Saturday, April 3, 2010


Avuncular -of or like an uncle, person who is friendly towards his youngers
Usage - Tom was used to the avuncular advice by now.
Link - split the word like av + UNCUL(UNCLE) + AR...SO related to an uncle or suitable to an uncle..avUNCULar..uncle.

Awe - solemn wonder, feeling of respect mixed with wonder and fear
Usage - Each time he spoke her eyes twinkled with a sense of awe.
Link - ill just say 1 word.. this site is Awe-some...
Link2 - when surprised with a feelin of wonder n fear..we tend to say 'w'hao!! A'w'e..

Awl - pointed tool used for piercing
Usage - The shoemaker couldn’t find his awl.
Link - awl sounds like hole......and to make a hole in the leather we need a sharp and pointed tool which can pierce through it....hence we need an awl for this..
Link2 - awl rhymes with owl, only owls(stupid person) go for piercing..

Awry - distorted, bent, something goes awry then it does not happen in the way that was planned.
Usage - Our plans have gone awry.
Link -  sounds like "o ri" haryana...people say..o ri ke karan laag ri hai...when she has planned to cheat on her husband and her husband comes from back while she is doing it with another guy...everything goes awry for her...

Axiom - self-evident truth requiring no proof
Usage - That all living beings are mortal is the most fundamental axiom.
Link - Ax +i+om - when the axe is on me I will tell the truth. This is surely evident.

Azure - sky blue
Usage - Her dress was a pretty shade of azure.
Link - azure (sounds like aajgar......categorised under reptiles(snake...type)........if bites someone.....we could see that srounding area of skin where the aajgar has biten... turns blue in colour
Link2 -  like azharuddin.... captain of indian cricket team....used to wear a blue shirt n pant.... men in blue .
Link3 - azure sounds like azher who was involved in blue films scam. 

Hii guys...the worldlist of A has finished....Suggest the new alphabet...


AJ said...

please start with 'B' or 'R'.
Thank u very much. Your blog has been very helpful. God bless u.

AJ said...

You can also start with letters with smaller no of words like g,h,j... please continue wth non-spice as spice words are very common in newspapers, magazines and we can do it on our own. Thank you for such a lovely site.