Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Precarious - unsafe, uncertain, risky
Usage - Negotiators on both sides knew that it was a precarious truce.
Link - sounds like PRE+CARE+IOUS....We have to take CARE while doing something risky so that it does not go wrong...we have to be careful before hand only...

Precept - principle, a rule about how to behave or look
Usage - His basic precepts prevented him from borrowing money from anyone. 
Link - sounds like "recipe" which is a guideline for cooking....
Link2 - In the movie Mohabbatein, you have to pre accept the precepts of Gurukul...

Precipice - very steep cliff
Usage - Looking down the sharp precipice made Rita feel giddy and faint. 
Link - I saw a naked girl sipping ice cream on the precipice...

Precipitous - steep, overhasty
Usage - Her precipitant acceptance of his proposal of marriage surprised everyone.
Link - The mountain PRECIPIce is very PRECIPITOUS...

Preclude - make impossible, prevent
Usage - The age limit precludes him from applying for the course at the university.
Link - sounds like EXCLUDE or keep out, whereas INCLUDE which is its opposite means to take in as part of a group....
Link2 - I didn't get pre clues, this precluded me to answer correctly...
Precocious - one who has extra ordinary abilities
Usage - Ron was a precocious child who started speaking when he was six months old
Link - sounds like pre(early) + cock(genital of man in slang) -> a "pre"-teen who has a huge "cock" is precocious....
Link2 - it can be pre+conscious(conscious). i.e. thing or person who/which is very conscious in advance...

Precursor - pioneer, predecessor, forerunner
Usage - The principal walked onto the stage as a precursor to announce the arrival of the chief guest. 
Link - In computer, cursor ie precursor to various files to be opened
Predicament - difficult situation
Usage - The fight between her brothers left her in a predicament
Link - sounds like PREDIC (T) - AMENT : imagine a situation where YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT will happen (can't predict) or WHAT TO DO..is a predicament....
Link2 - while giving presentation if your dick grows straight you will be in preDICament...

Predilection - preference, partiality
Usage - She has a predilection for the latest perfumes and cosmetics.
Link - sounds like pre(before)+dialect(local language); you generally become partial when you are taking an interview and you meet someone who speaks your language...
Link2 - Every girl has predilection for Hrithik roshan's dil(heart )....

Preeminent - outstanding, superior
Usage - Amartya Sen is a preeminent Indian economist.
Link - sounds like prominent which is superior...

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Sunday, September 26, 2010


Plummet - fall suddenly
Usage - The stock market plummeted
Link - sounds like "comet" which falls so sharply...
Link2 - You went on a Blind date and girl was PLUM(very fat) who u MET..so you fell sharply...

Poignant - something that affects you deeply and makes you feel sad
Usage - There is a moment of extreme poignancy when the film's protagonist discovers he is dying.
Link - POIGNANCY sounds like pregnancy, and an unwanted pregnancy is sometimes a cause of sadness...

Polemic - attack or defense of an opinion, controversy or refutation
Usage - The polemic over a woman’s right to abortion has drawn considerable attention.
Link - sounds like pole(poll)+mic..so during polls politicians often attack or support others opinions...

Ponderous - too slow, serious and boring
Usage - A ponderous rock crashed down and shattered the wooden bridge.
Link - Its simple guys, POUND is a unit of weight , we often calculate weight in pounds! 1 Pound = 480 grams...its sometimes slow and boring...
Link2 - he was walking ponderously in a pond
Portend - a sign or warning of something that is going to happen in future, indication
Usage - The heavy gales and dark skies portended that a hurricane was on its way.
Link - When we reached the port's end (sea port) we saw some dead bodies, which gave a sign that something bad was going to happen...

Portly - fat
Usage - Men are portly and women are stout
Link - portly people are like gol(round) potty... :D
Link2 - PORKY the pig is PORTLY...
Poseur - a person who pretends to be sophisticated
Usage - Martha had been warned not to be taken in by the poseur’s fine clothes and stylish car.
Link - poseur was standing in a pretending pose...
Link2 - sounds like pose+ur -> pose ur stuff to impress others...girls do that a lot at beach...:)

Posterity - coming generation
Usage - She is to writing a book about the stories her grandmother told her when she was a child, so that those stories are preserved for posterity.
Link - posterity will remind him through posters.... 
Link2 - sounds like posterity = post + inherity...

Postulate - assumed truth
Usage - He posited three basic laws of nature
Link - sounds like post-u-late...when i posted the mail late..the employer postulated that i am not fit for the job...

Poultice - soothing application applied to sore and inflamed portions of the body
Usage - A bread poultice is a nice easy way to get thorns or glass out of a child's foot.
Link - poultICE contains word ICE.Ice in itself is a soothing substance which when applied on inflammation alleviates the pain.So poultice is applying ice on inflammation...
Link2 - in politics, politicians apply poultice to each other to palliate the pain...

