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Gingerly - in a careful way
Usage - they proceeded with gingerly footwork over the jagged stones
Link - be VERY CAREFUL while cutting GINGER(LY), since they are small and hard..
Link2 - sounds like finger..while fingering you need to be careful as it may hurt...i meant ear..

Girth - distance around something, circumference
Usage - The man with the enormous girth died today.
Link - sounds like birth...while giving birth to a baby...the circumference is increased to let the baby come out..

Gist - essence, main point
Usage - We finally understood the gist of his argument.
Link - gist..sounds very similar to list.....SO your lecturer is asking you to LIST OUT THE MAIN POINTS of the paragraph.

Glaze - cover with thin and shiny surface, if person's eye glaze then he looks bored or tired
Usage - Her eyes glaze over when she is bored
Link - blaze (a light-colored marking) the metal with glaze (a coating for ceramics)
Link2 - sounds like laze(lazy)...eyes glaze when you are full of laze.

Glean - to obtain information,knowledge sometimes with difficulty
Usage - A teacher one should be well rounded and able to glean experience from as many different sources as possible.
Link - It sounds like clean. You clean by picking up bit by bit. 
Link2 - concentrate on the word lean,u lean forward,rather bend forward when u want to pick up something...gather leavings

Glib - having superfluous knowledge, profound 
Usage - The salesman was glib enough to sale 100 products in a minute
Link - sounds like g(girl)+lib(library)...imagine the superfluous knowledge of girl when she is alone with a guy in the library..the will use their knowledge to have fun..
Link 2- glib sounds like Ghalib..his shayeri was slick and fluent.
Link3 - split the word into go library. Someone who goes to teh library very frequently obviously is very articulate and thus fluent,slick,diplomatic with people...

Glimmer - faint flickering light
Usage - The light glimmered after a long time
Link - opposite of dimmer
Link2 - gali mein there is always glimmer of light

Gloat - express evil satisfaction, satisfy your evil deeds, to show your happiness about your own success or somebody's failure(negative word)
Usage - The thief gloated over the stolen jewels.
Link - The male goat gloated over sexiest female goat after doing it for 2 hours
Link2 - think of dacoits who express their evil satisfaction after looting houses of people.
Link3 - When you gloat you lote pote over each other

Gloss - brief explanation note
Link - Glossary on last pages of a book is a gloss of technical terms. 

Glower - looking in an angry or aggressive way, glare
Usage - The girl glowered at the man who tried to make a pass at her
Link - sounds like lower...when someone pulled the girl's lower she glared at the person..
Link2 - Gulshan Grover- stared angrily at the hero.
Link3 - when someone gave a flower to her wife..he glowered at her.

Glut  - surplus,surfeit
Usage - Glut the country with cheap imports from the Orient
Link - The boy had a glut of galat things(salacious things related to porno) in his wardrobe.

Glutinous - sticky, viscous
Link - sounds liek glue+ anus...he glued his anus to avoid nature's call...

Glutton - a person who eats too much
Usage - He is such a GLUTTON and eats so much that the BUTTONS on his shirt begin to pop out
Link - That glutton ate 1 kilogram of mutton and is still hungry

Gnarl - twisted and rough, protruding knot on the tree
Usage - The wind has gnarled this old tree
Link -  sounds like ganna(sugarcane) cannot twist a ganna with your hands as it will break but will never acquire a U shape..

Goad - urge on, to keep irritating or annoying somebody untill they react
Usage - They goaded him into doing it by saying he was a coward
Link - goad tells you to "GO And Do [it]" with a will get annoyed
Link2 - She was goading God till he appeared

Gobble - eat very quickly
Link - sounds like become like bubble if you eat fast, noisily and greedily..

Gorge - narrow pass
Usage - If you gorge on something you eat lots in a greedy way
Link - Gaur se gorge examine kar raha hai...
Link2 - George Bush always passed through a gorge to look for a girl and the have fun

Gory - bloody, covered with blood
Usage - The gory person killed a girl with a knife
Link - All the fight(blood) in history has happened because of women(GORI) only. 
Link2 - Gori(Mohammad) fought a lot of gory battles which caused great bloodshed. 

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