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Fortitude - bravery, courage shown in spite of difficult situation
Usage - You have a chance to help here, but it will take some intestinal fortitude on your part.
Link - In ancient days, when people use to live in forts n all....they had fortitude to live in fort because anyone could attack at any time...
Link2 - fort + attitude....a couple went on top of red fort and did it in front of everyone..great eg of fortitude..

Fortuitous - something pleasant happening by chance, accidental, by chance
Usage - Or there's Dewey, the idiot cop who has arrived in town with curiously fortuitous timing.
Link - equivalent to fortune...... fortune isn't destined to occur it is accidental

Foster - to encourage something to develop
Usage - The new program will also support networks to foster collaboration between researchers.
Link - Foster father fostering his child to have a foster beer.
Link2 - sounds like poster...poster are used as ads to promote the product..

Fracas - a noisy argument or fight usually involving several people.
Usage - Few men had a fracas in the middle of the road.
Link - sounds like frock...a girl became ready to remove her frock but only in front of a single person.....there were many people so there occurred a fracas that who will remove her frock...
Link2 - Fracas-(fraud + cause), a fraud will generally cause a quarrel or brawl....

Fractious - bad tempered, peevish
Usage - She seemed rather fractious and distracted today.
Link - f + RACTIOUS(rakshas like raavan)...rakshas and all are easily irritated and are fractious...
Link2 - when u get a fracture, u get cranky,irksome

Frail - physically weak,  fragile
Usage - You should never beat a frail man.
Link - F+ RAIL > Indian Railway alwayz SLOW/WEAK!...
Link2 - fra(farah)+il(ill)...farah khan became ill so she became thin and weak...
Link3 - if u fail in a subject then you are weak in it...

Frantic - wild, something which is done quickly but disorganized as little time is left
Usage - Life is frantic for working women.
Link - F+Ran(running)+Tic(tic-tic,time) > so as u r outta home and u getting late, at home ur mom wil go wild/distraught with fear or worry.
Link2 - In foreign countries life is frantic and everyone has to run quickly the race of success.

Fraudulent - cheating ,deceitful
Link - the word itself suggests the meaning...fraud...

Fraught - filled with something unpleasant
Usage - The negotiations have been fraught with difficulties/problems right from the start.
Link - fraught = fraud + caught; The fraud or thief was caught. His pockets were filled with jewels and he was fraught with fear..
Link2 - Fraught sounds like 'fought'. When you have fought a war, your mind is filled with emotional distress from all the killings.

Fray - brawl, fight, wear away or unravel by rubbing
Usage - The friction frayed the sleeve
Link - sounds like tray...when a tray full of undergarments and clothes was presented in front of group of nude women they strated to fight among themselves to get the clothes...
Link2 - we only pray to God only when we are in the fray

Frazzle - to wear or to become worn to rags
Usage - It had been a very demanding day and I was rather frazzled.
Link - Fridge jal gya, it frazzled...

Freebooter - pirate or plunderer who makes war in order to grow rich
Link - someone who BOOTS(kicks) everyone for FREE(no reason) and robs them.

Frenzy - madly excited, excessively agitated; distraught with fear or other violent emotion
Usage - The Emperor was in a frenzy of excitement till he tried them on. 
Link - sounds like frenchy....when a smart man just wearing frenchy came in front of some old ladies in a bar....the ladies turned frenzy..

Fresco - a picture painted on the wall while the plaster is still wet
Link -  Fresco = Fresh + Coat. A fresh coat of paint.

Fret - be annoyed or vexed, to eat away, to wear away by gnawing, rubbing, corroding, etc.
Usage - The most special day of your life, so relax, enjoy, and don't fret the small stuff.
Link - sounds like rat...when the rat eats away your stuff or books you get annoyed...

Frigid - intensely cold; cold in manner
Usage - The frigid climate does not support all forms of life.
Link - sounds like fridge....its cold...

Fritter - waste, squander, spend frivolously and unwisely
Usage - Fritter away one's inheritance
Link - Sounds like twitter..When u r twittering u r wasting ur time...
Link2 - Sounds Like Flirtier. When u flirt u waste time and money.

Frivolous - lacking in seriousness; flippant; self-indulgently carefree
Usage - Television was too frivolous a media to be allowed to show a State Occasion.
Link - Fri-vo-lous ~Free - If something is free, u dont take it seriously, you think oh they are giving it for free coz its not that important stuff.. or not the stuff in demand.. or not the stuff taken seriously by public..

Frolic - play and jump around happily
Usage - The children frolicked in the garden
Link - FROLIC ~ FRiends or LIQuor; I need both for frolicking. 

Frugal - thrift; economy ,prudence in avoiding waste
Link - frugal means avoiding waste... read it as free+girl...if a girl comes for free, it saves waste of money 
Link2 - Frugal girls wearing few clothes...

Fuddle - make stupid or confused as with alcholic drink
Usage - These questions fuddle even the experts
Link - FUDDLE OR MUDDLE - confused....

Frump - a woman wearinf clothes which are not fashinable
Link - Frump was sauntering on the ramp...
Link2 - Frump showing her bump in an awkward way..

Fugitive - a person who has escaped from somewhere and is trying to avoid being caught
Usage - He is probably Britain's most famous fugitive from justice. 
Link - Fugitive was caught near a refugee camp trying to do a bomb blast

Fulminate - to explode with a large sound, issue a severe denunciation
Usage - He fulminated against the Republicans' plan to cut Medicare
Link - fulminate sounds like full + illuminate During an explosion or lightning, everything is illuminated completely.
Link2 - I'm FULL I just ATE any more and I will explode!

Fulsome - disgustingly excessive; offensively flattering
Usage - A friend of Julie Pankhurst's received a bully's fulsome apology by e-mail
Link - You can FOOL SOME people with excessive and insincere praise.. 
Link2 - usually when you have sex, two people is enough, threesome is more than enough, FULSOME(foursome) is excessive

Funereal - sad
Link - sounds like funeral...where everyone is sad

Furor - great anger shown by a number of people, solemn; suitable for a funeral
Usage -  The program is provoking a furor among privacy advocates. 
Link - fu + ror as roar...when does a person roar..when he is immensely angry or very excited
Link2 - sounds like means anger...

Furtive - stealthily, surreptitious, covertly
Usage - She cast a furtive glance over his shoulders
Link - One who is FARTive has to expel farts stealthily.
Link2 - The guy gave a furtive glance over her fati hui jeans...

Fusillade - simultaneous firing or outburst
Usage - Our fusillade from the left flank caught them by surprise
Link - Fusillade of bullets made the tyre fuss(sari hawa nikal gyi).....

Fussy - fastidious; finicky; easily upset
Usage - Since the day he was born, he has been a fussy eater. 
Link - it as fussy in hindi..that is ek ladki jo kisi uljhan me fussy ho wo asani se upset ho jati hai..

Hii guys......the wordlist of "F" has ended....suggest the next alphabet.........follow the blog to get all the words in your email.....

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