Pragmatic - practical
Usage - The ministry issued a pragmatic sanction relating to the matter. 
Link - pragmatic approach of parag sarees sales girls by posing half naked and displaying the sarees....

Prate - to talk in stupid or boring manner
Usage - Much to Sally’s annoyance, her sister prated on about her neighbors for an hour. 
Link - sounds like pee+rate....some guys were talking about the rate at which they pee in front of everyone on the road....such a foolish talk, these people are really idle. 
Link2 - Brad Pitt was prating on Angelina Jolie's sleeping rate...

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Friday, September 24, 2010


Plausible - reasonable
Usage - He gave a plausible excuse for the delay. 
Link - sounds like possible and logical...something which is possible and logical is reasonable...

Plebeian - person belonging to a low social class
Usage - The plebeian narrated his woeful story.
Link - sounds like pebble which are found every where and are very common...
Link2 - sounds like play with lesbian which is very vulgar in a playboy to earn some money... 

Plebiscite - direct vote by the entire electorate (on an important issue)
Usage - The plebiscite was issued this morning.
Link - plebiscite on "How many plebeians use websites. "...
Plenary - (of power) complete, compulsory, mandatory
Usage - For the first time after a decade one could behold a plenary session of the legislature.
Link -  Plenary can be split into Plen (plenty) + nary (naari - women in hindi)...the disco is always full of plenty of naaris...it is compulsory...

Plenitude - abundance
Usage - There was a plenitude of food and wealth in the town.
Link - plen(i)tude: remove "i" and place it after "T". sounds like plenty..means full.... 

Plethora - excess; overabundance
Usage -  There was a plethora of opportunities open to her. 
Link - like if you go home after many days, your mother will insist that you eat more. What she will say is "Le + Thoda Aur Le" ultimately, aisai lene se, it will become an excess at the end. You will be full :)...

Pliable - flexible
Usage - The metal was pliable.
Link - sounds like ply...ply is a veru thin wooden sheet ehich is flexible and can be bend in any direction..
Plight - difficult situation
Usage - He never meant to flout the plight he made to his partner. 
Link - sounds like light....in Bihar there is no light for most of the time which is a plight...
Plucky - having a lot of courage and determination
Usage - It takes loads of pluck to stand up to bullies like George.
Link - luck and pluck make a person successful...

Plumb - exactly vertical
Usage - He plumbed it till it was perfectly vertical. 
Link - plumb--plumber who tests the pipe to see whether it is exactly vertical or not...
Link2 - When the leg is exactly in the vetical line(plumb) ,then the umpire examines closely to give lbw....LBw is also known as plumb...

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Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Pique - getting irritated
Usage - The woman stormed out in a fit of pique. 
Link - sounds like pi+que.. so imagine you are standing in a QUE(ue) in a Pie shop (cake) for a long time you get ANNOYED ,IRRITATED and you tend to show RESENTMENT...
Link2 - sounds like pic...if someone takes your pic secretly in a embarrassing situation. you would be annoyed, irritated....

Pittance - small salary
Usage - They work all day for a mere pittance
Link - sounds like Patience; You need to have patience to work all day for a mere pittance....
Link2 - bahut pita(to beat someone) employer jab usne pittance di worker ko... :)

Placebo - dummy pill which doesn't has many effects, harmless substance prescribed as a dummy pill
Usage - The prayers of the placebo were not always welcome. 
Link - PLACE-it takes the place of the actual substance..and BOgus..it doesnt do what the actual pill does.Thus PLACEBO is a bogus harmless pill which takes the place of the original...
Link2 - sounds like place+boobs...doctor placed some pills on her tongue to increase her boobs...

Plagiarize - to copy someone's ideas
Usage - Students often have a bad habit of plagiarizing.
Link - sounds like pla(plan)+gi+arize(arise)...so a plan arises in your mind to steal your friend's notes and show it to your lecturer...
Link2 - Dr. Katra plagiarized a plague removal formula  of Mr. Batra...

Plaintive - expressing sorrow, mournful
Usage - I could hear the child's plaintive cries.
Link - husband died in a plain vrash...wife said in plaintive voice...

Platitude - a comment or statement
Usage - The politicians spoke platitudes about lowering the taxes. 
Link - sounds like flat + attitude..something flat(no curves...hope u get it) does not attract us as it is very common. So you will obviously give trite remarks... :p

Platonic - friendly relationship, spiritual relationship
Usage - He was deeply interested in Platonic philosophy.
Link - after taking a tonic(hope you got it)...you can't maintain platonic relationship with your partner(friend)....
Plaudit - round of applause
Usage - The Kite Runner is one of the few books which has met with both critics & publicplaudit
Link - sounds like applaud it...
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Sunday, September 19, 2010


Philistine - ignorant person, narrow-minded person, uncultured and exclusively interested in material gain
Usage - He was a Philistine and a sworn enemy of the Israelites. 
Link - sounds like tiny things....those who feel over tiny things are NARROW MINDED...

