Thursday, December 30, 2010


Temporal - not lasting forever, worldly
Usage - Also, the net is very tolerant of temporal variability in the signal.
Link - temporal is derived from temporary which means lasting only for a time

Temporize - to delay, or protract a discussion, negotiation, etc., esp in order to gain time or effect a compromise 
Usage - The speaker temporized in order to delay the vote
Link – sounds like Temper + rise. In a team meeting, if a person does not answer to the point, instead tries to equivocate, the tempers of the team leaders will surely rise...
Link2 - sounds like memorize....If you are not able to memorize the GRE words properly you temporize your plan to schedule the exam date immediately..

Tenable - able to be upheld, believed, maintained, or defended, reasonable, plausible. 

Usage - This argument is simply not tenable.
Link – Ten + able. Will you be able to believe, if your friend says that he has ten kilos of moon rock?? No na, you argue by saying, ‘dude that’s not tenable’.

Tenacious - holding or grasping firmly, tending to stick or adhere, stubborn or persistent. 

Usage - He has a particularly tenacious grip on life.
Link – sounds like Tenu + she + yes. Tenu (means ‘you’ in Punjabi), a charming boy held the girl’s hand firmly and said, ‘tenu leke ghar jaoonga’ (i will take you home). The girl said NO, but his charm and persistent efforts bowled her and she said ‘YES’!!
Link2 - Sounds like ten Asians. Ten developing Asian countries if united together, can not be pulled apart.

Tenancy - temporary possession or holding by a tenant of lands or property owned by another.
Usage - Check the terms of your tenancy closely.
Link – sounds like Nancy. Nanny told Nancy, her new tenant, ‘please go through the terms and conditions of your tenancy’.

Tendentious - having or showing an intentional tendency or bias, esp a controversial one, a partisan.

 Usage - a tendentious account of the recent elections.
Link – sounds like Ten + senti . Raj had a tendentious nature; he gave 2 cents to Ramesh and ten cents to Suresh....Poor ramesh got senti.....

Tenet - an opinion, doctrine, or principle held as being true by a person or especially by an organization 

Usage - non violence is the central tenet of their faith
Link - sounds like the tenants were given a set of DOCTRINE by the owner before they could occupy the house.....

Tentative -
uncertain, hesitant, not definite or positive 
Usage - The restaurant hired two tentative cooks to deal with the extra rush during the holiday season. 
Link - sounds like tent + tenant....Living in a tent temporarily. If you are living in a tent, you are unsettled.

Tenuous - long and thin, slender, lacking substance
Usage - It is like a tenuous string
Link - sounds like tennis....women who play tennis are long and thin and generally lack the substance( hope you understood :P)

Tepid - moderately warm, lukewarm, lacking in emotional warmth 

Usage - He hates tepid coffee
Link - sounds like winters everyone wants to have tepid water from the tap in the morning....
Link - sounds like insiPID....insipid is lacking in taste and tepid is lacking in emotional warmth

Tertiary - third in place, order, degree, or rank

Usage - Tertiary education follows secondary education
Link - You can remember the meaning like this : primary education--> secondary education --> tertiary education; so something which comes afterSECONDary education is Tertiary education

Testator - maker of a will 

Link - sounds like estator....means the owner of the estate....the estator wrote a testator.....

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Saturday, December 18, 2010


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Taciturn - habitually silent, reserved, talking little
Usage - A taciturn man, he replied to my questions in monosyllables.
Link – We were playing antakshari, it was my turn, but I was a taciturn, so I gave a pass!!
Link2 - sounds like Taxi_turn....while taking turns during driving, you will always find the taxi driver silent..

Tactile - perceptible to the sense of touch, tangible. 
Usage - The tactual luxury of stroking silky human hair
Link – sounds like fact + tile. It’ s a fact, all tiles are tactile.

Taint -
contaminate; cause to lose purity
Usage - Shopkeepers usually taint the grocery products.
Link - sounds like stain....where stain is one which causes to lose the purity.
Link2 - Paint on sth is to increases beauty but TAINT on sth DAMAGES BEAUTY

Tantalize - to tease or torment (a person etc) by making him want something he cannot have and by keeping it just beyond his reach. 
Usage - The expensive clothes in the shop-window tantalized her.
Link – sounds like Santa + realize. Santa saw a beautiful villa and was tantalized, only to realize that he cannot afford it...
Link2 - sounds like taunt+entice....Taunt Tont Taunting someone... It means harassing

Tantamount - Equivalent in effect or value, commensurate with. 
Usage - What he was saying was tantamount to heresy.
Link – sounds like Santa + amount. The amount given to Santa Singh was in commensurate with his work.
Link2 - ta-n-ta; an equal amount of 'ta' on both sides of 'n'.
Link3 - sounds like tent+mount...Tent's  height is tantamount to mount Everest......

Taper - Gradual decreases, as in action or force, diminish or lessen gradually. 
Usage - The storm finally tapered off.
Link – sounds like tape. When there is a water leakage, we apply a tape or a sticky substance (m-seal) around the leak, and the leakage gradually decreases and finally stops.

