Sunday, January 31, 2010

Revision time

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  1. Abase 
  2. Abash 
  3. Abdicate
  4. Abeyance
  5. Abet
  6. Abeyance
  7. Amok
  8. Accomplish
  9. Acrimonious
  10. Actuate
  11. Acumen
  12. Abominable
  13. Ablution
  14. Abrasive
  15. Abrogate
  16. Abstemious
  17. Abscission
  18. Adage
  19. Addle
  20. Adjunct
  21. Adjuration
  22. Admonish
  23. Adroit
  24. Aegis
  25. Aghast
  26. Agog
  27. Alcove
  28. Alfresco
  29. Allay
  30. Alight
  31. Allude
  32. Allegory
  33. Alleviate
  34. Allure
  35. Amazon
  36. Amble
  37. Ambulatory
  38. Ameliorate
  39. Aggravate
  40. Amiable
  41. Amicable
  42. Amnesia
  43. Amorous
  44. Amorphous
  45. Amok
  46. Amputate
  47. Anachronism
  48. Anathema
  49. Analgesia
  50. Amulet

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Friday, January 29, 2010


Amputate - to cut off part of body
Usage - When she went for the treatment of her burnt leg, the Doctors asked her to amputate the leg. 
Link - a(r)m+put+ate : Imagine a silly situation.tiger ATE your ARM which is PUT for eating. so your arm is CUTOFF from your body.

Amulet - charm, an object worn believed to protect against evil, bad luck
Usage - The old lady gave the girl a silver amulet to wear.
Link1 - Amul products as amulet for shiny skin.
Link2 - Grandma gave me an 'Amulet' so that one day I can 'Emulate' Michael jackson.

Anachronism - things that does not belong to the present
Usage - The typewriter is an anachronism today.
Link - ana (out of order, negative sense) + chron (time).. so something not placed correctly with respect to time. 

Anathema - a person or an idea which you strongly hate
Usage - Rain became anathema to the people of Bihar.
Link1 - Ana ki maa is an anathema to me because she always insists me to make a porn movie with her.
Link2 - sounds like asthama which is a curse like...

Analgesia - condition of being unable to feel pain
Usage - The patient was in a state of analgesia during the operation.
Link - Anal sex is painfull for girls (i guess) but the sex part makes them forget the pain anyhow which acts as analgesia.

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Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Amnesia - loss of memory 
Usage - he has a total blackout for events of the evening.
Link1 - I am in I am in amnesia.
Link2 - amnesia ~ am + in + asia; Imagine someone living in India saying "Am I in Asia?" He probably lost his memory.

Amnesty - pardon (allowed by government to political criminals)
Usage - Their amnesty by the government was not approved by the general public.
Link -  am-nesty-> similar to "i am nasty" but still my parents generally pardon my mistakes.

Amorous - Strongly attracted or disposed to love, especially sexual love.
Usage - Paul wrote many amorous poems to Corrie.
Link - amorous ~ kaam + ras; people are generally inclined towards kaam ras.

Amorphous - formless; lacking shape or definition
Usage - The amorphous form of cotton candy is a delight to children.
Link - amorphous - a+mor(peacock)...mor can change its its amorphous.
Link2 - Amoeba is amorphous.

Amok - very angry in a public place
Usage - People run amok after speeding truck kill three.
Link - after giving mock test of gre u raged as u scored low.

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Sunday, January 24, 2010


Aggravate - make worse
Usage - Pollution can aggravate asthma.
Link - being very AGGREssive results in AGGRAVATION i.e. worsens the situation.
Link2 - Gira(fell) weight sar(head) par...this aggravated the problem. 

Amenable - easy to control, obedient

Usage -  She is someone who is always amenable to persuasion.
Link1 -  a MEN ABLE - ABLE MEN are obedient,compliant,readily managed,etc.
Link2 - Amen is a word used in Islam and Christinity. meaning of which is i agree. So amenable means something able to be agreed.

Amiable - friendly, lovable

Usage - John is an amiable person.
Link1 - My friend Amy is very amiable as she allows me to touch anywhere.
Link2 - amiable ~ am I able; I am able to make friends because of my amiable nature.
Link3 - amiable tone of ammi(mother) forced me to marry her.