Phlegmatic - calm, not easily made angry or upset
Usage - He is a phlegmatic and an undemonstrative man. 
Link - sounds like pull flag...when we hoist a flag we should be calm and unexcited....

Physiognomy -  science of face reading
Usage - He had a striking physiognomy. 
Link - perfect physique and physiognomy is beautiful... 

Piebald - spotted in different colors (esp. in black and white)
Usage - Her pied dress caught my attention. 
Link - piebald -> remember pie chart which is generally of different colors..

Piecemeal - irregular and unsatisfactory
Usage - He used a piecemeal approach to the problem.

Pilfer - steal things
Usage - She couldn't believe he had actually abstracted the files she had so carefully hidden. 
Link - Pills le kar farar ho gaya...

Pillage - plunder i.e. the act of stealing valuable things from a place
Usage - He lost most of his goods because of the pillage.
Link - SOUNDS LIKE VILLAGE.. many villages were plundered during the Gujarat riots....
Link2 - sounds like P(pirate)+village...pirate's village....everythong will be plundered here...
Pinion - restrain or immobilize by binding the wings or legs
Usage - Its pinions soared high in the sky. 
Link - sounds like PIN+ON; when we PIN something, it will hold it and thereby prevent it from flying away .. (bind the arms of something)...

Pinnacle -  peak, highest point, acme
Usage - The old church had a large pinnacle jutting out of it.
Link - sounds like pin(pine tree)+uncle...a sexy lady said to my uncle that she will do it with him if he brings her hairpin from top of the pine tree.....

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Thursday, September 16, 2010


Persevere - continue steadily in spite of difficulties
Usage - He persevered in his attentions to his secretary. 
Link - sounds like persevere=persistent+severe,he is very severely persistent...

Perspicuous - (of something) plainly expressed, easy to understand 
Usage - His perspicuous argument finally won him the case.
Link - sounds like not suspicious.. absolutely clear...

Perturb - disturb greatly
Usage - The orbits of these stars were perturbed by the passings of a comet
Link - sounds like "disturb" or tub....in a washing tub you mix washing powder and agiate(disturb) the water...

Peruse - to read something in a careful way
Usage - Please peruse this report at your leisure
Link - sounds like abuse...when you read a sex abuse story in a newspaper...you read it in a very careful way and specially when it is about a hot girl...
Link2 - before keeping medicine in my purse while buying, I use to peruse the expiry date....

Pervasive - everywhere, omnipresent
Usage - God is pervasive
Link - Terrorism is pervasive because of Parvez Musharraf.... :P

Perversion - corruption, change from right to wrong
Usage - The case was a perversion of justice. 
Link - sounds like perfect version....perfect version of getting money is corruption...
Link2 - sounds like PARIVARTAN from right to wrong (turning to wrong use)...

Petrify - something frightening, turn to stone
Usage - The horror petrified his feelings
Link -  sounds like PATHARify (hindi pathar-stone)hence, the word...
Link2 - I was petrified when somebody patted on my back...

Petulant - touchy, peevish, ill-tempered
Usage - She seemed rather petulant and distracted today.
Link - sounds like pet + you+ lent....the pet which you lent me is making me irritated....
Link2 - If somebody peet you(hindi of hitting somebody)or beat you up, you will become irritable and annoyed....

Pharisaical - hypocritical,  who paid scrupulous attention to tradition 
Usage - The advocates are always regarded as pharaisical
Link - contains HARI and SAI all GOD name so Pharisaical means pious..

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Monday, September 13, 2010


Perdition - destruction
Usage - All murderers will be hurled to bottomless perdition.
Link - sounds like partition.. So Relate perdition to Partition of India in 1947 due to which several families were completely ruined...
Link2 - There was a movie named Road to Perdition, if someone has seen it he can very well relate to this word...

Peregrination - a journey esp a long and slow one
Usage - He went about on a pleasant peregrination through the forests of India. 
Link - sounds like a pilgrimage, which means going on a tour...
Link2 - remove 1st 3 letter egrination sounds like migration, which means the same..

Peremptory - expecting to be obeyed immediately and without refusal
Usage - The judge's peremptory decision was announced in the morning.
Link - sounds like pre-empty, i.e something which is already empty, needs to be filled, it obeys each and every demand to get money...
Link2 - peremptory order to empty the house

Perfidious - disloyal
Usage - It is better to have enemies than perfidious friends.
Link - sounds like barfi....perfidious servant ne poisonous barfi dekar malik ko maar dia or paise lekar bhaag gya...
Link2 - per+FID+ious.. FID stands for fidelity.. i.e. loyalty.. hence perfidious is its opposite..

