my rejoinder when he asked stupid questions...

Rejuvenate - make young again
Usage - The old man rejuvenated when he became a grandfather
Link - sounds like re(agian)+juve(sounds like yuva(hindi-young) so to make young again...

Relegate - put into a lower or worse place
Usage - People argue about how to relegate certain mushrooms
Link - sounds like rele(relatives+gate)your relatives are crying at THE GATE because you are not allowing them to enter your house, you have put them in a worse place i.e the GATE WHICH IS ALMOST LIKE A FOOTPATH..

Relent - become less severe, to finally agree after refusing many times
Usage - He is known to be one who doesn't relent easily
Link - Land owner relented and lent me some money....

Relic - an object or tradition that has survived from a period of time
Usage - One of the outcomes of the Crusades was the production of many religious relics
Link -  associate with reel.. when we visit a place, the camera reel has all the memories, so pICk the REel and you are through...all the pictures survive in the reel for long period of time..

Relinquish - give up something (with reluctance)
Usage - I am relinquishing my bedroom to the long-term house guest
Link - Sanjay dutt had to relinquish the links with Dawood...

Reminiscence - recollection
Usage -  He has total reminiscence of the episode
Link - sounds like re + mini + scene - recollecting mini scenes from our past memories...

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Monday, July 19, 2010


Recapitulate - summarize briefly; repeat an earlier theme of a composition
Usage - Let us recapitulate the important points
Link - sounds like recap....Before every new episode, there is a 5 minute recap, which summarizes what happened in the previous episode.

Refulgent - shining radiantly or resplendent
Usage - A refulgent sunrise.
Link - Refulgent sounds like detergent, detergent is used to shine the clothes.

Recidivism - habitual return into crime(even after being punished).
Usage - Due to Recession, the rate of recidivism is on the increase.
Link - re (back to) + CID (central investigation department)..Even after caught and punished by CID team, the thief kept on doing crimes...
Link2 - Re + CID + DIVesm; In the movie Jannat, though Emraan Hashmi' girlfriend persuades him and gets him out of the crime world, he DIVES back into the crime world and CID gets hold of him.

Recluse - a person who withdraws from world to live in seclusion and solitude.
Usage - His widow became a virtual recluse for the remainder of her life.
Link - Re + close; RAj got up at 12 noon and came out of his room, knowing this his father scolded him so he went back and closed himself in the room again .
Reconcile - to settle or resolve, make friendly again (after quarrel)
Usage - It is possible to reconcile these apparently opposing views.
Link - Re + concile(counsel); Any issue can be solved by proper COUNSELing.
Recondite - abstruse, obscure, difficult to understand
Usage - Her poems are recondite in subject matter.
Link - sounds like re+conduct....the professor re coducted(repeated) the topic as the students could not understand properly.
Reconnaisance - survey of enemy by soldiers.
Usage - An exchange of fire occurred on a reconnaissance mission
Link - sounds like recognize+nice+sons...reconnaissance means recognizing an enemy while surveying your. territory....Recognition of conman-(thief) by nice sons(of the country)--soldiers.

Recourse - act of turning to someone for assistance, to help someone if he is in trouble
Usage - His only recourse was the police.
Link - re+COURS we follow a medicine course which HELPS fight the TROUBLE, caused by the developing disease.
Link2 – Recourse = Re(vision) + course. While doing revision for exams, when you forget an answer, you turn to your course books to recheck the answer. So your only recourse during revision is your course book.
Recrimination - mutual accusations, a formal charge of wrongdoing brought against a person, the act of imputing blame or guilt
Usage - The war sweeps up everything in hatred and recrimination.
Link – sounds like re-crimina-tion: crimina relates to a crime. recrimination means: one accusing the other for a crime. The other "re" accused him of another crime.
Link2 - re CREAM pie..yu throw a pie on someones face and they throw yu back another CREAM pie again as a countercharge...we see this lot in movies..!!..This process is called reCREAMination
Rectitude - moral or religious correctness, the quality or condition of being correct in judgment, the quality of being straight, correctness, righteousness.
Usage - Has the rectitude of this principle ever been formally contested?
Link - Rectitude = Cor(rect) + atti(tude). So a person who is morally/religiously correct or has the correct attitude towards life can be said to have rectitude.
Recumbent - lying down; especially in a position of comfort or rest, resting, idle
Usage - He stared down at his sister’s recumbent form.
Link - Recumbent = Re(lax) + cumb(al) + ent. So when you are relaxing in bed under a cumbal (blanket), you are in recumbent form.
Link2 - sounds like re+cum+bent...he was about to cum on a bent girl...both were in relaxed positions after doing it...
Recuperate - to recover, to return to health or strength, regain a former condition after a loss
Usage - I went away to the country to recuperate.
Link - Recuperate-> Rec(over) + operat(ion). An injured person recovers fully after an operation, so he recuperates.
Redolent - having or emitting fragrance, aromatic, odorous
Usage -The air redolent of cinnamon and apple.
Link - sounds like re - odolent--> concentrate on odolent , which sounds like ODONIL, we use odonil in bathrooms for fragrance..
Reek - to smoke steam or fume, to be pervaded by something unpleasant, to emit or exude smoke, a strong offensive odor
Usage - He smelt the reek of whisky.
Link – Reek sounds like leak. So when gas leaks, the surrounding area are filled with the unpleasant odor of the gas, in other words the surroundings reek gas.
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Friday, July 16, 2010


