Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Niggle - spending too much time on small issues
Usage - Now that i live so far from home, i really miss niggling with my siblings all day long.
Link 1- Ni(new)+ girl; i.e...virgins who is about to do niggle talks too much after doing it....

Nihilist- one who considers traditional beliefs to be meaningless.
Usage - Hitler revealed himself to be a nihilist, and vowed to annihilate all of Western Europe.
Link 1- Nihi(nahi + hai) + list; nahi hai meri list mein; this is what a modern guy says to the traditional beliefs because he does not believe in the traditional beliefs.

Nimble - agile,quick in movement
Usage - The thief managed to escape capture due to his nimble wits.
Link - nimble..sounds like nimbu(lemon)..when a lemon falls on the floor it rolls quickly..sure this helps you in understanding the meaning in being NIMBLE...
Link2 - for harry potter fans...Think about the broom of Harry Potter "Nimbus2000" and Nimbus2001" which are very nimble...

Nip- stop something’s growth or development, bite
Usage- The children were plotting mischief, their mother got hold of them and nipped their plan.
Link 1- (Nip)think as nip comes from nipple which is small knob of breast and sharp...its the end part of the breasts....
Link 2- nip sounds like nib ; nip means bite or pinch, when someone  sits on a nib it pinches u (nip).

Nirvana - An idealized state or place free of pain, worries, etc
Usage- Hawaii looks like nirvana compared to the rest of the country.
Link 1- Think of the Nirvana movie where the players transcend to the game world where there is complete bliss and there is no death to any of them.
Link2 - there is a famous band called nirvana....when you listen to their songs you get completely lost...

Nocturnal - belonging to or active during night.
Usage - Staying awake yesterday night, I could hear the nocturnal sounds all around me.
Link1 - sounds like turn+anal...the guy at the bar its my turn to do anal with that girl over there...

Noisome - foul smelling, offensive (esp of smells), arousing disgust, harmful or dangerous.
Usage - Within that noisome den from which I had emerged, I had thought with a narrow intensity only of our immediate security.
Link1 - (Noisome – >nausea –> to vomit). So anything that is noisome causes nausea..
Link2 - when you fart in a silence(without noise) its noisome which spreads out foul smell in a room....

Nominal – existing in name only, insignificantly small; trifling (nominal sum).
Usage - 1. He is only the nominal head of the firm.
              2. He had to pay only a nominal fine.
Link1 – sounds like minimal….so which is minimal in comparison with what is expected.
Link2 – In Hindi we say, ‘ Naam(Nom)  mein kya rakha hai’ which means what’s there in name, its only a name :).

Nonchalant - casually unconcerned or indifferent; uninvolved.
Usage - "I can't help it either," she said, in a voice which she tried to make nonchalant.
Link1 – while driving, when we notice a traffic hawaldar approaching us( chalan katne ke liye), we pretend to be nonchalant and ‘patli galli se nikal jate hain’ :).
Link2 - nonchalance rhymes like No + Challenge , When there is no challenge, people tend not to care and there will be a casual lack of concern...

Nondescript - undistinctive, ordinary
Usage- The private detective was short , nondescreptive fellow who could not be noticed incrowd.
Link1 - Non(e) + descript; means there are no characteristics worth description ,i.e. very ordinary.

Nonplus - put at a loss, a state of perplexity, confusion or bewilderment.
Usage - I was nonplused, and then, for the first time, there crept over me an intuition of the truth.
Link - non-plus=subtract..and any subtraction is a loss...not knowing the cause of loss we become confused and perplexed...
Link2 – No(n) + plus (to add -> contribute) – so when u r in a state of confusion u find it difficult to ‘say’ or ‘do’ or ‘contribute’ anything.

Notoriety - disrepute, ill fame; the state of being known for some unfavorable  act.
Usage- Public figures would settle for no reputation than settle for notoriety.
Link 1- Notoriety sounds like notorious... Notorious people are always known for their mischievious or unfavorable acts.(notoriety)

Nubile- girls or women who are eligible to marry.
Usage- The nubile daughter has a lot of admirers.
Link 1- can sound like NABALIK (below 18 years age) so unmarried...
Link2 - nubile sounds like nubra = can be related to woman who are young and attractive who wear nu(new)+bra....

Nugatory - worthless, of little or no importance, of no real value.
Usage – The team's heartbreaking loss in the first game of the championship series was rendered nugatory after they came back to win the next.
Link1 – almost sounds like New+Gay+Tree...which is of no value because gays wont have a nice family tree....coz they cant have children...(NO OFFENSE whatsoever).. (Should be original)
Link2 - No+guarantee, i.e a product which has no guarantee, is worthless...

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