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Fluke - unlikely occurrence, stroke of fortune, accidental stroke of good luck
Usage - The reduced stocking rates in organic farming also reduce the fluke burden.
Link - sounds like old days girls were easily impressed by boys by playing a days it does not happen like that....if it happens its a fluke..

Fluster - to confuse or make nervous
Usage - He is a very calm person. Nothing can fluster him
Link - sounds like cluster....When someone asks you to find something in an untidy cluster of things you get all confused.

Flux - continuous movement and change
Usage - She succeeded in fluxing the three plays to produce a fresh new work.
Link -   fLUX, the LUX company keeps changing its soap varieties, thers LUX pink, LUX black, LUX gold etc..

Foible - small weakness of character, slight fault
Usage - We had a lot of fun together despite his little foibles.
Link -  foible rhymes with feeble.ur voice goes feeble when u commit some ERROR..

Foil - defeat, frustrate, prevent from being happening or successful
Usage - I do not know whether it is true, but the police claim to have foiled two dirty bomb plots in London.
Link - sounds like spoil...when your plan gets spoiled you get defeated and hence frustrated

Foist - force somebody to accept something that hey do not want
Usage - He foisted his work on me
Link - sounds like fists...the strong man foisted his work on me by showing his fists..

Foment - to incite, provoke, stir up
Usage - The unions were fomenting for a higher pay
Link - sounds like foam... when you stir up the soapy hot water...
Link2 - FIRST - MOMENT...the initial or first moments of any successful person began with motivation..

Foolhardy - person who takes unnecessary risks
Link - It will be foolhardy for a gal to go naked on a empty road late night with a playboy...

Fop - person who is interested in his clothes and the way he looks
Link - cops are very concerned about their dress...if they will not wear it properly no one will care a damn about cops are foppy..

Foray - start to involve in a different activity or profession, raid ,sudden short attack
Usage - The maraud lasted for just few minutes but caused incredible damage. 
Link - NIIT foray into Ray Ban specs company...

Forbearance - patience
Usage - My Oscars dont have enough patience to wait for their food to hit the water 
Link -  FOR + BEARING ... What is needed for bearing some uninteresting stuff ? --- PATIENCE...
Link2 - Four lakh loss...i could bear it with forbearance...

Ford - place where a river can be crossed on foot
Link - We forded a ford in our new ford car.
Link2 - in a need for a CORD for crossing..

Foreboding - strong feeling that something unpleasant is going to happen
Usage - the lawyer had a foreboding that the judge would dismiss the case
Link - He had a foreboding when she was comig with her four body guards
Forestall - prevent by taking action in advance
Link - I forestalled the problem and booked four stalls because I was aware of the mob which was going to come...

Forlorn - sad and lonely
Usage - We should never be forlorn and should always remain happy
Link - I could not even learn four words because I was sitting forlorn as she was not looking at me...after break up...

Formidable - very impressive and powerful, arousing fear
Usage - Sania Mirza is a formidable player when she is in form
Link - FOR+ME+DEVIL...he is so strong...I'm afraid of him.

Forsake - to leave somebody when you have a responsibility to stay, desert, forsake
Usage - The mother deserted her children
Link - a despo boy saying to his girlfriend,,,,,, "FOR god SAKE , dont leave me , i need uuuuuu
Link2 - For the sake of Brad Pitt, Bipasha forsook John Abrahim

Forswear - to make a promise that you will stop doing or using something
Link - He swear every time that he will forswear wine for four hours

Forte - strong point or special talent in a person's character, a thing that somebody does well
Usage - Quant is my forte
Link -  forte( rhymes like a FORT)... in order to build a fort one requires a SPECIAL TALENT and also a FORT is very STRONG :)

Forthright - straightforward, direct, honest
Link - The teacher said forthrightly to a student that only fourth question is right in your whole paper so forget about GRE...

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