Tarry - To delay or be late in going, coming or doing, lounge, linger,dawdle,dally
Usage - Two old boys tarried on the street discussing some issues.
Link -
sounds like Tar(material used to build roads)....when Tar gets stuck to your boot, it leaves the boot slowly....
Link2 - tarry sounds like the hindi word a delay in doing something..

Taut - stretched tightly as a rope or wire
Usage - The clothes line is pulled taut and secured.
Link - Taut sounds like Tight; and has the same meaning.

Tautological - needless repetition of the same sense in different words, redundancy
Link - Sounds like Tota(parrot); It REPEATS what ever you say.

Tawdry - gaudy and cheap in nature or appearance, shameful and indecent 
Usage - She wore a tawdry necklace to the ball.
Link -
sounds like TOWEL+DRY......In a public locker room, a person who dries his body with a towel in front of everybody is vulgar and gaudy.

Taxonomist - the science, laws or principles of classification
Usage - Scholars have been laboring to develop a taxonomy of young killers
Link - sounds like TAX; People pay tax to the government, but does every one pay the same amount?People pay the taxes as per the slab(CLASSIFICATION) they fall into.

Tedium - the quality or condition of being tedious; tediousness or boredom. 
Usage - I felt I would go mad with the tedium of the job.
Link - Sounds a bit like 'tedious' which means annoying
Link1 - tedium....stadium.......bored of sitting in a stadium when India is losing the cricket match very badly....

Teetotalism - One who abstains completely from alcoholic beverages. 
Link - sounds like TEA -- TOTAL; He is TOtally into Tea and milk, no alcohols!!

Temerity - fearless daring, bold 
Usage - Patients who have the temerity to the challenge their doctor.
Link -
Temerity (boldness) is the opposite of timidity, which means fear or shyness.
Link2 - sounds my tea....why did you drink my tea....temerity behaviour...

Tempestuous - stormy, violent
Usage - A tempestuous relationship
Link - Tempestuous-- > tempest--> Temper; If one loses a temper in a relationship, then it becomes violent or a tempestuous relationship..
Link2 - sounds like TEMP + PEST + OUS, so you will loose your TEMPer if someone keeps PESTering you. It will obviously be VIOLENT.  

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Sunday, November 14, 2010


Droll - amusing in a quaint or odd manner, comical, a buffoon. 
Usage - The band have a droll sense of humour.
Link - remember means roll on floor whne something is droll you roll on floor laughing...
Link2 - When you see a comedian like gajodhar bhaiya perform on stage, you can’t help falling off the chair and roll in laughter.

Drone -
talk dully; buzz or murmur like a bee, a loafer, one who does tedious or menial work. 
Usage - A few are dim-witted drones, but most are talented.
Link - For all Harry Potter fans; Ron Wesley was considered a drone as he was always dependent on second hand items.
Link2 - think about the film was a boring piece of watch/talk.

Dross - Waste or impure matter, worthless or trivial matter. 

Usage - discarded the dross after recycling the wood pulp.
Link - sounds like dress. When a dress is no longer fit to be worn, it becomes dross!!

Drudgery – hard monotonous routine work, hard boring work, laborious.
Usage - the drudgery of everyday life.
Link - drudgery work of darzi(tailor).
whose routine work is to stitch the clothes...

Dulcet - pleasing to the ear, melodious, having a soothing, agreeable quality.

Usage - She had a dulcet voice.
Link - -
DIL SE song sounds sweet to the ear.
Link2 - You are dull and feeling low, what will you do? Listen to music which is dulcet!!

Duress - compulsion by use of force or threat, forcible confinement, under pressure.
Usage - Her confession had been made under duress.
Link - sounds like.....imagine we had a crush on a will press her boobs with force...
Link2 -  you + dress; that is u enforce your wife to put on a particular dress.....

Dwindle - shrink
Usage - Her savings dwindled down
Link - if a swindler swindles you then your savings dwindle...

Dyspeptic - irritable as if suffering from indigestion, having an unpleasant mood.
Link - Peptic ulcers in the stomach are a result of indigestion and the resulting pain makes us feel dyspeptic...and they occur if we drink a lot of pepsi with empty stomach.....

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Friday, November 5, 2010


CAT 2010 Experience

I gave CAT on 27th october at Rithala center. D ppr ws very easy. Evry DI set has maximum 2 questions but dey r easy. Dere r 3 RC pasages of whch 1 z vry easy nd 2 r above average. D grammar part z vry easy. I attempted 57 questions overall. I thnk around 50-53 questions shuld b attmptd 2 fr prcntyl above 98. I think cut off wl b... around 115 as per my test to get call from every IIM(don't know about the rest). Individual cut off wuld b qa-40. di-35. va-32

Distrait - absentminded, distracted 
Usage - He always behaves in a distrait manner.
Link - sounds like straight...someone who is not straight is distrait and looks for similar sex.....