Amicable - peaceful, politely
Usage - The two countries shared an amicable relationship.
Link1 -  I use to kiss and do it with my girlfriend Amy, on a table amicably. So we never caught by her parents.

Amiss - something faulty, wrong
Usage - I sensed something amiss when my mobile was missing.
Link1 - a+miss.. miss.. when you miss to do something..important... that is your fault.. as you have missed something.
Link2 - amiss : i thought she was a miss, but it was amiss because she was a boy.

Link3 - Ek bar mein kisi miss ke sath amiss hua.

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Thursday, January 21, 2010


Amble - to walk at a slow relaxed speed
Usage - We took a pleasant amble by the lake.
Link - amble ~ i am able; can do sex in a car only if it is running at an amble speed.

Ambrosia -  food of the gods
Usage - The tiny camera captured the bees feeding ambrosia to the larvae.
Link -  Amber(sky in hindi) se rasoiya(one who prepares food) aya(came) to prepare ambrosia.

Ambulatory - able to walk
Usage - The child is learning ambulatory skills.
Link - Ambulance is not required for ambulatory patients.

Ambush - sudden attack made from a concealed position
Usage - The soldier ambushed his enemies from behind.
Link1 - am + bush; imagine George W. Bush sending American army to Iraq who attack in Iraq by ambush.
Link2 - if u remember, the tribal people attack the animals,by hiding behind a bush or a huge rock.
Link3 - We ambushed them from behind a bush.

Ameliorate - improve 
Usage - The editor ameliorated the manuscript with his changes.
Link1 - Quality of a meal is ameliorating because of AMUL GHEE. 
Link2 - Take the suffix 'rate'. With the increase in product rate it's quality will also improve.

Link3 - sounds like MILO drink which increases your stamina.

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Altruistic - unselfish person, generous, concern for others
Usage - She was touched by his altruistic behaviour towards her.
Link - al+tru.. someone who is always true i.e. somelike Gandhiji.. unselfish concern for welfare of others.

Amalgam - combination of different things, mixture of metals (containing mercury) used for filling holes in teeth
Usage - The dentist's assistant prepared the amalgam to fill the patient's cavity.
Link - Amalgam , remember balgam (in Hindi).. the yellow sticky fluid that comes out of our mouth when we cough.. Its a mixture of all kinds of weird things - saliva, mucus, etc.
Amass - collect(gradually, in a very large amount)
Usage - She is amassing a lot of data for her thesis.
Link1 - amass ~ add masses and hence to collect things.
Link2 - aMASS-how does a mass gets made? or how does some mass gets accumulated ? ans-when it is collected( and stored).

Amazon - tall strong woman esp a female warrior
Usage - He managed to catch an amazon from the forest.
Link1 - The amazon broke our maze(hindi word for table).
Link2 - a-(lack) + mazos, "without breast", connected with an etiological tradition that Amazons had their right breast cut off or burnt out, so they would be able to use a bow more freely and throw spears without the physical limitations.

Ambidextrous - capable of using either hand with equal ease  
Usage - He was an ambidextrous cricketer.
Link - 'Ambi' means 'both' (am + bi - two); Dexter means skillful. (Dextor's lab cartoon was a skillful boy).

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Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Allure - attract, entice, tempting

Usage - She was a woman with great allure.
Link - A pornstar came to me and said," ALL IS YOURS"...she was alluring me.

Alms - money or goods contributed to others
Usage - It is a good habit to give alms to the poor and needy.
Link - beggars put their p+alms in front of u for alms.

Ally - friend or associate
Usage - He allied himself with the Communists.
Link - Ally speaking a lie that he didn't hit on my wife.

Aloof - not friendly or interested in other people
Usage - He always remain aloof from his friend group.
Link1 - aloof~ a roof; Alone on roof top !!
Link2 - aloof:aloo(potato)+f..u like aloo so mom keeps it "apart" for is "reserved" for u.

Altercation - noisy quarrel
Usage - The two men had an altercation in the middle of the road.
Link1 - Altercation with tailor because of wrong altercation.
Link2 - A little bit of basic chemistry understanding is needed for this : Alter + cation : if you alter (change) cation, it will become anion... and there is always a dispute between cation and anion. (Both are of opposite nature).

