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Venal - capable of being bribed 
Usage- The whole system is corrupted because of the venal officers at every level of the hierarchy.
Link1 - ve + nal = we are null ....we can be easily bribed as we are null in terms of money...i.e we have no money.
Link2 - sounds like anal..The secretaries can easily be tricked to do anal with them if a boss offers her promotion...
Link3 – Venal...penal(ised); Venal officers who accept the bribe are penalized (punished)if they are caught.

Vendetta - blood feud; a feud in which the opposite parties kill each other , a long dispute between two families
Usage- The two families have engaged in a bitter vendetta since ages.
Link 1- ven(when) + de(they) + tta(attack); when they attack you then you will reciprocate attacking them and hence rivalry, and they engage in vendetta.
Link2- ven(when) + detta(death); when death occurs to one of the members of the team, we doubt the members from the opposite team, and try to take revenge.

Veneer- thin layer, cover, an ornamental coating
Usage- To protect the furniture we should veneer it(apply a thin coating).
Link – veneer sounds like paneer( the top paneer has a thin layer)
Link2 - veneer sounds like very near, if u put a thin sheet or cover over something, then it is very near to that thing..
Venerable- respected, revered
Usage- A venerable leader, leading the company will be good for the development of the company.
Link 1- venerable..honorable
Link2 - VANAR(monkeys in the Ramayana ) were ABLE to respect HANUMAN because he was the strongest of them all..
Venial- a sin which is forgivable, small mistake which can be forgiven
Usage-  A venial sin should never be neglected, because this is what leads to the bigger crimes.
Link 1 – Venial sounds like menial (meanial – domestic servant or unskilled tasks).The mistakes committed by a menial are venial and hence forgiven..
Link2 - if you hit someone in an artery- OH MY GOD BLOOD EVERYWHERE. But in the VEIN? Well, that's venial..
Ventral- Relating to or situated on or close to the abdomen, abdominal
Usage- Fish has a ventral fin that helps it stabilize in the water.
Link 1- ventral sounds like central; ventral is the central part(abdomen)

Vent - to express a feeling esp. anger
Usage - She vented her anger
Link - When your car was hit by another car which resulted in a dent on your car, you went to vent your anger at him...
Venture - risk, expose to risk
Usage - We ventured into the world of high-tech and bought a supercomputer
Link - sounds like adventure...AD+VENTURE=which is exiting but full of risks and daring things.

Veracity- truthfulness.
Usage- The veracity of the statements given by Kasab(26/11 terrorist) was always doubted by the police.
Link - My veera(brave) brother is known for his veracity in our city...
Link 2- Veracity...sincerity;
Link 3- Vera(veer=courage)—It takes a lot of courage to exhibit veracity;veracity sounds like audacity(courage)
Verbatim - word for word, repeating the actual words exactly
Usage - He repeated her remarks verbatim
Link -  verbatim = verbat(verbal) + im(important) .... an important talk should be reported word for word .....

Verbiage - too many unnecessary words, superfluity of words as in writing or speech
Link2 - verbiage--verb+i+age--a person who is using verbs(words)ten times more of his age..

Verdant- green; lush in vegetation
Usage- A verdant pasture is perfect for grazing the sheep.
Link 1- Verdant sounds like vardaan(a blessing); In the olden days the lands were verdant, because people had the vardaan(blessings) of god.
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