Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Attrition - gradual decrease in number, rubbing away by friction
Usage - The boils on his hands were caused by attrition. 
Link1 - Sounds link Adulteration, which decrease the strength of purity..
Link2 -  it sounds like attrition is mal-nutrition.

Augment - to increase or add to
Usage - The recent speech of the president augmented tensions in the Near East.
Link - AAG+MINT- if u put MINT in AAG then aag's intensity increases.

Augury - omen, indication of what will happen in future
Usage - He felt that seeing a girl in midnight is an augury for him to get married.
Link - let me explain it through a joke...Once a girl came to a sardar and asked him to show her future...sardar told her to bend and remove her clothes..then girl said-"you want to fuck me??"...then sardar said.."dekh dikhne laga na future.."...
Link2 - aagey aa rahi events..

August - impressive, majestic
Usage - The august holy men were expected to arrive from the monastery by noon.
Link1 - august reminds the king Augustus who was majestic and impressive...
Link2 - August.. The month of the sun sign - LEO the lion (the king of the forest,the most majestic animal)

Aureole - circle of light encircling a head in religious painting, sun's corona
Usage - The aureole of the sun was a spectacular sight during the eclipse.
Link -  The aura from the hole of your back is very bad.

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Monday, March 29, 2010


Atavism - resemblance to remote ancestors rather than to parents
Usage - The scientist explained that the hind legs on the whale caught offshore was a result of atavism.
Link1 - In spoiling the atta(flour in hindi), he is atavistic to his grandfather.
Link2 - ATAVISM you should remember AVATAR, i.e. you are an avatar(incarnation) of one of your ancestors.

Atone - make amends for, pay for
Usage - The thief entered religious service to atone for his past crimes.
Link1 -  atone ~ at stone; imagine someone throws a stone on (at)someone else and then realizes his mistake. So, he atones. 

Atelier - artist's studio or workshop
Link - Artist ate and lie in their atelier.

Atrocity - brutal deed, cruel and violent act esp on a war
Usage - Hitler was known for his atrocity.
Link1 - Ro rahe(crying) city mein after atrocity in Kashmir.
Link2 - Remember TROY-CITY, if have seen the Hollywood movie Troy, you can remember this easily.In Troy, Greek destroyed everything,killed thousands of unarmed man,children etc.
Link3 - divide it like.atro(sounds like metro)+city ...and we always get the news of brutel and cruel behaviour ..from METRO (ATRO)CITIES...

Atrophy - wasting away or condition of losing muscle and flesh
Usage - His doctor treated him for muscular atrophy.
Link - He could not lift trophy after winning chess championship which reflected his atrophy.

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Sunday, March 28, 2010


Assuage - make less severe, soothe, alleviate
Usage - The medicine alleviated his pain.
Link - ass-usage in the toilet gives huge relief...

Astral - related to the stars
Usage - The astral bodies had formed a rare conjunction.
Link - Ash tray is of astral shape....astral sounds like star..

Astringent - something that makes skin oily by contracting(stop bleeding) the skin
Usage - The astringent stopped the wound from bleeding any further.
Link1 - After shaving lotion is also called an astringent.
Link2 - sounds like string which is used to bind things together..

Astute - wise, very clever, sagacious, canny, erudite, perspicacious
Usage - He is an astute tutor.
Link1 - A(MEANS NOT)+STU(STUPID)..well think of someone who is NOT STUPID,MEANS he is very WISE ,AND INTELLIGENT.
Link2 - A+tute(tutor)...a tutor need to be astute....

Asunder - into parts, apart
Usage - Their lives were torn asunder after the great flood.
Link - All sunder(beautiful) sunder girls were asunder from boys in the meeting.
Link2- Entry of a + sunder(beautiful) girl can break boys hearts.

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Saturday, March 27, 2010


Asperity - roughness, harshness in a way you speak to somebody
Usage - The asperity of the teacher’s words drove the child to tears.
Link1 - ass+pe+tea...When the waiter poured tea on a lady's ass by mistake...she scolded him with asperity. 
Link2 - As per rule when tea was not served in time, then he spoke with asperity.

Aspersion - unpleasant false remarks
Usage - The priest performed aspersion by sprinkling holy water on the baby.
Link - As + persion ~ Ass + person; calling someone Ass means passing slanderous remark to him/her.