Saturday, January 16, 2010


Allegory - story in which each character is a symbol
Usage - In the story, the war between the animals was used as an allegory to represent the World Wars.
Link - allegory ~ all gory (fair color skin); all girls on this earth can be gory only in some story. It's not possible in reality because girls of Africa are black.

Alleviate - relieve, to make something less severe
Usage - The medicine alleviated his pain in ass.
Link - sounds like elevator.. which is used by us to relieve pain of climbing the staircase.

Alight - to come down and settle, as after flight, to get down as from a vehicle
Usage - The queen alighted from the carriage.
Link - I alighted from my Benz when a tuck crashed into it and damaged it.

Alliteration - repetition of beginning sound in poetry
Usage - Alliteration is a popular literary device.
Link - All literature was written in alliteration with iteration of sounds.

Allude - to mention something in an indirect or casual way
Usage - He alluded to the problem but did not mentioned it.
Link1 - Asking a girl to go all nude is not nice and safe. u have to do it with some allude. ;)
Link2 - Sounds like allusion ~ illusion which means indirect reference.

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Friday, January 15, 2010


Alfresco - in an open air
Usage - We have arranged an alfresco lunch.
Link - All fresh after alfresco party.

Alienate - to make less friendly, separate
Usage - The boring work alienated his employees.
Link1 - Alien in the movie "koi mil gya" was alienated by Hrithik's mother.
Link2 - A line beech mein when alienated.

Alimony - money, payments made regularly to an ex-spouse after divorce
Usage - The court ordered him to pay alimony of Rs. 5000 a month to his wife and son.
Link1 - Ali(name of the person) + mony(money), Imagine, Ali giving money to his ex- wife every month.
Link2 - Ali+mony mony==All I need is Money and not my husband.

Allay - calm, pacify esp a feeling
Usage - The cold water allayed his thirst.
Link1 - aa le...kuch kha le..this allyed his hunger.
Link2 - when we try to pacify a kid we say...allay allay allay rote nhi chup ho jaao..
Link3 - ALL- LAY- lay down and calm down your sexual desire.

Allege - state without proof
Link - Al(ali) + leg...Ali was accused of opening a girl's leg and doing it...i think you got what i am trying to say..:)

Allegiance - loyalty to your ruler/political party
Usage - We owe allegiance to our country.
Link1 - sound like, when will you rely on anyone, simply if he is loyal to u.
Link2 - ALLE+JEANS.. if you buy a LEE jeans u put on for all time, binding with u...

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Thursday, January 14, 2010


Agility - able to move quickly and easily
Usage - The agility of the animal saved it from being captured.
Link1 - GILI - this is the one to watch out. gili refers to Gilchrist (a cricket player), who has the ability to move quick behind stumps.
Link2 - Agility consider it as "Age I L" i.e.; Age I Love (youth age). And in this age you are naturally agile or very quick.

Agog - very excited about something, intensely curious

Usage - She was agog with curiosity.
Link - I was agog after getting special rayban goggle from an unknown sexy girl.

Alacrity - cheerful readiness, promptness or willingness
Usage - Ram took the responsibility of being a monitor of a class with alacrity.
Link - I took a lac(lakh) rupee per day job with alacrity.

Alcove - recess, nook, a small recess opening off a larger room
Usage - We used to have our lunch at a table in an alcove in our kitchen.
Link -  alcove sounds like asshole...i think rest i clear.

Alias - an assumed name esp by criminals to mislead people.
Usage - Mr.Smith lives under the alias of Mr.Lafayette.
Link1 - Ali+as(ass)..Ali(a criminal) live under alias of other name to save his ass from policemen.
Link2 - Ali + As : so you are changing your name Ali to Asif...why?
Link3 - In computer language there is a command alias through which you can change name of any variable.

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Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Aegis - shield, with the protection or support
Usage - Without being protected by his aegis, he was prone to being killed.
Link - aegis ~ age is; if your age is too much (old), you don't have to wear condom as shield during sex.

Affable - pleasant ,kind and easy to talk to

Usage - Affable teacher tells me interesting fables.
Link - aff (affair) + able : You will be able to have an affair with a girl only if she is affable.