Perfunctory - superficial, done routinely and with little care
Usage - He cast a perfunctory glance over the room before opening it for the guests.
Link - sounds like PARAI(other's)+FACTORY - if you are told to take care of somebody else's factory, you would casually care about it...

Peripatetic - wandering from place to place
Usage - Jones is a confirmed peripatetic. 
Link - sounds like paer(legs) pe tic tic....means wandering on legs. 
Link2 - peri+pat+etic--peri means around, + pat or path means road to walk on, therefore peripatetic means to walk around...

Perjury - crime of speaking lie
Usage - He was found guilty of perjury and sentenced to a month of jail.
Link - speaking lie in front of the jury is perjury

Pernicious - harmful in a gradual manner
Usage - He was completely unaware of the pernicious disease eating him up from inside. 
Link - sounds like per+nicious..nicious when pronounced sounds like noxious...so noxious.. ..so something harmful..... 

Peroration - final part of a speech, conclusion of an oration
Usage - His peroration started boring them after a while.
Link - sounds like Per+oration--Part after ORATION = PERORATION, that is the concluding section of an oration..

Perpetrate - commit an offense
Usage - He was looking for an opportunity to perpetrate his crime. 
Link - sounds like per+pet+r+ate--eating pet animal is doing wrong...
Link2 - I went to a perpretator and asked per person peetne(to beat) ke rate...thereby indulging in perpetration... 

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Saturday, September 11, 2010


Patine - layer on bronze
Usage - The tools acquired a slight brown patina over time.
Link - sounds like Patila(a utensil made of copper) gets rusted and a green layer called patina is formed on it...

Patois - a regional dialect of a language
Usage - The poems were written in Jamaican patois.
Link - sounds like patai(to impress a girl)... usne kudi patai using punjabi patois...

Patrician - a person from highest social class
Usage - Having married a patrician, she gained a lot of prestige and respect.
Link - consider ST PATRICK'S SCHOOL those who study in that school are noble...
Link2 - sounds like patri(street)...from patri to patrician...he did a lot of hard work..
Pauper - very poor person
Usage - His losses at gambling reduced him to a pauper. 
Link - Person jisko "pao"(bread...remeber pao bhaji) "per" jina padata hai use poor person kehte hai....

Peccadillo -  small crime, offense or fault
Usage - Spending too much money is one his peccadilloes.
Link -  "pecc" (actually, pecado) refers to "mistake" as in impeccable. pecking others etc., So, peccadillo means small mistake....
Link2 - sounds like pee kar dil lo....peekar(after drinking) girls se keh re ho ki dildo lo....is peccadillo...
Pedant - fussy teacher, scholar who overemphasizes book learningUsage - Our teacher was such a pedant that we lost interest in her classes very soon. 
Link - sounds like peeda(pain)...lot of peeda when he teaches us in a pedantic style...
Peer - one who has equal standing with another, nobleman
Usage - He always considered Obama to be his peer.
Link - sounds like beer....always drink a beer with a person of your status....

Peevish - bad tempered
Usage - She seemed rather peevish and distracted today. 
Link - sounds like pee+wish...while doing it...if your partner pees(urinate) on you will become peevish....
Link2 - sounds like pee+vish( pee means asking forcibly to drink,,, n vish is poison) so irritating easily....

Pejorative - derogatory, disapproving, (of a word or phrase) suggesting that someone is of little value
Usage - "Nigger" is a pejorative word for a black person.
Link - sounds like majority...."majority" wala group doosre group ka effect khatam kar deta hai...causing a belittling effect....

Pell-mell - very quickly and in an uncontrolled way
Usage - The kids were running pell-mell up the stairs. 
Link - sounds like "pehle main pehle main".....children screamed and rushed pell-mell when hrithik roshan came to meet them....

Penance - self imposed punishment for sin done earlier
Usage - He decided to fast for ten days as penance for fighting.
Link -  sounds like 'pain on us' what we take as a punishment on ourself for our sins....

Penitent - feeling sorry for doing something wrong
Usage - The penitent prayed silently in the church. 
Link -  inside a tent if you do some thing wrong with a girl by giving penni(money) you will repent it later...

Pensive - thinking deeply about something esp because you are sad and worried
Usage - The pensive look in his eyes melted my heart.
Link - pensive mood when expensive mobile was lost...
Link2 - With a pen in your mouth, you are always indulged in some kind of thought....

