Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Colloquial – informal or conversational vocabulary, pertaining to conversational or common speech
Usage - He converses in colloquial Japanese as easily as in English.
Link -  colloquial - can be read as Coll - local so we use local language(informal) language in our college..teri maa ki....etc etc...

Collusion - conspiring in a fraudulent scheme to cheat or deceive others
Usage - Their collusion was made public by their enemies. 
Link - sounds like illusion which is also used to deceive someone..
Link2 - ollu- resembles ullu(owl) ,,ullu banaya..vo fraud nikala....

Colossal - of immense size, huge, gigantic, monumental, mammoth.Usage - The task they face is colossal.
Link1 - sounds like colo+sal(year)...he won a prize of colossal supply of colo(coca cola) for 1 saal(year)...
Comatose - in a coma, extremely sleepy
Usage - Grandpa lies comatose on the sofa.
Link1 - sounds like coma+toes...a person can't move his toes on his own if he is in coma....
Comely - attractive, agreeable, having a pleasing appearance
Usage - She was a large, comely girl with a mass of dark brown hair.
Link1 – sounds like Komal...my girlfriends Komal is very attractive and beautiful..meaning of her name describes her skin...
Comestible - something fit to be eaten
Usage - Insects are comestible things.
Link - sounds like COMESTIBLE ~ COME+ ITS + EATABLE 
Link2 - There were delicious comestibles at our college mess table...

Comeuppance - well-deserved punishment or misfortune; rebuke
Usage - The central character is an evil man who gets his comeuppance in the end.
Link1 - Comeuppance = Come + Upper (hindi) + Once. In the movie DON, Helen convinced don to come
to her bed room ( upper wala) just once, so that she can kill him and thereby take revenge of her brother’s
(ramesh) death. So don deserved comeuppance....
Link2 - A student attempts a prank during a lecture. The teacher holds up a stick in her hand and asks the student to come up and face the punishment he deserves.
Commodious – spacious, large and roomy, suitable and comfortable.
Usage - Big terraces of commodious houses went up.
Link1 - Concentrate on MODI. The bungalows of lalit modi and narendra modi are commodious.

Commensurate - equal in extent; of the same size
Usage - A salary commensurate with my performance.
Link - Common + rate(ratio); When you are doing a problem in Ratio and Proportion, you try to assume the variable as a common ratio (or a PROPORTIAONATE) of the known variables.
Commiserate - feel or express pity or sympathy for
Usage - Raj's friends commiserated with him after he lost the match.
Link1 - Com(ma) + Miser(able) + serate(state); When Raj came to know that his friend's mother was in 
COma(a miserable state), he went to commiserate him.
Compendium - brief, comprehensive summary Usage - This text can serve as a compendium of the tremendous amount of new material being developed in this field.
Link1 - CUM(hindi for less) PEN use karke u can just write summary of topic....
Complacency - self satisfaction
Usage - The Indian team after winning all the matches of the league stage were beaten comprehensively in the finals, thanks to their complacency.
Link - A comfortable place makes u COMplacent.
Link2 - COMP(Company)+PLACEncy- When you get placed in a company you get complacency.....
Link3 - sounds like complan...when we add compan to the milk we are satisfied that the milk is good for child's growth...
Compliant - readily acting in accordance with a rule, order, or the wishes or others
Usage - She tried to be a compliant wife. 
Link - compli(comply)+ant(aunt)..TO comply with UR AUNT wishes or willings to do it with her....

Comport - bear one's self; behave.
Usage - He comported himself with great dignity
Link1 - comport = com + port. When you come to the (air)port, you need to behave with dignity..to pretend  that you are very rich...
Compunction - remorse, feeling of guilt about doing something
Usage - The Judge was sever with the criminal, because he felt that the criminal had not shown any compunction for his crime.
Link1 - come + puncture..(punch). You will say "come and punch me" only if you are in deep regret of having done something wrong....

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Monday, June 28, 2010


Codicil - later addition to a will
Usage - The codicil came as a great relief to the disappointed heirs.
Link - sounds like KOTHI + SEAL...Imagine a person getting an aalishaan KOTHI through a will...but unfortunately due to some codicil..his kothi is sealed....

Coeval - living at the same time as, existing during the same period of time
Usage - He is my coeval.
Link - sounds similar to co-evolve meaning EVOLVED OR BORN AT THE SAME TIME....twins co-evolve at same time...they both are each other's coeval...

Cogent - convincing
Usage - He presented a cogent argument.
Link -  cogent - gent - a gentle person is always the right person to convince others....
Link2 - A company's agent always give cogent explanation of the product...

Cognizance - having knowledge of something
Usage - The chapter seemed beyond her cognizance.
Link - cognizant is a company in Gurgaon....only "knowledgeable" students get placed in "cognizant" during placements!..

Cohabit - live together
Usage - The two were cohabiting since a year. 
Link - co - together, habit resembles habitat ie, a living place..so cohabit, is living together..

Coiffure - hairstyle
Usage - She arrived in an interesting coiffure.
Link - coiffure - in this word, if you can see, fure, read it as fur..which is the hair of animals. If you check the oi letters in the word, take it as oil and oil is used for hairstyling..!!

Collate - examine and compare in order to verify authenticity, arrange in order 
Usage - They used a software to collate the information. 
Link - sounds lile col(college)+ late...when her daughter came late from the college, he started collating the information from her...
Link2 - corelate = for corelating, we first arrange it in order and then make critical comparisons...

Collateral - security given for loan
Usage - They put up their home as collateral. 
Link - When you give a loan to someone and he doesnot return the money what will you do??? You'll call him repeatedly but he will say "CALL LATER". To avoid this scene, you will take some kind of security such as property, jewellery......

