Wednesday, November 4, 2009

16th list

Exhort  - to persuade
Link 1 - Salmaan khan exhorted Aishwaria Rai not to axe his heart in a resort.
Link 2 - My ex-girlfriend is very hot - she exhorts men to do with her.

Exigency - emergency
Link - exigency ~ exit + emergency; you remember the emergency exit, only when at the time of an urgent situation.

Exiguous - small in amount or time
Link - 5 minutes is exiguous time to go to US from Goa.

Exodus - mass departure
Link - Exodus of 110(pronounce it in hindi format i.e. ek so dus) people.

Exonerate - exculpate, rescind, acquitt
Link - EXONERATE ~ break it as EX (gone) HONOUR (pride) ~ to bring back your gone or fallen honour by getting the blame off you.

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Benhur said...

Excellent, a very smart way to memorize difficult words. This helps. Thanks for your efforts.