Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Malediction - curse
Usage - The malediction by the sorcerer scared him to death.
Link - sounds like male+dick...if a male's dick attacks on a girl by force i.e. do it with her forcefully....then the girl becomes a curse on the family...
Link2 - male+(edict..sounds simillar to addict)....and imagine a situation where there is only one male in family who earns and if he becomes addicted to all bad habits like gambling,robbery,and alcoholism......he is curse on the family and society...

Malefactor - evildoer, criminal, a person who does illegal or wrong things
Usage - He was an malefactor who people feared.
Link - most of the malefactors are males...mali(gardener) was the malefactor in the factory...
Link2 - see it as MAL-EFFECTOR who affects in wrong way...

Malevolent - wishing evil, exhibiting ill will
Usage - He gazed upon the malevolent stars. 
Link - sounds like violent males...who are wishing evil to the society.......mainly terrorists...

Malfeasance - wrong doing, misconduct (by a public official)
Usage - The officer was arrested for malfeasance. 
Link - Sounds like MAL FEES ANCE What do we mean by it if we say MAL FEES?? Certainly its a bribe. So Malfeasance means officials indulged in taking bribes, a misconduct...
Link2 - Teacher returned the fees for non sense malfeasance i.e. as a bribe to pass the child in the exam..

Malign - speak evil of, bad-mouth, defame
Usage - His actions were prompted by malign motives.
Link - Ma(bad) Lign(language) bad language...
Link2 - sounds like teri maa ka l**......which is a bad mouth...

Malignant - tending to cause death, highly injurious
Usage - She was relieved when the doctor told her that the tumor was not malignant.
Link - maa ka ligament kharab ho gaha ... cancer ho gaya ... about to die....
Link2 - Mali(gardener) g ke liye NAN(a kind of chapati) injurious hai...

Malingerer - one who feigns/pretends illness to escape duty
Usage - John was a malingerer who never hesitated to lie to save himself. 
Link - Ma linger= child lingering around her mom to avoid going to school....
Link2 - Malingerer was  lingering that his finger was injured...
Link3 - awsome one....my kamwali was malingering that his finger and private part was hurt while fingering herself so she will not be able to work today... 

Malodorous - foul smelling
Usage - She could not understand how his son could eat such a malodorous dish. 
Link - mal(means bad)+odor(sounds simillar to odour)..+us.......smelling..bad odour of some chemicals is dangerous to health....

Manacle - refrain, handcuff
Usage - The police handcuffed the suspect at the scene of the crime
Link - sounds like my uncle.. he was manacled for doing malfeasance...

Mangle - tear or cut to pieces
Usage - They mangled the dog until it was half dead. 
Link - Mangal Pandey with his sword .... mangled the British...
Link2 - mango ko mangle kar do , it means cut into pieces...

Mangy - shabby, dirty, sordid
Usage - The shabby room had a mangy carpet on the floor.
Link - mangy ~ manky (monkey)... monkey is shabby animal..
Link2 - mangy: sounds like "maangi hui"... something borrowed looks shabby after so much use...
Link3 - Mangy clothes of a child because of mango...
Manifest - evident, visible, obvious
Usage - The pilot signed the plane’s passenger manifest before take off.
Link - In a FEST it was visible that people had Money[MANI] ,so Money was visible ; evident and was obvious.
Link2 - many (MANI) people make appearance in FEST-ival...

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Monday, April 26, 2010


Macabre - gruesome, grisly, ghastly
Usage - The scene of crime was a macabre sight to behold.
Link -  sounds like hindi word makbara....and its made over the place where people are either buried or burnt.....and for me its a ghastly place..that I would never like to go to.... 
Link2 - Sounds like massacre..which means "excessive killing of many people"..and which also represents death..

Mace - clublike medieval weapon
Usage - She added some mace to the porridge.
Link - don't mess with me otherwise i will hit you with a mace..
Link2 - Aces with maces...
Link3 - sounds like Case- The famous CASE wherein the ceremonial staff of the president killed the latter with a club-like weapon was resolved today...

Macerate - soften by soaking in liquid, waste away
Usage - The compound macerated in the water.
Link - sort of like Masturbate, you usually need some liquid (ie lotion) to soften the penis when you masturbate, and after you're done, penis just wastes away...unless ur a monster...
Link2 - Mausi macerated pickle and then we ate it..

Machiavellian - cunning, double dealing
Usage - He was a firm believer of Machiavellian principles.
Link - sounds like mafia villain. A villain is always crafty and double dealing....
Link2 - this word sounds like "macchi vali" means women who sell fish... and they are very crafty in doing double-dealing with people...

Machinations - evil schemes or plots, a secret plan
Usage - Involved into this political machinations
Link - A machimation of supplying machine guns in the nation.

Madrigal - pastoral song, song for several singers without instruments
Usage - The group was singing a madrigal beautifully.
Link - MADRIGAL rhymes with married girl..so a PASTORAL SONG was sung for the married girl..
Link2 - A mad MJA student after SPICE and NON-SPICE was singing a madrigal at Regal.
Maelstrom - violent whirlpool, violent or turbulent situation
Usage - The boat was caught in the maelstrom.
Link - mal(= bad) strom (storm) bad storm like a whirpool...
Link2 - After the storm, there was a maelstrom...

Magnanimity - generosity, big hearted
Usage - His magnanimity made her feel indebted to him.
Link - magNANIMAous, NANI MA in hindi, is always "generous" to us...

Magnate - person of prominence or influence; powerful or influential person
Usage -  Being a business magnate, he had a busy social life.
Link - like a magnet.. attracts people and hence influences...

Maim - to injure somebody seriously, disable, cripple
Usage - people were maimed by the explosion.
Link -  sounds like 'MAYHEM' which means violence...
Link2 - sound like" my aim"......an accident happened when i was driving my car but believe me my aim was not to maim her......i did not do it intensionally to her ...i never wanted to disable her...

