Friday, April 16, 2010


Feral - wild, not domestic
Usage - He appears to be at ease with children, adults & other cats so I know he's not feral.
Link - feral , we can remember like fear+all =>we all will fear seeing a wild animal.

Ferment - agitation, unrest
Usage - the political ferment produced new leadership
Link -  fermant=german+t,the germans brought the whole world to a state of unrest during world war II..
Link2 - Ferment = firm + end, firm means stable , ferment brings end to firmness.

Ferret - drive or hunt out of hiding, uncover or discover by searching
Usage - She ferreted out the truth
Link - ferret = fair + rate on any item can only be found by a good determined search---other---She tried to ferret out their secret..
Link2 - Ferret is also an animal that looks like a large rat. There was a ferret in my house so we hunted it out of its hiding place so as to kill it.

Fervent -  ardent, zealous, hot
Usage - A fervent person shows very strong and sincere feelings about something.
Link - His servant is very fervent and cunning and always try to seduce his sister.
Link2 - ferv ..relate it with the word fever, and when you get fever your body becomes HOT.

Fester - produce irritation or resentment
Usage - His insult festered in my mind for days.
Link - rhymes with pester ... so if you pester someone they will get festered, meaning irritated....or the pests fester the farmers...

Fetter - shackle, restrict the freedom of
Usage - It had become an absolute fetter on the further development of the economy. 
Link - sounds like fart....when you are about to restrict it and do it without any noise..
Link2 - fetter sounds like(shutter) when a shutter is closed..then nothing can go out of it..
Link3 - fetter = feet tier i.e. used to tie feet...

Feud - bitter prolonged quarrel
Usage - The two professors have been feuding for years
Link - sounds like 'Fuel'.. so sme1 keeps adding fuel to the quarrel and it becomes a 'prolonged quarrel'.

Fiasco - total failure, disaster
Usage - Students were asking for fees because exam was a fiasco
Link - Fiasco = Psycho. If you are psycho, you may not make a girl your girlfriend..i mean if you will propose she will refuse..
Link2 - The show was a fiasco - the lights wouldn't work

Fiat - command; arbitrary order
Usage - A friend in New Mexico said that the fiat caused no trouble out there
Link - The company issued a fiat to stop the supply of Fiat(car).

Fickle - changeable

Fictitious - imaginary
Link - The characters in a fiction novel are fictitious.

Fidelity - loyalty, accuracy
Usage - The best printers can reproduce photographs with amazing fidelity.
Link - agar tum apni wife par "fida" hoge toh phir tum loyal hoge...

Fiend - evil spirit, devil
Link - Fiend is opposite of friend...friend is good and fiend is devil

Figment - invention, something invented, imaginary thing
Link - sounds like wig...wig on this bald man was my figment of imagination

Filch - steal
Usage - She couldn't believe he had actually filched the files she had so carefully hidden.
Link - sounds like fill+chai(tea)...Waiter was filling chai and i filched it.
Link2 - fil(fill)+ch(cheese) --> Lord Krishna filled cheese in his bag which is 'STOLEN'
Link3 - for potter fans.. Argus Filch looks like a thief -> steal

Filial - pertaining to or befitting a son or daughter
Usage - eg:- filial responsibilities of a son.
Link - it sounds like film + illal(illegal) i.e some films(A rated) are illegal to children...these films are not filial...

Filibuster - a long speech made in a parliament in order to to delay a speech
Link - filibuster they fill the speech with waste the time..

Finesse - to do something with skill
Usage - Terry, by contrast, has less finesse at the expressive level. 
Link - finesse- seems like : fine + chinese, means chinese people are fine at art... 

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