Rapport - close relationship
Usage - She can quickly establish a good rapport with the children she works with.
Link - rapport- its like airport, at airport you leave close-ones thus, EMOTIONAL CLOSENESS, HARMONY,friendly feeling there...

Rapt - engrossed, absorbed, enchanted 
Usage - He might have been watching star wars, for all the rapt attention he gave the scene. 
Link - I always read rape news with rapt attention.

Raspy - make a harsh noise, have an unpleasant effect, rub with something rough
Usage - He rubs his chin with the back of his hand, feeling the rasp of his white bristles.
Link -  if you don't grasp, teacher will rasp at you.....
Link2 - Ras(In Hindi) means juice, Py(pii=Drink). So, when u drink cold juice it makes ur throat sore and makes ur voice harsh...

Ratify - approve formally, confirm
Usage - they have yet to ratify the treaty
Link - ratify sounds like satisfy, only when you are satisfied you give your approval(confirmation).
Link2 - if you rectify the error in the report it might get ratified(approved) by the professor...

Ratiocination - reasoning, process of thinking and arguing in a logical way
Link -  we will take the RATIO of your CIN(sins) and then reason what to do with you
Link2 - have to SOLVE question based ON RATIO AND VARIATION WITH THE help of reasoning and logic....

Raucous - harsh and shrill; disorderly and boisterous
Usage - The raucous cries of the sea birds irritated me.
Link - sounds like rock+us..... rock music is usually loud and harsh.
Link2 - sounds like rakshas...they laugh in unpleasant way...

Ravage - plunder, to badly damage something, a destructive action, devastate
Usage - the soldiers had ravaged the vilage
Link - When he didn't got his wage(pay) from the office, he ravaged the office....
Rave - talk or write about something in a very enthusiastic way
Usage - The movie has drawn rave reviews from the critics.
Link - if you replace "V" with "P" talk about it with raveness....
Link2 - there is a very popular game called DAVE....small kids rave about it..

Ravel - fall apart into tangles, complicate
Usage - In the last nine months I have had to ravel 9,750 miles to see my children regularly.
Link - Paresh rawal unraveled the mystery of his affair with another woman...

Ravenous - extremely hungry
Usage - They were tired and ravenous for food and sleep
Link - ravenous--RAAvan; Raavan has 10 heads(mouths), so he is always hungry.
Link2 - Sounds like "revenues". Everyone is extremely hungry about it :)

Raze - destroy completely
Usage - Dozens of villages have been razed.
Link - raze sounds like gaze; If you are trying to concentrate on studies and some beautiful girl is gazing at you, your concentration is disturbed(destroyed).
Link2 - sounds similar to erase.raze=erase...which means to remove or clean completely.

Rebuff – a blunt or abrupt refusal to an offer, to reject or repel.
Usage – He wanted sex with Julie but she rebuffed him.
Link – sounds like Re(quest) + buff(et). The handsome man requested the lady for a buffet dinner and to his
surprise, she rebuffed him.

Rebus – a representation of words in the form of pictures or symbols often represented as puzzle.
Usage – A rebus can be a method of helping involve young children in the act of reading.
Link – In a nursery, children are given pictures of a bus or a ball and asked to identify it. So take rebus to
be a puzzle involving pictures.
Link2 - He always used to solve rebus while traveling in a bus...