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Thursday, September 9, 2010


Paramour – a lover, illicit lover
Usage – The presidents alleged paramour.
Link - every husband says....yeh dil maange more and need a paramour...
Link2 – sounds like pyar + amar. Amar said to his paramour ‘hamara pyar amar rahe...
Paranoia – mental illness when a person thinks that everybody is against him
Usage - The mood is one of paranoia and expectation of war.
Link – sounds like paranoid nahi....he was suffering from paranoia....paranoid nahi tha wo...

Paraphernalia – personal belongings, equipment consisting of miscellaneous articles needed or a particular operation or sport etc, a large collection of small objects, often the tool for a job or hobby.
Usage – A photographer's paraphernalia.
Link - You remember this word by peripheral,means extra equipments..
Link2 - Paraphernalia = para + phir + nali +a. Param said ‘Phir (again) nali (sewage pipe) got choked!? darn! So he called the plumber, who came along with his paraphernalia.

Parched - extremely dry, very thirsty, to roast, to dehydrate.
Usage – Showers poured down upon the parched earth.
Link - In march mouth becomes very parched...
Link – Parched sound like torched. So if something is torched, it means it is burnt or roasted or dried completely.

Pariah – a social outcast, a person who is rejected (from society or home).
Usage – I was treated like a pariah for the rest of the journey.
Link – sounds like Paa + riya and paraya....Riya’s paa treated her like a pariah..... i.e paraya....

Parochial - narrowly restricted in scope or outlook, narrow minded, only concerned with small issues.
Usage - the stuffy and parochial atmosphere of a small village.
Link – In the movie devdas, paro was parochial (unlike chandramukhi) because she did not make friends with anybody except devdas . Paro could have easily charmed others with her beauty and have fun, but she was restricted in her outlook, hence she was parochial.

Parody - A literary or artistic work for comic effect or ridicule, mimicry of someone's individual manner in a humorous or satirical way, a spoof.
Usage - It was easy to parody his rather pompous manner of speaking.
Link - sounds like parrot...always imitates people often in a humorous way.
Link – sounds like paresh + ody(ssey). Paresh Rawal was part of an odyssey (long eventful journey) and when things started to go completely wrong, the odyssey became a parody

Paroxysm – sudden attack of an emotion that can't be controlled, sudden outburst
Usage - A paroxysm of laughter.
Link – Paroxysm -> Oxysm -> oxygen. If you inhale oxygen and don’t exhale for some time, what happens? The suffocation increases and at one point, u find it uncontrollable and hence what follows is a sudden outburst (paroxysm) of air.
Link2 - sounds like "proxy" when we give proxy in class, we laugh a lot after class if it is successful. But professor may go in a rage if he gets to know about proxy and he may hit and give fit of pain or attack...

Parquet – a wooden flooring in pattern
Usage – Flooring made of parquet.
Link – parquet in a park to lay on back....

Parry – to deflect, evade or avoid, blocking an attack, to dodge or duck.

Usage - My opponent parried every blow I got close enough to attempt.
Link - sounds like pari(angel)...pari ne sari difficulties pare(side) kar di....
Link2 – remember harry. Harry potter was able to parry all the deathly blows received from lord voldemort!!

Partisan – biased person
Usage – He is too partisan to be a referee.
Link – parti(think of a political party)+san(son)...so a father who is favoring his son's political party, instead of a good party...

Passe – out of fashion, gone by, faded, old fashioned, antique.
Usage РThis is a pass̩ rose.
Link РPasse -> passed + away. So a style that has passed away becomes pass̩.

Pastiche - imitation of another's style in musical composition or in writing
Usage - The world menu may be a pastiche of dishes from many countries.
Link – sounds like Paste + achieve. So pastiche is an art form achieved by using the ‘cut copy and paste’ funda. Yahan wahan se cut karo copy karo aur paste karke nayan bana do.

Pathological – impossible to control
Usage – A pathological liar.
Link - pathological fear after murder in a pathological lab...
Link2 – Pathological -> concentrate on ‘logical’. A pathologically affected person does not exhibit good health in body or mind, and is very illogical, irrational, unreasonable and obsessive almost like a psycho path (remember the joker, in movie ‘the dark knight’).

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Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Palpable – capable of being touched or felt, tangible, capable of being perceived by the senses or the mind
Usage – A palpable tumour.
Link – palpable = pulp + able. I am drinking pulpy orange and I am able to feel the orange pulp in the mouth, so the pulp is palpable!!

Palpitate – tremble, shake or quiver, shiver, to beat with excessive rapidity; throb (heart throb).
Usage - His whole body was palpitating with fear.
Link – palpitate = pulp + i + t(ook) +ate. I secretly took some mango pulp from my neighbor’s fridge and ate it. Later, my body started palpitating with the fear of being caught and punished.

