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Waylay - ambush, lie in wait.
Usage - They decided to waylay the victim as he passed through the dark alley going home.
Link1 -  When the soldiers went to attack the Pakistanis, the Pakistani were already hiding in their way and were laying in the bushes so that they could not be seen...
Link2 - way+lay... imagine a situation where an army LAYs its plan of attacking the militants on their WAY to their destination..

Wean - give up a cherished activity, cause to gradually leave
Usage - He weaned himself from cigarettes.
Link1 - Wean-- Weak; When you are weak, you stop masturbating(cherished activity) and take some rest..
Link2 - if a boy is allowed to drink the mil from his friend's mom directly..he will be excited...but after sometime when he misused the opportunity then he was weaned from it....

Welt - raised mark from a beating or whipping
Usage - The teacher often welted the students by beating them with a thick stick.
Link -  sounds like BELT...having been beaten by a belt, he had marks all over his body..
Welter - turmoil, bewildered jumble, a confused multitude of things.
Usage - The ship wrecked survivors weltered in the sea for hours.
Link1 - sounds like are at gunpoint and thieves ask you to submit your BMW and kiss your wife or take melted iron in your will be in great turmoil what to do...

Wheedle - coax, cajole, deceive by flattery
Usage - Raj knew he could wheedle anything he wants from his mom.
Link1 - wheedle..wheed(SOUNDS LIKE NEED)...when we NEED something very urgently we try to obtain it in whatever way possible, be it by flattery or deception...

Whelp - young wolf, dog, tiger, etc.; birth. 
Link1- Whelp sounds like help...say a little pup needs HELP from its mother because it is still very young.

Whet - to sharpen, hone, strengthen, to make more keen, stimulate.
Usage -  The smell of chicken biryani whetten my appetite.
Link - sounds like wet...when I saw the girl getting wet in the rain, she stimulated(excited) me.

Whiff - puff or gust(of air or scent); hint, short lasting smell
Usage - The whiff of the scent used by her present boy friend reminded her of her ex-boy friend.
Link - whiff sounds like SNIFF....I could sniff (smell) the fragrance of the flowers in a whiff of air..
Link2 - sounds like uff..Raj used to take a whiff of cigarette in his balcony and usne apne ghar mein kisiko is baat ki uff(hint) tak nahi hone di...

Whim - sudden capricious idea, fancy
Usage - Many empires have fallen due to the whim actions that the kings or emperors take, without thinking, succumbing to caprice.
Link - The aunty had a sudden idea of washing the plates with Vim bar rather than Rin..which worked..
Whine - complain, make a high sad sound 
Usage - My car engine makes a whining noise
Link - whine--sounds like WINE, and after drinking WINE ..people often feel emotional and express their feeling by making a HIGH SAD SOUND

Whinny - sound made by a horse i.e. neigh
Usage - I knew he wanted to make his queer noises for me- to bark like a dog or whinny like a horse.
Link1 - Whinny (the neighing of a horse) and Ninny (a foolish person)...he was a such ninny because he was frightened of even the horse's whinny.

Whit- a tiny or a scarcely detachable amount.
Usage- Sreesanth was not a whit scared of Hayden during the match.
Link1 - Whit sounds like bit, bit is a small or scarce quantity...also bit is the smallest unit for storage in a computer memory..

Whittle- to cut into small bits, to fashion or shape in a particular way, to reduce gradually
Usage - Whittle down the debt by making small payments.
Link1 - hittle reminds us of Hitler who cut things into smaller(esp human beings) ...also just focus on "hit" part of this which is used to break something...

Whorl - a round shape formed by a series of concentric circles
Usage - The plant has dense whorls of red purple flowers
Link - sounds like whore...a whore has a round pussy....because of so much of doing it..
Link2 - Whorl sounds like curl--- as in curly hair.

Wiggle - move from side to side with irregular twisting motions
Usage - Don't wiggle your finger while the nurse is putting on the bandage 
Link -  A wig seller is moving around the market in a snake like fashion shouting "WIG LE" (take a wig in hindi)..

Willowy - flexible, pliant, slender 
Link - a person whose WILL power is very low...HENCE FLEXIBLE...AND PLIANT.

Wilt - loose freshness, droop
Usage - My opponent was wilting
Link - Wilt and tilt sound the same and they both mean, to droop...u tilt only when u loose energy or freshness...

Wily - artful, cunning.Usage - He is too wily for the police to catch him.
Link1 - Wily sounds like billy(cat)..DON ko junglee bilian (cats) bahut pasand thi(because they were very clever).
Link2 - sounds like willy which means someone who wants to fulfill his will by any means. He has to be clever to do so.

Wince - move back suddenly, shrink back, flinch
Usage - He winced as the dentist touched his broken tooth.
Link - sounds like pinch...when I got pinched I winced...
Link2 - Wince sounds mince(which means cut into pieces); When someone cuts your finger into pieces, you wince.
Link3 - Wince sounds like wins; When your opponent wins, you wince.

Winsome - charming, often in a childlike or naive way, agreeable, gracious
Usage - She gave me her most winsome smile.
Link1 - winsome: you can win some one only if you are charming and attractive..
Link2 - I've always been able to WIN SOME girls over with my winsome charm...

Wispy- a small bunch or bundle, as of straw,hair, or grass; thin and weak, lacking clarity
Usage - Grey wispy hair straggled down her shoulder.

Link - when I whisper in her ear, I can feel the WISPS of hair tickling my face.
Link2 - sounds like whisper which cannot be seen when girls wear it...

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