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Sunday, June 27, 2010


Churlish - boorish or vulgar, having a bad disposition, harsh.Usage - It seemed churlish to refuse an offer meant so kindly.
Link - For all Shahid Kapoor fans, in the movie Kaminey, Shahid kapoor played double role and one of them CHARLIE(churlish) was boorish and always had an inclination(disposition) towards crime(bad)...
Link2 - sounds like girlish...you should not be rude to those guys who are girlish types...i know they are boring..
Citadel - a stronghold or fortified place, a bulwark, a fortress in a commanding position.Usage - The citadel at Besancon towered above the river.
Link1 - City + Del(hi); When India was not divided, the CITY DELHI was in a position frm where you can control all the other places.
Link2 - cita(Seeta) was captured by Ravana and was confined to his fortress with all his sena del(dal) protecting her...

Clamber - to climb with difficulty, awkward climbing.
Usage - They clambered up the steep hills.
Link1 - Climber when written awkwardly is clamber...so clamber means a person who is having difficulties during climbing,, :P

Clamor - a loud continuous noise, a vehement expression of discontent or protest.Usage - A clamor in the press for pollution control.
Link1 - Clamor rhymes with glamour. In the glamour industry, there is clamor in the viewers whenever a
celebrity comes on the stage.

Clandestine – kept or done in secret, concealed, furtive, hidden, and stealthy.Usage - They are said to have been holding clandestine meetings for years.
Link - the girl said to his boyfriend when her father caught both of them...Plan(Clan) this(des) time(tine) in Clandestine --- Plan this time secretly
Link2 – Clandestine = Candle + Einstein. So Einstein during his research days conducted clandestine
experiments in a secret chamber with only a candle as a source of light.

Clangor - a loud resonant repeating noise.Usage - He could hear the clang of distant bells.
Link1 - Clangor -> Class + Lang(uage). In a primary class, when learning the alphabets of a new language,
all the students shout out the alphabets after the teacher (at least 5 times) in a loud resonating sound. So
clangor means a loud repeating noise.
Link2 - sounds like banger....a banger bangs a girl repeatedly with a loud repeating noise...

Clarion - shrill, loud and clear, inspiring,trumpetlike sound
Usage - A clarion call to action.
Link1 - sounds like clarity...so a clarion voice has clarity in it....

Cleave - to split with a sharp instrument, to separate, adhere to something
Usage – To cleave a path (to make by cutting).
Link1 - sounds like cleavage...it separates both hanging parts of a woman....

Clement - lenient
Usage - She thanked god for such clemency.
Link - cle+me+mercy give me some mercy...u got mercy from the person from whom u expect punishment...

Clout - great influence (especially political or social), hard blow with fist 
Usage - I gave him a clout on his nose
Link - sound slike call out....when you call out your ex-girlfriend's name during your marriage instead of your present girlfriend....you are surely gonna receive a hard blow from your present gf....
Link2 - cl(call) + out.In cricket match umpire will give out(decision). So they have great influence....

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Saturday, June 26, 2010


Charlatan - pretender in knowledge(esp in medicine), quack
Usage - The charlatan confused the crowd into buying the things for a higher price.
Link - you hit CHAR LATEIN (in Hindi language) (4 kicks) to the person who misguides you as he himself doesn't know anything....

Chary - cautious, unwilling to take risks
Usage - The advices that the chary minister gave the king, helped him win over the enemies.
Link - sounds like "BramhaChari": What do the Bramhachari's do ?? They try to keep away from Marriage/ Females in general...they are very cautious about maintaining distance from women...

Chastise - punish as by beating
Usage - She chastised him for his insensitive remarks
Link - sounds liek chaste(virginity)....The father chastised his daughter when she lost her chaste....

Cherubic - angelic, innocent looking
Usage - The child had a cherubic face.
Link - sounds like chehra(face)+ruby....girls whose chehra is like a ruby are very angelic...

Chicanery - trickery, deception
Usage - His chicanery always worked.
Link - sounds like chic(young girl)+nari(indian woman)...the difference between them is chics are very deceptive while naris are innocent....chics trick the husbands of naris to get money by doing it with them...

Chide - scold, rebuke
Usage - The mother chided the child for entering a stranger's car
Link - chide can be remembered as "hide". You hide to avoid getting scolded if you do something wrong...

Chimerical - fantastically improbable,  highly unrealistic
Usage - His Utopia is not a chimerical commonwealth but a practical improvement on what already exists
Link - It has "miracle" in it-> Miracle is imaginative....

Chivalrous - faithful, courteous, brave
Usage - He was a chivalrous man.
Link - sounds like SHIVA(Hindu's GOD).. he is a true example of bravery and courteousness....

Choleric - bad tempered
Usage - Her behavior led to a choleric response from him.
Link - sounds like high collar.....if someone has a high collar(means arrogance)...his is surely a choleric person...because he will get irritated very fast when his ego gets hurt...

Chore - daily domestic task (such as cleaning, cooking, and shopping)
Usage - He is in a habit of choring activities of his house.
Link - sounds like chor(thief)....in some cheap TV serials we see that maids, servants(who do daily REGULAR household TASKS) often turn into thieves(CHOR!!)....

Chortle - chuckle with delight, laugh quietly
Usage - She let out a chortle.
Link - sounds like chori(robbery)....CHORI TAL gayi because due to our laughter, Chor knew that we are awake in our room....
Link2 -  Chor(thieves) used to laugh in opposite way of chortle...