Makeshift - temporary expedient or substitute
Usage - Since the venue was not decided on time, they had to make do with a makeshift.
Link - make+shift....and when do u shift people in your office ,its when you need them urgently as a substitute in place of other employee...

Malady - illness, a disease but often used figuratively like a serious problem
Usage - She was suffering from a painful malady.
Link - Mala died after malady because of MALA-D pills....
Malaise - a feeling of being ill, unhappy or not satisfied
Usage - Mustafa suffers from a general malaise with pains and despair.
Link - mal(means bad, not good (of condition)+aise(sounds like ease)....and someone who is not at ease is one who is feeling ill..
Link2 - maal(a beautiful gir) hai tu... always making me uneasy. Mal hai tu!!!....it will make the girl uneasy also...

Malcontent - person dissatisfied with existing state of affairs
Usage - The racism prevalent in society turned him into a malcontent.
Link - mal(means not in good state)+content(means satisfied)........iif you are not in a good state you cannot be satisfied...

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Saturday, April 24, 2010


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Jab - poke abruptly with something sharp, punch with short blows
Usage - He jabbed his finger into her ribs
Link - jab(pocket)..so you poke with a knife in someone jeb(pocket)..and the others person come to know and PUNCH YOU...
Link2 - sounds like cab....When the cab driver was raping a girl in a cab...you jabbed him hard on his private part....

Jaded - worn out, tired, fatigued, surfeited
Usage - My father's words had left me jaded and depressed
Link -  jaded sounds like faded.. which means WORN OUT, WEARIED, TIRED...
Link2 - Ajay jadeja is so fatigued by his old age that he cant play cricket anymore..

Jargon - language used by special group, technical terminology
Usage - She had a hard time understanding their street jargon.
Link - in gaun (village) ppl use typical or different language from metro cities...

Jaunt - trip, short journey
Link - j(journey)+aunt...a journey to your aunt's place...

Jaunty - easy and carefree; dapper in appearance
Usage - Ram said that he was looking jaunty.
Link - remember Jonty Rhodes of the South Africa cricket team who dives carefree while fielding..
Link2 - Ram has a interest in Jaya aunty...so he dress jaunty to impress her..

Jeopardize - endanger; imperil , put to risk
Usage - The pollution is jeopardizing the crops
Link - sounds like leopard...if you decide to do a stunt in a cage full of leopards...then you jeopardize your life...
Link2 - jeo..(jai)+paradize....so why are you PUTTING JAI at risk..do you want to send him paradize(die)(paradise)...
Link3 - link it with.... shanti se JIO PAR humse panga mat lena .... otherwise your life woud be JEOPARDIZED..... said the rogue..

Jest - playful remark or act
Usage - He often jest even when he appears serious
Link - Jest sounds similar to Fest (festival)..you act and speak playfully in a fest..
Link2 - Remember "JEST for laughs gags" in pogo channel....

Jettison - throw overboard
Link - jetti(jet plane)+son..so someone throwing out his 2 SON out of JET PLANE to make it LIGHTER..

Jibe - agree, be in harmony with
Usage - The two stories don't jibe in many details
Link - ji+be.....JI..ji...in hindi when we say ji..ji.....ji.....BA....ji ba.(for mom) when we agree with them in some matter..

Jingoist - extremely aggressive and militant patriot, extreme nationalism
Usage - In some nations, the citizens are promoted to have a strong jingoist ideology.
Link - jingoist seems like JUNGoist .. a national who is chauvinistic nd bellicose will favor JUNG...

Jocund - merry
Usage - At last my student drew up his blind, and still in quite a jocund humor, looked abroad. 
Link - joc...(joke)..and you joke with best friends that you are marrying next day....
Link2 - When u are JOCUND (merry) u eat KALAKAND (sweets)..

Jollity - cheerfulness
Usage - There will be lots of food and drink and general jollity. 
Link - jolli+ty...so focus on jolli(juli)....juli brings cheers to you....when you see her and do it...

Jostle - shove, bump, push against (someone) rather roughly
Usage - The passengers jostled each other in the overcrowded train
Link -  remember it from shahruk's movie: JOSH, in that movie the scorpion and eagle gang kept on bumping each other..

Jovial - good-natured; merry; cheerful
Link - jovial=jo(joy)+vi(by)+al(all), so jovial means happiness, joyful, merriment

Juggernaut - irresistible crushing force; overwhelming advancing force that crushes everything in its path
Usage - The Greeks would have to summon all their strength to stop the Persian juggernaut. 
Link - like there was a Jug smashed on a man Nuts .. hence a crashing force :P..
Link2 - At the festival, the crowd at Jagannath temple in India is juggernaut. Actually this word came into use from the British rule. On the day of festival a british officer saw the crowd and mispronounced Jagannath as juggernaut.

Junket - trip especially one taken for pleasure by an official at public expense
Usage - When you have to do these media junkets, do you prepare? 
Link -  in hindi (jun)ta (ke) paiso se (T)ravel is JUNKET :)..
Link2 - usually on a junket you eat a lot of junk food...
Juxtapose - place side by side
Usage - The fauvists juxtaposed strong colors
Link - juxta..just next+pose..(place)..so place something just next to something...
Link2 - juxt(just)+a+pose= they stand side by side(even they are enemies) to give JUST A POSE to the photo...

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Friday, April 23, 2010


Quell - suppress, put an end to, to stop something such as violent behavior
Usage - They managed to quell the riot.
Link - sounds like kill....which means to suppress forever...
Link2 - QUEUE+WELL.i was forcing people to jump into a well to suppress the population..
Link3 - sounds like hell.... where your pleasures will be suppressed completely..

Quench - satisfy or assuage, extinguish, suppress, put out(esp. fire)
Usage - The process of quenching the steel was a laborious one.
Link -  quench == quen(queen)+ ch(cha), so u urged your queen(gf or wife)to get you a cup of cha(tea or drinks) to quench your thirst of tea and pleasure...