Divulge - reveal, to proclaim publicly, disclose. 
Usage - He was charged with divulging state secrets.
Link – sounds like di + vulg(ar). The media are always on the lookout for vulgar facts about celebrities and divulge them without any hesitation.
Link2 - A girl asks u what is that bulge ( rhymes with vulge) in your pant ,then u reveal or show it....

Doddering - shaky, feeble, or infirm, weak, decrepit especially from old age.
Usage - His mother was doddering and frailing.
Link – Read as Dadaring. Stress on dada, so budhe (old in Hindi) dadaji was a doddering old man.

Doff - To take off or remove, tip or remove (one's hat) in salutation.
Usage - He doffed his hat
Link - DO + OFF or take off, remove.
Link2 – Doff -> hats off -> take off or remove one’s hat in salutation.

Dogged -
determined, stubborn, stubbornly persevering
Usage - Jones was the most vocal and dogged of all her critics.
Link – a dogs tail is always curved and can never be made straight thus it is dogged

Doggerel - comic verse, usually irregular in measure, bad piece of poetry.
Usage - He had heard some silly doggerel that kept running through his mind
Link – look for the dog word here.....and now try to imagine about the song......WHO LET THE DOGS OUT.............ISN'T IT FUNNY.......SO SOMETHING COMICAL......THIS WORD IS ASSOCIATED WITH COMICAL...SO A COMIC ..SONG..COMIC VERSE...

Dogmatic - tending to force one's own opinions on other people.
Usage - He's very dogmatic on this subject.
Link - If you try to read "dogmatic" from back to front, you will get "i am god". the person who think that he is a god is arrogant and stubborn

Dolorous - Marked by or exhibiting sorrow, grief, or pain.
Usage - She wore a dolorous dress at the funeral.
Link – read as ‘dollarous’. I lost a million dollars in casino royal, malfoy told in a dolorous tone...
Link2 - DOL(SOUNDS LIKE DULL)..and when are you DULL, when you are feeling SORRY for something.

Dolt - stupid person
Usage - His high school results clear show that he is a dolt in mathematics.
Link - dolt rhymes with bolt. Nut-bolt ~ what a nut he is. (stupid person)...a dolt person hs loose nut bolts...

Dote - to show excessive fondness or love 
Usage - Parents who dote on their only child.
Link - I dote on you like every dot on your face...hope u got it.. :)
Link2 - sounds like date; On your first date you act as a doting boyfriend :p
Dour - serious and unfriendly, unkind, stubbornly unyielding, forbidding 
Usage - A dour determination
Link - Dour sounds like Tour; When the girl asked for permission for a college tour, her parents said no with a dour determination.

Douse - wet thoroughly, dip into liquid; put out, as of a candle or a light
Usage - The crew began to douse the fire
Link - Douse sounds like drowsy; when u feel drowsy in the night but u want to study what do u do, u wash your face or dip your face in water.

Dowdy - untidy, lacking stylishness or neatness; shabby 

Usage - a dowdy gray outfit.
Link - Dowdy sister of dawood, hasina parker...
Link2 - Dowdy sounds like dadi(grandmother); Dadi's are generally not stylish
Drab - lacking brightness or colour or dull 
Usage - It was a drab day for him.
Link - sounds like drag; when the same topic is dragged again and again, it becomes boring and dull

Draconian - extremely harsh, very severe 

Usage - a draconian legal code
Link - Draconian sounds like Dracula; One who is captured by Dracula goes through extremely harsh and Very severe punishment.

Dregs - last drops of a liquid left in a container, waste, deposit 

Usage - He drained the dregs from his cup
Link - dregs sounds like drugs..usually people drink the dregs of drugs...i.e. till the last drop of it....

Drivel - a worthless message, babble, nonsense 
Usage - I drivelled about the big race that day
Link -
sounds like trivial... a drivel person always says trivial stuff

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Friday, October 29, 2010


CAT 2010 Experience

I gave CAT on 27th october at Rithala center. D ppr ws very easy. Evry DI set has maximum 2 questions but dey r easy. Dere r 3 RC pasages of whch 1 z vry easy nd 2 r above average. D grammar part z vry easy. I attempted 57 questions overall. I thnk around 50-53 questions shuld b attmptd 2 fr prcntyl above 98. I think cut off wl b... around 115 as per my test to get call from every IIM(don't know about the rest). Individual cut off wuld b qa-40. di-35. va-32

Disavowal - denial or rejection of any connection with or knowledge of 
Usage - A public disavowal of his beliefs
Link - Remember the word Avow, an oath taken, or publicly claim something, disavow means to deny openly, bluntly

Disband - dissolve, cause to break up , dissipate , disperse, scatter 

Usage - All the armed groups will be disbanded
Link -
Band as a verb means bind together, hence dis + band => disperse, dissolve...
Link2 - Recently there have been many bandhs in the city, so when ever a bandh is announce people in the malls immediately disappear or scatter or spread .
Discombobulated - cause to confuse  
Usage - The question discombobulated even the teacher
Link -
If you remember bob(of a pendulum and think of the movement of swinging to and fro) bobulate - make something swing to and fro, here and there - to get someone confused....
Link2 - Dis + COMBO ; combo means a mixture; If you don't prepare the COMBO in correct proportions it gets discombobulated(confusing)

Discomfit - frustrate, to make uneasy or perplexed, disconcert , embarrass 

Usage - He realized that his remarks had succeeded in discomfiting her.
Link - Sounds like discomfortable; if you are wearing something discomfortable then it ll discomfit you...example a boy wearing a mini skirt...haha you will be so screwed.. :)

Disconcert - confuse
Usage - The manager was disconcerted due to the negligence of his team members.
Link - When you are getting ready to perform at a concert, you are tensed and confused as to how your show will fair with the audience.

