Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Facet - particular part of something, distinct feature or element in a problem
Usage - He studied every facet of the problem
Link - There are two facets of our is :) and other one is :( ...
Link2 - Ram fell on facet of his face which changed completely after the accident.

Facetious - trying to appear amusing when you should better be serious
Usage - After a while, she learnt to take his facetious in the light way it was meant to be taken.
Link - FACETIOUS ~ face + t + (ser) ious; if you ever face any facetious remarks, you should not take them seriously.

Facade - the front of a building, the way she appears to be which is different from reality
Usage - She managed to maintain a facade of indifference.
Link - sound slike face+aid...when Ram fell on facet of his face..she gave him aid and then AIDS...i hope you understood the link..

Facile - easily accomplished, produced without effort, fluent or ready
Usage - facile solution to a complex problem
Link - sounds like fasaayi....ladke ne fluent fluent baate karke ladi fasayi which was very facile for him as he used facetious remarks..
Link2 - the word sounds like 'fisalna'...woh itna fluent tha ki fisal gaya..

Facsimile - copy
Usage - Can you facsimile me the report right away
Link - focus on facs...sounds like fax...which is used to copy..
Link - Fac(Fact)+simile(smile) - It is a fact of life that if u smile 2 some1 he would smile u back! i.e. copy u!

Faction - party, small group of people in a large group
Usage - In history, the faction that overthrows the one in power, is usually led by a confidant of the victim.
Link - sounds like fraction....faction because of fraction of large party....
Link2 - sound like function ..means party

Factitious - artificial, not natural
Usage - Brokers created a factitious demand for stocks.
Link - sounds very similar to word something which is fictitious .. is always artificial.
Link2 - All the facts and figures presented by the employee of the company were factitious to get promoted.

Factotum - person who does every kind of work
Usage - Ram is factotum as he can do all the women stuff too.
Link - Ram was ordered to all kind of work or else his scrotum will be kicked so he acted liked factotum.
Link2 - The Servant who does one job- just fucked partially. The servant who has to do all the JOBS- Fucked Totally- FACTOTUM

Fallacious - false, misleading
Usage - He played an faalacious scheme to escape paying taxes.
Link - sounds like salacious...Kids mislead their parents to enjoy salacious stuff.

Fallible - liable to make mistakes
Usage - Everyone is fallible to some degree but God is infallible
Link - fall+iblle....think of a person who can FALL FOR anything, hence makes mistakes...

Falter - hesitate, weaken in purpose or action
Usage - His courage faltered on stage
Link - When something is going great then you falter to alter anything between you and your wife.
Link2 - failing to utter due to hesitation in front of interviewer..
Link3 - After her faults his courage faltered.

Fanaticism - excessive zeal, extreme devotion to a belief or cause, bigot
Usage -  His fanaticism towards his Guru was really great
Link - sounds like have immense fanaticism towards your fantasy..

Fancied - imagined, unreal
Usage - He always fancied having date with Katrina Kaif.
Link - imagine fancy dress competition - becoming something that's not you / real ... you can only imagine to be that person !

Fancier - a person who has a special interest in something esp. who keeps birds or animals
Link - fancier -> cier -> bear -> deer - > CR (ciyar is a animal) -> pyar (means love) = one who loves animals and plants or has special interest in them..

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