Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Ken - range of knowledge
Usage - The issue was beyond his ken
Link - sounds like ten...when a child of 3 years speaks all the counting from 1 to 10...we assume he has good range of knowledge...

Kernel - central part or vital
Usage - We finally understood the kernel of his argument.
Link - kernel sounds similar to colonel. In an army the colonel has an importance of being the central authority.

Killjoy - grouch; spoilsport; one who intentionally spoils the pleasure of others
Usage - War veterans reacted with outrage last night as remembrance parades were targeted by health and safety killjoys.
Link - kill+joy....... kill here means spoil .+ others joy means.....to spoil others pleasure....

Kindred - related, belonging to the same group, kinship
Usage -  He gave close attention to natural history, astronomy and kindred subjects.
Link - all of them are 'kind' 'red' indians ..... so they belong to one community / group share kinship..
Link2 - red ->blood...-> blood relations....kinship..

Knack - special talent, art
Usage - he had a special knack for getting into trouble
Link - sounds like kick+neck...TO KICK UR NECK...U NEED TALENT...
Link2 -  Knack sounds very close to 'NAP' < meaning to sleep. So you need special talent, skill to take nap in between office hours! ;) hehe

Knave - untrustworthy person, a dishonest person
Usage - He is a knave, you should never trust them.
Link - k+nave..naive(means trustworthy, innocent)....knave is just the opposite of naive.
Link2 - Laloo prasda yadav looks naive but he is knave..
Knead - mix dough with water(aata gundna); mix and work into a uniform mass
Link - knead = k-nead(need)...what do you need? ..food? Then you will have to mix the dough...

Kneel - go down on one's knee(s)
Usage - In church you have to kneel during parts of the service
Link - Kneel (go down on your knees) karte karte mere ghutnon (knees) mein NEEL pad gaye.
Link2 - Our teachers often say "kneel down" to punish us..
Knell - bell, to ring a bell esp to indicate a funeral, disaster
Usage - My uncle knell every Sunday at the local church
Link - knell== k + (hell+bell) === when u die u wil be in hell... so knell means tolling of a bell to indicate funeral..
Link2 - for cricket fans....when andrew nel(of south africa) comes ganguly thinks that today his death bell has been rung... uski fast bowlers se fat-ti hai...

Knit - contract into wrinkles; grow together; join together closely when u r angry or worried
Usage -  The relationship between public art and its publics involves enough problems to knit the brows of a whole platoon of therapists. 
Link - I knitted the eyebrows when she lit the candle and removed her clothes...
Knoll - little round hill; hillock
Link - A big size nail resembles a knoll for an ant.

Knotty - difficult, intricate, tangled
Usage - There has to be a solution to the knotty problems in the town. 
Link - When you are with a girl alone in a room then it is very knotty to behave naughty in front of her...
Kowtow - to show somebody in authority too much respect and too willing to obey
Link - He is acting like a cow and is willing to tow(carry) heavy files with him...

Kudos - honor; glory; acclaim or praise for exceptional achievement
Usage - Kudos to me for finishing another alphabet...
Link - KUDO(to jump in Hindi). one JUMPS with joy on recieving an HONOUR.
Link2 - sounds lik judo..so when u win win in judo ull be "honoured" with k-belt(like black belt in karate).

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