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Jab - poke abruptly with something sharp, punch with short blows
Usage - He jabbed his finger into her ribs
Link - jab(pocket) you poke with a knife in someone jeb(pocket)..and the others person come to know and PUNCH YOU...
Link2 - sounds like cab....When the cab driver was raping a girl in a jabbed him hard on his private part....

Jaded - worn out, tired, fatigued, surfeited
Usage - My father's words had left me jaded and depressed
Link -  jaded sounds like faded.. which means WORN OUT, WEARIED, TIRED...
Link2 - Ajay jadeja is so fatigued by his old age that he cant play cricket anymore..

Jargon - language used by special group, technical terminology
Usage - She had a hard time understanding their street jargon.
Link - in gaun (village) ppl use typical or different language from metro cities...

Jaunt - trip, short journey
Link - j(journey)+aunt...a journey to your aunt's place...

Jaunty - easy and carefree; dapper in appearance
Usage - Ram said that he was looking jaunty.
Link - remember Jonty Rhodes of the South Africa cricket team who dives carefree while fielding..
Link2 - Ram has a interest in Jaya he dress jaunty to impress her..

Jeopardize - endanger; imperil , put to risk
Usage - The pollution is jeopardizing the crops
Link - sounds like leopard...if you decide to do a stunt in a cage full of leopards...then you jeopardize your life...
Link2 - jeo..(jai) why are you PUTTING JAI at you want to send him paradize(die)(paradise)...
Link3 - link it with.... shanti se JIO PAR humse panga mat lena .... otherwise your life woud be JEOPARDIZED..... said the rogue..

Jest - playful remark or act
Usage - He often jest even when he appears serious
Link - Jest sounds similar to Fest (festival) act and speak playfully in a fest..
Link2 - Remember "JEST for laughs gags" in pogo channel....

Jettison - throw overboard
Link - jetti(jet plane) someone throwing out his 2 SON out of JET PLANE to make it LIGHTER..

Jibe - agree, be in harmony with
Usage - The two stories don't jibe in many details
Link - hindi when we say ji..ji.....ji.....BA....ji ba.(for mom) when we agree with them in some matter..

Jingoist - extremely aggressive and militant patriot, extreme nationalism
Usage - In some nations, the citizens are promoted to have a strong jingoist ideology.
Link - jingoist seems like JUNGoist .. a national who is chauvinistic nd bellicose will favor JUNG...

Jocund - merry
Usage - At last my student drew up his blind, and still in quite a jocund humor, looked abroad. 
Link - joc...(joke)..and you joke with best friends that you are marrying next day....
Link2 - When u are JOCUND (merry) u eat KALAKAND (sweets)..

Jollity - cheerfulness
Usage - There will be lots of food and drink and general jollity. 
Link - focus on jolli(juli)....juli brings cheers to you....when you see her and do it...

Jostle - shove, bump, push against (someone) rather roughly
Usage - The passengers jostled each other in the overcrowded train
Link -  remember it from shahruk's movie: JOSH, in that movie the scorpion and eagle gang kept on bumping each other..

Jovial - good-natured; merry; cheerful
Link - jovial=jo(joy)+vi(by)+al(all), so jovial means happiness, joyful, merriment

Juggernaut - irresistible crushing force; overwhelming advancing force that crushes everything in its path
Usage - The Greeks would have to summon all their strength to stop the Persian juggernaut. 
Link - like there was a Jug smashed on a man Nuts .. hence a crashing force :P..
Link2 - At the festival, the crowd at Jagannath temple in India is juggernaut. Actually this word came into use from the British rule. On the day of festival a british officer saw the crowd and mispronounced Jagannath as juggernaut.

Junket - trip especially one taken for pleasure by an official at public expense
Usage - When you have to do these media junkets, do you prepare? 
Link -  in hindi (jun)ta (ke) paiso se (T)ravel is JUNKET :)..
Link2 - usually on a junket you eat a lot of junk food...
Juxtapose - place side by side
Usage - The fauvists juxtaposed strong colors
Link - juxta..just next+pose..(place) place something just next to something...
Link2 - juxt(just)+a+pose= they stand side by side(even they are enemies) to give JUST A POSE to the photo...

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