Thursday, December 30, 2010


Temporal - not lasting forever, worldly
Usage - Also, the net is very tolerant of temporal variability in the signal.
Link - temporal is derived from temporary which means lasting only for a time

Temporize - to delay, or protract a discussion, negotiation, etc., esp in order to gain time or effect a compromise 
Usage - The speaker temporized in order to delay the vote
Link – sounds like Temper + rise. In a team meeting, if a person does not answer to the point, instead tries to equivocate, the tempers of the team leaders will surely rise...
Link2 - sounds like memorize....If you are not able to memorize the GRE words properly you temporize your plan to schedule the exam date immediately..

Tenable - able to be upheld, believed, maintained, or defended, reasonable, plausible. 

Usage - This argument is simply not tenable.
Link – Ten + able. Will you be able to believe, if your friend says that he has ten kilos of moon rock?? No na, you argue by saying, ‘dude that’s not tenable’.

Tenacious - holding or grasping firmly, tending to stick or adhere, stubborn or persistent. 

Usage - He has a particularly tenacious grip on life.
Link – sounds like Tenu + she + yes. Tenu (means ‘you’ in Punjabi), a charming boy held the girl’s hand firmly and said, ‘tenu leke ghar jaoonga’ (i will take you home). The girl said NO, but his charm and persistent efforts bowled her and she said ‘YES’!!
Link2 - Sounds like ten Asians. Ten developing Asian countries if united together, can not be pulled apart.

Tenancy - temporary possession or holding by a tenant of lands or property owned by another.
Usage - Check the terms of your tenancy closely.
Link – sounds like Nancy. Nanny told Nancy, her new tenant, ‘please go through the terms and conditions of your tenancy’.

Tendentious - having or showing an intentional tendency or bias, esp a controversial one, a partisan.

 Usage - a tendentious account of the recent elections.
Link – sounds like Ten + senti . Raj had a tendentious nature; he gave 2 cents to Ramesh and ten cents to Suresh....Poor ramesh got senti.....

Tenet - an opinion, doctrine, or principle held as being true by a person or especially by an organization 

Usage - non violence is the central tenet of their faith
Link - sounds like the tenants were given a set of DOCTRINE by the owner before they could occupy the house.....

Tentative -
uncertain, hesitant, not definite or positive 
Usage - The restaurant hired two tentative cooks to deal with the extra rush during the holiday season. 
Link - sounds like tent + tenant....Living in a tent temporarily. If you are living in a tent, you are unsettled.

Tenuous - long and thin, slender, lacking substance
Usage - It is like a tenuous string
Link - sounds like tennis....women who play tennis are long and thin and generally lack the substance( hope you understood :P)

Tepid - moderately warm, lukewarm, lacking in emotional warmth 

Usage - He hates tepid coffee
Link - sounds like winters everyone wants to have tepid water from the tap in the morning....
Link - sounds like insiPID....insipid is lacking in taste and tepid is lacking in emotional warmth

Tertiary - third in place, order, degree, or rank

Usage - Tertiary education follows secondary education
Link - You can remember the meaning like this : primary education--> secondary education --> tertiary education; so something which comes afterSECONDary education is Tertiary education

Testator - maker of a will 

Link - sounds like estator....means the owner of the estate....the estator wrote a testator.....

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Saturday, December 18, 2010


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Taciturn - habitually silent, reserved, talking little
Usage - A taciturn man, he replied to my questions in monosyllables.
Link – We were playing antakshari, it was my turn, but I was a taciturn, so I gave a pass!!
Link2 - sounds like Taxi_turn....while taking turns during driving, you will always find the taxi driver silent..

Tactile - perceptible to the sense of touch, tangible. 
Usage - The tactual luxury of stroking silky human hair
Link – sounds like fact + tile. It’ s a fact, all tiles are tactile.

Taint -
contaminate; cause to lose purity
Usage - Shopkeepers usually taint the grocery products.
Link - sounds like stain....where stain is one which causes to lose the purity.
Link2 - Paint on sth is to increases beauty but TAINT on sth DAMAGES BEAUTY

Tantalize - to tease or torment (a person etc) by making him want something he cannot have and by keeping it just beyond his reach. 
Usage - The expensive clothes in the shop-window tantalized her.
Link – sounds like Santa + realize. Santa saw a beautiful villa and was tantalized, only to realize that he cannot afford it...
Link2 - sounds like taunt+entice....Taunt Tont Taunting someone... It means harassing

Tantamount - Equivalent in effect or value, commensurate with. 
Usage - What he was saying was tantamount to heresy.
Link – sounds like Santa + amount. The amount given to Santa Singh was in commensurate with his work.
Link2 - ta-n-ta; an equal amount of 'ta' on both sides of 'n'.
Link3 - sounds like tent+mount...Tent's  height is tantamount to mount Everest......

Taper - Gradual decreases, as in action or force, diminish or lessen gradually. 
Usage - The storm finally tapered off.
Link – sounds like tape. When there is a water leakage, we apply a tape or a sticky substance (m-seal) around the leak, and the leakage gradually decreases and finally stops.

Tarry - To delay or be late in going, coming or doing, lounge, linger,dawdle,dally
Usage - Two old boys tarried on the street discussing some issues.
Link -
sounds like Tar(material used to build roads)....when Tar gets stuck to your boot, it leaves the boot slowly....
Link2 - tarry sounds like the hindi word a delay in doing something..

Taut - stretched tightly as a rope or wire
Usage - The clothes line is pulled taut and secured.
Link - Taut sounds like Tight; and has the same meaning.

Tautological - needless repetition of the same sense in different words, redundancy
Link - Sounds like Tota(parrot); It REPEATS what ever you say.

Tawdry - gaudy and cheap in nature or appearance, shameful and indecent 
Usage - She wore a tawdry necklace to the ball.
Link -
sounds like TOWEL+DRY......In a public locker room, a person who dries his body with a towel in front of everybody is vulgar and gaudy.

Taxonomist - the science, laws or principles of classification
Usage - Scholars have been laboring to develop a taxonomy of young killers
Link - sounds like TAX; People pay tax to the government, but does every one pay the same amount?People pay the taxes as per the slab(CLASSIFICATION) they fall into.

Tedium - the quality or condition of being tedious; tediousness or boredom. 
Usage - I felt I would go mad with the tedium of the job.
Link - Sounds a bit like 'tedious' which means annoying
Link1 - tedium....stadium.......bored of sitting in a stadium when India is losing the cricket match very badly....

Teetotalism - One who abstains completely from alcoholic beverages. 
Link - sounds like TEA -- TOTAL; He is TOtally into Tea and milk, no alcohols!!

Temerity - fearless daring, bold 
Usage - Patients who have the temerity to the challenge their doctor.
Link -
Temerity (boldness) is the opposite of timidity, which means fear or shyness.
Link2 - sounds my tea....why did you drink my tea....temerity behaviour...

Tempestuous - stormy, violent
Usage - A tempestuous relationship
Link - Tempestuous-- > tempest--> Temper; If one loses a temper in a relationship, then it becomes violent or a tempestuous relationship..
Link2 - sounds like TEMP + PEST + OUS, so you will loose your TEMPer if someone keeps PESTering you. It will obviously be VIOLENT.  

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