Thursday, April 15, 2010


Fanfare - call by trumpets, showy display, spectacular public display
Usage - Her arrival was greeted with a rousing fanfare.
Link - Fanfare - can be read as Fans invite their Heroes by conducting big Fair's..
Link2 - it can b understand as FILMFARE AWARDS which cud b done in very showy manner

Farce - a funny play, something ridiculous or absurd
Usage - The arrival of johny lever mad the show a farce.
Link - sounds like FARTS....what a comedy show in which FARTS and farting was basic knack/talent to be shown.
Link2 - guys used to say in hindi-FAAD(FARCE) COMEDY THI YAAR...

Fastidious - difficult to please, very careful to every detail, scrupulous
Usage - He is a fastidious and incisive intellect.
Link - just like ... we fast to please is tedious therefore god is fastidious
Link2 - When yo udrive fast, you have to drive fastidiously.

Fatalist - a person who believes in fate or who thinks that everything is predetermined and cannot prevent them
Link - fate+list.. basically fate is determined by force beyond ones control.. hence fatalist..
Link2 - There was a separate list of employees who believed in fate or who were fatalist

Fathom - investigate, find an explanation of something, to understand
Usage - It is hard to fathom the pain of this blast victim.
Link - shortform of "father or mother"....the always use to investigate what their son is doing...if he is studying or doing something else..

Fatuous - silly and showing a lack of intelligence
Usage - She punished the boy for his fatuous remarks.
Link - Most of the fat people are considered fatuous...we use to say to them..."mota dimag mand budhi.."..
Link2 - sounds like.... FAT ASS an ass is considered foolish.

Fawning - courting favor by cringing and flattering
Usage - He is nothing but an fawning social climber.
Link - sounds like phone...Guys use to fawn over the girls on the phone to make them their gf and then do it... 

Faze - to confuse, disconcert; dismay; embarrass
Usage - Sania was fazed at her comments
Link - Our face turns faze(d) when we are humiliated or embarrassed...
Link2 - faze sounds like when you faze someone you actuly embarrass them....and getting embarrass is the worst phase in somebody's life ....

Febrile - feverish, nervous, excited and very active
Usage - A febrile reaction was caused by an allergent.
Link - Febrile activities are done on 14th feb between a gal and a a days even two guys.. :P...

Fecundity - fertility; fruitfulness
Usage - Sweet Earth, the fecund cow, was impregnated with the rich semen of Heaven.
Link - sounds like undi(undergarments)...wearing an undi every day, keeps the privates clean thereby assisting in the healthy growth

Feign - to pretend, malinger
Usage - Also, I resent the suggestion that all your readers are feigning public servants who never do any work anyway.
Link -  in an advertisement...fena hi lena...this advertisement trying to mislead others...
Link2 - Sourav Ganguly was feigning not paining
Link3 - relate feign to fine. wen ur frnd asks "wht is the thing tht is worrying u?". and wen u say FINE(then ur pretending)....
Link4 - feign -or- f-or-eign? Pretending or really a foreigner?

Feint - to trick, sham blow
Usage - The midfielder feinted to shoot
Link - A guy fainted a girl by feinting satisfy his physical needs...
Link2 - The boxer was faked out by his opponent's feint. He then fainted because the blow he received was very strong.

Feisty - lively, energetic, tough, independent
Usage - The Ambassador is a tall, feisty lady whom I would not wish to upset. 
Link - Feisty man lifted Ford Fiesta by his fist

Felicity - great pleasure, happiness, mirth
Usage - In places the writing may lack clarity and felicity of expression.
Link - sounds like facility...If one gets all facility (s)he must be very happy......
Link2 - felicity= feel+ lic= its so pleasing that i am feeling like licking it (finger licking):)..

Felon - person who has committed a serious crime
Usage - He was an felon who people feared.
Link - fellow+no...he can't be my fellow because he is felon. 
Link2 - felon->melon->watermelon-> red-> blood->crime
Link3 - Felon ~ phoolan devi who was a notorious bandit and involved in many crimes.

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