Assail - to attack violently, either physically or verbally
Usage - The editors of the left-leaning paper assailed the new House Speaker.
Link1 - ass + ail...ail means which causes bodily suffering...ail to kick in the ass...
Link2 - During the sale, when the vendor didn't gave us discount...we assailed his ass...

Assay - evaluate, analyze
Usage - Coins, diamonds, and precious metals like gold and silver are examples of assays.
Link - assay ~ SOUNDS SIMILAR TO ESSAY; and you have been asked to analyze an essay.

Assent - agree
Usage - The Maestro assented to the request for an encore.
Link - The director gave an assent to his employee to buy an accent car.

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Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Ascetic - avoiding physical pleasures and comforts
Usage - The ascetic lived a solitary life.
Link1 - ascetic ~ acidic; he is living ascetic life by drinking and eating only acidic things (not good in taste) and avoid anything have good taste.
Link2 - sounds like ASS....imagine a person getting rid of all best he is ascetic..

Ascribe - refer, assign
Link - ascribe ~ describe; you should also give a small description of person whom you are going to give credit for his work.

Asinine - stupid
Usage - She punished the boy for his asinine remarks.
Link1 - sounds like ASIN(gajini actress) + MINE ...if u tell ppl that asin is mine, they will call u stupid.
Link2 - Sounds like ASS+NINE = as FOOLISH as nine asses...

Askance - look at somebody/something with doubt or suspicion
Usage - Mary did not quite turn all the way back but looked askance at me with her dark eyes.
Link1 - When you want to take a girl out for a date and are very hesitant to ask her about it, then you make up your mind and ASK her with a glANCE..i.e not looking directly into her eyes...hence ASKANCE is looking sideways or indirectly...
Link2 - When you are giving an exam,if u ask somebody any question...teacher looks at you with askance...

Askew - not in a straight line
Usage - She was standing askew in the queue.
Link1 - Also it can b taken as SCREW which is not straight,it is bent, zigzag etc..
Link2 - screw...when u screw someone you both can't stand straight and do it...on e has to bent...

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Sunday, March 21, 2010


Arroyo - small or narrow channel usually formed by a stream or by rain
Usage - The group of boys held a paper boat race in the arroyo.
Link1 - Ro Ro ke he formed an arroyo.
Link2 - it sounds like arre+ oye= my mom used to shout arre .. oye.. when we used to play in channel formed by rain water.

Arsenal - storage place for military equipment
Usage - The army chief visited the arsenal to inspect the latest weaponry.
Link1 - SENA(HINDI) ke use mai aane waala saaman.
Link2 - you know ARSENAL.... the famous football club..... the players shoot goals like a bullet from a gun ... like ammunition storage.

Articulate - to express or explain your feelings or thoughts clearly in words
Usage - His report articulates the need for a new school building.
Link - Arti+kyun+late......Aarti raat ko late kyun aati hain???..she has to give an explanation to this...

Artifice - dishonest, deception, trickery
Usage - His alibi was an artifice that succeeded in misleading the investigators. 
Link1 - Art+fees....Artist like Hussain take huge Fees of their art and deceive the people...
Link2 - The artificial jewellery is designed with artifice.
Link3 - Aarti took the fees initially and later on artificed me by refusing to do it with me.

Artless - simple, natural and honest
Usage - The pop star’s artless manner came as a pleasant surprise.
Link - Artless people don't have an art of cheating people.  

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Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Ardor - passion, zeal,heat
Usage - Jack’s ardor for Laura couldn’t be hidden.
Link -  A(AXE)+dor(Odor)....AXE deo spray has an Odor which initiates passion among gals.. 

Argot - slang, informal words spoken by  particular group of people
Usage - She had a hard time understanding their street patois.
Link - In our college argot, her name is goat.

Aria - solo song
Usage - The opera house reverberated with the opera singer’s aria.
Link1 - Heyy u hav d famous mARIA song by Ricky Martin.

Armada - fleet of warships
Usage - There was a sea battle between the English armada and the pirates. 
Link - Armada on Narmada river.

Arraign - charge in court, indict
Usage - He was arraigned before the magistrate on charges of fraud.
Link -  They were arraigned for a murder during the rain dance.