Discourse - serious speech
Usage - The speaker discoursed about the social politics in 18th century England
Link - sounds like discuss and hence it means to formally discuss a subject i.e. seriously....

Disgorge - surrender something (stolen); eject 
Usage - The ground had opened to disgorge a boiling stream of molten lava.
Link -
gorge(george) tried to eject it into her mouth, but she vomited,so he had to quickly surrender something....please take it cool...
Link2 - Dis + gorge. Gorge basically means a ‘narrow deep valley’, almost bottom less. Now imagine your food pipe to be a deep bottomless pit that can be stuffed with unlimited food. Your body, however, cannot take all of it and hence will disgorge the excess.

Disgruntle – feeling or expressing discontent or anger. 
Usage - The employees were disgruntled by their bad working conditions
Link - something which makes people grunt or complainsomething which makes people grunt or complain
Link2 - Concentrate on GRUNT. Maria sharapova is called the ‘grunting queen’. The reason being, she always shouts (expressing displeasure or anger) while playing tennis.

Dishevelled – untidy, to throw into disorder or disarray, unkempt
Link - sounds like dis+sheve(shave)+.. a person who doesnt shave is UNTIDY
Link – Dis (order) + shelved (shelf). When u are angry, u break your shelf and throw all its contents, thus making it look disorderly, unkempt and untidy.

Disinter – To dig up or remove, exhume, to expose or bring to light (hidden facts, secrets).

Link – Dis (not) + enter. To enter into something (for example mud) means to hide or to take cover, disinter is the opposite, i.e. to uncover or expose or bring to light by digging.

Disport – To entertain (oneself) in a frolic manner, to indulge (oneself) in pleasure, amuse
Usage - The play amused the ladies
Link – Dis (not) + (sup)port. When nobody supports us, we disport ourselves in order to stay cheerful and motivated.

Disquietude – a feeling or state of anxiety or uneasiness. 

Usage -  He always remain in a disquietude attitude.
Link – Dis (not) + quiet + attitude. So if Quiet -> cool -> calm -> no tension. If disquiet -> tension -> sweating -> feeling uneasy or anxious.

Disquisition – a formal written or oral explanation of a subject, discourse, lecture. 

Usage - There was a disquisition carried out by the interviewers before GD.
Link – Concentrate on QUIZ. A quiz master before starting the quiz will lecture on the rules and regulations.
Link2 - its like dis +quisition(means question)......when someone questions u.......u need to give explanations...EX:-enquiry...

Dissemble -
disguise, hide the real nature of, pretend 
Usage - He feigned that he was ill
Link – sounds like "resemble"...the person/ a thing of tat type can be in disguise...

Dissertation - a written thesis,
formal essay
Link –sounds like dessertation. My research work is based entirely on yummy desserts, so I will write a dissertation on desserts.
Link2 - imagine u r asked 2 write an essay on 'A dessert Station'..

Dissident - disagreeing, as in opinion or belief, one who disagrees. 

Link – Sid was a dissident in ‘Wake up sid’, when it came to obeying his dad
Link2 - sounds like dis+sident......this word sounds very similar to resident....think you are a resident of particular place and if some one suggest you to leave that place....will you do certainly will disagree..
Distend - to expand, swell, inflate, to magnify in importance. 

Usage - The distended bellies of the starving cows
Link – Rhymes with extend, which means to expand or enlarge. So distend -> extend.
Link2 - try to relate it with dis means distance and extend means to expand.

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Monday, October 25, 2010


Diatribe - bitter scolding or denunciation; invective; abuse
Usage - an extended diatribe against academia.
Link - sounds like
dia+tribe:the lower ranked tribe(in caste division) always face thunderous verbal attack from upper caste people.

Dictum - a formal or authoritative statement or assertion, a popular saying. 

Usage - his dictum that the priority of the government must be the health of the people.
Link - sounds like dictator; a dictator makes authoritative statements or dictums.
Link - Dictum -> dict + im (portant). To ‘dict’ means to make a statement officially, and if the statement is an important one, then it becomes a dictum. So dictum means a formal authoritative statement.

Didactic - intended to teach or moralize excessively, serving to inform or enlighten. 

Usage - In totalitarian societies, art exists solely for didactic purposes.
Link -
didi always acts in a way she is teaching something..
Link2 - sounds like Di + tactic. In the movie ‘titanic’, di caprio adopts a didactic tone when he teaches rose the tactics involved in using an axe.

Diffidence - shyness, lack of self-confidence, timidity or shyness. 