Rebuttal - refutation, response with contrary evidence 
Usage - This effort requires the vigorous rebuttal of the arguments of CTBT skeptics in the Senate. 
Link -  sounds like re(redo)+butt+al(anal)....the guy said to the gal after doing it, "lets redo it again...but this time anal i.e. in your butt"..but the girl said you will not be able to do it that way....the guy rebuttaled proving her wrong....

Recalcitrant – not obeying or complying with commands, stubborn
Usage – A recalcitrant child of an unhappy mother.
Link - sounds like re+calci(calculator)+rent...the recalcirant student used calci in his exams again and again..he used to bring the calculator on rent...
Link2 - re+calcit(looks like calcite) we know calcite is a hard mineral found in calcium carbonate which forms the major part of rocks, chalk and marble, is hard to break and likewise a recalcitrant person is also stubborn....

Recant – disclaim, to reject or disavow a formerly held belief, disclaim
Usage – A man who refused after torture to recant his heresy.
Link – Recant = Re(peat) + can’t. If someone asks you to perform a deed that is against your
principles, then you will say to yourself repeatedly “I CANT and I WONT do it” and reject it!!

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Thursday, July 15, 2010


Rabid - like a fanatic, furious, extremely zealous, or infected by rabies
Usage - A rabid football fan.
Link -  Rabid sounds like rabies; a person suffering from rabies gets frequent attacks and behaves like a fanatic.
Link2 - sounds like rabbit...rabbit is extremely zealous about carrots

Raconteur - storyteller
Usage - He spoke 14 languages and was a noted raconteur
Link -sounds like rekha aunty+tear...when rekha aunty told us her story about her when she felt in love....we got tears in our eyes....

Raffle - lottery
Usage - We raffled off a trip to the Bahamas
Link - u get to meet RAFFLE (raefel)nadal if u win the lottery.. ;)

Ragamuffin - person wearing tattered clothes, dirty child in torn clothes
Usage - Two ragamuffins with a torch.
Link1 - Raj was RAgged on the first day of college because he was wearing Tattered clothes...he had to eat muffin through his ass....

Rail - scold, rant, complain bitterly
Usage - I'd cursed him and railed at him
Link - When Raj's mother got to know that he was walking on the RAILway line, his mother started railing at him.

Raiment - clothing
Usage - The duchess was dressed in traditional raiment
Link - Raiment sounds like RAymond; RAYMOND is a CLOTHING brand

Rakish - stylish; sporty
Usage - A hat set at a rakish angle
Link - Rakish -- rakesh roshan; rakesh roshan's son hrithik roshan is very stylish

Ramble - wander aimlessly(physically or mentally)
Usage - An hours ramble through the woods
Link -  ramble sounds like gamble; his girlfriend wanted a car, so to satisfy her he started gambling but instead of gaining he lost the money he had, then he started RAMBLING.
Link2 - Ram + amble -- Ram(rambo) ambled (wandered) aimlessly in the jungle....

Ramification - branching out, subdivision
Usage - The ramification of a courts decision
Link - Bhagwan Ram and his brothers were subdivided, i.e., two were sent to the jungle and while the other two stayed in the kingdom. So, ramification means subdivision.
Link2 -  Ramification -- classification; When you classify something you divide it into groups.

Rampant – growing without restraint, uncontrolled, excessive, growing or developing unchecked.
Usage – A rampant growth of weeds in the neglected yard.
Link - sounds like ram+pant...when Ram saw a beautiful lady in a bikini...his pant started growing from center....i hope you got it...
Link – Ever since arjun rampal agreed to walk the ramp, there has been a rampant rise in the number of
sponsors for the fashion show!

Ramshackle – (of a building or vehicle) poorly constructed, badly constructed or maintained, shaky.
Usage – A ramshackle cabin in the woods.
Link – Ram could easily break the shackles (hathkadi) because they were made of fragile(weak) material, so they were poorly manufactured.

