Friday, May 21, 2010


Wade - walk through a substance such as water, that impedes movement
Usage - Can we wade across the river to the other side?
Link - sounds like invade...u invade only in a restricted area which impedes or movement....

Waffle-speak equivocally about an issue, pause or hold back in uncertaintyUsage- When the convict was interrogated about the murder, the convict waffled and tried to mislead the court.
Link 1- Waffle sounds like wafers; wafers look the same from either side.
Link 2- Waffle also sounds like baffle; by waffling (speaking equivocally on an issue) you confuse the other person.
Link3 -  waf+fle..waf(wife)+ffle(eiffel ur plan of visit eiffle tower with ur wife is uncertain, as u hv lot of work to at ur not decided as wat to do...and holding ur uncertainity....

Waft- moved gently by wind or waves.Usage- A breeze wafted through the door.
Link1- waft sounds like raft. Raft is used for travelling on water...It sails through the waves.

Wag - shake repeatedly from side to side, a witty amusing person who makes jokesUsage - The happy dog wagged his tail
Link1 - sounds like gag....remember the famous show...just for laugh is a comedy show where persons are tricked humorously..

Waif -  homeless child or animal.Usage- Inspite of being the richest people, Bill and Melinda Gates are known for their work towards the waifs.
Link1 - Waif?wife; if you fight with your wife, she will throw you out of the house and you will become a waif...
Link2 - Waif sounds like Kaif; After IPL 2 , Mohd. Kaif was removed from the Rajahsthan royals , he become homeless (or waif), and he was put off from the list of auction.

Waive - give up temporarily, yield.Usage - As Lalit Modi is suspended as the IPL chairman, he had to waive his rights in the IPL decision making issues.
Link - Waive is somewhat similar to slave, wherein waive means to lose the right to something, while a slave is a person who has lost his right to freedom...
Link2 - Waive sounds like wave; when you wave your hand (i.e. when you say bye) to your friend who is going out of station you are sayin bye TEMPORARILY.
Link3 - Waive?waiver(aid);As Raj didn’t get waiver(aid) from his university, he gave up (waive)his plans of MS temporarily

Wallow - roll in, indulge in , become helpless.Usage- The hippopotamus loves to wallow in the mud.
Link1 - Wallow –buffALLO; buffalo loves to wallow in mud..
.Link2 - look for wall in word wallow and imagine a wall surrounding you which is not allowing you to go anywhere, which makes u helpless...

Wan -  having a pale or sickly color, pallid, dull.Link 1- wan sounds like pan; if you put your hands on a hot pan, your skin will become pale...
Link2 - wan rhymes with maruthi van... she liked to travel in a scorpio but she is traveling in a she became pale(sharam ke maare)...

Wane - decrease in size or strength, draw gradually to an end.Usage - With time my interest in the project waned.
Link1 - Wane sounds like pain; when you are in pain, you tend to become weak and lose strength.
Link2 - wane sounds like gain; both are meaning.

Wangle - achieve by cleverness or trick, wiggle out, fake.Usage - She tried to wangle an invitation to the party.
Link1 - Wangle sounds like bangle; By buying new bangles to the girl, he wangled love towards her and spent the night with her by banging her... :P.
Link2 - wan(VAN)+gle(gal)--if you want a GIRL TO SIT IN YOUR VAN--you HAVE to PLAY SOME TRIcKS WITH HER , like you have to persuade her to come with you by making fabricated stories and fake offeres ....

Wanton - willfully malicious, unrestrained, gratuitously cruelUsage-  The animals were killed wantonly for sport.
Link 1- Wanton sounds like Wanted; In the movie Wanted, Salman Khan wantedly acted like a criminal to get hold of the criminals.
Link2 - WANTON..WANTED....Osama has been DECLARED THE MOST WANTED person on the earth because of his cruelty...

Warble - sing, babbleUsage - Every morning the birds warbled outside her window.
Link - Warble can be broken into WAR+Ble(bell), now picture the scene before war, soldiers play drums and BELL and SING patriotic songs....
Link2 - warble sounds like babble.

Warren - tunnels in which rabbits live; crowded conditions in which people live.Usage- The auditorium was a warren, packed with people to see their favorite star.
Link1 - Warren sounds like barren; and both mean the opposite, no one lives in a barren land and warren means a crowded place.
Link2 - Warren --Warren Buffet...the world's richest person... wherever Warren Buffet goes, lots of people come in to meet him.

Wastrel - waster, profligate, a person who wastes..esp., a spendthriftUsage - Inspite of good performances, Raj was denounced as a wastrel and left out of the team. 
Link1 - Wastrel- sounds like waste; when you are wasting something it is called wastrel...

Wax - increase gradually, grow
Usage - Sales were waxing after prices were lowered
Link - when gals wax their again grow back gradually...
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