Monday, May 24, 2010


Wistful – vaguely longing, sadly thoughtful
Usage – There was a wistful look in his eyes when he spoke of his childhood.
Link1 – sounds like wish+full....when GOD will sy that you have wished a no wish will be fulfilled...u will become sad and start thinking what will happen to you now...i.e. sadly thoughtful...

Wither – shrivel, decay, to loose freshness.
Usage – Raj’ leg muscles had withered from lack of use.
Link1 – sounds like....with + her...after spending the entire night with her, the boy was not looking fresh the next day morning...

Wizened - shriveled, withered, lean and wrinkled by shrinkage as from age or illness
Usage – A little wizened old fellow with no teeth
Link1 - Wizened sounds like WISE, with age you become WISE and also lean and wrinkled because of age.
Link2 - at old age your body and private part gets withered because of doing it so many times....

Wont - an established custom, habit.
Usage – The poor man is wont to complain that this is a cold world.
Link1 – A habit is something you WON’T leave.

Wrangle - to quarrel noisily or angrily.
Usage – The political parties always wrangle over some or the other issue.
Link1 – sounds like wrong + angle, when your friend starts thinking in a wrong angle about what ever you say, then he will Wrangle(quarrel) with you.
Link2 -  remember Wrangler jeans.. Imagine there is a sale in wrangler showroom and two girls are FIGHTING to decide who picked the jeans first...there will be a catfight..which will be awesome..

Wrath - anger, fury, forceful, often vindictive anger
Link1 – Wrath sounds like Vrat(in hindi, it means fasting). In hindi movies, when hero’s father is killed by villain, hero’s mother says with anger(wrath), that till hero kills the villain , she will not eat(vrat).
Link2 - w+rath-- due to an argumentative conversation on last night or RAAT( rath) are still in anger with your husband...

Wreak – to inflict, cause to happen or to occur as a consequence
Usage – Violent storms wreak havoc on coast.
Link1 –  wreak sounds like if you break somebody will definately be inflicted some punishment...

Wrench – 1. a sudden sharp, forcible twist or turn.
                2. a sudden surge of compassion, sorrow or anguish.
Usage –  I wrenched my knee
Link1 – Read wrench as RANCHO(3 idiots)...when virus presents him his pen as a mark of excellence, Rancho felt wrenched ( sudden happiness).
Link2 – Wrench is a tool to screw or unscrew the nuts and bolts.(sudden sharp twisting)

Wrest - to take or force away by violent pulling, to cease forcibly, to obtain laborious effort.
Usage - Wrested power from the monarchy.
Link1 – sounds like wrestling you have to fight and defeat him to wrest the Championship Belt from the opponent.

Writhe - twist in coils, contort in pain 
Usage - The prisoner writhed in discomfort
Link -  If someone asks you to write the content while doing will be contort in pain... :P

Wry - Dryly humorous, crooked or abnormal.
Usage - At first he made a wry face, but, one after another, the skins and the cores disappeared.
Link - sounds like cry...when a person start laughing suddenly when hi is will be humorous...

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