Rancid – having an unpleasant or disagreeable odor or taste; nasty, bad, unpleasant.
Usage – The odor of rancid milk.
Link -  ran+acid(acid)...presence of acid(secreted by bacteria during the process of fermentation) in curd makes the curd bitter in taste and bad in smell
Link2 – Rancid = Ran(bir)+ Sid. In the movie wake up sid, ranbir was very untidy and unkempt, so he was

Rancor – long-lasting hatred; bitterness
Usage – The animal had rancor for its irritating toy.
Link - RANCOR : RANKER ! Most of the students always hate the top RANKER of the class, as they always defeat them in the exams!
Link2 – Rancor -> Ran + Chor. So when the chor (thief) ran away with my belongings, I had a feeling of
rancor against him. Saala chor kaheenka…

Rankle – to cause persistent irritation or resentment, to fester.
Usage – His failure to win still rankles him.
Link - R+ANKLE...focus..on a JOINT between..foot and leg...and PAIN IN your ankle could be very annoying and irritating for you.
Link2 – R+Unkle(uncle) -> when Rohit repeatedly and deliberately called me uncle, I got rankled!!

Rapacious – excessively greedy and grasping, ravenous, eager to seize as much as possible.
Usage – He had a rapacious appetite for birds nest soup.
Link - 'Rapacious' means who likes to 'Rape' that means very greedy on woman body! & also take forcefully
Link2 – Read it as Grapacious. He was very fond of grapes and so had a rapacious appetite for GRAPES.

Rant – to speak or write in an angry or violent manner, to utter or express with violence.
Usage – A dictator who ranted his vitriol onto a captive audience
Link - Rent maangate waqt makaan maalik hamesha RANT mein hi rehta hai ...
Link2 – Rant = F(rant)ic. So when your life becomes frantic (fast and busy), u get frustrated and rant your
frustration on your servant!! 
Link3 - r-"Ant". When an ant bites, you rant.....

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Sunday, July 11, 2010


Craven - cowardly, fearful, weak, scared.
Usage - The craven attackers pounced on the boy and stabbed him before fleeing.
Link - Craven-> C(see) + Ravan. If someone sees ravan in reality, then he/she will become craven!!

Crescendo - a gradual increase(esp in the volume or intensity of sound), a steady increase in intensity
Usage - The cheers reached a crescendo.
Link - divide it like cresc(sound like krish) the end of krish movie..when hrithik kills the villian..the intensity or the volume of music increses .which conveys the feeling.
Link2 - Crescendo ->Ascendo. So something that is ascending means it is gradually increasing/rising.

Crestfallen -  dejected, dispirited, brought low in spirit
Usage - The unsuccessful voyage left us crestfallen. 
Link - chest + fallen.. disappointed, sad.. you lose all hope.

Crevice - a narrow crack or opening, a fissure, a cleft.
Usage - Plants grew in the crevices.
Link - sounds like is an opening to vagina...i hope you got it now...
Link - Crevice = crew + ice...the entire crew fell into the deep crevice on an iceberg during the shooting of Titanic movie....

Cringe - shrink back as if in fear 
Usage - He cringed at the thought of slaughtering the calf.
Link - sounds like SYRINGE...the child CRINGEd at the sight of the doctor holding a syringe.

Crotchety - eccentric, perverse, bad-tempered, grumpy, fractious, having an irritable and contrary disposition.
Usage - A crotchety old man.
Link - Crotchety = rot(ten) + chet(ne) if some one serves you chat with rotten(bad smelling
and disgusting) chutney, then you will become crotchety and abuse the person...
Link2 - crotchety = crow + chaddi -- crow wearing chaddi is unusual or bizarre

Crone - ugly old woman, hag
Usage - The crone pestered her every day on her way back from school. 
Link - sounds similar to ugly woman can never be crowned, Miss World.
Link2 - sounds lie c(children)+rone(crying)...children rone lage after seeing a crone....

Culinary - relating to or used in the kitchen or in cookery.
Usage - Culinary herbs.
Link - sounds like Kal(tomorrow) + nari(women)..It is important for a nari to have good culinary
skills, be it aaj ki nari ya kal ki nari...
Link2 - cullinary almost rhymes with CURRY, which is again related to cooking..

Culmination - to reach the highest point or degree; climax, to come to completion; end.
Usage -Years of waiting culminated in a tearful reunion.
Link - Cul + mi(my) + nation. If not aaj (today), kal (tomorrow) my nation will reach the culmination of its development.
Link2 - sounds like termination which means the ending position (of play)or the climax (of attaining something)....

