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Grapple - wrestle, take hold of struggle with
Usage - He is grappling with the problem of piles.
Link - gRAPplE...concentrate on de capped letters.when someone tries to rape a girl,she grapples with the rapist.

Grate - make a harsh noise, have an unpleasant noise, shred by rubbing against a rough surface
Usage - The cat grated at the armchair.
Link - when you ask a girl her rate she will get angry and will make a harsh noise.
Link2 - the old GATE makes a harsh grating sound every time it is opened and shut.

Gratis - free, without charge, given without paid for
Usage - The master gave his slave a coin for his honesty.
Link - Buy 2 rats and another rat will be given as gratis.

Gratuitous - unnecessary, unwarranted; uncalled for
Usage - A lot of viewers complained that there was too much gratuitous sex and violence in the film.
Link - if someone tells you your graduate tuition is free, it would be gratuitous.
Link2 - My friend declared Gratuitous GRE tuitions for all sexy girls.

Gratuity - money given to sb who has done one a service, tip 
Link - raja log gratuity dete the....
Link2 - In Tom and jerry, the master always use to give gratuity to the jerry the rat...

Grim - causing great fear; unrelenting; determined in spite of fear
Usage - He always use to crack grim jokes.
Link - sounds like "dream" which may cause you fear.
Link - sounds like rum...when you decide to drink rum at your house you are very feared of your arrival of parents...but still you do it..

Grimace - to make ugly expression with your face to show pain, disgust etc.
Usage - she made a grimace at the prospect
Link - sounds like himesh rehsamiya..who's songs are such that he always sings wid facial distortions symbolizing pain n anguish.
Link2 - He grimaced when I threw garam garam water on his face.
Link3 - divide it like grim(in a pain ful situation)+ace(Face) when you are in a grim or in a painful situation you try to put it across to your family through FACIAL EXPRESSIONS.

Grisly - extremely unpleasant and frightening, ghastly
Usage - example grisly remains of the body
Link - sounds like bruce lee..if bruce lee comes in front of u to knock you will be shocked
Link2- if somebody had massaged ur face with GREASE u would appear both unpleasant and frightning..

Groggy - feel weak rather than ill
Link - sounds like gROGgy...The Rogi(patient) was groggy after viral..

Grotesque - strange in a way that is unpleasant and offensive
Usage - Tusk is growing in a grotesque
Link - grow+queue....The queue formed outside Mallika Shehrawat's house grew after she came out naked by was completely grotesque..

Grouch - a person who complains a lot
Usage - We grouched against the increasing work load.
Link - gr+ouch => you say "ouch". You say ouch when you have complain over something.

Grotto - small cavern
Usage - The auto rickshaw went to the grotto
Link - This time auto expo was held in a grotto...everybody went thee in a auto..

Grouse - complain in a annoying way
Link - He roused(wake) her up and then she groused at him....she became calm after doing it with him..

World Of Words 6th Edition Plus Houghton Mifflin College Reading Series Book 2 2nd Edition 

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