Saturday, November 7, 2009

17th list

Expatiate - write or speak in detail about a subject
Link - She expatiated about her ex-pati (ex-husband) of their sex life.

Expatriate - person not living in his own country
Link - Expatriate becomes ex-patriot.

Expedite - speed up
Link - Please expedite ek(one) speed.

Expiate - penance, feel sorry for wrong doings
Link 1 - Pi(drink), ate(non-veg) and now expiate.
Link 2 - Rhymes as Ex Pirate. An ex-pirate always tries to expiate his guilt.Ex pirate becomes pious.

Expletive - rude remarks
Link 1 - When he dropped the plate on her foot, she muttered several expletives.
Link 2 - Your parents will surely utter expletive words if you are expelled from the exam.

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