Querulous - given to complaining, complaining, fretful, whining
Usage - His querulous demands never ended.
Link - sounds like quarrelsome....querulous always leads to quarrels....

Quibble - small fight ,altercation
Usage - They quibbled over minor details instead of focusing on the task at hand.
Link - Two boys were quibbling over a girl's ling(sex)...
Link2 - kyun bal dikha re ho??why are you quibbling....
Link3 - read it as qui(kyun)+bble(bill)..KYUN BILL ITNA ZYADA HAI?, you OBJECT to reading of meter & COMPLAIN to the authorities..

Quintessential - perfect example of something
Usage - Mary is the quintessence of beauty.
Link - we have quintal(quint) of PURE and SACRED feeling(ESSENCE) for GOD..
Link2 - This is the quintessential  dress of queen (jodha) with every essential diamond.

Quip - taunt, clever remark
Usage -  She made a quip about his pointed shoes.
Link -  Kyun U.P.(uttar pradesh) ka hai kya?? i quipped ....

Quirk - strange or interesting thing that happens accidentally
Usage - Quirk of quick fall over each other
Link - quirk of doing things quickly...
Link2 - sounds like kyu+irk....why do you irk(irritate) after quirk....

Quisling - person who helps enemy that has taken control of his country, traitor who aids invaders
Usage - The quisling passed on a lot of important information to the enemy.
Link - Quislings are prone to QUIZZLINGS by the government when caught!...
Link2 - enemy said to a boy.."if you will be a quisling for us you will get kiss and ling(sex) of most beautiful girl"...so he agreed...

Quixotic - idealistic but not practical
Usage - Bringing every stray animal into one's house is a quixotic act.
Link - quixotic== quick + exotic, if you desire something exotic to happen quickly in your life it is just a daydream.
Link2 - Quixotic idea to conduct quiz contest in ooty...

Quizzical - curious, showing that you are slightly surprised or amused
Usage - He had a quizzical expression on his face.
Link - FOCUS ON QUIZZ+ICAL..quizes increase curiosity...
Link2 - When a beautiful lady came to quiz me..i was quizzical that what is she wearing inside...
Link3 - quizzical =quizz+comical =quizz(curious) in a comical(teasing,mocking) way

Quorum - minimal number of members necessary to conduct a meeting
Usage - A quorum of this meeting shall not be less than ten members.
Link - Quorum of two to play carrom...

Quotidian - everyday activities, daily, commonplace, customary
Usage - Feeding the cats is a quotidian chore.
Link - Quotidian work of wearing coat in the court...

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Quack -charlatan, person who dishonestly claims to have medical knowledge or skills
Usage - He is just a quack doctor, not a real one.
Link - If someone tells you that he has the power to create an earth quake, he is certainly a quack..

Quaff - drink with zest, swill, guzzle
Usage - He had a quaff of beer before he went to the party. 
Link - Mohammad Kaif and Katrina Kaif quaffed a bottle of champagne and did it....
Quagmire - soft, wet ground
Usage - Her feet were gradually sinking into the quagmire.
Link - sounds like tyre...tyre was stuck in the quagmire...
Quail - cower, shrink back in fear; lose heart
Usage - she quailed when they showed the slaughtering of the calf
Link -  sounds like fail.... If you fail in exam, you loose your heart and quail before your dad :)
Link2 - Shahrukh Khan did not quailed during serious ailment of  his shoulder.

Quaint - odd in an old-fashioned way, odd, old-fashioned, picturesque
Usage - He has a quaint sense of humor.
Link - sounds like faint...her husband fainted when she came in a bikini at party in their house..it was odd...
Link2 -  If you PAINT that house, you will destroy its old fashioned charm.

Quandary - dilemma, state of uncertainty
Usage - He was in a quandary about going on vacation.
Link - quantary relates to quantum physics,which is so complex that it leaves you in DILEMMA about the UNCERTAINITY of photon...
Link2 - sounds like laundry...i was in quandary should I send my clothes in the laundry or not..
Link3 - this word quandary sounds like wandering so if you are in a DILEMMA you wander all around the streets.....

Quarantine - isolation of a person, place, or ship to prevent spread of infection
Usage - They placed the infected animal in quarantine.
Link - quarantine is pretty familiar in case of antivirus softwares you can quarantine the virus affected files which means to ISOLATE THEM...
Link2 - quara+ntine....quara..sounds like KUWARA..AND a kuwara person is always seen isolated(without girl)..in family functions...

Quarry - place where stones, marbles etc.. are dug out.
Usage - Stones are quarried
Link - He solved all the query about the stone quarry...
Link2 - q+uarry..sounds like worry....when you worry about something, you dig deep into the matter .

Quash - officially say that a decision in a court of law is no longer valid, suppress
USage - The contract was quashed
Link - Warrant against Ash(aishwarya rai) os seducing Amitabh bachhan was quashed..

Quay - landing place for boats, dock
Usage - The ships were unloading boxes on the quay.
Link - Long queue of ships on quay...
Link2 - quay - sounds like bay (area near the sea) - where boats reach. 

Queasy - experiencing nausea, wanting to vomit, squeamish
Usage - He felt very queasy about the issue of toilets.
Link - He feels queasy while giving kissing shots.
Link2 - queasy can be pronounced as quiz+y...if teacher takes a surprise quiz you are going to feel nauseated, uneasy, anxious..
Link3 - sounds like uneasy...feeling queasy means feeling uneasy...
Queer - strange or unusual
Usage - He tried to queer John's pitch.
Link - queer:queen-beer, a queen with a beer is strange...
note:- queer pitch for somebody means destroy his/her plan..
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Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Ken - range of knowledge
Usage - The issue was beyond his ken
Link - sounds like ten...when a child of 3 years speaks all the counting from 1 to 10...we assume he has good range of knowledge...

Kernel - central part or vital
Usage - We finally understood the kernel of his argument.
Link - kernel sounds similar to colonel. In an army the colonel has an importance of being the central authority.