Affected - artificial, pretended
Usage - Her affected manner displeased him.
Link1 - Artificial smile has artificial effects on the face.
Link2 -  affect ~ effect; side-effects of some medicine can make you affected.

Affinity - feeling of kinship, natural attraction
Usage - He had an affinity for politics.
Link1 - Everybody has affinity for opposite sex but there is exception in every case(hope you understand).
Link2 - affinity (replace the second f with k), and then the expansion goes like this: A F(eeling of) K(inship &) similar)ITY.

Affliction - pain and suffering
Usage - She did not want to face the afflictions of old age.
Link - affliction is a friction in heart.. A very heavy feeling.. A fr(L)iction..

Affront - insult, a remark or an action that insults or offends somebody
Link - af + and whenever you insult someone in front of others you do it intentionally to hurt them.

Agape - open mouthed,  the love of God or Christ for mankind
Usage - Her agape for him finally won his heart.
Link - Gap of mouth increases when mouth was agape.

Aggrandize - increase or raise in power
Usage - The artist aggrandized his painting to make it look more real.
Link - Ram's grandfather is still aggrandizing his number of wives to enjoy.

Aghast - filled with horror and surprise
Usage - She was aghast at the verdict delivered by the jury.
Link - a + ghast ~ a + ghost; a ghost house is filled with lot of surprises and fear, so we get horrified.

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Sunday, January 10, 2010


Adroit - skillful and clever, adept
Usage - He is an adroit writer in writing the ads.
Link1 -  adroit ~ a + draw it : sounds like draw...for drawing something you must be skillful.
Link2 - Adroit politicians in spreading the riots.

Adulation - admiration and praising more than neccessary, flattery
Usage - He was not affected by praise or adulation.
Link - Adulation from DU students after spraying Deo and Lotion.

Adventitious - accidental, casual, not planned
Link1 - dAD WENT (vent) to office but came back BY CHANCE and caught me doing it with my girlfriend.
Link2 - sounds like adventurous.. when u go for adventure then something happens accidental..or by chance.
Link3 - Adventitious planning for adventure trip.

Adverse - going against; opposing; unfavorable; hostile
Usage - The adverse currents led to a storm.
Link1 - adverse = ad + verse (versus) versus means compilation/fight between two Opponents so, it is something which shows OPPOSITION.
Link2 - verse sounds like versa car - versa car is not favourable to buy.

Advert - to refer to something
Usage - He did not approve of the advert made by his team.
Link1 - advertisement.. it sounds like that.. so ads refer to a product.
Link2 - Advert sounds like Adword and Google adword used for advertisement.

Saturday, January 9, 2010


Adept - good at doing something that is quite difficult
Usage - He was adept at swimming
Link1 - Adept is close to adapt so an adept batsman like sachin adapt himself quickly on any kind of pitch.
Link2 - A + dept : dept ~ department; our chemical engineering department consist of expert professors in every topic.

Adjunct - a thing that is added or to be attached to something larger or more important
Usage - The potatoes were added to the salad as an adjunct.
Link1 - Remember "junk" as soon as u hear adjunct. Junk is something waste...which is added...therefore adjunct.
Link2 - sounds like junc - junction...which means to join something.

Adjuration - to ask somebody or to order somebody to do something
Usage - His public adjuration for help fell on deaf ears.
Link - a + jury + the other day i was in a court room. Funny thing is i had to pee. So i adjured the jury if i could go for urination.

Adjutant - staff officer assisting the commander; assistant
Link1 - ad + ju(zoo) + tent...I adjured my adjutant to go to the zoo and fix the tent.
Link2 - ad + juta(shoe) aditional pair of juta.. shoes.. so adjutant.. an assistance...

Admonish - to strongly warn somebody, rebuke, scold
Usage - The teacher admonished the child for his bad behavior.
Link1 - to avoid A DEMON-ish act, a mother Warns her naughty child.
Link2 - admonish ~ ADD MANISH -- Add Manish in the list of guys whom we will WARN to stay away from your sister.

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Thursday, January 7, 2010


Adage - wise saying, proverb
Link1 - add+age = when a person is adding in age (increase in age, old people) .. old people generally use lots of adage in their conversation.
Link2 - the word DAG ... a provoking proverb of hindu muslim was like a dag for the secular country like INDIA.