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Monday, March 15, 2010


Arbiter - person with power to decide a matter in dispute
Usage - The arbitrator's authority derived from the consent of the disputants.
Link1 - arbiter ~ a right and bitter; many times statements by people in power are right but bitter.
Link2 - for engg students...bit-rate, bit rate is the judging or deciding parameter for the transfer rate or say speed of data transfer.. 

Arboretum - place where different trees and shrubs are studied
Usage - The arboretum contained more than 300 species of trees and shrubs. 
Link - agricultural + BORETUM = imagine how u get BORED in STUDIES.hence ARBORETUM is agricultural boredum.

Arcane - secret and mysterious
Usage - Alchemists possess arcane knowledge.
Link - Ar + Kane(WWF) - Kane's face always remains secret, as he uses a mask.

Archaic - no longer used
Usage - The manuscript was in an archaic tongue which none of them could comprehend.
Link - Remember with Archive. As we keep very old thing in archive- Archaic is related something very old.

Archipelago - group of closely located islands
Link - archipelago Read it as Arey+ship+pe+lejaoo (Hindi .. which translates to take me there via ship)... And we travel to islands via a ship.

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Friday, March 12, 2010


Approbation - approval
Usage - The martyr’s bravery received the President’s approbation.
Link1 - A girl gives approbation after her periods.
Link2- approbation ~ approb (approval) + at + ion (Ion technologies company); job approval in some company.
Link3 - Approbation after probation period. 

Appropriate - to take something without permission
Link - Its not appropriate to appropriate somebody's money.

Apropos - with reference to
Usage - The invitation to the Governor’s Ball asked us to wear clothes that were apropos to the formal occasion.
Link1 - apropos sounds like "Propose" This issue is faced by many teenage boys/girls :) When is the right time to propose to a Girl/Boy you love? Hence apropos is an opportune moment or right moment/time. 
Link2 - split it like a+propos.sounds like..propose...and you propose a plan in your office related to or concerning to" how to increse sales of product.

Aquiline - curved, aquiline nose
Usage - The children were amused by the magician’s aquiline nose.
Link1 - Aquiline-> A-Q-Line, now when we write the letter Q, its not a straight line, but a curved line.
Link2 - Her aquiline nose was interrupting when i was kissing her.

Arable - fit for growing crops
Usage - The farmer and his family moved along the countryside looking for a tract of arable land.
Link - associate the word with ARAB.The desert is totally unfit for agriculture.hence,you remember ARABLE as it's exact opposite.

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Sunday, March 7, 2010


Apposite - pertinent, appropriate
Usage - The successful copywriter is a master of apposite and evocative verbal images.
Link -  If i write ass instead of app, it will not be apposite.

Appraise - estimate the value of something
Usage - He appraised the situation carefully before acting.
Link1 - app + raise; I send an application to my employer to raise my salary. Now, they will estimate my work value and will decide accordingly.
Link2 -  Before praising I was appraising.

Apprehend - arrest
Usage - Police apprehended the criminal and put hancuff in his hand.
Link - appre (sounds simillar to hindi word UPPER karo)+ hend(HAND)...SO when POLICE come to ARREST SOMEONE or take someone in custody..they ask HANDS UP!!! appre (upper) + hands.

Apprehensive - worried, anxious
Usage - Due to the recent spate of murders everyone in the colony felt apprehensive of the danger.
Link -  apprehend(=arrest) +sive (sounds like seize) = apprehensive.....when somebody is arrested, he will be "FEARFUL".

Apprise - inform
Usage - I am apprised of the price of an UCB shirt.
Link - When you win a prize you apprise everyone.

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Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Apotheosis - an ideal example of something, the act of raising a person to the status of God
Usage - After his predictions came true, he experienced an apotheosis in the village.
Link -  theo- theological, somthing related to god. theology elevates oneself to god hood.

Appall - to dismay, shock
Usage - The scandalous behavior of this married woman appalled her friends.
Link - I was appalled when my pal's wife ordered me to remove my clothes.

Apparition - ghost, phantom
Usage - Hamlet witnessed a ghostly apparition at midnight.
Link1 - She was looking like a pari, but later became an apparition.
Link2 - A + PARI i.e. ghost.

Appease - to pacify
Usage - No amount of gifts sent by Pradeep could appease Sandhya.
Link - His wife was not able to appease his hunger even after doing it 8 times.

Appellation - title or a name
Usage - A baby is subjected to various appellations from his parents.
Link - Master blaster is an apellation for Sachin Tendulkar.

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