Monday, November 16, 2009

22nd list

Effluvium - noxious smell
Link 1 - Effluvium smell from poultry farm after bird flu.
Link 2 - The first part of the word is efflu, which means effluents. Effluents as such are harmful and produce a strong noxious smell.

Effrontery - presumption, unashamed boldness
Link - His effrontery to propose her in front of everybody ruined him.

Effusion - enthusiasm, an unrestrained outpouring of feeling
Link 1 - Expensive bulb got fused, so my servant apologized with effusion.
Link 2 - Effusion rhymes with 'a fusion' reaction where there is an outburst or gush of energy.

Egalitarian - Affirming, promoting, or characterized by belief in equal rights
Link - EAGLES are EGALitarians, it does not matter which person's meat is that, ultimately they have to fill their stomach. 

Egregious - absurd, Conspicuously bad or offensive.
Link 1 - During one of our stage performance, we made such a huge mistake that people started throwing eggs at us and a rotten 'EGG REACHes US' (sounds like egregious).
Link 2 - Greg chappel did egregious mistake of showing middle finger to media.

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eric hamilton said...

hey dude...gr8 work...i am really surprised after reading your blog..earlier i used to cram words like a nut but now i have found a new way...thnx a ton..cheers..

Anonymous said...

This is so coool way of remembering