Sunday, May 9, 2010


Verdigris- a green coating on copper which has been exposed to the weather(like rust)
Usage- Though we took measures to protect the metal from the elements, it became coated with verdigris.
Link 1- verd(means green) + gris(sounds like grease); green colored grease.
Link2 - Verdigris- break into very + degree... they coloured the walls GREEN to a VERY mild DEGREE.

Vernacular- current living language; everyday speech of the people.
Usage- The students of the school always talk in English even in the hindi class, so the students were scolded for not talking in the vernacular
Link 1- Vernacular sounds like particular; every region has its particular (specific to that region) vernacular.
Link 2 -  This word can be verna, this car was designed to meet the demands of the local (vernacular—belongin to the local, native) needs
Verisimilitude - appearance of truth
Link - Simi arranged a swaymvar and asked each var to tell if they are virgin or test their loyalty..
Link2 - ver + similar + tude; 'ver' means true and 'tude' means a state, so 'verisimilitude'means 'the state of being true'.

Verve - enthusiasm, liveliness, vigor
Usage - He played with full verve for his team.
Link - opposite is nerve(nervous)...
Link2 - verve ... sounds life river which flow with enthusiasm ...

Vestige - trace , remains.
Usage- After lot of investigation, the team could discover the vestiges of the Indian man life in that place.
Link - a group of detectives wearing only vests investigating a rape case at the India gate...
Link2 - vestige –in vestig(at)e..when you investigate only then you find the trace(vestige) of something.
Link 3- sounds like prestige..the monuments present are the vestige of the prestigious Indian culture.

Vex - annoy, irritate
Usage - Mary was vexed by John's loud behavior at the party.
Link - very similar to wax....and LADIES go for waxing, even though it is a very painful and annoying process.
Link2 - Vex and perplex both mean, to confuse...
Vicarious- acting as a substitute, experienced at second hand
Usage- Yesterday I read an interesting story of students going on a trip to Switzerland and felt the vicarious excitement.
Link 1- vicarious sounds like precarious; it is always precarious(dangerous) to use a substitute medicine without consulting the doctor.

Vicissitude- change of fortune
Usage- Success and failure are part of life and a person who accepts these vicissitudes of life will succeed.
Link - some times to face VICISSITUDES OF LIFE one should possess a WISE(good)ATTITUDE ...
Link 2 – vi(we)+sit+(atti)tude; if a politician wins the election he is allowed to SIT on the chair , else he is not allowed to sit on the chair, it is all life’s vicissitudes.

Victuals - food and drinks
Usage - They were forced to use flies as a victuals.
Link - Sounds like "rituals". Food (victuals) is a major part of any kind of ritual ..

Vignette- picture, a short literary story
Usage- The entertainment magazines always come up with vignettes.
Link 1 – vignette sounds like brunette(a blonde woman) ; a _____ spent with a brunette always remains a vignette of your life :P