Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Attrition - gradual decrease in number, rubbing away by friction
Usage - The boils on his hands were caused by attrition. 
Link1 - Sounds link Adulteration, which decrease the strength of purity..
Link2 -  it sounds like attrition is mal-nutrition.

Augment - to increase or add to
Usage - The recent speech of the president augmented tensions in the Near East.
Link - AAG+MINT- if u put MINT in AAG then aag's intensity increases.

Augury - omen, indication of what will happen in future
Usage - He felt that seeing a girl in midnight is an augury for him to get married.
Link - let me explain it through a joke...Once a girl came to a sardar and asked him to show her future...sardar told her to bend and remove her clothes..then girl said-"you want to fuck me??"...then sardar said.."dekh dikhne laga na future.."...
Link2 - aagey aa rahi events..

August - impressive, majestic
Usage - The august holy men were expected to arrive from the monastery by noon.
Link1 - august reminds the king Augustus who was majestic and impressive...
Link2 - August.. The month of the sun sign - LEO the lion (the king of the forest,the most majestic animal)

Aureole - circle of light encircling a head in religious painting, sun's corona
Usage - The aureole of the sun was a spectacular sight during the eclipse.
Link -  The aura from the hole of your back is very bad.

Hii guys..the wordlist of 'A' i sjust about to finish....let me know the next alphabet...what do you suggest???
'B' or something else?????? just post your comment....


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ADESH said...

great work dude