Pall – a covering that darkens or obscures, a depressing or oppressive atmosphere, to have a dulling, boring or gloomy effect. Usage – A pall of smoke hung over the town.
Link – Pall = poison + all. If all people in a community are poisoned, then everyone will fall ill and will become weak, dull and finally will go into depression, so the entire atmosphere will become depressing, boring and dull!!

Pan – a wide and shallow container made, to express a totally negative opinion, to criticize.
Usage – Heat the butter in a large pan.
Link – Pan sounds like pen. I penned my first script and it was panned by aamir khan (pandit at judging scripts).
Link2 - sounds like paan(hindi)..anyone who eats PAAN excessively is subject to HARSH CRITICISM because he will spit everywhere after eating it...

Panacea – a remedy or cure for all diseases or ills, a universal remedy, an elixir.
Usage – Western aid will not be a panacea for the country’s problems.
Link – Panacea = pain + asia. Asia has cures for all the pains/ailments, so if you want panacea, please visit Asia

Panache – a dashing manner, style, distinctive or stylish elegance.
Usage - The orchestra played with great panache.
Link -  it sounds a bit like APACHE.. which is a bike.. a bike is a symbol of FLAIR , FLAMBOYANCE, STYLE..
Link2 - sounds like payal + nach. Payal ka nach(dance) was full of panache

Pandemic – widespread, spread over a wide geographic area and affecting a large proportion of population.
Usage - The virus spread quickly and resulted in a deadly pandemic.
Link - sounds like pan + anda. When u break an anda(egg) and pour its contents into a pan, it spreads over the entire area of the pan, thus affecting its entire area...

Pandemonium - a very noisy place, wild confusion or disorder, a place of uproar and chaos.
Usage - There was pandemonium in the court as the verdict was delivered.
Link – sounds like panda + demon...if you are left in a place where only pandas and demons live, you will be in utter pandemonium!!
Link2 - sounds like harmonium(musical instrument)...a harmonium gone out of array creates noisy disorder...commotion

Pander - to fulfill the low desires of people, to cater to the tastes and desires of others, to give satisfaction.
Usage – The government has pandered to the terrorists for far too long.
Link - to get the tender you need to pander the administrator...
Link – sounds like Bandar (monkey). A trained bandar will do whatever his master tells him to do, in other words, the monkey satisfies his master by catering to his needs and desires.

Panegyric - a formal praise, a public compliment, elaborate praise or laudation, any form of enthusiastic praise.
Usage - It is traditional to deliver a panegyric to the departed.
Link – sounds like Pan + neg(ative) + ric(ky). In a match, if a cricketer is able to shield himself from the pan (criticisms) and negative vibes from Ricky pointing, he will surely receive a panegyric from the coach.

Panoramic – a picture or series of pictures representing a continuous scene, an extensive unbroken view, a wide or comprehensive survey.
Usage - He looked out over a panorama of hills and valleys.
Link – PanORAMic. Concentrate on ‘O RAM’. When sita was being taken to lanka by ravan, she looked out over a panorama of hills and clouds and shouted ‘O Ram’ come and save me!!

Pantomime –action without words as means of expression, acting without dialogues.
Usage – He studied pantomime in acting school.
Link – PanTOMmine. Concentrate on ‘TOM’, tom & jerry cartoons are full of pantomime, they hardly speak, it’s mostly chasing and hitting each other with a pan

Parable – a short and simple story illustrating a moral or religious lesson, a short moral story.
Usage – The parable of the Good Samaritan.
Link - parable of an athlete who won the race with one paer(leg)...
Link2 – sounds like paragraph + able.....a small PARAgraph that makes u able to learn moral story.. (i.e. gives morals)

Paragon – a model of excellence or perfection.
Usage – She was a paragon of neatness and efficiency.
Link – Paragon chappals (slippers) are a paragon of comfort.

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Sunday, September 5, 2010


Pachyderm - a large, thick skinned mammal such as an elephant, rhinoceros or hippopotamus.
Usage - The elephant enthusiast was keen on capturing the pachyderm on her camera.
Link - pachyderm = packed + derma (derma meaning skin). So an animal who’s skin is heavily stuffed or packed with fat is a pachyderm.

Paean - song of joy or praise, a joyful praise or exultation, enthusiastic praise.
Usage - The film received a paean from the critics.
Link – sounds like pain) If you take pains and achieve something, then you will hear paeans about you...
Link2 - it is pronounced exactly as P.N. remember it by 'Priase Number'=praise song...

