Monday, May 10, 2010


Viable-  plausible, practical or workable, capable of maintain life Usage- The plan suggested by the new Indian Hockey coach to establish national academies for the players is viable and good for the development of players.
Link  1-  vi(VIV=LIFE) + some one who is ABLE to live his LIFE.
Link 2- sounds like survivable.

Vilify- slander, spread negative information about Usage- Vilify statements about your opponents are uncalled for.
Link 1- vilify..villain;By vilifyin(talkin ill ) of someone, you make them a villain in front of others
Link 2-vilify----glorify; these are opposites, vilify means to defame some one and glorify means to praise someone.

Vindicate- free from blame, exonerate
Usage- Criminals having political nexus are more often than not
vindicated of the case against them.
Link 1- WIN THE CASE=VINDICATE;  means you are happy that you won the case and  you are clear from blame.

Vindictive - trying to harm somebody for revenge
Link - vindictive=win+addictive obsessed about winning always having ill will against others
Link2 - Vindictive...the boys are always vindictive...when a girl slaps them then they are determined to take revenge using their dicks... :P ...i hope u got it...
Vintner-winemaker, seller of wine Usage- With the sale of rights for the liquor shops to take place shortly, the vintners are in demand.
Link 1- Vintner sounds like winter; In winter,it is very cold and you need some wine to keep yourself warm.

Viper- poisonous snake;
Usage- The Sahara desert is a habitat of many a viper.
Link- A viper can WIPE out your life (ek baar saap ne kaat liya..tho bus ho gaya zindagi se naam saaf:P)

Virile- manly;characterized by energy and vigor.
Usage- A new and virile leadership will bring a new dimension to the political party.
Link1- Virile is the opposite of fragile(weak)...
Link2- Virile...Veer...manly...

Link3 - Vir(Virya) in hindi means sperm...wich comes from man..hence Manly..
Virtuoso - highly skilled artist

Usage - Govind has been the school champion in chess competition consecutively for three years.

Link - Var(husband) choose karne mein RAKhi sawant is a virtuoso.....
Link 2- One who has many virtues is virtuoso(skill ful)
Link 3- Virtusa ,a software company , is spread into various verticals.

Virulent- poisonous, bitter Usage- The virulent speech’ of Varun Gandhi landed him into trouble
Link 1- for all cricket fans..Virulent..Viru(virendar sehwag) is a bitter customer to deal with for the opponents.
Link 2- Virulent ....virus , it causes harm; virulent is viral and poisonous

Visage-appearance conveyed by a person’s face Usage- The stern visage of the judge before the verdict was to be
delivered, suggested that he is going impose the ultimatum.
Link 1-Visage—vision + age;How can you visualize a person’s age??By seeing his or her face.]
Link 2 - Glow on visage after the massage...
Link 3- Visage... visa ; visa has all the details ,your AGE, your photo etc.

Visceral-felt in one’s inner organs; obtained through intuition rather than  experience Usage- Seeing the people riding the roller coaster , she could feel
the visceral sensations
Link 1-visceral... internal
Link2 - Visceral = wise cereal, which is good for health and internal organs.

Vitiate - spoil the effect of; make inoperative.
Usage- You will vitiate the guarantee if you drive the car in an unsafe manner to cause a crash.
Link 1- vitiate is vish + ate, If someone eat food adulterated by vish(poison), effectiveness of food will be reduced
Link2- "fish he ate" was spoiled and made him sick.