Friday, June 25, 2010


Cauterize - burn, sear using chemical or heat
Usage - Twenty years of military service in the war front, totally cauterized him.
Link 1- With hot cutter, doctor cauterize the cut.
Link 2- sounds like cotton..which used when your skin burns or gets wounded. 
Caulk - waterproof filter and sealant used in building and repair to make water tight
Usage -  A caulk was applied at the leaking bottle.
Link - Caulk sounds like cork..caulk tube to fill crack holes of a ship.

Cavil - find fault unnecessarily
Usage - Prasad tried to repeatedly cavil the proposal by raising silly oppositions.
Link -  'cavil' transformed as 'vakil', who used to put "objections" on each point of the opposition.
Link2-  sounds like evil.. evil people always find unnecessary faults in the good.
Link3- rhymes with KAABIL(potent in hindi), u dont make OBJECTIONS to what KAABIL people say.

Celerity - speed, rapidly
Usage - IT was with incredible celerity that the winner’s race car went through the pavilion.
Link - Celebrity like Ranbir kapoor, Hrithik Roshan dance with celerity.
Link2 - Relate to: Accelerate = Ac (celerity) = which means speed up something or doing something rapidly.

Celibate - not married and are virgin
Usage - In most of the congregations, priesthood can be chosen only by unmarried or celibate men.
Link - sounds like saali(sister in law)...My saali maintained her celibacy till I met her.
Link2 - Celibate=celina+abate which means abating sex with Celina Jaitley (a popular bollywood actress) as you want to remain your celibacy...
Link3 - Celebrities are not at all celibate because they have to get work in place of that.

Censure - blame, criticize
Usage - The engineer censured the workers for their lack of punctuality.
Link -   sounds like censor board...which always criticizes every inch of the film and also disapproves of some of the parts.
Chafe - warm by rubbing, annoy
Usage - This leash chafes the dog's neck
Link - the word resembles cafe- cafe is a place where u can see lovers rubbing each others hands, to make things warm and sore..lol...
Link2 - sounds like cafe....cafe is always hot..and if its in a china cup it gets hotter by rubbing... 

Chagrin - annoyance and disappointment
Usage - To the chagrin of many of the members of the political party, the leader was arrested for bribery. 
Link - I was in a meeting and to my chagrin, CHAI GIR gayi on my pant making it very embarrassing for me...
Chalice - goblet, consecrated cup 
Usage - The priest distributed the wine from the chalice to the people present at the mass. 
Link - it is pronounced as chaalis (40); imagine ali baba 40 chor having drinks in a chalice ..
Link2 - CHALICE can be pronounced as CHAI PLEASE... so he gets you CHAI in a CONSECRATED CUP...
Chaperon - old person who supervises young unmarried woman
Usage - The bride and her chaperon were late for the ceremony as they were struck in heavy traffic. 
Link - Chaperon sounds CHAP-WRONG and wrong chaps tease young women..hence need older men to supervise...
Link2 - Ron naam ka budha(old person) chape ho gya bandi ke....saala chipku....milne nahi deta hume usse...
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Thursday, June 24, 2010


Carafe - glass water bottle
Usage - Sarah was terribly upset as she had accidentally broken the expensive glass carafe that they use for the Christmas party.
Link - For my car's cafe, I bought a carafe.

Cardinal - chief, most important
Usage - Cardinal flowers are named after its bright red color.
Link - Cardiac muscles are cardinal.

Careen - stagger, move in an unsteady way as if one is drunk
Usage - The careen put them in great danger.
Link -careen sounds like car in rain...car will MOVE IN AN UNSTEADY manner in the rain.
Link2 - I careened towards Kareena Kapoor's house when she called me and agreed to do with me.

Caricature - a representation of a person that is exaggerated for comic effect, distortion
Usage -  The drawing caricatured the President
Link - Jim Carry is famous for his facial caricatures because he shows all kinds of distorted faces.

Carnage - destruction of life
Usage - Thousands were killed in the horrific carnage caused by the attacking enemy.
Link 1 - If under aged people drive the car, there is a possibility that he may kill people on the road.
Link 2 - Carnage = car + rage(remove n). A car coming in rage may result in mass killing or mass destruction.

Carnal - connected with body or sexual desires
Usage - Men is taught and trained to suppress his intimate carnal desires.
Link 1 - Nowadays cars are used to satisfy carnal desires.
Link 2 - Karnal had carnal desires and fulfilled with her wife in a car(also rhymes with anal).

Carping - petty criticism, fault-finding, fretful complaining 
Usage - Some newspapers thrive on indecent coverage and carping on celebrities. 
Link - If you will ping with your car horn, people will shout at you...they will complain... carping... 
Link2 - Car owner carping that his car petrol pi ri hai...

Castigate - to punish, severe criticism
Usage - The child behaved even more badly after the castigation.
Link - I castigated a low caste person at my gate.
Link2 - In olden days lower CAST people were severely criticized...

Catcall - shout of displeasure
Usage - He was catcalling throughout the movie.
Link - Cat was calling rats but there was catcall from rats...
Link2 -  if someone CALL girl, a CAT there will be a shout of disapproval from her side n she would boo at them back...

Catharsis - releasing strong feelings from anger, purging of emotional tensions
Usage - Aristotle says that the aim of tragedy is catharsis of emotions.
Link - I went with my mom to a Katha(religious story in hindi) which was a catharsis experience.

Caucus - meeting to discuss somrthing private
Usage - Prior to the meeting in which the candidates for the next election were nominated, the senior members of the party organized a caucus.
Link 1 - Coke was distributed to every member during caucus of congress members with Coke CEO.
Link 2 - A meeting where COWS+disCUS therefore caucus is closed political(cows) meeting.