Usage - He spoke with certain diffidence.
Link - Diffidence is the opposite of confidence, so it means lacking confidence...
Link2 - dance was difficult so it lead to diffidence among the children....

Dilapidated -
falling to pieces, in a bad condition, ruined because of neglect
Usage - She lived in a dilapidated old cottage.
Link - 
I drank a DILuted API(appy) juice which was outDATED(expired).... my stomach got RUINED as a result of my own NEGLECT.
Link2 - My DELL laptop is in dilapidated condition...

Dilatory - tending or inclined to delay or waste time, dallying. 

Usage - They performed their work in a dilatory fashion.
Link – Sounds like ‘delaytory’. So having the tendency to delay or postpone things (by wasting time) is dilatory.
Link2 - Extract 'late' from the word dilatory and you get.... delay which is generally due to waste of time.

Dilettante -
aimless follower of an art or a field of knowledge (not taking it seriously)
Usage - The sailing elite considered him a rank amateur, a dilettante.
Link – Dilettante -> Dil – E – Dante. Agar dil se kaam nahin karoge to daant (scolding) khaoge aur dilettante kehlaoge!!
Dimunition - the act of decreasing or reducing something 
Usage - A slight diminution in asset value
Link - Rhymes with Diminish OR Diminish + -ion.... i.e. diminish or reduce in size.

Din - a loud harsh noise, clamor 

Usage - They tried to make themselves heard over the din of the crowd
Link -
DIN (morning) mein you will hear the loud noises of the traffic etc, but at night its very quiet.
Link2 - sounds like tin; when a tin falls from the top shelf, a large sound is heard

Dinghy - a small rowboat 

Link - sounds like Tin ka ghee...a tin ka ghee was being carried in a small boat...

Dingy - dull, dark, soiled, shabby, squalid 

Usage - He took me to his rather dingy office
Link - dingy reminds us about pakistan ex caption ingy(inzamam ul haq)who always remains dull and cheerless on field
Link2 - At night when no one is in the room , then there is no DIN( noise) and also it is dark n dull(dingy)

Dint - force or effort; power 

Usage - People succeed by the dint of hard work
Link - 
In C programming if u write 'd int' instead of 'int d' which is a small error, u'll hav 2 make much EFFORTs 2 find d error.
Link2 - Last night when i was driving my car, a guy on the bike dashed and caused a DENT in the side of my car. With the DINT of my power i tried to set the dent straight...

Diorama -
life-size, three-dimensional scene from nature or history
Link - Diorama of Lord RAMA in the temple was just awesome..  

Dirge - A funeral hymn or lament; a musical composition in the memory of a dead man 

Usage - The mournful dirge, 'Erin's Lament'.
Link - dirge sounds like purge(push out/clear); the dirge at his friend's funeral purged out his emotions

Disabuse - to free from a falsehood or misconception, inform 

Usage - I  must disabuse you of your feelings of grandeur.
Link - I disabused him that I didn't abused him....
Link2 - story: like a girl fall in love with a rascal, and her father comes to know. what he will do is abuse the boy and disabuse the girl about the boy.

Disaffect - the feeling of being alienated from other people, isolated

Usage - Evidence of people's disaffection with their leaders
Link - Dis(not) + affect(ion); When there is affection there is loyalty, when there is no affection there is no loyalty(Disaffection)

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Thursday, October 21, 2010


Derelict - abandoned, a homeless or jobless person, a person without a home
Usage - His body was found dumped in a derelict warehouse.
Link – a derelict was licking the milk at mother dairy

Deride - to speak of or treat with contempt, mockery, or ridicule, to insult, scoff
Usage - This theory is widely derided by conventional scientists.
Link – sounds like the + ride. David was scared of rides and when he refused to take the ride, he was derided.

Link2 - girls derided him when he fell duting riding a horse...

Descry - To discover by careful observation or scrutiny, to detect, to catch sight of things which are at a distance.
Usage - From the top of the hill I descried a solitary rider.
Link – sounds like de(tect) + scr (utin)y. Scrutiny means a careful examination or observation. So to detect something after scrutiny is descry

Desecrate - to violate or outrage the sacred character of (an object or place) by destructive, blasphemous, or sacrilegious action, to despoil.
Usage - She shouldn't have desecrated the picture of a religious leader.
Link – sounds like de + to spoil the sacredness....

Desiccate - To dry out thoroughly, to make dry, dull, or lifeless, to dehydrate.
Usage - There was only the sun-bruised and desiccate feeling in his mind.
Link – sounds like de + suck + it (moisture). To desiccate is to suck out all the moisture or water and make things dry and lifeless...

Link2 - desi girls suck deep and then dry the tool....i hope you got it.... 
Link3 - sounds like "Desert Cake": Cake that has been dried out and turned dull in taste.

Despoil - To deprive of something valuable by force; rob, to plunder, to damage irreparably.
Usage - the modern day industry which has despoiled the town
Link – sounds like stress on spoil. When you spoil something, you damage it irreparably. So to despoil means to plunder, devastate or destroy.

