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Monotheism-  belief in one god
Usage- John proclaimed his belief in monotheism.
Link- mono(single) + thei(root for God)...

Monumental - massive, impressively large
Usage- Writing a book is a monumental task.
Link - like a MONUMENT, monuments are BIG and IMPRESSIVE
Moratorium - legal delay of payment or action,  suspension of an ongoing activity
Usage -  A moratorium on driving in the city was called when the air was declared unhealthy.
Link - morato(sounds like mortuary) + (Prem)ium; When someone dies, his relatives come to mortuary to take his body and they have to pay some money(premium) and if the fail to pay that amount (premium) there ll be a delay(moratorium) in the delivery of the dead body.
Link2 - MORATORIUM rhymes with there was DELAY IN PAYMENT for building the auditorium...

Mordant - biting, sarcastic, stinging
Usage - The dyer mixed the mordant in the dye and then dipped the wool into the dye.
Link - MOR..(MORE means jayada )+DANT(scolding) our child hood when playing with our friends we use to STING OR BITE THEM WHENEVER WE GOT ANGRY ON THEM BECAUSE OF THAT hame kabhi (more) daant(scolding) bhi milti thi mummy papa se...
Motif - theme, motive, design
Usage - The wall hanging(poster) had a floral motif throughout.
Link - sounds like motive(theme); The motif (theme or motive) of today’s fashion show is remembering the classics of the Indian Cinema.
Link2 - The motif of Atif was to seduce his friend's mom...

Mottled - blotched in coloring; spotted
Usage- When you soak a white cloth in a ink bottle it is mottled (spotted with blue color)
Link - mottle sounds like bottle(ink)....which is used to colour..
Mountebank - charlatan; a pretender; one who attracts customers with tricks or jokes
Usage - The mountebank confused the crowd into buying the things for a higher price.
Link - mounte + bank ; He mounted the top of the bank and shouted that he will jump from the top if his girl friend does not kiss him (:P) .That showed that the man was a mountebank (dikhava  kar raha tha)
Link2 - mountebank can be broken as mouth+bank=person whose mouth is a bank of words....who is extremely boastful and pretentious...
Motley -  multicolored, mixed
Usage - The songs were played from motley collection of songs
Link -  If you and your friend goto shopping, he would suggest you in Hindi "Yeh Dress Math (MOT-Don't) LEY (take),Joker ki thara dhikegha". It didnt suit u as it was multi-coloured!...

Morose - ill-humored; sullen
Usage- He had a fight with his wife so he was sullen and morose (ill-humoured) in the party.
Link -  In General we can remember it as 'More - Worse' - Ill Humored....
Link 2 - MOROSE ( More + RO raha (crying in hindi)) Deep and long lasting Sadness

Muddle - confused
Usage - Do not muddle the recipe else it will turn out bad.
Link - mud+dle(daal)....the culprit pored mud on the evidences to muddle the policemen...

Muggy - warm and damp(esp of weather)
Usage - The muggy weather called for a round of ice-cream.
Link - like MAGGY noodles which are WARM and DAMP when prepared.
Link2 - muggy=muddy..i.e damp;close & sticky...
Link3 - a mug full of water to make the ground warm and damp...

Mulct - defraud a person of something, swindle
Usage - Tim had to pay a hundred dollars as mulct for breaking the traffic signal. 
Link - read it like MULK+T=mulk(desh) ka T(traitor) mulct is the one who deceives or cheats...
Link2 - to mulct someone...semiliar to mug someone.. 

Multifarious - varied, greatly diversified
Usage- In today’s world one has to be  adept at handling the multifarious activities in ones daily activities.
Link - MULTIFARIOUS=MULTI+FARIOUS,farious rhymes with both multi and various means de same...VARIED and GREATLY DIVERSIFIED...
Link 2 -  multi+farious(sounds like facious; many faces ) means having multi faces so variety
Link3 - MULTI(many) + FAR + US = when MANY people come from FAR away to the US, the population gets GREATLY DIVERSIFIED...

Mundane - worldly as opposed to spiritual, common, ordinary
Usage - He was tired of his mundane existence and turned to spirituality.
Link - Mundane sounds like Monday. After an exciting weekend, Monday is just another mundane day.

Munificent - very generous
Usage - He is a munificent kind of a person.
Link - by muni - you think of rishi - muni (sages), who are always generous in giving, will give you whatever you want....
Link - money+sufficient-when a person has sufficient money he is generous

Murky - dark, cloudy, gloomy
Usage - His mother scolded him because his room was murky
Link - Murky > Murgi? Murgi bhaag gayi, couldn't catch it because it was > Dark, gloomy, vague, thick with fog! Actually visibility kum the yaar!...
Link2 - murky sounds like dirty and dirty means it is dark..
Link3 - murky=mur+ky -mud+key...if key of ur bike falls in mud n u lose it then it is definitely going depress you...

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