Palatable - acceptable to the taste, sufficiently agreeable in flavor to be eaten, satisfactory the mind or senses.
Usage - Flavourings designed to make the food more palatable.
Link - Palatable = Pal + acceptable. Your pal prepares food and asks you to check the taste.You taste it and say, “pal its acceptable ”, hence palatable

Palate - the upper surface of the mouth that separates the oral and nasal cavities, the opening through which food is taken in, the sense of taste.
Usage - Having a glass of fresh lime soda always seems to refresh my palate.
Link - Having a glass of fresh lime soda always seems to refresh my palate.
Link2 - It’s our palate that tells us, weather the food we eat is palatable or not!!

Palatial - of or suitable for a palace as in spaciousness, grand, luxurious.
Usage - Sir John Crawford's palatial mansion attracts hundreds of tourists every year.
Link - sounds like palashial i.e., like a palace...
Link2 – sounds like palace + special....So those things or objects, which when kept in a palace make it all the more special or add to its grandeur or beauty can be called palatial.
Link3 -  'palat' in hindi means 'turn' we'l be turning again and again to see a magnificient thing!

Palette – a board which an artist holds while painting and on which colours are mixed.
Usage – Her paintings reveal a provocative palette of bright and bold colors.
Link – Palette sounds like plate. So imagine a plate being used by a painter to mix the colours. This plate now becomes a palette.

Pall - become boring, grow tiresome 
Usage - His body lay in the coffin, covered in a black velvet pall. 
Link -  A Song from Lage Raho Munna Bhai "Pall Pall Pall Pall Har pal Har Pal Kaise katega pal" If you are bored then you say "Kaise Katega Pall Har Pall"

Palliate – to make less severe or intense, to mitigate, and to lessen the severity of (pain, disease etc), provide physical relief, to soothe.
Usage – The medicine palliated his pain.
Link- Palliate = palli + ate. Only after he ate palli (ground nut), did his burning desire for pallis palliate.
Link2 - PALL+I+ATE..ease pain.. PALL means become borin.. u got bored of the pain..fed up of it..so u ATE it..to ease the pain..

Pallid – abnormally pale complexion, lacking intensity of colour or brightness, vapid, deficient in color, dim or feeble.
Usage – He looked pallid and sickly.
Link – Pallid = pal + id (identity card). The class monitor called the student and told him, “pal your pic on ID card looks pallid, get a new one immediately”.
Link2 - sounds like peeli...which is yellow...

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Saturday, September 4, 2010


Lopsided - heavier or larger on one side than the other
Usage - As she rushed to catch the train, her lopsided hat flew off her head. 
Link - sounds like one sided...rest is clear...

Lounge - stand, sit or lie in a lazy
Usage - The high school students like to lounge in the Central Square
Link - sounds like lingerie...girls usually wear a lingerie on a beach to sit and stand in a relaxed way...they just lounge around in a lingerie...

Lout - clumsy person
Usage - Mary considers John to be an lout.
Link - sounds like thrown out...all the clumsy and lout persons are thrown out of the company...

Lucid - easily understood, clear
Usage - His lucid argument finally won him the case. 
Link - sounds like luc(look)+id(identification card)....when you LOOK the ID of micorsoft employee...you will clearly understand that he is clever and intelligent 

Lucrative - profitable, earning profit
Usage - This seems to be a lucrative deal
Link - sounds like look+ creative and hence anything of such a sort is sure to earn you profit...

Lucre - money, profit
Link - Pronounce it as 'Locker'.and Lockers in banks store money....

Lull - moment of calm
Usage - There was a lull in the storm
Link - sounds like LULLoo...tu LULLoo hi hai---not speaking anything 

Lumber - move heavily or clumsily
Usage - The heavy man lumbered across the room
Link - Relate to the person who is "lamba" (lamba in Hindi language means tall person in English ) moves heavily or clumsily...
Link2 - When there is lumber (heavy logs of wood)on your back, you walk heavily!...

Lunatic - insane
Usage - He is a lunatic kind of a creature
Link - remember luna (the old bike in india)... if today somebody drives an outdated vehicle like luna , he will be called insane...

Lurid - wild, sensational, gruesome, horrible
Usage - He gave lurid details of the accident
Link - concentrate on de last 4 letters-ur+id.so if someone hacks UR mail ID,he has gotta be a SENSATIONAL hacker and in response to this u would become WILD and gruesome..

Lurk  wait in hiding to attack, stealthily lie in waiting
Usage - The soldier lurked his enemies from behind. 
Link - sounds like LOOK...so you must look to see if someone is waiting to attack you.?..you should look carefully at your surroundings....

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Friday, September 3, 2010


Lineage - descent, ancestry
Usage - The family’s noble lineage has earned them the respect of the people. 
Link - sounds like line of age...rest is clear...

Linger - loiter or dawdle, be slow in leaving
Usage - The high school students like to linger in the Central Square 
Link - sounds like lingerie...in a fashion show models loiter around on the stage wearing just a lingerie...
Link2 - sounds like Ginger... the taste of ginger is still present in my tongue although its slowly leaving..

