Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Gerrymander - to change the district lines in order to favour a political party, Divide unfairly and to one's advantage; of voting districts
Usage - The city had been gerrymandered so that the minority retains control
Link - Relate it with Jerry of 'Tom and Jerry' cartoon in which Jerry divided everything partially with Tom and quarrels with him... so possessing a Jerry's mind - Gerrymander.
Link2 - In mandir when elections were going on gerrymander was done to favour jerry(tom and jerry) over Tom.

Gestate - have the idea for, be pregnant with
Link - the period prior to d born of baby is called "gestation period" so gestate is the period of evolution of any idea.. :)
Link2 - GAS+PATE- when somebody is pregnant, it seems if PATE(stomach) is full of GAS.

Ghastly - horrifying, terrifying
Usage - A rather ghastly looking skeleton of a fish 
Link - ghastly sounds like ghost + ly; something like a ghost ........ very horrible ... and terrifying.

Gibberish - nonsense talking, babbling
Usage - He always talks gibberish
Link - gibberish is similar to gabbarish..(rem GABBAR SINGH..SHOLEY).. gabbar sigh talked all nonsense..kab hai holi,hath de thakur,kitne adme the. etc..etc..these lines can be interpreted in wrong way also..kitne aadmi the..hath mujhe de de.. :P
Link2 - Gibberisg from the jeeb(tongue).

Gibe - mock, make jeering remarks
Usage - The crowd gibed at the player when he came to perform.
Link - gibe - sounds like tribe... people used to mock tribal
Link2 - gibe..very similar to hindi word GAYAB...SO socho DULHAN(bride)..agar GAYAB ..ho jaye mandap se..people will make jeering REMARKS about their family.
Link3 - geeb (jeeb) chidhana
Link4 - gibe~~give..wen u give bribe and it is revealed ..u will be mocked at..

Giddy - light hearted, not serious
Link - Feeling giddy while travelling in a gaddi.
Link2 - sounds like kiddy. Kids are always light hearted.

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