Adamant - determined not to change your mind,hard,inflexible
Usage - he is adamant in his refusal to change his mind
Link1 - Adam and eve were adamant to come on earth and produce a lot of humans as possible.
Link2 - a + diamond : diamond is a very hard substance and hence we can't break it easily. Similarly, adamant person is one whom we can't persuade easily.
Link3 - u get a word adam gilchrist.. or dam.. both are very strong and inflexible.

Addendum - addition, something that is added, appendix to book
Usage - Addendum was added at the end of the book.
Link1 - add+end+um...anything added in the end of the book.
Link2 - sounds like append(computer command) which means adding words at the end of something.

Addiction - compulsive habitual need
Usage - Her addiction to chocolates gave her a lot of pimples.
Link1 - When you start rubbing your dick you become addicted to it.
Link2 - diction sounds like fiction.reading fiction stories became a compulsory habit to me to read until i will complete the book.

Addle - to confuse, to become rotten
Usage - The little child addled my brain.
Link1 - sounds like idle.. when u sit idle u get addle.. u get confused yaar kya karu main??
Link2 - ADDLE ~ sounds like riddle which is usually confusing and hence we get confused.
Likn3 - My chef added addle eggs in my dal.

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Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Acquiesce - to accept without arguing
Usage - We should never acquiesce to unrealistic and unnecessary demands.
Link1 - a+kiss : My girlfriend acquiesced when I tried to kiss her on her lips.
Link2 - A quiet person always agree passively watever u ask to do or tell him.

Acrid - pungent smell
Usage - The acrid smell of burning rubber.
Link1 - remove "r" from acrid, so now it becomes acid and acid is always bitter in taste and when smelt its pungent too.
Link2 - The child cried because of acrid taste/smell.

Acrimonious - angry and full of strong bitter feelings and words
Usage - The minor disagreement resulted in an acrimonious dispute.
Link1 - acri + moni + ous ~ a crore money; excess of money, which can make someone bitter, harsh
Link2 - Acrimony between them..coz both crying for money.

Actuary/Actuarial - person whose job involves calculating insurance risks.
Usage - The actuarial findings were an eye-opener.
Link - actuarial sounds like factorial which implies doing calculation.

Actuate - motivate
Usage - The similar nature of the homicide actuated the police to seek help from the CIA.
Link1 - actuate.. sounds like activate..we need motivation (or some incentives) to activate our thinkings.

Link2 - sounds like accurate and when you presented ACCURATE sales figure to the BOARD,they motivated (gave incentives to) you for your honest wok.

Acumen - mental sharpness, sharpness of judgment.
Usage - The curtains were arranged to fall in an acumen.
Link - acumen sounds like IQ-men.. men with high IQ have ability to judge quickly.

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Monday, January 4, 2010


Acclaim - to praise or welcome somebody publicly
Usage - They acclaimed his performance with great gusto.
Link - You can claim the success of your movie only if it's acclaimed by audience.

Accolade - award of merit, strong praise or approval
Usage - Nobel Prize is considered as the highest accolade any scientist can receive.
Link1 -  acco + lade(laden) - if somebody catches laden then he will get the highest prize from US government.
Link2 - a + COLA company has won several accolades for being a market leader in soft-drinks.

Accomplice - partner in crime
Usage - She was sentenced to five years' imprisonment for being an accomplice in the murder of her husband.
Link - accompany + police; so accompany police implies helping police in reducing crime ; accomplice means opposite of this : partner in crime.

Accord - agreement
Usage - The committee decided to accord high priority to John's case.
Link1 - In HONDA ACCORD car u do the accord of girls with bigshot businessmen or pimps.
Link2 - Accord between Honda Accord and my tyre company named 'FVB'.

Accost - approach and speak to a person(only used for strangers)
Usage - A sexy girl accosted me and asked my friend's number.
Link1 - sounds like at any cost. I will approach and speak to her at any cost.
Link2 - A man accosted me and asked the cost of the car.

Accoutre - equip
Usage - The government secretly accoutered the terrorist organization.

Link - sounds like encounter..... imagine cops often need to be well equipped (accoutred) during encounter.