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Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Cabal - small group of persons secretly united to promote their own interest
Usage - The minister's cabal was foiled by the opposition.
Link - Cabal of bald people planning to pull others baal(hair).
Link2 - cabal (Kabul), remember this place....Bin Laden and his men secretly united in kabul(cabal) to promote their interest, i.e "jihad"...

Cache - hiding place
Usage - Increasing the cache influences the performative speed of the system.
Link - Police seized huge cash and large cache of weapons...
Link2 -  sounds like cash.. So, hide your cash somewhere...

Cadaver - corpse, dead body 
Usage -  The cadaver is medically examined in case of unnatural death.
Link - Rotten cadaver of devar(brother-in-law)  lying near canal....

Cajole - persuade by praise or false promise
Usage - To cajole the beautiful girl in veil to show up her face.
Link - Kajol promised to kiss me if I pay her 2 rupees...but i had only 1 rupee..so she said come later..but when i went later she refused..and even took my 1 rupee... She cajoled me....

Callow - still young and unexperienced
Usage - Ravi makes callous statements about his step mother.
Link 1- Callow like a cow.
Link 2- C+allow : an immature girl can not allow to doit with her...
Link 3- Callow = Cal + low; caliber is low.

Calumny - false statement, slander
Usage -  He was often a target of obloquy.
Link - Calumny printed in newspaper column...
Link2 - calumny, sounds like kalmuhi, which is a harsh remark given by a saas to her bahu. So its a kind of slander...

Camaraderie - feeling of friendship and trust among people
Usage -  Keeping up the spirit of camaraderie is the most important factor in team work.
Link - When I had camaraderie with her, I used to share her camera and kamara(room).

Canard - false rumour, report 
Usage - It was proved beyond doubt that the allegation against the leader was nothing but a canard.
Link 1 - Karnard died is a canard, because he caught me having sex with her daughter...
Link 2 - Remember Kannad movies...their fighting is so unreal..false... so remember canard as being a false portrayal.

Canker - dangerous influence that spreads
Usage - Once addicted, it is very difficult to get rid of the canker of drug intake.
Link - Canker relates to CANCER which acts as a kankar(stone) in way of life and spreads very fast in the body....

Cant - insincere statement
Usage - The cant between the two planes was very narrow.
Link - The term 'cunt' is a cant statement.

Cantata - short musical work
Usage - Buddhist cantatas are very soothing to listen to.
Link - Sardarji presented cantata on his truck TATA...

Capitulate - surrender
Usage - The army capitulated fearing total wipe out.
Link - My friend said to me, "My capital(money) tu le le(you take) and please loose this match to impress his girlfriend"....he capitulated in between our cricket match....as he was about to loose...

Caprice - sudden change of mind without any real cause
Usage - Many empires have fallen due to the actions that the kings or emperors take, without thinking, succumbing to caprice.
Link - Cap's price are capricing day by day...
Link2 - ca(kya)+price...u say to shopkeeper "abey yeh kya u go on changing price."...

Monday, June 21, 2010


Opulence -  extreme wealth, luxuriousness, abundance
Usage -  The opulence of the hotel’s sumptuous interior
Link1 -  OPUL remember OPEL and for LANCE remember LANCER car...people those who  have  OPEL and LANCER live in opulence.

Opus - work (esp. musical composition)
Usage -  Emerson, Lake and Palmer have recorded their latest opus .
Link -  OPUS remember an octopus working on a musical instrument like piano in cartoons...
Link2 - sounds like O+plus....salim merchant(famous music composer) used to receive O+ from his music teacher....

Oracular -  wise and prophetic, mysterious and ambiguous
Usage – An oracular political thriller.
Link -  sounds like ORACLE...oracle language is ambigous with lot of confusions..
Link2 - for all matrix fans...In the Matrix...the Oracle(old woman character ) prophesises that Neo is "the one"...

Ordain -  decree or command, predestined, issue an order
Usage -  His future seemed ordained right from the start.
Link1 -  ORD + A + IN = ORDer A person to come IN

Ordeal – a severe or difficult experience, causing great suffering
Usage -  The painful ordeal of identifying the body.
Link1 -  Deal or No Deal....if you have to make a deal whether to sell your house and live on a rented house(coz you are short of money)...his will be a difficult experience...

Orgy - uncontrolled or immoderate indulgence in an activity, wild drunken revelry
Usage - Her orgy of shopping lasted eight hours.
Link1 - guys orgy a lot in girls to experience orgasm with them....

Ossify -  change or harden into bone, become hard and unchanging in one's ideas
Usage - The central ideas of liberalism have ossified.
Link - sounds like ass+sify(famous broadband net)....imagine a guy watching girl's ass on sify.com....his private part will harden.....
Link - Ossify -> rhymes with ‘Only if I’. Only if I can open this latch which has become very hard and stiff due to rusting  !!

Ostensible - apparent, pretended
Usage - His ostensible purpose was charity, his real goal popularity
Link - sounds like tensed..when the guy did it with his friend's mom at his birthday party...he was looking ostensibly tensed....

Ostracize -  to exclude from a group, to banish
Usage -  His friends ostracized him because of his rudeness.
Link -  ostRACISM .. racism leads to groupism and excluding a group from the public is to OSTRACIZE....
Link2 - OSTRICH was ostracized from bird family....

Oust - expel, drive out
Usage - The chairman was ousted after he misappropriated funds
Link - out you go..... said the teacher to the student when the student grabed the teacher's arm by mistake...