Despondent - disheartened; lacking hope or courage; dejected.
Usage - He often felt despondent after these meetings.
Link – Despondent -> correspondent. The CWG (OC) chief was despondent after a meeting with correspondents of BBC & CNBC.

Link2 - sounds like pepsodent....the pepsodent owner was despondent when his company occured losses and was closed..then he was sitting idle and throwing stones in the pond...

Despot - A ruler with absolute power, a cruel and oppressive dictator.
Usage - He described the president as a ruthless despot.
Link – sounds like on the spot. A ruler or dictator who will punish you on the spot, for the smallest of mistakes, just because he has the power to do so is a despot.

Link2 - I killed a despot with dus(10) pots... :) 

Desultory - Having no set plan; haphazard or random, unmethodical.
Usage - We made some desultory conversation while we waited for the bus.
Link – sounds like sultry.I was roaming with a sultry girl in the park with no aims..i was such a doosh.. :)

Link2 - De-result...Obviously a haphazard or desultory approach will result to nothing.

Devolve - to transfer to lower person, to delegate or cause to pass to a successor or substitute, as duties, power, etc.
Usage - the need to decentralize and devolve power to regional governments.
Link – sounds like Revolve. When you want to pass the cricket ball to your friend (for bowling), u throw it along the ground, the ball revolves or rolls and finally reaches your friend. So devolve means to pass on or delegate a work or duty to another person...

Link2 - if you are involved you do the work.....but if you DEVOLVE it to someone else then you are no longer involved in it.

Diabolic - devilish, fiendish
Usage - a life of diabolic depravity.
Link – Diabolic -> Diab(etic) + alcoh(olic). Imagine a person who is diabetic and alcoholic, what would he look like??

Link2 - di + aboli(abolition)....process of destroying something usually done by devils
Link3 - Dia Mirza is so diabolical...wo boli ki kal she will strip for me...but she didn't...but when the director told her to she did at that time only...

Diadem - A crown worn as a sign of royalty, an ornamental jewel signifying sovereignty.
Usage - a diadem held the veil firmly in place.
Link - a diamond diadem fell in a dam...

Link2 - dia + dem; dia + gem; dia is related to circle; Circle of Gems is what a crown has
Link3 – Diadem -> Dia(na) + gem. Princess Diana used to wear a diadem studded with gems.

Dialectical - The art or practice of arriving at the truth by the exchange of logical arguments, reasoning, ratiocination.
Usage - He spent much time learning rhetoric and dialectic.
Link -
dia means round, lect means lecture. A lecture which is given with people sitting around is called a discussion or a debate.
Link2 – Dialectic -> Dial(ogue) + election. Before election, opposition leaders have a dialogue in order to find out the truth about the nature of the work done by the ruling party. They spend a lot of time debating and reasoning.

Diaphanous - transparent or translucent, sheer

Usage - a diaphanous dress of pale gold chiffon.
Link – Diaphanous -> Di (two) + fena + use. Use 2 drops of FENA (detergent) and clothes will become clean and clear, to the extent that you can see through them. Slightly exaggerated!!

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Monday, October 18, 2010


Delineate - show the form or outline of, explain in detail
Usage - A settlement to delineate the border
Link - De + LINE ate; when you want to draw the sketch of something, first you draw the OUTLINE using lines.
Link2 - a map is always delineated through neat lines...

Delirium - state of mental agitation, uncontrolled excitement
Usage - Sport fans in delirium after their team's victory
Link -
sounds like deli + r(i)um... taking rum daily will cause mental disorder

Delude - deceive, be false to; to be dishonest with 

Usage - She deluded herself into thinking he cared of her
Link - sounds like allude; Raj's girlfriend alluded (indirectly suggesting) him for sex and took him to his room, and  then she deluded and took away all the money.

Deluge - an overwhelming number or amount, a great flood of water 

Usage - A deluge of  criticisim
Link - sounds like HUGE; Remember Tsunami? A HUGE wave(flood of water)
Link2 - so when the Del company advertised in the newspaper for new jobs, there was a huge rush of requests, a deluge of requests.

Delve - to search deeply and laboriously; to dig the ground 

Usage - She delved deep into her mother's past.
Link - Delve sounds like Shelves; If we misplace an important file or anything we first delve our shelves
Link2 - At 12, sardars always tries to delve an idea about them being sardars... :)...hope you got it...

Demented - mentally ill, insane, suffering from dementia or a loss of cognitive function
Usage - Her warnings were dismissed as ramblings of a demented old woman.
Link - sounds like mental...
Link2 - For all the tennis fans, russian tennis player elena dementieva;She is a top ten tennis player and usually reaches semifinals or finals of every tournament but in the finals she plays as if she is DEMENTED(ill) and loses the match

Demotic - of or relating to the common people, popular, familiar, ordinary. 

Usage - a populist, demotic politician.
Link - sounds like de(give)+moti(fat) asking a thing from your moti friend is very common..
Link2 - sounds like deMOTIc. Moti means pearl, which is very famous or popular in Hyderabad (pearl city). So buying moti in hyd would be considered common and ordinary.

