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Quack -charlatan, person who dishonestly claims to have medical knowledge or skills
Usage - He is just a quack doctor, not a real one.
Link - If someone tells you that he has the power to create an earth quake, he is certainly a quack..

Quaff - drink with zest, swill, guzzle
Usage - He had a quaff of beer before he went to the party. 
Link - Mohammad Kaif and Katrina Kaif quaffed a bottle of champagne and did it....
Quagmire - soft, wet ground
Usage - Her feet were gradually sinking into the quagmire.
Link - sounds like tyre...tyre was stuck in the quagmire...
Quail - cower, shrink back in fear; lose heart
Usage - she quailed when they showed the slaughtering of the calf
Link -  sounds like fail.... If you fail in exam, you loose your heart and quail before your dad :)
Link2 - Shahrukh Khan did not quailed during serious ailment of  his shoulder.

Quaint - odd in an old-fashioned way, odd, old-fashioned, picturesque
Usage - He has a quaint sense of humor.
Link - sounds like faint...her husband fainted when she came in a bikini at party in their was odd...
Link2 -  If you PAINT that house, you will destroy its old fashioned charm.

Quandary - dilemma, state of uncertainty
Usage - He was in a quandary about going on vacation.
Link - quantary relates to quantum physics,which is so complex that it leaves you in DILEMMA about the UNCERTAINITY of photon...
Link2 - sounds like laundry...i was in quandary should I send my clothes in the laundry or not..
Link3 - this word quandary sounds like wandering so if you are in a DILEMMA you wander all around the streets.....

Quarantine - isolation of a person, place, or ship to prevent spread of infection
Usage - They placed the infected animal in quarantine.
Link - quarantine is pretty familiar in case of antivirus softwares you can quarantine the virus affected files which means to ISOLATE THEM...
Link2 - quara+ntine....quara..sounds like KUWARA..AND a kuwara person is always seen isolated(without girl) family functions...

Quarry - place where stones, marbles etc.. are dug out.
Usage - Stones are quarried
Link - He solved all the query about the stone quarry...
Link2 - q+uarry..sounds like worry....when you worry about something, you dig deep into the matter .

Quash - officially say that a decision in a court of law is no longer valid, suppress
USage - The contract was quashed
Link - Warrant against Ash(aishwarya rai) os seducing Amitabh bachhan was quashed..

Quay - landing place for boats, dock
Usage - The ships were unloading boxes on the quay.
Link - Long queue of ships on quay...
Link2 - quay - sounds like bay (area near the sea) - where boats reach. 

Queasy - experiencing nausea, wanting to vomit, squeamish
Usage - He felt very queasy about the issue of toilets.
Link - He feels queasy while giving kissing shots.
Link2 - queasy can be pronounced as quiz+y...if teacher takes a surprise quiz you are going to feel nauseated, uneasy, anxious..
Link3 - sounds like uneasy...feeling queasy means feeling uneasy...
Queer - strange or unusual
Usage - He tried to queer John's pitch.
Link - queer:queen-beer, a queen with a beer is strange...
note:- queer pitch for somebody means destroy his/her plan..
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