Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Nadir - lowest point
Usage - Sales rose in October and now are 8 per cent higher than in February, where they touched the nadir.
Link - na+gir meaning from where one cannot fall that is the lowest point...
Link2 - sounds like mandir; when u reach the nadir (lowest point) of your life, you go to MANDIR to pray...

Narcissist- conceited person; a person who is in love with himself.
Usage-  Raj is a narcissist and he thought only about himself.
Link 1- contains NARI(in hindi it means nari...ie a LADY)..and ladies are fond of themselves and like self praise ...hence narcissist....NO OFFENCE to fellow women..
Nascent- newly coming into existence.
Usage- The artist’s nascent style soon brought gallery owners to his doorstep.
Link 1- Na(new) + scent..new scent of AXE has comes into existence through the chocolate ad where the girls eat the chocolate guy...

Natation - swimming, floating.
Usage- The swimming champion was invited to inaugurate the Natation club.
Link 1- Natation(sounds like nation)... The national sport of which nation is Swimming( Natation)???—none that I know of... :P
Link2 - This is really stupid... nata in hindi means short in height...we know swimming increases height..hence natation is the solution to the height problem....

Natty - neatly or smartly dressed
Usage- Rahul is proud of himself of being a natty dresser.
Link 1- natty sounds like neatly; and it means neatly dressed..

Nebulous- hazy, lacking definition or definite content, cloudy, vague.
Usage - Although the photography of the film was spectacular , the plot was rather nebulous.
Link -  "nee+bulla+us (nacked)which is shown with a cloudy patch in the movies so u can remember like this" -cloudy,unclear...it is censored most of the times...
Link2 - Nebula is a mass of dust or gas or both, which is cloudy.
Link3 - nebulous comes from nibu(lemon). Nimbu water is hazy so v can correlate..

Necromancy - black magic; dealing with dead bodies
Usage - Most of us have tried to perform feats of necromancy to call the spirits of the dead .
Link 1 - NECRO ~ negro (black) + Mancy ~ MAGIC; black magic.....the negros do some kind of black magic that all the blondes agree to do with them....
Link 2 - Nec +Romanc(e)y—Romance is kind of black magic and all the youngsters fall in this trap.

Nefarious- very wicked.
Usage- The police got hold of the thief and asked him to stop indulging into nefarious activities.
Link - this sounds like ne(nephew)+farious(furious)..so your nephew is very furious or cruel or violent..
Link2 - ne(NO) + fairy + US: No good character like a fairy among us but an exact opposite i.e. a wicked person...
Link3- ne + farious(sounds like furious) ; a wicked person is furious.

Nemesis-someone seeking revenge, foe, enemy
Usage - Sherlock Holmes met his nemesis in the form of Professor Moriarty.
Link 1- not+my+sis...In movies when the villain does something to the hero’s sister, hero vows to take revenge against the villain.

Neophyte- a beginner, new member of a religious group
Usage - The piano neophyte was asked by the instructor to practice for an hour every day.
Link - neo+phyte ~ new + fight...in WWE, a new member or beginner always has to fight to establish his own identity...
Link2 - Neo (means new) + phyte, a new member, beginner
Link3 -  split the word into "neo = the matrix hero" and "phyte = fight". Thus neo fights in matrix movie as a beginner or new commer to save the revolution...

Nepotism - favoritism (to a relative)
Usage - The criteria to become a politician in our country based on nepotism rather than abitlity.
Link1- ne + poti + sm ~ poti (grand-daughter) .. every grand father shows favoritism for his grand daughter..
Link2 - One of cases against Lalit Modi is nepotism (favoritism to a relative).His relatives had stake in two teams Rajasthan royals and king’s XI Punjab.

Nether - lower,  located below or beneath something else
Usage - She specialized in designing nether garments.
Link - "NetherLand" is a country which is quite below and also called a Holland meaning hollow land. Hence can be remembered as "Nether"+"land"...
Link2 - na idhar na udhar neeche idhar i.e. nether...

Nettle- annoy, vex.
Usage - Do not let her nettle you with her sarcastic remarks.
Link - "net + tle, when internet is slow like turtle.... annoyed!"...
Link2 - Nettle(means irritate); so when some one nettles us, we feel like hittin them with a metal :P

Nexus - connection
Usage - Retailers had formed an illegal nexus to sell food grains at a high price. 
Link - there is connection in between we and next to us....u say like this to your frinds when a hot girl is sitting besides you in a movie hall....
Link2 - remember naxalites. They have groups and connections with each other.

Nicety - precision, accuracy
Usage - It was performed with justness, nicety and beauty.
Link - break nicety as 'nice'& 'ty' as 'tea' so its 'nice tea' that means it has perfect taste and is distinct from the others...

Niggard - miser, stingy
Usage - The waiter scoffed at the niggardly tip given to him by the rich man. 
Link - ni(nahi) gar(ghar or home) jiske pass ghar nahi hai woh toh kanjoosi karega hi....
Link2 - nigar khan dont spend money on clothes jst spend on bikini...hehehehe 

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