Demur - To voice opposition, a formal objection, to show reluctance or hesitation.
Usage - At first I demurred when he asked me to do it.
Link – sounds like ‘dam ur’. So if a person is not the least satisfied with one’s suggestion, he would object by saying, ‘damn you and ur suggestion’

Demure - Modest and reserved in manner or behaviour, affectedly shy, modest. 

Usage - She's very demure and sweet.
Link - 
since you have objected demi moore's proposal she is demure
Link2 - Demure is opposite of demur...So a demure will never complain or voice opposition, he/she will always be reserved, shy and modest.

Denigrate - To attack the character or reputation of, speak ill of, defame, to disparage;belittle 

Usage - I'm not trying to denigrate her achievement.
Link – sounds like deny + gratitude. So denigrate is to deny gratitude to others by means of making disparaging remarks or speaking badly about them...
Link2 - focus on the 'nigrate' part of this word and relate it to 'nigger' (which means people who have black skin)...avoid racism please....

Denouement - the final outcome of a sequence of events, the end result, the climax or conclusion 

Usage - an unexpected denouement to the affair.
Link – To be pronounced as ‘denoyment’, sounds like ointment. The end result or the final outcome of applying ointment on a wound will be the wound getting fully cured.

Deprecate - To belittle, depreciate, express a negative opinion, express disapproval. 

Usage – They deprecate him and refer to him as 'a bit of a red'.
Link - sounds like depreciate. Depreciate means to lower in value or size, similarly deprecate means to belittle or show other people low.

Depredation - a predatory attack, a raid, the act or an instance of plundering, a destructive action. 

Usage - Crops can be decimated by the unchecked depredations of deer.
Link – Concentrate on dePREDATion. A predator is an organism that survives by killing and eating other organisms. So depredation is the act of plundering, marauding or destroying, collectively a destructive action.

Deranged - To disturb the order or arrangement, upset the normal condition or functioning, disturb mentally, become insane.

Usage - His mind had become deranged as a result of his ordeal; mentally deranged.
Link – Deranged is opposite of arranged. When things are not in order or deranged, people get mentally disturbed which leads to madness.

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Friday, October 15, 2010


Decollete - (of a dress) having a low-cut neckline
Usage - She is wearing a decollete dress.
Link - sounds like the+collect....think a girl is wearing low neck cut dress...and you thrown a gold coin so that she will bend to COLLECT it....

Decoy - lure or baitUsage - They used flares to decoy enemy missiles
Link - sounds like dacoit...a decoy was set to decoy the dacoit using a blond girl....

Decrepitude - state of collapse caused by illness or old age
Usage - The boundary between healthy middle age and total decrepitude
Link - decre(decrease) + pitude(aptitude) if your aptitude is decreasing, it is an indication of OLD AGE, thats when a person becomes weak and in a state of deterioration...his mind stops working...
Link2 - Decrease in Brad pit's muscular strength made him very weak...

Decry - express strong disapproval of, condemn openlyUsage - To decry obsolete coinage
Link - sounds like deep + cry... focus on the CRY PART ...a girl CRYING to express her disapproval of getting married now.

Deface - mar, disfigure, spoil the appearance of
Usage - It is illegal to deface bank notes
Link - Hero ne Villain ke FACE pe mar mar kar usko DEFACE kar diya.

Defile - pollute, profaneUsage - Defile a river with sewage
Link -  If you (de)FILE a case against him you will defame his image...hence defile...
Defoliate - to deprive (a plant, tree, or forest) of leaves, to cause the leaves of (a plant, tree, or forest) to fall off.Link – sounds + foliage...Foliage means all the leaves of a tree considered as a group. So to defoliate means to remove or cause the leaves of a plant, tree to fall off.

Defray - To undertake the payment of (costs or expenses), to pay, bear the expenses.
Usage - The government has committed billions toward defraying the costs of the war.
Link - Two persons were involved in a fray(dispute) and later one of them had to defray the other person for the damages.
Link2 - def + ray -> by paying for their education, you provide a "ray" of hope for "deaf" people!!

Defrock - to strip of priestly privileges and functions, to deprive of the right to practice a profession, to deprive of an honorary position.Usage -A priest can be laicized by his request or by penalty; the term defrock is usually used
in the latter case.
Link - Defrock -> De + frock. So after stripping a nun(removing her frock), you will defrock her..
Link2 - the priest was defrocked after he came in a frock...

Defunct - no longer operative or valid, dead or extinct, obsolete.Usage - the leader of the now defunct Social Democratic Party
Link - Defunct -> de + functional. So something that is not functional or not in operation or use, hence obsolete.

Deify - To make a god of; raise to the condition of a god, to idealize, exalt to the position of god.Usage - Apollo's son was deified as the god of medicine.
Link - Rhymes well with deity. Deity means a god or goddess; deify means to treat someone like a deity.
Deign - do something that one considers to be below one's dignity, to condescend, stoop
Usage - He didn't deign to reply.
Link - Reign, which shows high dignity, is the opposite of Degin, which shows low dignity.

