Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Minion - a subordinate official, a person in an organization who has to obey orders

Usage - The IPL commissioner is always accompanied by minions as they flatter him and he enjoys  it.
Link - A minion always wears a mini skirt(secretary) or cut onion(as a servant) in an organization.
Link2 - mini(small) +(pers)on= a small man in stature always depends on others and tries to flatter them.

Minuscule: extremely small
Usage - His company will never approve  his proposal with so minuscule a chance for success.
Link -  sounds like minu(minute)+scule(school)...imagine small kids going to school...
Link2 -  mini(small)+ (mu)scle: small muscles ; a man with small muscles will have a minuscule of a chance to win a wrestling game.

Mirage -  unreal reflection
Usage - The car driver was fooled by a mirage on the road.
Link - mirage= mirror + image= unreal image

Mire -  entangle,  to sink in a mire , a area of wet mud.
Usage - The car wheels were mired in mud.
Link : mire—wire—entangle; when there are many wires they are bound to get twisted and entangled.
Link2 - Muddy Tyre might help us recall the meaning of Mire.

Mirth - merriment, laughter
Usage - The reason for the Khanna’s mirth was the birth of their first child.
Link - Link: mirth—birth(of a son)—enjoyment...
Link2 - just try to visualise the ramayan kind of scenes where the demons say "My Earth" [mi-rth] and laugh in a similar fashion....
Misconstrue -  wrong interpretation
Usage - The Minister’s statement was misconstrued which led to a furore in the parliament.
Link - mis + con(fake) + true(correct) = Someone is 'Missing' the 'True' fact...hence wrong interpretation..

Miscreant :  villain, wrongdoer
Usage - Politicians are the miscreants of our nation
Link : MISCREANT=mis+create..so god created them by mistake. Who? The VILLAINS....

Misdemeanor - action which is bad or unacceptable, misdead, wrongdoing
Usage - The governess beat her charges for the slightest misdemeanor. 
Link - He acts like a misdemeanor with every miss that passes by for his mean intentions...
Link2 -  Mis+demi moore has done a small mistake...

Misgiving -feeling of doubt o anxiety about what may happen
Usage - I have no misgivings about what I have done. 
Link - mis(wrong) + giving; if the gift is GIVEN to a WRONG person, he will have misgivings(doubts as to why he got the gift).

Missive - letter
Usage - The postman arrived with a missive from my aunt in London. 
Link - He was missing  his girlfriend(Miss universe) so he wrote a missive read it at the show going on...
Link2 - in olden days .. if you "missed" someone.. you wrote "letters" to them.....
Link3 - He use to exchange missives with his miss(girlfriend) before marriage...

Mitigate - to pacify, appease, make or become less in force or intensity
Usage - The government is taking measures to mitigate the pollution levels in the state.
Link - Gate pe kutte ki potty pe mitti daal do" why? so that the intensity of bad odour will lessen...
Link2 - to lessen "mitti" in our house,"mitti" "gate" ke bahar kar do. Therefore MITIGATE - to lessen MITTI by throwing it out of GATE....

Modicum : small quantity
Usage - Today’s children have modicum of interest in the history of the country.
Link - mod(erately) + cum( in hindi cum= less) so it means a moderate amount ; a small quantity.

Modish : fashionable
Usage - Most of the actors of today are modish.
Link : mod(el)+(styl)ish = models are stylish ,i.e. fashionable.

Mogul - powerful person
Usage -  Being a business mogul, he had a busy social life.  
Link - sounds like MUGAL empire (in hstory) in which akbar was a powerful man....
Link2 - MOGUL is a super-hero from Dragonball-Z (japanese anime)....

Mollify - soothe an angry person
Usage - This fabric softener is guaranteed to mollify your laundry.
Link -  mollify sounds like nullify...so just think of nullifying something...nullifying your temper...
Link2 - molly + fy...Molly is a girl (sounds like a proper name). A girl is soft! 

Mollycoddle - pamper, coddle, baby, indulge excessively 
Usage - James was a mollycoddle and hated rough sports like rugby and cricket. 
Link - coddle sounds like cuddle which also means showing love...
Link2 - split it as molly+coddle...molly means child(in malayalam) and coddle rhymes with cuddle....so parents cuddle their children,pamper...

Mongrel - plant or animal of mixed breed
Usage - The mongrel stared at hungrily as I ate my food. 
Link -  mongrel=mon(monkey)+gorilla=>i.e of mixed breed...

Monolithic - solidly uniform, unchangeable, unyielding
Usage - There is a monolithic worldwide movement to put an end to terrorism.
Link - MONO(SINGLE) + LITHIC (related to ROCKS) --> like a SINGLE ROCK --> SOLID and UNIFORM...

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