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Gadfly - animal-biting fly; irritating person
Usage - Gadflies are very irritating.
Link1 - When you are doing it and a fly comes and make sounds in your get irritated.
Link2 - When a person comes to you and keeps on saying that he had seen God flying in the air..u get annoyed..

Gaffe - social blunder, a mistake which a person makes in public and is embarrasing
Usage - President Barack Obama has apologized for a gaffe in which he described his bowling skills as akin to participants in the Special Olympics.
Link1 - You are standing in a cafe and someone comes and does a gaffe by pouring coffee on your pant at the zip part...u will be embarrassed..
Link2 - Disney character Goofy who was always making he is a gaffe
Link3 - gaffe sounds like buffet (meal party) .... you should know the etiquette of eating in a buffet otherwise you might make a gaffe.

Gainsay - deny or to disagree with
Usage - Nobody can gainsay his claims.
Link1 - She has gained a lot of weight at lower part but is always gainsaying it i.e. she is denying the fact.
Link2 - GAINSAY~ GHANTE SEY...we say ghante sey when we want to deny GAINSAY=GHANTE SEY= DENY..

Gait - a way of talking
Usage - He is training the horse in a particular gait.
Link - On the gate I was stunned by the sexy gait of a blonde.
Link2 - gait rhymes with weight...person with excess weight has a different manner of walking or running...

Gale - a windstorm, strong blowing wind
Usage - The gale blew down hundreds of trees
Link - sound like the famous cricketer Chris GAYLE...when he hits a shot it goes like a gale..
Link2 - Gale blew down the building of GAIL(famous company).

Gall - annoy, exasperate, irritate
Usage - He always starts galling us by talking about guys.
Link - When his gal(girl) galled me by trying to seduce me, I slapped on her gaal(cheek).

Gambit - a thing or action to gain advantage in a situation, initial part of a speech
Usage - The opposition has dismissed promises of tax cuts as a pre-election gambit.
Link - GAMBIT > In a GAMe you have to GAMBle a BIT to win!..i.e to take action which can help you to win later on...
Link2 - Think of Gautam GAMBHIR...he always takes risks and achieves an advantage..his all shots are risky..still he manages the show..

Gambol - to jump or run about in a lively manner
Usage - Children were gamboling in a game like a ball.
Link1 - When the player lost his girlfriend in the gambling...the opponent gamboled with joy...
Link2 - gambol : game-ball, in a football game you have to skip the ball playfully because if you don't do it the opposite player will tackle you quickly..
Link3 - sounds like...gam(sorrow) + bol(speak)....when student goes to a teacher and tells her that he is very sick and teacher pardons him...the after this incident he goes to his friends and narrate the whole story in a gambolic manner...

Gamut - entire range
Usage - This game shop has the gamut of all games and toys.
Link - GA Mut (don't sing) because range of your vocal cords is abysmally low.
Link2 - slight you pee you finish it entirely i.e. entire range...

Gangrene - decay of body tissue caused by insufficient blood supply (usually following injury); 
Usage - Since the tissue around the wound had become gangrene, he had to undergo mortification.
Link - gan(GUN)+grene(GREEN) if you are shot by a gun and if your leg or hand gets injured and if you donot take any medical care, the wound turns blue..GREEN...AND THAT IS HOW YOU DEVELOP GANGRENE..

Gape - open widely
Usage - If a road accident happens in your country, do the people stop driving and gape or ignore the sight? 
Link - sounds like rape...i think rest is is open widely....

Garbled - mixed up, jumbled, told in a way that confuses the person listening
Usage - Whenever he tries to explain something he gets confused and garbles everything.
Link - He garbled on the phone because he was gargling.
Link2 - garb (relate it to GARBAGE) AND IN GARBAGE all the spoiled and distorted materials are mixed up.

Gargantuan - huge, extremely large
Usage - He is of gargantuan size.
Link - gargantuan: sounds like ghar ka ghanta; A 'ghanta' (BELL) is enormous compared to 'ghanti'
Link2 - GAN(R)G + ANT = ARMY OF ANTS which is quite huge.
Link3 - Aunt Garg is of gargantuan size and is known as tuntun in our locality.

Garish - overbright in colour, unpleasanlt bright
Usage - He always wear garish kind of clothes.
Link - GARISH- sound like Gayish........ a gay person wears all bright coloured clothes and looks gaudy and garish......

Garner - gather, store, amass
Link - Sounds like a gardener who gathers fruits and vegetables from his/her garden.
Link2 - GARNER sounds like GARNIER face wash which is used to wash away gathered dust on your face.

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