Monday, November 23, 2009

26th list

Cardinal - chief, most important
Link - Cardiac muscles are cardinal.

Caricature - a representation of a person that is exaggerated for comic effect, distortion
Link - Jim Carry is famous for his facial caricatures because he shows all kinds of distorted faces.

Carnage - destruction of life
Link 1 - If under aged people drive the car, there is a possibility that he may kill people on the road.
Link 2 - Carnage = car + rage(remove n). A car coming in rage may result in mass killing or mass destruction.

Carnal - connected with body or sexual desires
Link 1 - Nowadays cars are used to satisfy carnal desires.
Link 2 - Karnal had carnal desires and fulfilled with her wife in car(also rhymes with anal).

Carp - petty criticism
Link - Car owner carping that his car petrol pi ri hai.

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