Outlandish - bizzare, peculiar, unconventional 
Usage - His friends scarecely discussed their problems with him, because he often came up with outlandish solutions. 
Link - out+landish => the one who is from some other land. Means unconventional and bizarre to our land....
Link2 - make it somethin like out land(i.e. island) .... the Tribes of the out land (island) were outlandish(bizarre)..

Overweening -  presumptuously arrogant, overbearing
Usage -  had a witty but overweening manner about him.
Link1 -  a person who wins over and over again, can become very arrogant.

Overwrought -  excessively nervous or excited, overdone.
Usage - When I am feeling overwrought , I try to take some time out to relax.
Link1 -  sounds like over hot....when you go to a interview and the interviewer is a very hot lady with two buttons opened....you will get nervous and excessively excited....

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Saturday, June 19, 2010


Occident - the West,  the hemisphere that includes North America and South America
Usage -  She returned with a lot of novelties from the Occident.
Link - lets just assume that there are better and speedy cars on the roads in the west... hence they have more accidents taking place.. occident rhymes with accident..

Occlude - shut, close, obstruct, block passage through
Usage -  The car was wrongly parked and occluded the path of other cars.
Link -  when you include someone they are welcome and the gates are always open but when you OCCLUDE(rhymes with EXCLUDE), they are unwelcome and hence the gates are SHUT or CLOSED on them...
Link2 - Occlude - sounds like conclude. Means close or shut something....

Occult - mysterious, secret, supernatural, beyond human comprehension
Usage - The beam of light occults every so often
Link - sounds like akkal(brain)....Detective apni AKKAL, OCCULT kaam main hi lagata hai..

Odious - hateful(causing hatred), arousing strong dislike
Usage - His cruelty to animals makes him odious.
Link -  the word reminds us of ODOUR, when we get bad odour from someone ...we tend to DISLIKE or DEVELOP AN AVERSION for that person...
Link2 - sounds like AIDS...if someone is having aids then we try to maintain a distance from that person...

Odyssey - long, eventful, adventurous journey
Usage - They were homesick after their four-month odyssey in Europe.
Link - sounds like desi...woh desi aadmi puri duniya ki journey karke vaapas bi aa gaya...

Offhand - casual
Usage - John replied offhand, his mind a million miles away.
Link - "take your hand off my shoulder.", said the Boss as it was not a CASUAL meeting.....
Link2 - it will be not casual if you make a f*ck off sign with your hand in front of people...

Officious - overly eager in offering unwanted services or advices, excessively pushy in offering one's services
Usage - He was bustling about self-importantly, making an officious nuisance of himself.
Link -  Offi(in offices)+cious(curious).. in offices people willl be curious for promotions so they will be pushy in offering services...

Onerous - burdensome
Usage - My duties weren't onerous; I only had to greet the guests
Link - sounds like oNEROus...do you know NERO - CD WRITIN SOFTWARE????? It uses more RAM to write so slows down the computer.... hence NERO is Burdensome to the computer....
Link2 - it sounds like on+er+us..that is ONUS.. when something is ON US ..we feel burdensome...

Onomatopoeia - words formed in imitation of natural sounds
Usage - We were asked to write a poem using onomatopoeia. 
Link - onoma (name) + poi (poet).. names that a poet uses to express natural sounds...

Onslaught - vicious assault, fierce attack 
Usage - He was disheartened by the onslaught of criticism. 
Link - slaughter(killing of animals)....It was ONSLAUGHT for the animals when they were suddenly started to be slaughtered..

Onus - burden, responsibility
Usage - The onus of caring for her brother was on her while her parents were out of town. 
Link - ON-US you are ON US ie. you are a BURDEN on me...

Opalescent - lustrous, iridescent, having a play of lustrous rainbow colors
Usage - The pearls had a milky opalescent luster. 
Link - opelascent > opel astra and accent cars when brand new.. shine! are lustrous!...

Opiate - medicine to induce sleep or deaden pain, something that relieves emotions or causes inaction 
Usage - The opiate helped reduce her pain and induced sleep. 
Link - sounds like pi(drink)+ ate...when a person drinks a lot of alcohol and eats a lot of chicken with it....he becomes drowsy and relieves all his emotions as he is not in his senses...
Link2 - OPIATE = OPI (OPIUM) + ATE (TO EAT). Therefore, as you ATE the medicine with OPIUM in it, you are feeling drowsy (sleepy)....

Opportunist - individual who sacrifices principles for expediency by taking advantage of circumstances
Usage - Most politicians are opportunists.
Link -  An OPPORTUNIST is a person who takes GOOD ADVANTAGE of an available OPPORTUNITY....
Link2 - When the right opportunity comes, the OPPORTUNIST forgets his principles and takes the opportunity....

Opprobrium - state of extreme dishonor, disgrace arising from shameful conduct, vilification, infamy 
Usage - Her family tried to shield her from public opprobrium. 
Link - If you take OPIUM(banned drug) you will be criticized, humiliated & put to shame..
Link2 - sounds like opp(opponent team) + rob....in a match when a player robs something of the opponent team so that the team couldn't win....and he gets caught....it will lead to opprobrium...
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Friday, June 18, 2010


Oaf -  stupid or awkward person
Usage -  The stupid oaf is knocking things over.
Link1 - sounds like uff..and when you see a ugly awkward person..you say..uff ufff..uff kyo mil gaya ye!!...

Obdurate -  stubborn, refusing to change one's belief, not easily moved by feelings or supplication
Usage -  An obdurate miser.
Link1 -  OB+DURA(RELATE IT TO WORD DURABILITY)..SO anything which has durability..has the resisting power, and something which can resist, is stubborn.
Link2 - OB+DU+RATE realate it as AB(OB) RATE DoUble ho gaya,and the seller was very STUBBORN about that...