Killjoy - grouch; spoilsport; one who intentionally spoils the pleasure of others
Usage - War veterans reacted with outrage last night as remembrance parades were targeted by health and safety killjoys.
Link - kill+joy....... kill here means spoil .+ others joy means.....to spoil others pleasure....

Kindred - related, belonging to the same group, kinship
Usage -  He gave close attention to natural history, astronomy and kindred subjects.
Link - all of them are 'kind' 'red' indians ..... so they belong to one community / group share kinship..
Link2 - red ->blood...-> blood relations....kinship..

Knack - special talent, art
Usage - he had a special knack for getting into trouble
Link - sounds like kick+neck...TO KICK UR NECK...U NEED TALENT...
Link2 -  Knack sounds very close to 'NAP' < meaning to sleep. So you need special talent, skill to take nap in between office hours! ;) hehe

Knave - untrustworthy person, a dishonest person
Usage - He is a knave, you should never trust them.
Link - k+nave..naive(means trustworthy, innocent)....knave is just the opposite of naive.
Link2 - Laloo prasda yadav looks naive but he is knave..
Knead - mix dough with water(aata gundna); mix and work into a uniform mass
Link - knead = k-nead(need)...what do you need? ..food? Then you will have to mix the dough...

Kneel - go down on one's knee(s)
Usage - In church you have to kneel during parts of the service
Link - Kneel (go down on your knees) karte karte mere ghutnon (knees) mein NEEL pad gaye.
Link2 - Our teachers often say "kneel down" to punish us..
Knell - bell, to ring a bell esp to indicate a funeral, disaster
Usage - My uncle knell every Sunday at the local church
Link - knell== k + (hell+bell) === when u die u wil be in hell... so knell means tolling of a bell to indicate funeral..
Link2 - for cricket fans....when andrew nel(of south africa) comes ganguly thinks that today his death bell has been rung... uski fast bowlers se fat-ti hai...

Knit - contract into wrinkles; grow together; join together closely when u r angry or worried
Usage -  The relationship between public art and its publics involves enough problems to knit the brows of a whole platoon of therapists. 
Link - I knitted the eyebrows when she lit the candle and removed her clothes...
Knoll - little round hill; hillock
Link - A big size nail resembles a knoll for an ant.

Knotty - difficult, intricate, tangled
Usage - There has to be a solution to the knotty problems in the town. 
Link - When you are with a girl alone in a room then it is very knotty to behave naughty in front of her...
Kowtow - to show somebody in authority too much respect and too willing to obey
Link - He is acting like a cow and is willing to tow(carry) heavy files with him...

Kudos - honor; glory; acclaim or praise for exceptional achievement
Usage - Kudos to me for finishing another alphabet...
Link - KUDO(to jump in Hindi). one JUMPS with joy on recieving an HONOUR.
Link2 - sounds lik judo..so when u win win in judo ull be "honoured" with k-belt(like black belt in karate).

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Monday, April 19, 2010


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Fortitude - bravery, courage shown in spite of difficult situation
Usage - You have a chance to help here, but it will take some intestinal fortitude on your part.
Link - In ancient days, when people use to live in forts n all....they had fortitude to live in fort because anyone could attack at any time...
Link2 - fort + attitude....a couple went on top of red fort and did it in front of everyone..great eg of fortitude..

Fortuitous - something pleasant happening by chance, accidental, by chance
Usage - Or there's Dewey, the idiot cop who has arrived in town with curiously fortuitous timing.
Link - equivalent to fortune...... fortune isn't destined to occur it is accidental

Foster - to encourage something to develop
Usage - The new program will also support networks to foster collaboration between researchers.
Link - Foster father fostering his child to have a foster beer.
Link2 - sounds like poster...poster are used as ads to promote the product..

Fracas - a noisy argument or fight usually involving several people.
Usage - Few men had a fracas in the middle of the road.
Link - sounds like frock...a girl became ready to remove her frock but only in front of a single person.....there were many people so there occurred a fracas that who will remove her frock...
Link2 - Fracas-(fraud + cause), a fraud will generally cause a quarrel or brawl....

Fractious - bad tempered, peevish
Usage - She seemed rather fractious and distracted today.
Link - f + RACTIOUS(rakshas like raavan)...rakshas and all are easily irritated and are fractious...
Link2 - when u get a fracture, u get cranky,irksome

Frail - physically weak,  fragile
Usage - You should never beat a frail man.
Link - F+ RAIL > Indian Railway alwayz SLOW/WEAK!...
Link2 - fra(farah)+il(ill)...farah khan became ill so she became thin and weak...
Link3 - if u fail in a subject then you are weak in it...

Frantic - wild, something which is done quickly but disorganized as little time is left
Usage - Life is frantic for working women.
Link - F+Ran(running)+Tic(tic-tic,time) > so as u r outta home and u getting late, at home ur mom wil go wild/distraught with fear or worry.
Link2 - In foreign countries life is frantic and everyone has to run quickly the race of success.

Fraudulent - cheating ,deceitful
Link - the word itself suggests the meaning...fraud...

Fraught - filled with something unpleasant
Usage - The negotiations have been fraught with difficulties/problems right from the start.
Link - fraught = fraud + caught; The fraud or thief was caught. His pockets were filled with jewels and money....so he was fraught with fear..
Link2 - Fraught sounds like 'fought'. When you have fought a war, your mind is filled with emotional distress from all the killings.

Fray - brawl, fight, wear away or unravel by rubbing
Usage - The friction frayed the sleeve
Link - sounds like tray...when a tray full of undergarments and clothes was presented in front of group of nude women they strated to fight among themselves to get the clothes...
Link2 - we only pray to God only when we are in the fray

Frazzle - to wear or to become worn to rags
Usage - It had been a very demanding day and I was rather frazzled.
Link - Fridge jal gya, it frazzled...