Accretion - growth, increase in size due to gradual addition
Usage - Accretion implies creation of new layers.
Link - Accretion sounds like Erection,,, so u r dik grows in size during an erection.

Accrue - increment, come to one as a gain or as an addition
Usage - The interest accrues every month in bank on principal amount.
Link1 - sounds like AKDU(hindi...means haughty) a person becomes akdu when he gains a lot.
Link2 - Sounds like 1 crore, one who has 1 crore bucks will do the following :acquire, amass, collect, earn, gain, grow, increase, multiply, redound, snowball, swell, these are the synonyms of ACCRUE.

Acerbity -  bitterness or harshness of words(speech)
Usage - His acerbity towards her mother put her off.
Link - a + cerbity (in hindi language sharbati means sweet solution) and 'a' shows negation hence its like something which is not sweet hence bitter.

Link2 - When there was no asar to his beti, he spoke to her with acerbity.

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Sunday, January 3, 2010


Abstruse - difficult to understand
Usage - Fruitful discussions on an abstruse topic.
Link - sounds like TOM CRUISE... his all action scenes were very dangerious and complicate.

Abut - adjoin
Usage - My house abuts against his tiny strip of land.
Link - Look at your BUTT (Dont take it offensively).Its like two pieces of flesh together marked by a boundary in between them.

Abysmal - bottomless, extremel bad or of low standards
Usage - Akshay Kumar's abysmal performance in 'De dana dan' embarrased everyone.
Link - Abysmal performance of Bismillah Khan(famous shehnai player) at a marriage because he divorced a day ago.

Abyss - a very deep wide space, enormous chasm
Usage - We have to lift her out of the abyss of depression she has fallen into since her grandfather passed away.
Link - A bus fell into an abyss when driver got distracted as a woman showed her ass.

Accede - to agree to a request/proposal etc. 
Usage - She acceded to my request of doing with her.
Link - sounds like acid...When a criminal says that give me all money or else will throw acid then u agree to give everything.

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Saturday, January 2, 2010


Abrogate - to officially cancel or end a law or an agreement
Usage - Let us join hands and abrogate this stigma called 'Child Labour'.
Link - Imagine a boy is making sighs to a girl standing in front of her GATE,seeing that ,her BRO comes & get rid of the boy (abolish).

Abscission -  the act of cutting something off
Usage - Did you know?? Abscission of leaves and flowers is a useful process.
Link - It had the word sciss(scissors) in it.Scissors are used for Cutting,seperating.

Abscond - to escape a place that you are not allowed to leave
Usage - He was declared 'absconding' owing to continuous absence from office.
Link1 -Ab se we will abscond and do it only if we have condom.
Link2 - absCOND sounds like abs'KAND'..when you do KAND you run away, depart secretly and hide.

Absolve - pardon, acquit, rescind
Link - if you can solve this problem, I can absolve your sin from the accusation of cheating in exam. (a teacher said to his student)

Abstemious - avoid much food or alcohol
Usage - Abstemious person abstain(stay away) from too much food.
Link1 - abs (abs) + stemious (stamina): To build stamina or six pack abs, you have to eat and drink carefully.
Link2 - "Ab se tea nahi" , said an old abstemious person suffering from sugar problem.

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Friday, January 1, 2010


Ablution - act of washing yourself(for religious purposes)
Usage - Ablution is a prerequisite to start any sacred work.
Link - A blue lotion(Ujala) for ablution of clothes.

Abnegate - self sacrifice
Usage - Mahatma Gandhi practiced abnegation to set India free from the shackles of British empire.
Link - abnegate: ab+nahi+get; meaning giving up something.

Abominable - hateful, extremely disgusting or unpleasant
Usage - example:- abominable treatment of prisoners.
Link1 - A bomb killed many children...this was an abominable  incident.
Link2 - abo + min + able : this work is not even above (ab) my minimum (min) ability (able) level.. so it's exceptionally bad.

Abrasive - rude and unkind
Usage - an abrasive character
Link - My girlfriend showed an abrasive character when she didn't removed her bra.

Abridge - shorten or condense
Usage - The President's speech has to be abridged before it can be published.
Link -  A bridge always shorten the distance between two places/cities.