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Finicky - too particular; fussy, difficult to please, too concerned with unimportant details or quality
Usage - Since the day he was born, he has been a finicky eater
Link - The finicky little girl didnt eat the FIN of the fish because she thought it was ICKY
Link2 - may sound like PICKY...when you are about to pick a girl for marriage you look into every detail..

Fissure - crevice, crack
Usage - The insects were hidden in a crevice in the rock.
Link - fissure - fission, means split the nuclei- so a crack
Link2 - fissure is like fis(h)+ure... fishes are narrow and long.. and they have crack like fins.. 

Fitful - irregular, spasmodic
Link - I am fat and so trousers occasionally fit me fully. So its like sometimes yes and sometimes not..

Flaccid - soft and weak, flabby
Usage - By contrast Wynter's paintings seem like lazy hippy doodles, hanging limp like flaccid flags. 
Link - faila(to spread)+ acid(accid) ven d acid spreads it ll corrode things nd ll make dem soft nd flexible.

Flagrant - conspicuously wicked, bad, or offensive
Usage - It was a shameful, flagrant error on my part and there's nothing I can do to make it better.
Link - flag + rent --renting the national flag!(No offense meant) It is shocking & scandalous...

Flail - to move your hands and lega without control, slap or beat someone
Usage - Her arms were flailing
Link -  flail rhymes with fail....if a child fails in his exams, he is beaten hard by his parents.
Link2 - flail sounds like jail. in jail the criminals were bashed by the police to get the truth. slap, strike.

Flair - talent
Usage - He has a flair for mathematics
Link - Ric Flair has wrestling flair.
Link2 - fly+air...some dancers like they are floating in air..they have a dancing flair...
Flamboyant - confident and exciting in a way that attracts attention
Usage - My brother is flamboyant
Link - flamboyant ~ flame + boy; we have seen FLAMES coming from the BOY’S mouth in CIRCUS they are generally ORNATED and wore RICH COLOURED costumes….

Flaunt - display ostentatiously
Usage - He's got a lot of money but he doesn't flaunt it.
Link -  flaunt = fla (flash)+ aunt (aunty)= aunty flaunts her bounty and booty...

Flay - strip off skin, remove the skin from; criticize harshly
Usage - The king gave orders to flay the skin of criminals, break their bones, and chop them in pieces.
Link - flay sounds very similar to play. His skin flayed when he fell down while playing cricket.
Link2 - The girl asked me to lay down and flay my clothes...
Fleck - spot, very small area of a particular colour
Usage - His hair was black with flecks of broen
Link - White cornflakes with a fleck of orange colour

Fleece - wool coat of a sheep, to take a lot of money from somebody
Usage - He was trying to pluck me by asking four hundred dollars for the watch. 
Link -  when shopkeeper was fleecing me for this fleece jacket I flee with the jacket

Flinch - hesitate, to make a sudden movement with your face or body as a result of pain
Usage - She did not flinch in the face of danger.
Link - I flinched 1 inch when she pinched me on my pant...and that thing also increased few inches..

Flippant - lacking proper seriousness
Usage - His remark to the police was not meant to be flippant, he genuinely cannot remember what happened that day.
Link - focus on flip; during exam time if you flip through the pages of the book rather than reading them with concentration, then you LACK PROPER SERIOUSNESS.
Link2 - SLIP+PANT..if u put slips in pants while goin to exam den ur not serious abt ur exam...levity

Flit - to move lightly and quickly from one place to another, fly
Usage - The hummingbird flitted among the branches
Link - flit sounds like flight which flies very rapidly.
Link2 - Flies flit when the light was lit.
Link3 - flit=fly like it(can be anything) which is lite..n something thats lite fly's swiftly..

Floe - small piece of ice
Link - Floe sounds like the FLOW of ice from a melting glacier...

Florid - ruddy,reddish; flowery; very ornate
Link - florid sounds like florida. So u see beautiful beaches, with beautiful girls taking sunbath. There skin becomes reddish. So florid means reddish.
Link2 - flo(wer) + rid(red)sounds like a flower that is in a red color.. Also, florid ~ flowery 

Flotsam - parts of boat that are found floating on the sea
Link - FLOaTing-SAMan (saman,things)

Flounder - struggle and thrash about, not making decisions or not knowing what to say, behave awkwardly or having difficulties
Usage -  He floundered along in the heavy snow
Link - Sounds similar to founder.. a startup founder has to face lots of difficulties in the beginning.
Link2 - f(lounde)r... lounde(guys) has to struggle hard to get hitched to a girl..

Flout - show no respect to something openly by not obeying it, reject, mock
Usage - He always flout the traffic rules
Link - when we are playing gully cricket...FLOUT... FOUL + OUT. When a batsman is given out by foul, the batsman shows his contempt to the umpire by abusing him badly(teri maa ki....)

Flummox - to confuse, perplex
Link - I was flummoxed by the mock test papers of Time institute...they were really tough..

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