Culvert - gutter, a sewer or drain under a road, a drain or covered channel for pumping out effluents
Usage - The bomb was hidden in a culvert under a road.
Link - Culvert rhymes with avert (to avoid)...while walking, we all try to avert from falling into a culvert.

Cupidity - extreme greed for material wealth
Usage - The well known cupidity and greed of politicians.
Link - sounds like Stupidity...if a father has a lot of wealth and his son acts likes a cupid without any greed for wealth and just searching for love by discarding all the wealth then, definitely his cupidity is zero...

Curator - manager (in charge of a museum or a library), superintendent
Usage - The members of the board of trustees of the museum expected the new curator to plan the events.
Link - sounds like Care Taker. Some one who takes care of a collection.
Link2 - A curator first Rates the Collection(as in articles in museum or library) and then if there is any fault CURES them.

Curmudgeon - churlish, an ill-tempered person full of resentment and stubborn notions
Usage - A terrible old curmudgeon
Link - sounds like Cur-mud-geon Car mud main gone... when the Audi car went into the mud then driver went bad tempered... i.e. curmudgeon

Cursory - casual, hastily done without bothering about the minute details.
Usage - A cursory glance at the headlines.
Link - relate it to the cursor on your computer screen..the mouse is used to move the cursor hastily without going into minor details.

Cynosure - something that strongly attracts attention and admiration; something that provides guidance.
Usage - As soon as the movie star announced entered the room , she became the cynosure of all eyes.
Link - Cynosure sounds like Exposure; In movies, Heroines EXPOSE to become the CYNOSURE of all eyes.

Friday, July 9, 2010


Countenance - approve, support, tolerate
Usage -  He had a pleasant countenance. 
Link - sounds like count+nancy+face...the father said that to her daughter Nancy, that he will count the number of faces from now onwards, with whom she go out and do it.....

Countermand - cancel, revoke (an order)
Usage - He was forced to obey the countermand.
Link - for all computer engineers....sounds like counter + in a loop countermand the previous command(i.e. iteration) and execute the next command...

Coup - highly successful action or sudden attack, a brilliant and notable success
Usage - Beating them in the game was a major coup for the Arsenals. 
Link -  Imagine word cup( Coup). One gets cup when they achieve something...

Covenant - binding agreement between two groups or people; compact
Usage - The holy covenant could not be flouted.
Link - for all chemistry fans....sounds like covalent...Covalent means a kind of bonding, Covenant means binding between people...
Link - covenant = split it cove sounds like(cow) + n(and) + ant(aunty) ;aunty made an agreement with cow to give 5 litre of milk daily...and its cow who will be giving milk not aunty... :P

Covetous - avaricious, desirous of (someone else's possessions) 
Usage - Cinderella’s covetous sisters tried their best to marry the prince. 
Link - sounds like cove(love) + to + US ; because of excessive greed and the love for money covetous people go to USA...also some go to do it with foreigners....

Cower - shrink quivering as from fear
Usage - She was cowering in front of him to avoid the assault. 
Link -  A coward cowers from fear while the bold and the brave do not.

Coy - shy(flirtatiously), showing a (pretended) lack of self-confidence
Usage - She was very coy with him.
Link - sounds like TOY--some children have SHYNESS for sharing their toys with others...even if they share they pretend they are happy but are not...

Cozen - cheat
Usage - He cozened the money out of the old man
Link - Instead of a DOZEN, he took 13 bananas, cheating the shopkeeper...
Link2 - my cousin cozened me and stole my zen car...

Crabbed - sour, bad-tempered, annoyed and irritable
Usage - She was being very crabbed to him. 
Link -  sounds like crab..CRAB is a peevish, bad tempered and is irritable in nature and it also tends to bite.. so a CRAB represents properties of a crabbed person.

Crass - very unrefined, grossly insensible 
Usage - She found him crass and vulgar.
Link - crass reminds grass.. so grass eating animals have unrefined behavior like cow....but a lion can be dangerous...

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Thursday, July 8, 2010


Contumacious - stubbornly resistant, willfully, not submissive to authority
Usage - A contumaceous witness is subject to punishment
Link – Contumacious-> Cant + u + make (mac)+ spacious. Mac’s mother always scolded him
by saying “Cant you make your room look a little spacious by cleaning it” and the contumacious
mac would always reply “NO”...
Link2 - sounds like con(kaun)+tu+ma(maa ki).....the guy said rudely,"kaun tu....teri maa ki ***"....

