Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Yen - strong desire or inclination, a yearning or craving, longing, urge
Usage - Raj had a yen to try cycling.
Link1 - Yen sounds like Zen( Car); Zen is a famous model released by maruti , and when it was released every one had the yen to drive it...
Link2 - Yen is also a currency of Japan...imagine when u r in Japan....and u start having a strong desire to do it with a prostitute....then you will have to pay yen(currency)...and if u r poor u will have yen to earn yen there...

Yeoman - man owning small estate, middle class farmer
Usage - It is the yeoman of the country who determines the nation’s policy.
Link1 -  Yeoman sounds like young man, a young man who is obviously inexperienced will be given petty roles or responsibilities in any business.

Yoke -  join together, unite, join, slavery
Usage - People are suffering under the yoke of capitalism
Link1 - yoke sounds similar to yak,  yak is an animal which used carry load(burden, used for slavery).
Link2 - replace y with j joke, you know a joke and a laugh brings, joins people together.

Yokel - a rustic, bumpkin, an unsophisticated country man, unintelligent person
Usage - A local yokel.
Link1 -  sounds like joker...generally when a person from village comes to the city, he becomes a joker because he does not know the city lifestyle.
Link2 - sound like LOCAL..a local person who visits foreign countries is a rustic..

Yore - time long past.
Usage – example...in the days of yore.
Link1 - Yore sounds like bore, when you get bored , you think of the past(happy times).
Link2 - yore : yaar...yaar ke saath time kaise nikal jata hai pata hi nahi chalta... 

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