Thursday, May 27, 2010


Haughtiness - pride, arrogance
Usage - Shreya goshal lacks the arrogance and haughtiness of so many musical artists.
Link1 - 
read as HOTTIE...a HOT girl will be arrogant and proudy...

Haven -  place of safety, refuge.Usage - A real haven at the end of a busy working day.
Link1 -  
it sounds like 'heaven'...a place which is always safe..

Hazy – slightly obscure, vague.Usage -  I have only a hazy memory of what he was like.
Link1 - 
Just woke up in the foggy morning half asleep and lazy.everything will be visible unclear to will take few seconds to see clearly after washing your eyes...

Headlong – hasty, rash, headfirst, with the head leadingUsage - Do not leap headlong into decisions.
Link – hasty like gashti(prostitute in english)..she is always in a rush to go to other clients after doing it....
Likn2 -  people with long hairs on their heads and other parts cover themselves very fast after taking shower so that no one sees them.....

Heckler – person who verbally harasses others.Usage - The heckler kept interrupting the speaker with rude remarks.
Link1 -  sounds like f*ck....
generally a abusive person shouts at most of the people "WHAT THE F*CK?" a person who is abusive uses this statement, hence a HECKLER!....
Link2 - rhymes with the meaning goes as one who verbally assaults others(not the exact one though...

Hedonist – one who believes pleasure is the sole aim in life, someone who is motivated by desires for sensual pleasures.Usage -  The world’s best known bachelor and unabashed hedonist.
Link1 -  Hedonist – Head + on + (brea) st; A hedonist is a person who is motivated by the desires for sensual pleasures, and dreams about banging his head on her br#$#...
Link2 - Moms really advice their daughters.."hey don't go near them....he is a hedonist.."

Heed - pay close attention to
Usage -
Heed the advice of the old men
Link - heed sounds like seed - If you sow a seed and do not (heed) pay close attention to it by watering and giving manure ... it will not grow and flower in future.
Heinous – grossly wicked, abominable, evil and atrocious 
Usage – The young woman's heart revolted against so heinous a charge, and when she saw that she could attempt to do nothing to save her protector, she wept bitterly.
Link1 –
heinous -> hey + anus(ass), you call someone that if you hate him or if he's atrocious.

Herald - messenger, sign of something to come, a person who announces important news
Usage - The chieftain had a herald who announced his arrival with a trumpet
Link -  it can be split into hear + all...a messenger gives a message to everyone...

Heresy – any opinion or doctrines at variance with the official or orthodox position, a belief that rejects the orthodox tenets of a religion.Usage - The heresy of one age becomes the orthodoxy of the next.
Link1 -
divide this word into her (her)+esy(sounds like essay)... most of the essays written by her are against popular beliefs....Taslima Nasrin, a Bangladeshi writer is one such person who has recently created a heresy because of her book..

Hermetic – completely sealed, especially against the entry of air, airtight.Usage – Try breaking the hermetic seal of the jar!!
Link1 – Hermetic -> T(hermatic) -> Thermal.  In a thermal power plant, the process of generating thermal power takes place in completely sealed and air tight chambers, so that high pressure gases do not leak out n cause accidents. ? thoda zyada ho gaya na!?...
Link2 - Wat if hema malini suddenly appears in our colony? she will be surrounded by her fans restricting her movement...
Link3 - Sala HAM-burger chura raha tha! HEM him! :D ...

Hew -
cut to pieces with ax or sword, chop
Usage - He hewed down the tree.
Link1 - sounds like
CHEW...when you chew, you try to chop the thing with your teeth.

Heyday - time of greatest success or power, prime
Usage - The dahlias and chrysanthemums were in their heyday.
Link - hey!!!!+day...when you pass a time of great suceess in a say...hey!!!!!! what a day it was..I will always remember it. 
Link2 - yaaaayyyy!!!! (sounding very happy at the time of success ))...

Hiatus - gap, pause, gap or interruption in space or time, break 
Link -  split it as HI+AT+US.....if a beautiful girl says 'Hi' on the way, we will definitely stop for a while...we pause our walk and start talking to her...

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