Contusion - an injury in which the skin is not broken, a bruise, swelling
Usage - He had lacerations and contusions all over his arm and shoulder.
Link - Concentrate on tuition. I was getting late for my tuitions, so I started running and in a hurry slipped and fell down. As a result I had contusions all over my hands and legs.

Conundrum - a riddle, puzzle question or a problem, paradoxical, brain-teaser
Usage - These businessmen are not conversant with basic scientific principles.
Link - sounds like co+nun+drum....getting a nun drunk with rum is very difficult...
Link2 - sounds like condom...even after using a condom if a girl gets pregnant....then it will be a difficult riddle to solve...

Conversant - familiar, as by study or experience, informed, acquainted with, well versed in
Usage - These businessmen are not conversant with basic scientific principles.
Link - Through conversations you can gain more knowledge and thus become conversant.

Convene - to come together for an official or public purpose, to bring together, gather, assemble
Usage - He convened a meaning of all managers.
Link - Convene-> come + evening. The meeting was going beyond the office timings, so the manager asked the team to come in the evening at his residence and complete the meeting.

Convivial - jovial, sociable or festive, lively, cheerful, jolly, fun-loving
Usage - Enjoy simple but satisfying food in the bistro’s convivial atmosphere.

Link - somewhat close to carnival which also implies festivity.
Link2 - Convivial. Concentrate on viva. VIVA is a lively, fun-loving and cheerful music band (often seen on channel V) and one which loves partying and socializing.

Convolute - rolled or coiled together, to form into a twisted shape
Usage - Whn he was 17, he died of congenital heart disease.
Link - Convolute-> sounds similar to revolut(ion). So to convolute means, to revolve or roll into curls or coils or twist into coils .

Coquette - A woman who makes teasing sexual or romantic overtures; a flirt
Usage - Priyanka Chopra played the role of a coquette in the movie Aitraaz.
Link - sounds like "COCK DE"...just decipher....a coquette always tries to grab the attention of all cocks around.

Cordon - a chain of police, soldiers stationed around an area to prevent access or entry.
Usage - Troops cordoned off the riot zone.
Link - sounds like Co(A)r + DON ...DON KO pakadna mushkil hi nahi na mumkin hain Kyunki uske paas CORDON of MEN hain.

Cornice - a decorative framework to conceal curtain fixtures at the top of a casting window
Usage - Upon the cornice of the tower a staff was fixed.
Link - corn(cone) + ice ..visualize a cone with a huge topping of ice-cream....the ice cream acts as a cornice to the cone...

Cornucopia - the property of being extremely abundant, profusion 
Usage - A cornucopia of employment oppurtunities.
Link - India is one of the highest producers of corn(maize); that is India has copius(plentiful) of corn or cornucopia of corn.

Corporeal -  relating to the characteristic of a body, bodily,tangible
Usage - Descarates held that there are two kinds of substances in the world, mental and corporeal
Link - sounds like Corpse + Real; A corpse(body) is real so it can be tangible.

Corrugated - wrinkled, to shape into folds or parallel and alternating ridges and grooves
Usage - Sheets of corrugated iron
Link - Corrugated = Co + Rugged .. Rugged = not smooth or wrinkled...

Coterie - an exclusive group of people with a common purpose.
Usage - The songs he recorded were written by a small coterie of dedicated writers.
Link - sounds like kothari(hindi word for a closed dark room)...the gal and the guy went to the kothari to do it...they both had the same purpose... :P

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Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Consort - associate with, keep company
Usage - The king entered the palace with his consort.
Link - in a musical consert (sounds like consert), many instruments play together...

Consternation - great shock, dismay
Usage - Her consternation at seeing him was obvious.
Link - CONSTERNATION ~ (cons) continuous + ter (terror) + nation; continuous terrorist attacks on a nation can cause CONSTERNATION...
Link2 - conster(sounds like monster) + nation......and a monster creates fear in every one ....due to which we do not go out so as to avoid danger....

Construe - explain, interpret
Usage - How do you construe his behavior
Link - construe = construct + true messages from indirect references; e.g. if i construe your message correctly...

