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Manifesto - numerous
Usage - He was told to manifold the letter and circulate it around the office.
Link - many + folds (two fold, three fold ...)...

Manumit - emancipate, to free from slavery
Usage - The leader manumitted the slaves.
Link - manumit ~ man + u + mit (might); man you might go; hence free from slavery..
Link2 - manumit=manu+mit Manu (a boy) reach MIT and now he is free from all loans...

Mar - to spoil the appearance of something
Usage - She had a beautiful complexion, except for the mar on her cheek.
Link - mar(beating)- spoils the appearance of anything...

Maraud - move in search of plunder
Usage - The maraud lasted for just few minutes but caused incredible damage. 
Link - ma(mal)-raud(raid)....maal dhoondne ke liye police raided in a building...
Link2 - remember marauder's map? which harry used when out for searching anything in hogwarts?..

Maroon - leave helpless on a deserted island or coast
Usage - Her dress was maroon in color.
Link - sounds like beating someone....please mujhe mat maro otherwise i will maroon you here....

Marred - damaged, disfigured
Usage - The walls were marred by graffiti. 
Link - mar+red in hindi maar = getting hurt .. bcoz of hurt it becomes red...hence damaged.. 

Marsupial - any animal that carries his baby in his pocket
Usage - The zoo was full of marsupial animals. 
Link - ma so rahe bache ko pal rahe hai -ma-so-pial...
Link2 - I had to prepare a soup for the officer to see a marsupial animal in the zoo...

Martial - warlike
Usage - Martial law was imposed on the country after the riots broke out. 
Link - marital-- sometimes marital relations are warlike - when husband and wife have altercations.

Martinet - strict disciplinarian
Usage - Richa's father was a martinet who believed in absolute discipline. 
Link - martinet == mar(hit)+ tin (3)+ et (hat), so mar tin hat if you talk a martinet is very strict

Martyr - one who voluntarily suffers death for his or her religion or cause, great sufferer
Usage - Joan of Arc was a true martyr. 
Link - if someone sacrificed for me, I would give them my tear; martyr..
Link2 - divide this word like..mar..(in hindi..marNE..tyr...teyyar...marne ke liye tayyar...anyone who is always ready to die for the sake of martyr...means to voluntarily die for a great cause....

Masochist - person who enjoys his own pain
Usage - To survive in today's world, you have to be a bit of a masochist.
Link - sounds like maso+chrst(christ)..Jesus christ suffered a lot of pain at the time of his death when he was hanged...
Link2 - mars+own+chest.... one who mars(beats or disfigures) his own chest is a masochist :)
Masquerade - wear a mask or disguise, pretend
Usage - The beggar fooled everybody with his masquerade of wealth.
Link -  focus on masq. MASK is used for disguise so can try to remember like masquerade = Pretend to be someone or something that you are not...

Materialism - preoccupation with physical comforts and things, excessive regard for worldly concerns (rather than spiritual matters)
Usage - The philosophy of materialism explained existence solely in material terms. 
Link - This world contains a lot of material so don't focus only on material but do concentrate on spiritual world too...

Matriculate - enroll (in college or graduate school)
Usage - George matriculated from the University when he was just 16!
Link - If you remember there used to be metric education system, remember "Pappu metric pass ho gaya' to matriculate, is to enroll for these exams(school).
Link2 - matri + college + ate...woman eating in the college campus since she is a part of the college...

Maudlin - effusively sentimental
Usage - The movie was a maudlin love story.
Link - when she received a call from the MODELLING company for her appointment, she became EFFUSIVELY SENTIMENTAL and weeped a lot.Her dream had come true...
Link2 - maudlin = mat ro darling....dont cry,pertaining to sentimental people...

Maul - handle roughly, injure by beating
Usage - The woodcutter used the maul to split the log. 
Link - in a MALL if somebody becomes a nuisance he'll be *handled roughly* by the security present there...
Link2 - maul-MAL-MAnhandLe maul and manhandle means same, and they sound similar...

Maverick - rebel, an unbranded range animal, non-conformist
Usage - The cowboys fought to catch the mavericks. 
Link -  Mave+"RICK" sounds like Ricky Ponting who is rebellious and non-conformist as he does not believe in umpire descisions during India's Cricket match...
Link2 - maverick-MAIN BHI RICKshaw chaloonga even I am engineer/doctor. I want to be maverick.

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