Friday, April 2, 2010


Avert - to prevent, avoid or turn away
Usage - She averted her eyes from the terrible sight.
Link - sounds like DIVERT...he diverted the car and averted the accident.

Aviary - enclosure for birds, large cage
Usage - Can we go to the aviary before we go to the aquarium? Birds are more fun than fishes anyway.
Link - sounds like airy..related to large cage for birds.

Avid - greedy ,extremely eager for
Usage - She is an avid sports fan.
Link - aVID is made up of words a+vid=a video..a person having a blue film will be eager to get the video player when his parents are not he will be avid.
Link2 - spell it backwards and it becomes DIVA, so one can remember, diva (a young actress, young woman) is always avid in both sense...greedy and anyone will be eager to get her...

Avocation - secondary or minor occupation
Usage - His job at the restaurant is only an avocation for him.
Link - AVOCATION-->in a vacation. u do very little /minor work only....hence avocation implies minor occupation..

Avow - declare openly
Usage - They avowed their opposition to the foriegn policies of the government at the public meeting.
Link - AVOW-like taking a vow(shapath). to declare, like taking a "shapath"..
Link2 - sounds like wow...when a girl open a guys pant she open her mouth and says wow...i.e declare openly.

Hii guys.....start commenting about the next word...till now there have been two suggestions.."R" and "S"...what's your suggestion???Do follow the blog and refer it to your friends....


Anonymous said...

First of is gr8...and plz start with "B"

AJ said...

please start either 'B' or 'R'. Not s.

Anonymous said...

Please start with "F"......