Freebooter - pirate or plunderer who makes war in order to grow rich
Link - someone who BOOTS(kicks) everyone for FREE(no reason) and robs them.

Frenzy - madly excited, excessively agitated; distraught with fear or other violent emotion
Usage - The Emperor was in a frenzy of excitement till he tried them on. 
Link - sounds like frenchy....when a smart man just wearing frenchy came in front of some old ladies in a bar....the ladies turned frenzy..

Fresco - a picture painted on the wall while the plaster is still wet
Link -  Fresco = Fresh + Coat. A fresh coat of paint.

Fret - be annoyed or vexed, to eat away, to wear away by gnawing, rubbing, corroding, etc.
Usage - The most special day of your life, so relax, enjoy, and don't fret the small stuff.
Link - sounds like rat...when the rat eats away your stuff or books you get annoyed...

Frigid - intensely cold; cold in manner
Usage - The frigid climate does not support all forms of life.
Link - sounds like fridge....its cold...

Fritter - waste, squander, spend frivolously and unwisely
Usage - Fritter away one's inheritance
Link - Sounds like twitter..When u r twittering u r wasting ur time...
Link2 - Sounds Like Flirtier. When u flirt u waste time and money.

Frivolous - lacking in seriousness; flippant; self-indulgently carefree
Usage - Television was too frivolous a media to be allowed to show a State Occasion.
Link - Fri-vo-lous ~Free - If something is free, u dont take it seriously, you think oh they are giving it for free coz its not that important stuff.. or not the stuff in demand.. or not the stuff taken seriously by public..

Frolic - play and jump around happily
Usage - The children frolicked in the garden
Link - FROLIC ~ FRiends or LIQuor; I need both for frolicking. 

Frugal - thrift; economy ,prudence in avoiding waste
Link - frugal means avoiding waste... read it as free+girl...if a girl comes for free, it saves waste of money 
Link2 - Frugal girls wearing few clothes...

Fuddle - make stupid or confused as with alcholic drink
Usage - These questions fuddle even the experts
Link - FUDDLE OR MUDDLE - confused....

Frump - a woman wearinf clothes which are not fashinable
Link - Frump was sauntering on the ramp...
Link2 - Frump showing her bump in an awkward way..

Fugitive - a person who has escaped from somewhere and is trying to avoid being caught
Usage - He is probably Britain's most famous fugitive from justice. 
Link - Fugitive was caught near a refugee camp trying to do a bomb blast

Fulminate - to explode with a large sound, issue a severe denunciation
Usage - He fulminated against the Republicans' plan to cut Medicare
Link - fulminate sounds like full + illuminate During an explosion or lightning, everything is illuminated completely.
Link2 - I'm FULL I just ATE any more and I will explode!

Fulsome - disgustingly excessive; offensively flattering
Usage - A friend of Julie Pankhurst's received a bully's fulsome apology by e-mail
Link - You can FOOL SOME people with excessive and insincere praise.. 
Link2 - usually when you have sex, two people is enough, threesome is more than enough, FULSOME(foursome) is excessive

Funereal - sad
Link - sounds like funeral...where everyone is sad

Furor - great anger shown by a number of people, solemn; suitable for a funeral
Usage -  The program is provoking a furor among privacy advocates. 
Link - fu + ror...read ror as roar...when does a person roar..when he is immensely angry or very excited
Link2 - sounds like fury...it means anger...

Furtive - stealthily, surreptitious, covertly
Usage - She cast a furtive glance over his shoulders
Link - One who is FARTive has to expel farts stealthily.
Link2 - The guy gave a furtive glance over her fati hui jeans...

Fusillade - simultaneous firing or outburst
Usage - Our fusillade from the left flank caught them by surprise
Link - Fusillade of bullets made the tyre fuss(sari hawa nikal gyi).....

Fussy - fastidious; finicky; easily upset
Usage - Since the day he was born, he has been a fussy eater. 
Link - fussy...read it as fussy in hindi..that is trapped...so ek ladki jo kisi uljhan me fussy ho wo asani se upset ho jati hai..

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Fluke - unlikely occurrence, stroke of fortune, accidental stroke of good luck
Usage - The reduced stocking rates in organic farming also reduce the fluke burden.
Link - sounds like flute...in old days girls were easily impressed by boys by playing flute...now a days it does not happen like that....if it happens its a fluke..

Fluster - to confuse or make nervous
Usage - He is a very calm person. Nothing can fluster him
Link - sounds like cluster....When someone asks you to find something in an untidy cluster of things you get all confused.

Flux - continuous movement and change
Usage - She succeeded in fluxing the three plays to produce a fresh new work.
Link -   fLUX, the LUX company keeps changing its soap varieties, thers LUX pink, LUX black, LUX gold etc..

Foible - small weakness of character, slight fault
Usage - We had a lot of fun together despite his little foibles.
Link -  foible rhymes with feeble.ur voice goes feeble when u commit some ERROR..

Foil - defeat, frustrate, prevent from being happening or successful
Usage - I do not know whether it is true, but the police claim to have foiled two dirty bomb plots in London.
Link - sounds like spoil...when your plan gets spoiled you get defeated and hence frustrated

Foist - force somebody to accept something that hey do not want
Usage - He foisted his work on me
Link - sounds like fists...the strong man foisted his work on me by showing his fists..

Foment - to incite, provoke, stir up
Usage - The unions were fomenting for a higher pay
Link - sounds like foam... when you stir up the soapy hot water...
Link2 - FIRST - MOMENT...the initial or first moments of any successful person began with motivation..

Foolhardy - person who takes unnecessary risks
Link - It will be foolhardy for a gal to go naked on a empty road late night with a playboy...

Fop - person who is interested in his clothes and the way he looks
Link - cops are very concerned about their dress...if they will not wear it properly no one will care a damn about them..so cops are foppy..

Foray - start to involve in a different activity or profession, raid ,sudden short attack
Usage - The maraud lasted for just few minutes but caused incredible damage. 
Link - NIIT foray into Ray Ban specs company...