Contagion - infection (by contact)
Usage - A contagion of panic spread from town to town.
Link - contag(sounds like contagious...)so when you come in contact with a diseased spread infection.....

Contempt - scorn, disdain, open disrespect for a person or thing
Usage - The contempt he felt for her was obvious.
Link - sounds like con(kaun)+temp(temper)..when a person went to MAFIA he was showing contempt towards something....he said, "kaun temper high kar raha hai bhai ka...bachega ni mere hato.."

Contend - struggle, compete
Usage - He contended that Communism had no future
Link - sounds very similar to content....when the content of your essay is not good, you have less chances of COMPETEING WITH the other's essay...

Contingent - dependent on something uncertain or in the future, happening by chance
Usage - They had to plan for contingent expenses
Link - relate with tangent... a tangent is dependent on the circle...
Link2 - sounds like continent... small continent depend on others..

Contraband - illegal trade, smuggling
Usage - A cargo of contraband was unloaded on the docks.
Link - sounds like contra(contradictory) + brand.. selling contradictory brand i.e. it should not be sold except the permission of the company......means illegal trading...

Contrite - feeling or expressing pain or sorrow for sins or offenses
Usage - He delivered a contrite apology.
Link - sounds like cont (COUNT) - rite (RIGHT)....the ban robbers said to the manager...COUNT THE CASH RIGHT, ELSE YOU WILL REGRET IT....
Link2 - sounds like cont(can't)+rite(right)...he can't do it right so he regrets it now....

Contrivance - something contrived, clever deceitful plan
Usage - Her matchmaking contrivance failed.
Link - teen(three) doston ne contri(contribution) kar ke van khareed li but one of them got away with the van...

Contrive - invent or fabricate in a clever way (by improvisation)
Usage - They contrived to murder their boss
Link - sounds like can't drive....he can't drive properly but he contrived to fool the license head to get a registered and legal license for him....
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Saturday, July 3, 2010


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Conflagration - a large destructive fire, a very intense and uncontrolled fire, a wild fire.
Usage - All the stock was destroyed in the warehouse conflagration.
Link - if you check the word flag in the above word, watching our flag fly high fills our hearts with extra josh and ignites a fire within us when we salute it...
Link2 - Conflagration = Confl + aag (fire) + ration. So there was aag in the ration shop, but the oil
stocked in the ration shop turned the fire into a conflagration!!

Confluence - A gathering, flowing or meeting together at one juncture or point, a gathering of people
Usage - The 160 meter falls mark the confluence of the rivers.
Link - sounds like influence ..a leader bring people together by means of his influence...he can influence them to do in a terrorist gang run by their leader....
Link - Confluence = conf(erence) + fluence. A conference for people fluent in English was called at Taj hotel, so there was a confluence of fluent people at taj.

Confound - confuse, puzzle
Usage - For many years medical scientists were confounded by these seemingly contradictory facts.
Link - sounds like CONfusion FOUND == CONFOUND...

Congenial - having the same tastes, habits, suitable to one’s needs or nature, agreeable.
Usage - The food at the party was excellent, and the company congenial.
Link1 - Congenial -> comes from genial or Geni (genie). A genie will always listen to his master, do what his master orders and above all is very friendly, hence congenial.

Conjecture - surmise, guess
Usage - The commentators made various conjectures about the outcome of the FIFA world cup finals.
Link - sounds like 'lecture' ..assume you guess an answer for a question asked during a will become the favourite student of the teacher....

Conjugal - pertaining to marriage
Usage - They lived a life of conjugal bliss.
Link -  in Indian music we have JUGALbandi, which is harmony of 2 different intruments...can imply marriage frm it...

Connivance - cooperate secretly in an illegal action, agreement on a secret plot, tacit approval of someone's wrong doing.
Usage - The crime had been carried out with police connivance.
Link - Connivance -- cunning; The boys were so cunning that they secretly agreed and made plot to fool the girls and they did it in connivance(secret ageement.)

Connoisseur - a person with expert knowledge or training (esp. in fine arts), a well informed person with a discriminative taste
Usage - A connoisseur of fine arts.
Link - sounds like kaun inse sure nahi to expert hai. He is connoisseur. He is EXPERT.
Link2 - Coin + Sure; A numismatist(coin collector) will know the history of coins and he can surely tell which coin is from which country.