Liquidate - settle accounts, pay off (a debt)
Usage - I had to liquidate my holdings to pay off my ex-husband
Link - sounds like liquid cash+date... when you are on a date...you have to liquidate the bills due to your girlfriend by liquid cash....

Litany - prayer in which the priest calls out and the people replies in the same words
Usage - The patient recited a litany of complaints 
Link - sounds like light any...You are hoping god is going to show you light in the dark to show you the path in these wretched times. LIGHT ANY path....

Lithe - flexible
Link - Sounds like "light" and something which is light in weight can easily be moved and bended....

Litter - waste material thrown away
Usage - Cigar butts littered the ground
Link - sounds like letter...in old days when break ups were done through letters...the guy/gal used to tear the letter and then litter it....
Loath - reluctant, unwilling
Usage - The landlady was loath to allowing dogs in the house.
Link - sounds like l+oath..oath..so if you have taken a oath of not doing what your dad guides you... you are very unwilling and reluctant to listen him....

Loathe - detest, find repugnant
Usage - He absolutely loathed slavery. 
Link - sounds like Low thought...So having a low thought of someone else implies hate or detest....

Loll - hang lazily, lounge about
Usage - Her son is just lolling around all day
Link - Think of person singing loll la lolla la la la la .. So he has nothing to do ,so he is lounging about, lazily..

Loom - appear or take shape (usually in an enlarged, indistinct, or distorted form)
Usage - The shadow of the gallows loomed threateningly.
Link - sounds like 'zoom', so even when you zoom a picture or photo it enlarges & if you zoom it more it gets a bit distorted...

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Thursday, September 2, 2010


Levee - earthen or stone embankment to prevent flooding
Usage - A levee is built in order to prevent a river from overflowing
Link - levee..(sounds like level..) we LEVEL the land , so that there is no seep of water(flooding)...

Levitate -  rise and float in air
Usage - The guru claimed that he could levitate
Link - sounds like meditate ... when you do meditation and yoga .. you feel like floating in the air ... which is magical...
Link2 - sounds like light weight....which will definitely float in air..

Levity - lack of seriousness or steadiness, frivolity
Usage - We should stay away from levity attitude
Link - sounds like lev(leave)+it+y(.yaar)..you casually leave things without any seriousness..

Levy - impose(a fine)
Usage - This police officer always used to levy fine on people.
Link - sounds like le+bhai....Traffic Police catches you breaking signal and says LE(le)+VY(Bhai) chalaan. chal tax de. So he LEVIED the tax on you...

Lewd - lustful
Usage - I heard the lewd whisperings of a dirty old man
Link - sounds like fluids...my girlfriend always insists me to have my fluids...she is so lewd...i hope you go which fluids i am talking about...

Liaison - contact that keeps parties in communication, secret love affair
Usage - He provided a liaison with the guerrillas 
Link - sounds like Li + Ai + Son; son of Li and Ai acts as a liaison between them after their divorce...Li and Ai are chinese couple..

Libel - defamatory written statement
Usage - The newspaper was accused of libeling him
Link - sounds like label.WE always tend to LABEL people by their shortcomings, thus libel is defamatory statement...

Libertine - a dissolute person usually a man who is morally unrestrained
Usage -  The king decided to banish the libertine nobles who had brought disrepute to the court. 
Link - sounds like LIBERTY IN Excess....which can make you irresponsible and immoral....

Libido - psychic and emotional energy or urges behind human activity, sexual desire 
Link - sounds like Dildo, hence the meaning...it is used to fulfill desires.. :P

Lien -  legal claim or right on a property
Link - sounds like lie in....when you have to show your right on your property you say 'this property "lie in" my name...
Link2 - sounds like lion.. a lion is the king of the jungle and can thus legally claim any part of the jungle...

Lilliputian - extremely small
Usage - Our worries are lilliputian compared with those of countries that are at war
Link - Lilliput is also a brand of clothes for small children....hence meaning is understood...

Limber - flexible, supple 
Usage - The violist limbered her wrists before the concert
Link - sounds like CLIMBER.. a CLIMBER has FLEXIBLE muscles...

Limbo - region near heaven or hell where certain souls are kept, prison
Usage - The criminal's name was consigned to limbo.
Link - sounds like limo(limousine).... if you drive your LIMO too fast you will reach in LIMBO...

Limn - draw, make a portrait of
Usage - Goya wanted to limn his mistress, the Duchess of Alba
Link - sounds like line...imagine you are drawing outline of a slim girl...

Limpid - crystal clear
Usage - His limpid argument finally won him the case. 
Link - sounds like liquid....which is transparent...

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