Obeisance  -  bow, an attitude of deference or homage
Usage -  Everyone paid obeisance to the emperor
Link - sounds like Obey + Saints.... when we obey saints we show them respect...
Link2 -  remember OBEY-STANCE (position) - the position of Obeying is BOWING!..

Obfuscate -  confuse, muddle, cause confusion;make needlessly complex.
Usage -  They are deliberately obfuscating the issue.
Link - split and imagine it like AB Fas GAYE..... imagine a group of people who went to jungle in a bus were left behind... so they said: AB Fas Gaye and were obfuscated as to what to do next....
Link2 -  Obfuscate, Cobfuscate, Mobfuscate – what the F U ss?? The spelling is so confusing , so is the meaning.

Obituary - death notice(esp in a newspaper)
Usage - People thronged to his funeral after seeing the obituary in the paper. 
Link - sounds like...ob(AB)+to+worry....when u see a death notice u worry!!!! 
Link2 - sounds like Wo Bichari... you saw death notice(Obituary) of a young girl in newspaper and said: Wo bichari itni choti umar main chal basi........

Oblique - indirect, slanting (deviating from the perpendicular or from a straight line)
Usage - He gave oblique answers to direct questions
Link -  sounds like ob(abe)+lique(leak)....a guy always used to wet his bed at night...his friend said to him, " abe tera to abhi tak leak hota hai"...he said this indirectly...

Obliterate -  destroy completely
Usage -  Raj drank to obliterate whatever went on between him and his girlfriend.
Link1 -  obLITerate,so when you have LIT somethin means u have set it to fire,hence it gets DESTROYED COMPLETELY...
Link2 - out govt. started a new campaign... lets ' all-be-literate ' and detroy illiteracy completely...

Oblivion -  total forgetfulness, condition of being completely forgotten
Usage -  The criminal's name was consigned to oblivion.
Link1 -  ob + LIVE(live in the present); To be happy one should LIVE in the present and be oblivion to all the things of past..
Link2 - Oblivion= OB+ BLI + VION ="absolute blind vision" of forgetting important things/matters...

Obloquy -  slander, speak against, defamatory statements against a person, disgrace brought about by abuse.
Usage -  He was often a target of obloquy.
Link - Imagine that : AB(abhishek bachchan) ko LOCK karke KEY kho di, isliye AB was SPEAKIN AGAINST him..
Link2 -  Ob(against) + loquy(is to talk), so obloquy is to talk against some one, i.e slander or use abusive language

Obsequious -  showing too great a willingness to serve or obey, fawning, slavishly attentive
Usage -  He bowed in a obsequious manner.
Link1 - ob + SEQUI + ous .. sequi means sequence where one thing "follows" the other.. and servants follow what their masters say.. 

Obstreperous -  noisy or rough, aggressively boisterous, uncontrollable.
Usage -  He was an awkward and obstreperous customer.
Link1 -   (Obstreperous = Ob + strippers). Strippers are not easily controllable, they are extremely aggressive and are very hard to control unless they are paid enough once they get naked...

Obtrude -  to impose(oneself or one’s ideas) on others without invitation, to thrust out, to push on others in an unwelcome way.
Usage -  He always obtrudes his religious beliefs on others on a way that is pushy and unkind .
Link1 -  Obtrude = Obt + Rude. It is 'Rude' to impose something such as opinions on other people.

Obtuse -  not sharp, blunt, lacking quickness or intellect or perception.
Usage - Too obtuse to grasp the implications of his behavior.
Link1 -  imagine a pencil tip...the more obtuse the angle between the two edges of the tip...the more blunt the tip is..

Obviate -  to do away with, get rid of, eliminate, prevent the occurrence of or prevent from happening.
Usage -  This treatment would obviate the need for a surgical operation.
Link1 -  obviate - viate - deviate, deviate yourself from something unnecessary to you

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Thursday, June 17, 2010


Bugaboo - bugbear, someone or something which upsets you
Usage - The old bugaboo of inflation still bothers them
Link - Bugs and badboo(smell) are bugaboos  of this area...
Link2 -  boo!! u use it when u wonna scare funnily..so relates to a ghost..ghosts are bugbears n they the baseless terror since they dont stand on floor..

Bullion - gold and silver in the form of bars
Usage - The bank decided to keep bullion locked in the cellar.
Link - He has billions, and so he buys bullions...

Bulwark - strong wall for defense, something which protects
Usage - The bulwark prevented the beach from washing away. 
Link -  BULL + WORK--BULLs were carrying bricks for the WORK of a wall construction...
Link2 - slightly funny one....its a bull's work to protect her wife i.e. cow...
Bungle - mismanage, blunder, blow
Usage - I botched the dinner which we had to eat.
Link - sounds like jungle mein mangal....i hope u know its meaning....she did a blunder as she got pregnant after doing jungle mein mangal....
Link2 - She bungled her job at bangle factory after breaking all the bangles which had to be delivered....
Link3 - I botched the dinner and we had to eat out...

Burgeon - to grow or develop rapidly
Usage - Population is burgeoning
Link - sounds like burgers....the demand of burgers is burgeoning at McDonalds.....and tummies of people are also burgeoning due to that....

Burlesque - to imitate in a humorous way, imitate mockingly
Usage - He was an expert at writing and directing burlesque.
Link - some college students performed a burlesque in which a girl was standing in a queue without any clothes... 
Link2 - burlesque..can be pronounced as bure log in hindi..wha do bad ppl do?? ridicule others..

