Monday, November 23, 2009

27th list

Careen - stagger, move in an unsteady way as if one is drunk
Link - I careened towards Kareena Kapoor's house when she called me and agreed to do with me.

Castigate - to punish, severe criticism
Link - I castigated a low caste person at my gate.

Catcall - shout of displeasure
Link - Cat was calling rats but there was catcall from rats.

Catharsis - releasing strong feelings from anger, purging of emotional tensions
Link - I went with my mom to a Katha(religious story in hindi) which was a catharsis experience.

Caucus - meeting to discuss somrthing private
Link 1 - Coke was distributed to every member during caucus of congress members with Coke CEO.
Link 2 - A meeting where COWS+disCUS therefore caucus is closed political(cows) meeting.

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