Forbearance - patience
Usage - My Oscars dont have enough patience to wait for their food to hit the water 
Link -  FOR + BEARING ... What is needed for bearing some uninteresting stuff ? --- PATIENCE...
Link2 - Four lakh loss...i could bear it with forbearance...

Ford - place where a river can be crossed on foot
Link - We forded a ford in our new ford car.
Link2 - in a ford...no need for a CORD for crossing..

Foreboding - strong feeling that something unpleasant is going to happen
Usage - the lawyer had a foreboding that the judge would dismiss the case
Link - He had a foreboding when she was comig with her four body guards
Forestall - prevent by taking action in advance
Link - I forestalled the problem and booked four stalls because I was aware of the mob which was going to come...

Forlorn - sad and lonely
Usage - We should never be forlorn and should always remain happy
Link - I could not even learn four words because I was sitting forlorn as she was not looking at me...after break up...

Formidable - very impressive and powerful, arousing fear
Usage - Sania Mirza is a formidable player when she is in form
Link - FOR+ME+DEVIL...he is so strong...I'm afraid of him.

Forsake - to leave somebody when you have a responsibility to stay, desert, forsake
Usage - The mother deserted her children
Link - a despo boy saying to his girlfriend,,,,,, "FOR god SAKE , dont leave me , i need uuuuuu
Link2 - For the sake of Brad Pitt, Bipasha forsook John Abrahim

Forswear - to make a promise that you will stop doing or using something
Link - He swear every time that he will forswear wine for four hours

Forte - strong point or special talent in a person's character, a thing that somebody does well
Usage - Quant is my forte
Link -  forte( rhymes like a FORT)... in order to build a fort one requires a SPECIAL TALENT and also a FORT is very STRONG :)

Forthright - straightforward, direct, honest
Link - The teacher said forthrightly to a student that only fourth question is right in your whole paper so forget about GRE...

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Finicky - too particular; fussy, difficult to please, too concerned with unimportant details or quality
Usage - Since the day he was born, he has been a finicky eater
Link - The finicky little girl didnt eat the FIN of the fish because she thought it was ICKY
Link2 - may sound like PICKY...when you are about to pick a girl for marriage you look into every detail..

Fissure - crevice, crack
Usage - The insects were hidden in a crevice in the rock.
Link - fissure - fission, means split the nuclei- so a crack
Link2 - fissure is like fis(h)+ure... fishes are narrow and long.. and they have crack like fins.. 

Fitful - irregular, spasmodic
Link - I am fat and so trousers occasionally fit me fully. So its like sometimes yes and sometimes not..

Flaccid - soft and weak, flabby
Usage - By contrast Wynter's paintings seem like lazy hippy doodles, hanging limp like flaccid flags. 
Link - faila(to spread)+ acid(accid)...so ven d acid spreads it ll corrode things nd ll make dem soft nd flexible.

Flagrant - conspicuously wicked, bad, or offensive
Usage - It was a shameful, flagrant error on my part and there's nothing I can do to make it better.
Link - flag + rent --renting the national flag!(No offense meant) It is shocking & scandalous...

Flail - to move your hands and lega without control, slap or beat someone
Usage - Her arms were flailing
Link -  flail rhymes with fail....if a child fails in his exams, he is beaten hard by his parents.
Link2 - flail sounds like jail. in jail the criminals were bashed by the police to get the truth. slap, strike.

Flair - talent
Usage - He has a flair for mathematics
Link - Ric Flair has wrestling flair.
Link2 - fly+air...some dancers like they are floating in air..they have a dancing flair...
Flamboyant - confident and exciting in a way that attracts attention
Usage - My brother is flamboyant
Link - flamboyant ~ flame + boy; we have seen FLAMES coming from the BOY’S mouth in CIRCUS they are generally ORNATED and wore RICH COLOURED costumes….

Flaunt - display ostentatiously
Usage - He's got a lot of money but he doesn't flaunt it.
Link -  flaunt = fla (flash)+ aunt (aunty)= aunty flaunts her bounty and booty...

Flay - strip off skin, remove the skin from; criticize harshly
Usage - The king gave orders to flay the skin of criminals, break their bones, and chop them in pieces.
Link - flay sounds very similar to play. His skin flayed when he fell down while playing cricket.
Link2 - The girl asked me to lay down and flay my clothes...
Fleck - spot, very small area of a particular colour
Usage - His hair was black with flecks of broen
Link - White cornflakes with a fleck of orange colour

Fleece - wool coat of a sheep, to take a lot of money from somebody
Usage - He was trying to pluck me by asking four hundred dollars for the watch. 
Link -  when shopkeeper was fleecing me for this fleece jacket I flee with the jacket

Flinch - hesitate, to make a sudden movement with your face or body as a result of pain
Usage - She did not flinch in the face of danger.
Link - I flinched 1 inch when she pinched me on my pant...and that thing also increased few inches..

Flippant - lacking proper seriousness
Usage - His remark to the police was not meant to be flippant, he genuinely cannot remember what happened that day.
Link - focus on flip; during exam time if you flip through the pages of the book rather than reading them with concentration, then you LACK PROPER SERIOUSNESS.
Link2 - SLIP+PANT..if u put slips in pants while goin to exam den ur not serious abt ur exam...levity

Flit - to move lightly and quickly from one place to another, fly
Usage - The hummingbird flitted among the branches
Link - flit sounds like flight which flies very rapidly.
Link2 - Flies flit when the light was lit.
Link3 - flit=fly like it(can be anything) which is lite..n something thats lite fly's swiftly..

Floe - small piece of ice
Link - Floe sounds like the FLOW of ice from a melting glacier...