Connubial - relating to marriage or the married state; conjugal
Usage - They lived a life of connubial bliss.
Link - sounds like a villager saying kaunhoo biah(who will marry in english)...imagine a villager saying in his language...kaunhoo biah krega meri bitiya se....

Consanguity - kinship; relationship by birth
Usage - Consanguinity thrived in the organization.
Link -  sanguine means blood... so blood relation is consanguinity
Link2 - con + sang(sang ya saath mein rahna) + uinity. When you live saath-saath (together), you have kinship or a relation by birth....

Conscientious - thorough and careful, scrupulous
Usage - a conscientious decision to speak against injustice.
Link - focus on scientious part of this word...and relate it to scientist..they are careful while conducting new experiments...

Consecrate - to declare or set apart as sacred, to make venerable or hallow
Usage - A tradition consecrated by time.
Link -  Consecrate = Con + Secrate (sounds like SACRED).SACRED is "holy". It refers to holiness when one dedicates his life to "god"....

Consign - To give over to the care of another; entrust; to commit irrevocably
Usage - He consigned the papers to the flames.
Link - Consign sounds like Assign; When you assign someone a task you entrust them with the responsibility of that task...
Link2 - Consign -- con + sign -- imagine that you have to sign a document and send it to a person in your company for an official purpose...

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Thursday, July 1, 2010


Concerted - mutually agreed on; done together by agreement
Usage - The department was making a concerted effort to attract more efforts.
Link - sounds like concert....concerts are done in a planned and determined way, especially by more than one person, government, country, etc....

Concession - an act of yielding, conceding
Usage - She removed her jacket as a concession to the sultry weather.
Link - sounds like con(to cheat someone)+ cession(session)...the smart thief thought his child a lot of tricks to con someone...
Link -  Concessional, after a session it is YES for contract....

Conciliatory - reconciling, soothing
Usage - Her lover spoke in a very conciliatory tone.
Link -  sounds like conci(kaunsi)+li(LEE brand) + atory(factory)....when my friends said that Lee brand is providing free jeans then i asked him,"kaunsi wali LEE factory"....
Link2 - Heyy this sounds like CONSOLING...which means soothing...

Conclave - a private secret meeting
Usage - The city council is having its conclave this weekend.
Link - con (conference) + clave (cave); we are going to organize a secret conference (meeting) in a cave....

Concoct -  prepare by mixing or combining
Usage - The witch concocted a love potion.
Link - coct - resembles a cocktail, prepared by mixing and combining. A conman is preparing it, in a concert disguised(make up) as a bartender...

Concomitant -  something that accompanies
Usage - Deafness is an unfortunate concomitant of old age.
Link -  con(together) + comitant(sounds like commitment) if we have committed to each other, we'll go together....

Concord - agreement, accord
Usage - They managed to reach a concord.
Link -  If you are a keyboard player you must be knowing about chords..chords are used for harmony...concord = con + chord...
Link2 - sounds like accord car...when a guy driving accord car proposed a girl....she said yes reluctantly....they both agreed to do it and then never see each other again unless the boy wants to...

Concur - agree, coincide, happen at the same time
Usage - Both philosophers concord on this point
Link - sounds like concurrent....i.e. coincide....
Link2 - when a king conquers(concur) a state then the people in the state hav to agree with it...

Condescend - act in an undignified, unworthy, or dishonorable way
Usage - He was trying to condescend her but she was sensible enough to recognize it.
Link - It has the word descend in it ,it implies descending to a lower position...

Condign - adequate, (of punishment) severe and well deserved 
Usage - The condign censure meted out to him was appropriate for his impertinent remarks.
Link - condign=co+n+dign ~> come+and+dine...imagine that your used condoms are caught by your father...then after a well deserved punishment, ur mother calls u back for dining :)

Condone - forgive, overlook, excuse
Usage - She condoned her husband's occasional infidelities
Link - if u use condom u will be forgiven by health and family welfare department and by the girl if she gets pregnant...

Confiscate - seize, take possession of (private property) by official order 
Usage - The FBI confiscated the drugs 
Link - sounds like con(kaun)+fis(fist)+cate(kate winslet)...if you ask "kaun kate winslet" in front of her then you are gonna get a fist(punch) fron her and by her bodyguard...
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