Monday, November 2, 2009

15th list

Exculpate - to prove or state that somebody is not guilty of something
Link - Supreme court exculpated the culprit(sounds like ex-culprit - cleared of charges).

Execrate - express hate
Link 1 - When he revealed my ek(one) secret, I started execrating my friend.
Link 2 - split it as 'exec' utive 'rate'..if you ask a female executive her rate for 1 night,she will get angry and execrate you.
Link 3 - When a baby excretes on you, you execrate that baby.

Execrable - deserving a curse, abominable
Link 1 - Ek 100 crabs in execrable state.
Link 2 - Forcing the CRIPPLED to do EXERCISE is EXECRABLE
Link 3 - this *.exe file is a 'crappy' virus and is 'able' to badly harm your computer.

Exegesis - religious explanation, or critical interpretation
Link - Exegesis- EXEcuted,  JESUS please explain how Jesus was executed.

Exhilarating - exciting and enjoying
Link - Exhilarating experience for Edmund Hillary after reaching on Mount Everest.

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