Florid - ruddy,reddish; flowery; very ornate
Link - florid sounds like florida. So u see beautiful beaches, with beautiful girls taking sunbath. There skin becomes reddish. So florid means reddish.
Link2 - flo(wer) + rid(red)sounds like a flower that is in a red color.. Also, florid ~ flowery 

Flotsam - parts of boat that are found floating on the sea
Link - FLOaTing-SAMan (saman,things)

Flounder - struggle and thrash about, not making decisions or not knowing what to say, behave awkwardly or having difficulties
Usage -  He floundered along in the heavy snow
Link - Sounds similar to founder.. a startup founder has to face lots of difficulties in the beginning.
Link2 - f(lounde)r... lounde(guys) has to struggle hard to get hitched to a girl..

Flout - show no respect to something openly by not obeying it, reject, mock
Usage - He always flout the traffic rules
Link - when we are playing gully cricket...FLOUT... FOUL + OUT. When a batsman is given out by foul, the batsman shows his contempt to the umpire by abusing him badly(teri maa ki....)

Flummox - to confuse, perplex
Link - I was flummoxed by the mock test papers of Time institute...they were really tough..

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Feral - wild, not domestic
Usage - He appears to be at ease with children, adults & other cats so I know he's not feral.
Link - feral , we can remember like fear+all =>we all will fear seeing a wild animal.

Ferment - agitation, unrest
Usage - the political ferment produced new leadership
Link -  fermant=german+t,the germans brought the whole world to a state of unrest during world war II..
Link2 - Ferment = firm + end, firm means stable , ferment brings end to firmness.

Ferret - drive or hunt out of hiding, uncover or discover by searching
Usage - She ferreted out the truth
Link - ferret = fair + rate on any item can only be found by a good determined search---other---She tried to ferret out their secret..
Link2 - Ferret is also an animal that looks like a large rat. There was a ferret in my house so we hunted it out of its hiding place so as to kill it.

Fervent -  ardent, zealous, hot
Usage - A fervent person shows very strong and sincere feelings about something.
Link - His servant is very fervent and cunning and always try to seduce his sister.
Link2 - ferv ..relate it with the word fever, and when you get fever your body becomes HOT.

Fester - produce irritation or resentment
Usage - His insult festered in my mind for days.
Link - rhymes with pester ... so if you pester someone they will get festered, meaning irritated....or the pests fester the farmers...

Fetter - shackle, restrict the freedom of
Usage - It had become an absolute fetter on the further development of the economy. 
Link - sounds like fart....when you are about to fart...you restrict it and do it without any noise..
Link2 - fetter sounds like(shutter) when a shutter is closed..then nothing can go out of it..
Link3 - fetter = feet tier i.e. used to tie feet...

Feud - bitter prolonged quarrel
Usage - The two professors have been feuding for years
Link - sounds like 'Fuel'.. so sme1 keeps adding fuel to the quarrel and it becomes a 'prolonged quarrel'.

Fiasco - total failure, disaster
Usage - Students were asking for fees because exam was a fiasco
Link - Fiasco = Psycho. If you are psycho, you may not make a girl your girlfriend..i mean if you will propose she will refuse..
Link2 - The show was a fiasco - the lights wouldn't work

Fiat - command; arbitrary order
Usage - A friend in New Mexico said that the fiat caused no trouble out there
Link - The company issued a fiat to stop the supply of Fiat(car).

Fickle - changeable

Fictitious - imaginary
Link - The characters in a fiction novel are fictitious.

Fidelity - loyalty, accuracy
Usage - The best printers can reproduce photographs with amazing fidelity.
Link - agar tum apni wife par "fida" hoge toh phir tum loyal hoge...

Fiend - evil spirit, devil
Link - Fiend is opposite of friend...friend is good and fiend is devil

Figment - invention, something invented, imaginary thing
Link - sounds like wig...wig on this bald man was my figment of imagination

Filch - steal
Usage - She couldn't believe he had actually filched the files she had so carefully hidden.
Link - sounds like fill+chai(tea)...Waiter was filling chai and i filched it.
Link2 - fil(fill)+ch(cheese) --> Lord Krishna filled cheese in his bag which is 'STOLEN'
Link3 - for potter fans.. Argus Filch looks like a thief -> steal

Filial - pertaining to or befitting a son or daughter
Usage - eg:- filial responsibilities of a son.
Link - it sounds like film + illal(illegal) i.e some films(A rated) are illegal to children...these films are not filial...

Filibuster - a long speech made in a parliament in order to to delay a speech
Link - filibuster they fill the speech with bursts...to waste the time..

Finesse - to do something with skill
Usage - Terry, by contrast, has less finesse at the expressive level. 
Link - finesse- seems like : fine + chinese, means chinese people are fine at art... 

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Fanfare - call by trumpets, showy display, spectacular public display
Usage - Her arrival was greeted with a rousing fanfare.
Link - Fanfare - can be read as Fans invite their Heroes by conducting big Fair's..
Link2 - it can b understand as FILMFARE AWARDS which cud b done in very showy manner

Farce - a funny play, something ridiculous or absurd
Usage - The arrival of johny lever mad the show a farce.
Link - sounds like FARTS....what a comedy show in which FARTS and farting was basic knack/talent to be shown.
Link2 - guys used to say in hindi-FAAD(FARCE) COMEDY THI YAAR...

Fastidious - difficult to please, very careful to every detail, scrupulous
Usage - He is a fastidious and incisive intellect.
Link - just like ... we fast to please god.....fast is tedious therefore god is fastidious
Link2 - When yo udrive fast, you have to drive fastidiously.

Fatalist - a person who believes in fate or who thinks that everything is predetermined and cannot prevent them
Link - fate+list.. basically fate is determined by force beyond ones control.. hence fatalist..
Link2 - There was a separate list of employees who believed in fate or who were fatalist

Fathom - investigate, find an explanation of something, to understand
Usage - It is hard to fathom the pain of this blast victim.
Link - shortform of "father or mother"....the always use to investigate what their son is doing...if he is studying or doing something else..

