Sunday, April 11, 2010


Gossamer - sheer, very light material
Usage - The dishes were made of gossamer material.
Link - Go summers we wear clothes of light material...esp girls..
Link2 - Gossamer material of dosa sambhar.

Gouge - to make a hole or cut in something with a sharp object, to remove something by digging into a surface
Usage - They gouged money from the executive by threatening to reveal his past to the company boss
Link - He gouged his neck with a screw gauge
Link2 - relate it wid ""gao ge"(in hindi as we pronounce singing) ->IndianIdol ->Anu Malik-saying agar tum aisa bekar gao ge to main tumhari ankhen bahar nikal dunga (by digging/ scooping action)..

Gourmand - person who takes excessive pleasure in food and drink
Usage - All the sons of ministers are gourmand.
Link - in hindi gour means to focus...a gourmand food and drink pe jyada gour deta hai..
Link2 - souds like government..and in india..anything of government is free for if government plans to provide free food people will eat excessively...beyond their capicity..because we take pleasure in anything which is free to us.

Grandeur - impressiveness, the quality of being magnificent or splendid
Usage - It was an imaginative mix of old-fashioned grandeur and colorful art
Link - grand+eur........and grand means huge, big ,large.....anything that is grand is always impressive.
Link2 - The girls will be grandeured with a guy who has huge money and main thing..i hope u understand.
Link3 - Hotel Grand is famous for its grandeurness

Grandiose - affectedly grand; pretentious, exaggerated
Link - grand+iose(..pose), people who give POSE (show off) are usually reffered to grandiose persons..
Link2 - sounds like grand+dose.....if a dose of Viagra is given then things become huge and grand...the person become pretentious.

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