Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Grovel - to move along the ground on your hands and knees, crawl on ground
Usage - She was creeping in front of him to avoid the assault. 
Link - One who wants to "grow well" needs to grovel before his manager.
Link2 - sounds like novel .. when we read an erotic novel we lie down...

Grudge - deep feeling of dislike
Usage - We should never have a feeling of grudge against anyone
Link - grudge....rhyme like ..judge.... so judge's order have to follow unwillingly...

Gruel - a simple dish made by boiling oats in water
Usage - The cruel managers of the orphanage give the hungry children a meagre meal of gruel.
Link - Cruel people should be given gruel in order to teach them a lesspn.

Grueling - exhausting
Usage - Every morning, the miners worked their grueling way up the mining valley. 
Link - sounds like grew+ling(hindi word for sex)...when you grow your ling and use it for doing it..then you get exhausted...
Link -  sounds like grilling...when you do grueling you get grilled...

Gruesome - very unpleasant and filling you with horror, grisly, horrible
Usage - The scene of crime was a gruesome sight to behold.
Link - Gruesome murder of Gurukul's Guru because he was having extra marital affair.

Gruff - rough-mannered, deep and harsh sounding
Usage - Beneath his gruff exterior he is kind hearted
Link - sounds like rough...a rough-mannered person is generally gruff.
Link2 - It is very tough to act against your enemy without rough behaviour.

Grumble - complain
Usage - The children grumbled when the teacher gave them another homework assignment.
Link - sounds like humble....humble people do not complain..
Link2 - gRUMble...when a girl has drunk rum then she does not grumble about anything even if boy do anything with her.

Grumpy - bad tempered
Link - He became grumpy, garam garam rum peene ke baad..

Guffaw - to laugh noisily
Usage - He guffawed when the teacher came in shorts
Link -  remember gufa in hindi. If you laugh a bit in gufa, it sounds like boisterous laugh.
Link2 - rhymes with gappa or gappe(hindi)...jab log gappe marte hein, this is when there is boisterous laughter all around ....I know its a way too dumb..

Guile - shrewdness, cunning, use of tricks to deceive someone
Usage - His behavior during the game proved that he was very guile.
Link - guys of our age always guile gals to do them with them
Link2 - guile sounds like goals.. people often use guile to achieve their goals

Gull - trick, deceive
Usage - The immigrant was gulled because he trusted everyone
Link - sounds like gul(to disappear)...cheezein "gul" karna matlab trick se flick karna.

Gullible - a person who is easily deceived
Link - The gals are easily gullible as they are callow...guys make full use of them..

Gust - strong abrupt rush of wind
Usage - the tree was bent almost double by the gust
Link - august = au+gust. august means mighty. august mein bahut tej baarish aur hawa chalti hai.

Gusto - eager enjoyment; zest; enthusiasm
Usage - They welcomed the guest with gusto and ordered food according to gustatory sense of the guest
Link - sounds like ghashti(hindi word for whore)...when you found a ghashti you do it with her with full zeal...

Guzzle - to drink something in large quantity
Link - While listening to the ghazal I was guzzling wine.

Gusty - windy, very strong winds
Link - gusty=dusty..so when the wind blows dust will form.

Guy - cable or chain attached to something that needs to be braced or steadied, subject to laughter or ridicule
Usage - The Italians guyed the Tower of Pisa to prevent it from collapsing
Link - sounds like hidi word of cow....You tie a COW (in hindi GUY) with a rope.
Link2 - women or girls are said to be emotional compared to guys.. Guy tend to brace them and steady their emotions..acting as cables for support..

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ashna said...

i thn knxt word shuld b "F"....

anand said...

hey no offense bt i feel as wonderful it is to learn new words by linking dem to rhymic wrds,the use of vulgaric situations or examples is just not necessary as it pollutes one's consciousness leading to a break of concentration levels.If u cud just keep the lil obscene examples out of it,ur wrk will b even more fabulous. cheers..!!

AJ said...

the next letter can be f or l or v.

Anonymous said...

the next letter should be v.

wizkid said...

can the next letter please be 'v' or 'w' or 'o'? thanks for putting such a great effort and that too selflessly....an act of 'altruism'..