Tuesday, November 10, 2009

19th list

Extirpate - to remove something unwanted
Link - He is working hard to extirpate his extra pate(stomach).

Extol - exalt, to praise somebody
Link 1 - Extol = Ex + Tol. My EX-Girlfriend always praised the 'Tall' guys highly in front of me. And so our relationship ended!
Link 2 - We extol the decision of axing toll tax.

Extortionate - excessive
Link - Extortionate extortion(illegal) money.

Extricate - to escape
Link 1 - ex+tric...mr.EX(X) PLAYED A TRICK in order to FREE himself from the prison.

Link 2 - We cut the tree with axe to extricate animals and create buildings.

Exude - to discharge gradually
Link -  Exide battery exudes pungent smell.

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