Fatuous - silly and showing a lack of intelligence
Usage - She punished the boy for his fatuous remarks.
Link - Most of the fat people are considered fatuous...we use to say to them..."mota dimag mand budhi.."..
Link2 - sounds like.... FAT ASS an ass is considered foolish.

Fawning - courting favor by cringing and flattering
Usage - He is nothing but an fawning social climber.
Link - sounds like phone...Guys use to fawn over the girls on the phone to make them their gf and then do it... 

Faze - to confuse, disconcert; dismay; embarrass
Usage - Sania was fazed at her comments
Link - Our face turns faze(d) when we are humiliated or embarrassed...
Link2 - faze sounds like phase.....so when you faze someone you actuly embarrass them....and getting embarrass is the worst phase in somebody's life ....

Febrile - feverish, nervous, excited and very active
Usage - A febrile reaction was caused by an allergent.
Link - Febrile activities are done on 14th feb between a gal and a guy....now a days even two guys.. :P...

Fecundity - fertility; fruitfulness
Usage - Sweet Earth, the fecund cow, was impregnated with the rich semen of Heaven.
Link - sounds like undi(undergarments)...wearing an undi every day, keeps the privates clean thereby assisting in the healthy growth

Feign - to pretend, malinger
Usage - Also, I resent the suggestion that all your readers are feigning public servants who never do any work anyway.
Link -  in an advertisement...fena hi lena...this advertisement trying to mislead others...
Link2 - Sourav Ganguly was feigning not paining
Link3 - relate feign to fine. wen ur frnd asks "wht is the thing tht is worrying u?". and wen u say FINE(then ur pretending)....
Link4 - feign -or- f-or-eign? Pretending or really a foreigner?

Feint - to trick, sham blow
Usage - The midfielder feinted to shoot
Link - A guy fainted a girl by feinting her....to satisfy his physical needs...
Link2 - The boxer was faked out by his opponent's feint. He then fainted because the blow he received was very strong.

Feisty - lively, energetic, tough, independent
Usage - The Ambassador is a tall, feisty lady whom I would not wish to upset. 
Link - Feisty man lifted Ford Fiesta by his fist

Felicity - great pleasure, happiness, mirth
Usage - In places the writing may lack clarity and felicity of expression.
Link - sounds like facility...If one gets all facility (s)he must be very happy......
Link2 - felicity= feel+ lic= its so pleasing that i am feeling like licking it (finger licking):)..

Felon - person who has committed a serious crime
Usage - He was an felon who people feared.
Link - fellow+no...he can't be my fellow because he is felon. 
Link2 - felon->melon->watermelon-> red-> blood->crime
Link3 - Felon ~ phoolan devi who was a notorious bandit and involved in many crimes.

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Facet - particular part of something, distinct feature or element in a problem
Usage - He studied every facet of the problem
Link - There are two facets of our face..one is :) and other one is :( ...
Link2 - Ram fell on facet of his face which changed completely after the accident.

Facetious - trying to appear amusing when you should better be serious
Usage - After a while, she learnt to take his facetious in the light way it was meant to be taken.
Link - FACETIOUS ~ face + t + (ser) ious; if you ever face any facetious remarks, you should not take them seriously.

Facade - the front of a building, the way she appears to be which is different from reality
Usage - She managed to maintain a facade of indifference.
Link - sound slike face+aid...when Ram fell on facet of his face..she gave him aid and then AIDS...i hope you understood the link..

Facile - easily accomplished, produced without effort, fluent or ready
Usage - facile solution to a complex problem
Link - sounds like fasaayi....ladke ne fluent fluent baate karke ladi fasayi which was very facile for him as he used facetious remarks..
Link2 - the word sounds like 'fisalna'...woh itna fluent tha ki fisal gaya..

Facsimile - copy
Usage - Can you facsimile me the report right away
Link - focus on facs...sounds like fax...which is used to copy..
Link - Fac(Fact)+simile(smile) - It is a fact of life that if u smile 2 some1 he would smile u back! i.e. copy u!

Faction - party, small group of people in a large group
Usage - In history, the faction that overthrows the one in power, is usually led by a confidant of the victim.
Link - sounds like fraction....faction because of fraction of large party....
Link2 - sound like function ..means party

Factitious - artificial, not natural
Usage - Brokers created a factitious demand for stocks.
Link - sounds very similar to word FICTITIOUS....so something which is fictitious .. is always artificial.
Link2 - All the facts and figures presented by the employee of the company were factitious to get promoted.

Factotum - person who does every kind of work
Usage - Ram is factotum as he can do all the women stuff too.
Link - Ram was ordered to all kind of work or else his scrotum will be kicked so he acted liked factotum.
Link2 - The Servant who does one job- just fucked partially. The servant who has to do all the JOBS- Fucked Totally- FACTOTUM

Fallacious - false, misleading
Usage - He played an faalacious scheme to escape paying taxes.
Link - sounds like salacious...Kids mislead their parents to enjoy salacious stuff.

Fallible - liable to make mistakes
Usage - Everyone is fallible to some degree but God is infallible
Link - fall+iblle....think of a person who can FALL FOR anything, hence makes mistakes...

Falter - hesitate, weaken in purpose or action
Usage - His courage faltered on stage
Link - When something is going great then you falter to alter anything between you and your wife.
Link2 - failing to utter due to hesitation in front of interviewer..
Link3 - After her faults his courage faltered.

Fanaticism - excessive zeal, extreme devotion to a belief or cause, bigot
Usage -  His fanaticism towards his Guru was really great
Link - sounds like fantasy...you have immense fanaticism towards your fantasy..

Fancied - imagined, unreal
Usage - He always fancied having date with Katrina Kaif.
Link - imagine fancy dress competition - becoming something that's not you / real ... you can only imagine to be that person !

Fancier - a person who has a special interest in something esp. who keeps birds or animals
Link - fancier -> cier -> bear -> deer - > CR (ciyar is a animal) -> pyar (means love) = one who loves animals and plants or has special interest in them..

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