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Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Dabble - to work in a non serious fashion , to deal (with) or work (at) frivolously. 
Usage – He dabbles in chemistry.
Link - sounds like table...and if you see someone putting up their legs on the TABLE in the office, YOU GET the feeling that the person is not serious about his image at work...and if its a girl wearing mini skirt puts her legs ion the table then you become unserious about work...
Link – Dabble rhymes well with babble. To babble is to talk nonsense and talking nonsense means wasting time and wasting time means you are not taking your work seriously. So babble implies dabble.

Dally – to waste time idly, to act or move slowly, to behave carelessly or indifferently.
Usage - He did not dally long over his meal.
Link – Dally sounds like daily. So daily, if you chit chat with your ally (friend or associate), then you are 
wasting precious time, hence dallying...
Link2 - if you are playing daily for 7-8 hours then you are wasting your time...

Dank - unpleasant, damp and cold 
Usage - The kitchen was dank and cheerless.
Link – Dank sounds like tank. A tank containing cold water will be damp and cold on the inside.
Link2 - sounds like dan+k(kool)...Damp ANd Kool...simple:)

Dapper - neat and trim
Usage - David Beckham and Tom Cruise are dapper young men
Link - sounds like diaper....if you can remember the diapers used for babies, should be kept neat and trim..else they will catch infection...

Dappled - spotted, having spots or patches of color, having colorful patterns. 
Usage - He stood in the dappled sunlight of the forest.
Link – Dappled = Dirty + apple. Cut an apple and leave it in the open, after some time you can see several 
brown spots on it as a result of oxidation. So apple is dirty because it is dappled.

Daub – cover with something sticky, smear with paint 
Usage - They daubed his home with slogans.
Link - sounds like Dabur chyavanprash. Mr. Dubey daubed dabur chyavanprash on bread...
Link2 - for all Harry Potter fans....if you can remember DOBBY from the Harry Potter movies: he was always shabby and dirty, as if COVERED WITH MUD or SMEARED WITH PAINT

Daunt - to intimidate, discourage, to dishearten. 
Usage - Nothing evil could daunt them.
Link - sounds like danger + aunt..while you are doing it with a sexy aunt and uncle catches you...he will daunt 
Link2 - sounds like haunt...if you are frightened you will be discouraged to go into the haunted house....

Dawdle - loiter, hang around, waste time doing nothing
Usage - They dawdled arm in arm past the shopfronts.
Link – Read as daw+dull..dull people always dawdle...

Deadpan – a blank and expressionless face, emotionless face or manner
Usage - deadpan delivery of the joke.
Link – sounds like dead man. When you see a dead body, it is still and no expression on the face. So a dead 
pan means a blank or expressionless face.

Debacle - a sudden collapse or a total failure, sudden disastrous
Usage - The convention was a disaster
Link - sounds like tackle...the student tried to tackle the problem in various ways, but it turned out to be a 
debacle(failure, could not solve)

Debauch - morally corrupt, to lead away from excellence, involving excessively in drinking and promiscuity
Usage -  A film accused of debauching public morals.
Link - sounds like De-BASH.Debashish was bashed because he was indulging in all the bad things, but instead of refraining from such activities, he became DEBAUCH...
Link2 - sounds like de(the) think your boss is debauch(morally corrupt) and exploits her secretary..

Debonair - aiming to please, urbane, affable, elegant, charming
Usage - A handsome , debonair, death-defying racing driver
Link - i think everyone must have heard of site has some girls to please is can open the site only when you are alone to get the clear meaning of the word...

Debilitate - weaken(esp. through heat, hunger) 
Usage - Life in the camp debilitated him.
Link -  sounds like Bill Clinton....when he came to India he ate so much that he suffered from diarrhea which
debilitated him....
Link2 - Sounds like De Bill and Ate). You dont have enough money and the restaurant person is telling to "De Bill and Eat" means fist give bill and than eat. What will happen?? You will surely get weaken by Hunger!!!

Debunk - To expose or ridicule the falseness, sham or exaggerated claims 
Usage - Debunk a supposed miracle drug
Link - the excuse for bunking the classes was debunked when my dad called the college and asked them...
Link2 - For all the Salman Khan fans, In the movie Dabaang, Salman khan tries to debunk the nefarious plans of Sonu Sood.

Decant - To pour ( a liquid) from one container into another
Usage - She decanted the milk into a jug
Link - The can of Kingfisher was opened and DECANTED  into another vessel...

Decapitate - To cut off the head of, behead, execute 
Usage - The colonel ordered his men to decapitate the prisoners
Link - The prisoner was decapitated and so could not wear a cap anymore :P

Deciduous - not lasting, ephemeral , shedding or losing foliage at the end of the growing season
Usage - Oaks are deciduous trees
Link - The reality show DESI(CI) Girls started with much hype and hoopla but once the show started the response was not so good and hence lost all the TRPS, the hype didnt last long, so DESI GIRL was DECIDUOUS....
Link2 - all the desi hot girls of delhi are found in DU(delhi university)....