Burnish - make shiny by rubbing, polish 
Usage - The vase's burnish was wearing off. 
Link -  sounds like furnish....i.e. polishing and rubbing to make it shine..
Link2 - Goldsmith was burnishing the gold after burning....
Buttress - support to somebody or something
Usage - Damage to the buttress led to the collapse of the wall. 
Link - remember by your BUTT or BUTTOCKS ! what do they do? They provide you with a padding when you sit, giving support.. :) 
Link2 - A buttress to support her heavy butts...also sounds like butt rest...
Buxom -  (of a woman's body) having a large bosom and pleasing curves
Usage - Hollywood seems full of buxom blondes 
Link - there are a lot of buxom female boxers in female boxing championship..wearing just boxers :P ....

Byzantine - complicated, secret
Usage - It is an organization of byzantine complexity
Link - its a byzantine fact that how our kaam wali(hiuse maid) BUY a new ZEN car every year....

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Wednesday, June 16, 2010


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Bravado - a false show of bravery, a pretense of courage
Usage -  He’s full of bravado, but really he’s coward.
Link - sounds .like bra + faado(tear)...a guy always use to praise himself that he tear the bra of girls when he goes to a date...but later it was proved false by a girl....so he was just a bravado..
Link2 -   Bravado -> Brav + avoid + o. So a coward will always avoid being brave and instead only pretend to  be so.

Brawn -  physical strength and power, strong well developed muscles.Usage - He’s got plenty of brains and brawn.
Link1 - Brawn->b(RAW)n. For all the wrestling fans, WWF RAW (star sports) is a very popular wrestling competition which is a true test of brawn..
Link2 - sounds like Ron...Ron eats brownies everyday...so he has a lot of brawny muscles...

Brazen - shameless and boldness, unusually loud and harsh, to face and overcome boldly and shamelessly.Usage - The witness brazened out the prosecutors question.
Link1 - bra + zen; the girl going in the zen car was wearing only a bra(that was really bold)

Brevity -  state of being brief, concise, and terse.Usage -  The letters were edited for brevity and clarity.
Link1 -  brevity sounds like levity which means lightness..when something is light it means it is short and concise..

Brindle - having grey or brown  marks, spots or streaks
Usage - The cat's brindled fur made it look dirty. 
Link - Rin dala and brindles cat ko brown kar diya......

Bristling -  to stand stiffly, to stand erect like bristles, to suddenly become annoyed. Usage -  The author bristled at the suggestion of plagiarism.
Link1 - remember toothbrush bristles (they are stiff n stand erect)

Brocade -  thick heavy expensive material with a raised pattern.Usage - The worthy tailor endeavored to recapture his piece of brocade.
Link1 -  I was breaking gold wire to add to a brocade suit which was being made fir Shahrukh Khan.....

Broach -  introduce as a subject, open upUsage -  We broached our plans for the new year.
Link1 -  when you APPROACH a girl for the first time you need to broach yourself....
Link2 - BROACH sounds like Brochure. So a Brochure is always is used to INTRODUCE or we can remember it as Brochure is to OPEN.

Brook -  tolerate, endureUsage -  We will brook no further argument\
Link1 -  In the class, if you don’t bring your Book , teacher will not BROOK it.
Link2 - relate this to BROOK BOND tea....jst drink the tea and then u can tolerate any tension. :-)

Browbeat -  intimidate, bully

Usage -  Politicians browbeat the voters.
Link1 -  bro + beat; When our elder bro(brother) starts beating us, we get intimidated...

Brunt - main impact or shock (of an attack or blow)
Usage - The Maltese had to bear the brunt of the attack. 
Link - Brunt: It sounds like burnt. The area of the land which was hit the meteoroid was badly BRUNT due to main impact/shock created by the collision....
Link2 - In a hunt....poor animals bear the brunt(in the form of blow of the gun)....
Brusque -  blunt, abrupt, curt, short,marked by rude or peremptory shortness.Usage -  The doctors are brusque and busy.
Link1 -  "Brush kyun nahi kiya.."...the dentist said to the child in a brusque tone...

Buccaneer -   pirate
Usage -  The villainous buccaneer with the peg-leg and the parrot
Link1 -  pirate of carribeans--- buccaneer of carribeans; buccaneer = pirate.
Link2 - sounds like Bikaner....some pirates captured the famous bikaner shop in the Bikaner city...they demanded sexiest gals of the city to do serve them namkeen and dance in front of them.... :P
Link3 - Buccaneers looted the Bikaner wala....

Bucolic -  rustic, pastoral, connected with the country side or country life

Usage -  The bucolic surroundings of the city.
Link1 -   bucolic sounds like bullock which is used in the "country side".....
Link2 - Bulls and cow were grazing in a bucolic painting....

Buffoon - stupid person, clown
Usage - The buffoon succeeded in entertaining the guests. 
Link - a buffoon called the cops and was yelling on the phone..."khoon khoon"...actually there was no khoon...

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Sunday, June 13, 2010


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Bode - to be a good or bad sign for something, indicate by signs
Usage - These signs bode bad news
Link - sounds like board exams)10th or 12th)....Good marks in pre-board exams bodes well for the board exams... 

Bohemian - unconventional (in an artistic way)
Usage - Nicholas was a true Bohemian. 
Link - bohemian sounds like He-man ( kids favorite ) who looks very informal and unconventional...
Link2 - A bohemian girl took me in bahon mein(into her arms)...
Boisterous - noisy and full of energy and life
Usage - The kids were full of boisterous pranks. 

Bolster - support, reinforce
Usage - He tried to bolster his sister's confidence. 
Link - read bolster as booster which mean giving extra energy and hence to support and strengthen someone or something...
Link2 - RELATE TO BOLT which is used to SUPPORT OR REINFORCE....

Botch -  mismanage, blow
Usage - Telling him all was a botch on her part
Link - sounds like bacche(kids)...chhote bachhe(small kids) often botch up the work...

Bouillon - a clear beef soup
Usage - She fed him some nutritious bouillon.
Link - I killed a bull and a lion and made a bouillon....
Bourgeois - middle class, selfishly materialistic, too interested in material possessions
Usage - He was the only bourgeois to be granted the privilege of meeting the Queen. 
Link -  “high class” family chicks are “gorgeous”, but “middle class” ones are a little bore... They are nothing but “bourgeois”...

Bout - match, short period of great activity 
Usage - The bout lasted for an hour. 
Link - sounds like OUT...when a set batsmen is given out....then there is a short period of great activity happening in the match...

Bovine - cowlike, placid and dull
Usage -  The cow is a bovine.
Link -  A bovine person mixing wine and bournvita in bovine's milk...

Bowdlerize - to remove, expurgate
Usage -   The editor was asked to bowdlerize the novel.
Link - sounds like "bow bow".. relate it to your dog... Imagine, you are recording a tape. your dog barked twice or thrice in between.. you will edit and omit it because its indelicate....

Brackish - somewhat saline
Usage - The brackish water was not potable. 
Link - suppose u r kissing under the bra which were wet with sweat..so they taste salty...:)

Braggart - an offensive boastful person
Usage - He had a tendency to brag about his adventures. 
Link - If you want the bra removed, you have to boast and flirt the girl....
Link2 - some try to drag the attention by BRAGging, talking too much of themselves....

Brandish - wave around (a weapon), flourish 
Usage - He brandished his weapon.
Link - brandish = brand(brandy)...so once v drink brandy v vill start waving foolishly...
Link2 -  brand+ish...and try to remember sourav ganguly in SONA CHANDI CHAVANYAPRAS...ADVERTISE MENT...WAVING SWORD TO SHOW THE STRENTH HE GOT AFTER EATING SONA CHANDI CHAVANPRAS BRAND so dada brandishing the sword for chavanpras BRAND...

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Friday, June 11, 2010


Bland - soothing or mild, agreeable, causing no trouble or offence
Usage - The play was nothing but a bland little drama. 
Link - sounds like blond....when a blond girl says something every guy agrees it without any second thought...
Link2 - slightly offensive...BLack LAND(penis)..white girls generally find "Black LANDS" uninteresting but seeing the length she had nothing to do but to become smoothly agreeable to do it...

Blandishment - flattery
Usage - She successfully resisted his blandishments. 
Link - BLAN (like PLAN) + DISH (food) = PLAN a DISH to FLATTER somebody...
Link2 - BLANDISHMENT- Remember it like Brandy to an Irish women, this is like a flattery and later u can get what you want from that woman....

Blare - make a loud and harsh voice
Usage - She could not hear him because of the continuous blare. 
Link - blare--sounds like blair -- Tony Blair shouted loud and harsh,when a glare of light fell on him...
Link2 - flare: outburst of flames or fire.Glare=outburst of light. Blare: outburst of noise....

Blase - bored with pleasure and excitement
Usage - He had a a blase attitude about housecleaning. 
Link - blase sounds like baass (enough, stop now)!! so when a girl had it(s**) enough she gets bored and say baass!!or mat karo...
Link2 - whenever i see a BLack ASE(ass) i feel bored and uninterested...

Blasphemy - sacrilege, behavior or language that insults GOD or religion
Usage - Her indulgence in the occult was nothing but blasphemy.
Link - sounds like blas(blast)+phemy(famous) ...if some terrorists do a blast at a temple on RAM NAVAMI....it will be a blasphemy act....

Blatant - extremely or loudly offensive
Usage - Her blatant cries grabbed everyone's attention. 
Link - bla (blast) + tant (tent) --> when the offense of doing a blast in a army tent was done -- there was loud noise everywhere....

Bleak - not hopeful or encouraging, cold and unpleasant
Usage - The bleak treeless regions of the high Andes provided him no shelter. 
Link - bleak sounds like black -- black color is the symbol of hopelessness and depression...
Link2 - sounds like leak...when there is too much cold then there may be some leakage in a child's underpants...
Link3 - bleak....rhymes like .. leak ...thae chances of leaking theexam paper are weak,no hope ..so.....bleak...:)

Blight - to spoil or damage, blemish
Usage - Her past was a blight on her happiness.
Link - sounds like black light.....Black light may destroy the plants..

Blowhard - a person who talks a lot, talkative boaster, braggart 
Usage - He is such a braggart
Link - blow + hard -- imagine someone who blows words in a way as if he is blowing air -- too many words, hence talkative....
Link2 - He gave hard blows on the face of a blowhard....

Bludgeon - to hit several times with a heavy object
Usage - The girl was bludgeoned to death with a club. 
Link - There was blood on the face when he was bludgeoned by an iron rod...
Link2 - Bludgeon ~ Blood + Generator; If u hit someone with a bludgeon (ex. hockey stick) then blood comes out...

Blue - gloomy and depressed
Usage - A blue was hovering over the flower bed. 
Link - You will be gloomy and depressed when you know that your wife has made a blue film secretly with a random guy....

Bluster - to speak aggressively but without any effect, to blow violently
Usage - She was not impressed by his youthful bluster
Link - Sounds like blaster....Blast and hence lot of noise, confusion and turbulence..
Link2 - A man was blustering after the blast took place...

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